Tuesday, November 10, 2009

wandering around san francisco

pier 14

pier 14

I have this strange habit of wandering around aimlessly in various settings whenever I'm feeling terribly anxious or somewhat depressed. There's something slightly intoxicating about not knowing where I'm going in the immediate future, especially when I'm feeling uneasy about where I'm going to end up in the long run. For someone as uptight and order-obsessed as I am, being impulsive like this is a nice change. It felt surreal at first to come across this scene: it was eerily quiet except for the clamor on the street at the beginning of the pier and everyone seemed absorbed in their own worlds. I even felt weird about whipping out my camera to capture the moment so I waited until no one was paying attention.

I mean, you'd think a spectacular place like this right off Embarcadero would be more infested with tourists but I suppose no one really seems to wander past the Ferry Building unless it's to go the opposite way towards Pier 39. I'm not saying that this should be a tourist attraction but if you're in town and looking for a quiet photo-op, go to Pier 14. It's something you have to experience for yourself.


R said...

It looks amazing! Damn cold Scandinavian weather, wouldn't mind a bit of sunshine right now

augustalolita said...

its beautiful!! i love frisco!! i havent gone up there for almost 3 years :( i miss it so much!! next time im there im will definitely check this place out :)

calivintage said...

this makes me ache for the city. i moved there when i was 18 and i still live in the bay area, but i've always loved those quiet mornings wandering around the city. my first apartment was in baker beach. so lovely! i want to go visit right now!

monica burnett said...

i was just there, its so gorgeous!
these are great photos!


Karafina said...

Love going to the lower numbered piers... its where me and my lover san francisco have our affairs.. =)

Unknown said...

so lovely, a good place to unwind :)

Shibby said...

wow that's beautiful and so cool that you can go round that city whenever you want :)

Anonymous said...

like the first girl, I'm also living in stockholm, sweden.
its nice that you have still some sun out there. here it is getting dark at 3 o'clock and it is sooo cold. have a good time.

Anonymous said...

like the first girl, I'm also living in stockholm, sweden.
its nice that you have still some sun out there. here it is getting dark at 3 o'clock and it is sooo cold. have a good time.

le blog de leen said...

that reminds me of my vacation in SF last summer and we loved to wander around the pier :)


Adele said...

i like the pale blue of these photos, they are quite pretty. even though i don't usually go for sightseeing pictures. these are good.
i think i'm the opposite, i get really orderly when i'm feeling bad. in contrast to how sporadic and unorganised my life usually is!

Christina said...

I've lived in San Francisco for most of my life and haven't been to any pier other than 39! I have to check this out, it's gorgeous.

Lola said...

The sky always seems bluer everywhere else but here! Been raining cats and dogs here everyday. Would love to walk under the blue right now. :)


EricaSanae said...

hi annabel,

I just came across your blog and love it! I went back through a lot of older posts and even went back to your first...and like you, though I am into fashion...I am much more free to spend my money on great food! :) keep up the great work, and I look forward to reading more! btw I grew up in the city and always love those days like you've just experienced!

vein of noir said...

i love sf. was there earlier this year. your pictures make me want to be there right now!

我想我是一個質數 said...

such a lovely place through your camara.

Georgia said...

I love your photo editing here. If its edited.. if not... wow.
It would be mine

phresh-produce said...

i think soon enough...i will one day be a resident in San Fran..its bound to happen...

Talia Jade said...

Aww I do miss this city so.. lovely photos.


xxx Talia

Stacy said...

that first picture is gorgeous!

also, i hope you cheer up soon.


Jane C. Kim said...

i love the composition of these photos. and the color! amazing. i was just in sf - and totally fell in love. exactly for what those pictures embody.

anywho, i love your style! have you ever checked out whitley kros? really cute clothes! i think you'd like it...


Annabel said...

Georgia - nope, it's completely unedited!

Nickie Frye said...

Just watch out for that bridge, man. It's got some bad jojo! Just sayin. www.nickiefrye.etsy.com

Anonymous said...

i love san fran! absolutely amazing.

Dylana Suarez said...

These pictures are wonderful!

Lovely blog!


Anonymous said...

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Jeanne said...

OMG lovely pictures! I love your blog!

Aliciavera said...

Weird. I've been having a crazy bad time with my personal life lately and just discovered this pier on Saturday night. You must go at night before they close it (11pm, I think?) and wander around and have a beer. It is so relaxing and beautiful. . . definitely a place that I'm going to go back to when I'm feeling shitty and anxious.

Carly said...

i do exactly the same thing! walking/wandering clears my mind

i like how your photos didn't bring attention to the people out and about. at first i was like wow it's so empty but then had a closer look and realised there's actually someone sitting in the chair!

happy 21st birthday by the way!

Anonymous said...


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