Thursday, September 27, 2012

patterned up

Wren ikat shirt dress c/o La Dama, A.P.C. parka, Flea Bags clutch, Rachel Comey Miner boots, True&Co. Sleek and Lace bra, vintage sunglasses, Nars lipstick in Heat Wave

Snapped these photos a week and a half ago (oops) before running errands and getting In-N-Out. I'm super stoked that I finally found the Wren dress that I blogged about a while ago, thanks La Dama! It looks like we won't be getting out Indian summer here in SF since it's been consistently chilly all month. Ohh well. I'm actually kind of excited for fall... when I was designing another outfit page at work I realized that I haven't been shopping in a while. The top thing on my list for fall is definitely a pair of suede Isabel Marant Dicker boots for every day wear... Should I compile a fall wishlist here? In any case, I can't really think about shopping until I buy a new computer since this clunky old pc is on the verge of dying. Looks like I'm finally switching over to a Mac...

09-16-2012 09-16-2012 09-16-2012 09-16-2012 09-16-2012
Don't forget to use my code TRUEANNABEL to get 20% off your order at True&Co 
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(seriously though, I'm practically a bra expert now...)

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

true enough

A.P.C. trench, Steven Alan dress c/o Wasteland, Rebecca Minkoff Romeo satchel, Michael Kors watch, Acne Pistol boots, NativeLA hat, True&Co. Nicole bra

Howdy, everyone! I've been recovering from a terrible cold with a bad cough that's been lingering for about three weeks. What's new? Working (which I'll get to explaining in more detail at the end of this post), travelling to LA for FYF, not going to New York for NYFW, and lots and lots of food. When I was down in LA I stopped by Wasteland on Melrose after the festival and picked up this Steven Alan dress... it's September in SF which means it's summer! Unfortunately I missed out on NYFW this year which was a huge bummer but I would've been sick the whole time if I'd gone. Ahh well, time to enjoy SF for the month until Fall actually starts.

09-09-2012 09-09-2012 09-09-2012
I've been a little secretive about my personal life since I'm still in a bit of a transitional period but I've actually been working at a lingerie start up which just launched in May called True&Co. these past few months! It's been a whirlwind so far but I love every day of it. When I'd first met with one of the founders, Michelle, I was instantly drawn in by her stance on female empowerment in a world of start ups which is primarily dominated by men. I've been doing creative and marketing work for them and can't wait to see what's in store for the future.

I wanted to share one of my latest projects for True: outfit collages centered around bras! Lately I've been giving a lot more thought to what's underneath the outfit and what it means to be a True Woman. Lingerie has been an industry dominated by this idea of being sexy for someone else (like say, a significant other) but what about feeling sexy for yourself? Up until now I'd only thought about wearing a bra as a necessity but I've felt a lot more confident in my appearance knowing that underneath my daily outfits I'm wearing undergarments that only I know about and are both beautiful and functional.

For more outfits click through this page or check out my Style Tip Friday posts.

Using True&Co. is super easy: first, you fill out a quick quiz to access your bra shop which is generated through an algorithm based off of your answers; then, you pick three bras and let the algorithm pick two more; next, after a refundable $45 deposit you get your bra box and try on the bras in the privacy of your own home; finally, you keep what you like, send back what you don't, and you're done!

As a huge thank you to my blog readers for sticking around I'm offering a special code for 20% off any purchase at True&Co. If you'd like to try a bra box by October just type in


at checkout and try True&Co. out for yourself! I'd love to know what you guys think. I'm running their Facebook and Twitterchannels so follow me there to stay tuned for updates!