Monday, July 27, 2009

big big update

american apparel bandeau bra, thrifted floral skirt, vintage shoes+sunnies, bottega veneta clutch

It's too hot here! I've been living in tank tops and shorts every day. Between meeting up with these two lovely gals and hanging out with family, I haven't really done anything too spectacular during my time here. I'm pretty sure I've gained a few pounds and every attempt at exercise has been undermined by my inability to leave my air conditioned house. Oh well. Wore this out a few days ago while I desperately wished the shops in Old Town and Paseo were in an indoor mall. Walking around in the sun was impossible! I've been having a bit of a dry spell when it comes to shopping as well. Not really sure what I want anymore to be completely honest.


I explained this on my Twitter but in the end I found a pair of Jimmy Choo frames that were too good not to take home. They're super light while still being different from any other pair I've owned! Maybe I'll buy the Oliver Peoples glasses sometime in the near future. In case anyone was wondering, I would have gone with the tortoise shell frames! Thanks again for all the suggestions! And just for kicks, here is a super short clip of me repeating a certain Japanese phrase my friend Melissa taught me after coming back from a year abroad. There's more to it but it's way too embarrassing T_T

Finally, since I can't resist, here's a few photos from my last sushi adventure at my favorite sushi place, Ichima, in Pasadena. I need to get my film developed so hopefully there are a few gems in there! Fingers crossed! Expect a post tomorrow or Thursday.


salmon sashimi

crunch rolls

philly rolls

salmon close up

ps. Is anyone else getting self conscious about how many times you use exclamation point in a post? Not gonna lie, I may actually talk like that. My voice can get pretty high pitched, right Lulu?

Friday, July 17, 2009

dreary on geary


The weather seriously went from sunny to depressing in the span of an hour! Earlier in the day we had been walking through town looking at apartments and crossing Golden Gate Park sans sweaters but once dinner time rolled around a pretty nasty fog did as well. After snapping at each other a couple times due to hunger we finally braved the weather and walked to a local BBQ joint to check it out. We got the Q combo for two with choices of four types of meats and three sides and we actually managed to finish it all. At least three people looked at us in disbelief as we proceeded to consume everything in front of us! We take our food adventures quite seriously.


Today's my last day in the bay for a few weeks and although I'm looking forward to better weather and spending time with my family I'm going to miss my Pika. I'm also sad I'll be missing out on the Chictopia Clothing Swap next week! Someone MUST organize an LA blogger meet up soon. Who's in town and up for a little shopping in Pasadena or downtown? Email me!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

oliver peoples lukas eyeglasses

I'm going to my optometrist on Monday and need help picking new frames! I currently have a pair of dull black framed Gucci ones but I want something different this time around. I've had my eye on these Oliver Peoples frames but can't figure out which color I want! Part of me really wants to try something new and go for the crystal frames but is that too much? I need opinions!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

lazy day in the park

Picture 035Picture 036

Lazy outfit for a lazy Saturday in Dolores Park. I'm really starting to get attached to the cut-off shorts + boots combination! The weather seemed to change every 20 minutes until we finally gave up and left when we realized that the clouds were there to stay. When I posted the previous outfit on Livejournal certain people commented that the boots look out of place since it's summer. Summer? Here? If you count 65 degrees as summer, sure...

Picture 008Picture 007

However, even if it's not nice and sunny, lounging around in the park is still as fun as ever while hanging out with friends and meeting new people. Pika and his roommates are trying to get an apartment in the Mission so wish them luck! They currently live in the Outer Richmond area of San Francisco and although there is the option of walking to the Haight, the area right outside the apartment isn't really happening and they're looking for something different.

Picture 011

On a final note, I just booked a flight home for next week! I'll be in LA/Pasadena for two weeks until August so hit me up. I can't wait to finally be able to shop without sacrificing meals... oh, college! Speaking of which, I still can't believe this is my last year here. Part of me wants to whiz through the year as fast as possible but the other part is reminding me that I should live it up while I can before being thrust into the full time workforce.

Friday, July 10, 2009

simplicity at its best

I really regret not having booked a flight to Japan this summer when I had the chance! I guess you can blame it on my inability to stomach long flights across the ocean. In any case, I'm really into Trip's aesthetic and their women's line Prit. I'd love to be able to reduce my wardrobe to a select few simple key pieces but I'm way too fickle to do it at this point of my life. Maybe when I hit a certain point in maturity? Who knows...

Prit Spring & Summer 09

Thursday, July 9, 2009

pika picnic part two

picnic lunch
picnic at the presidio

Went on another picnic with Pika today! The last time we went on a picnic when we had first started dating he prepared bread, cheese, and fruits plus the little macaron surprise! This time he made roasted pepper and goat cheese sandwiches with pesto. Instead of Golden Gate Park wee ended up walking to the Presidio and enjoyed a nice view of the bay as we feasted on delicious sandwiches. It's so nice to have a boyfriend who cooks and feeds me like this! No pictures of me since I'm not feeling very photogenic...

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

pika pika. pika? pika.

vintage silk top, thrifted belt, lux jeans cut into shorts, vintage boots

Today I drank a delicious banana smoothie at Duboce Park Cafe, went back to Berkeley, and met with Pika for tacos at Picoso. Oops, I forgot to take pictures! I also scanned and uploaded purikura pictures from a date last week to Japantown. Did I ever mention that my boyfriend and I refer to each other as Pika? Sometimes we greet or call out to each other by saying "PIKA PIKA!" Imagine how entralled we were upon finding out that the purikura place in SF is called Pika Pika! It went something like this:

Me: Pika?
BF: Pika!
Me: *points* PIKA PIKA!!

Erm, well, I digress. Perhaps I should directly post the pictures to my blog? We'll see. Now, back to the actual outfit: I just found the perfect loose silk shirt a couple days ago. Don't you just love the huge slouchy pockets and right amount of sheerness that hints at the presence of a black bra? I sure do. I also cut up these old jeans on a whim and realized that I like them more as shorts! They had always fit somewhat awkwardly at my ankles. As for the boots... I have a love/hate relationship with wearing shorts and boots together. Sometimes I think they're tacky and other times I just can't get enough of the explorer look they have going on. Obviously today my mindset belonged to the latter...

(Thanks for all of the music suggestions in the last post! I'm looking into all of them and I promise to post a playlist soon!)

perfect silk shirt

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

ripped jeans

H&M shirt dress + t-strap heels, BDG cigarette jeans, thrifted bag

I cut my bangs today shorter than I usually do to see if I would look any different. It's taking a while to used to them barely covering my eyebrows but I'm getting there. What do you guys think? This is also my attempt at ripping my jeans but I still feel compelled to do more to them. Destroying them is seriously addictive! The hole gets bigger every time I wear them because I pick at it like a scab when I'm bored. I'm considering making them more like Lucrecia's but I'm afraid of screwing them up...

(What is everyone in the blogsphere listening to? I need new music to listen to! Any suggestions?)