Thursday, January 26, 2012

kanon vodka dinner


Since I'm back to posting regularly and most of you don't seem to mind the Instagram photos, here are couple snapshots from the Kanon Vodka dinner at the Westerfield Mansion that I was lucky enough to attend last week. Ho-ly crap it was amazing. I was pretty stoked when I got the invite since it was going to take place less than four blocks away from my place but I had no idea that a location like that existed so close to me. Before dinner we got to drink this punch which we customized with our own choice of bitters (my favorite included a spray of absinthe and cherry bitters) while we explored the mansion. This place was AWESOME. My favorite room (aside from the library) was probably the watch tower at the top floor where we had a 360 view of the entire city. So surreal. Thanks Kanon!

the tablegoobers

The dinner (catered by Stag Dining) itself was something that I'm still dreaming about even a week later. It had been a while since I'd had such a fantastic dinner. Each course was paired with its own cocktail and my favorite was probably the smoked oyster chowder with dungeness crab... seriously, I still can't stop thinking about it. The deconstructed martini which came with it was equally amazing and came with, wait for it, a spoonful of BACON POWDER. It may have been all the alcohol but I found myself saying "OMG" multiple times throughout the night. We also happened to sit in front of Peter, the founder, who was really awesome and we ended up chatting with him the entire night about politics, soccer, traveling, etc. If you're reading this, Peter, come back to SF soon!

beet saladoyster chowder
peter!caramel icecream

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

now and then

Madewell chambray shirt, American Apparel sweater, A.P.C. parka, A.P.C. shorts, Rachel Comey boots, vintage Coach bag

Finally got these photos from my friend's SD card. The first set was taken a week ago while the second one was taken two months ago, eeesh. Not having an SLR camera is tough, guys. I've been using my Instagram to take outfit photos every now and then but I still haven't been able to get into the swing of blogging again since it's even more of a hassle right now. I'm still going through a bit of a transition in my life right now so until things settle down I can't blog regularly but thank you to everyone who is still around!


Anyway, I'll try my best to post with what little I have. I've been living in this A.P.C. parka since I got it two months ago and figured I'd include these two outfits in one post since they're so similar and it's kind of neat to see the changes in my appearance. For starters I dyed my hair black since I wasn't feeling the light hair anymore. I've been wearing variations of these outfits on a daily basis: collared shirt, pullover sweater, jeans, boots/flats, and a parka or trench. Not very exciting but oh well, it works for me!


I'm trying to figure out a short term solution for getting content on the blog but I may just have to start posting my Instagram photos here regularly since I'm a lot more active there anyway. It's kind of funny how much my outlook on blogging has changed, I think I'm more of a fan of "blogging on the go" with apps like Instagram and Twitter. What do you guys think? I know most of you might not even have Instagram so it would work out but the quality of photos wouldn't be the same as what you're used to seeing on here. Until I figure out whether or not I'm getting a new camera (suggestions, anyone?) that's my only solution.

chambray shirt from Painted Bird, American Apparel sweater, A.P.C. parka, Hudson Nico jeans, Bass loafers, Fjallraven backpack, Casio watch, Bonlook glasses

Yeahhh, my November was a lot like this outfit... sloppy. I think we took these on my birthday? I almost didn't post these but eh, at least it's something. I was super stressed out at the time and mostly unhappy. Well, I'm past that now. Time to leave the old and look forward to the new!

by bart

"Wuthering Heights" - Kate Bush