Monday, March 10, 2014


Equipment cotton shirt, Siwy cut off shorts, Acne moto jacket, Nike Thea sneakers, Everlane Petra bag

Thought I'd squeeze in a quick post before I leave for SXSW tomorrow afternoon! Oh yeah, I dyed my hair. I've been hesitant to post these photos since they were shot at the end of the day, but maybe I should just let go and care a little less about quality and just go with it... what do you guys think?

If anyone reading this is going to SXSW here's where I'll probably be (plus a few other places):
Body High Official SXSW Showcase
Warp X LuckyMe SXSW Showcase
RAP GODS Official SXSW Showcase
WEDIDIT SXSW Parking Lot Party
LFTF SXSW 2014 Day Party
Boiler Room x Ray-Ban
Lights Down Low SXSW Party
and Fader Fort of course