Wednesday, January 26, 2011

down by the bay

vintage silk top, vintage Jordache skirt, Rachel Comey boots, random tote bag

Final shop update went up yesterday! A big thanks to everyone who has purchased something from my blog so far. I really appreciate your support! Sometimes I wonder if I should open an actual online vintage store but even my dinky little shop required more time than I thought so it would have to be a full time gig... wishful thinking, wishful thinking! Anyway, I wore this the other day when Brent and I went to In-N-Out. Usually we would just stay in for most of the day on our computers but the weather in San Francisco has been so nice lately that we actually stepped outside of his apartment for more than an hour.

Oh, and because someone said that I look down too much in my photos:


LOL. In addition to In-N-Out we also went to The Buena Vista Cafe for drinks. Oh damn those Irish Coffees were strong.

buena vistabuena vista
buena vista

Friday, January 21, 2011

last minute

Gap men's parka, H&M tank, vintage maxi skirt, Rachel Comey boots

I'm currently on my way to San Francisco for my friend's birthday celebration. Megan and I are bringing a bangin' blood orange chocolate torte from Masse's, oh man. I was wearing this earlier when we were waiting for the post office line to let up. Speaking of which, I updated my blog shop late last night. I've been posting stuff in increments because the emails and shipping can get overwhelming. I still have 35 (!!!) more pictures uploaded that I need to publish and they're mostly tops and sweaters but I still need to write up descriptions. I'm aiming for having everything posted by tomorrow night or Sunday! I'm moving in a week, ahhhh. I can't believe this is actually happening.


Monday, January 17, 2011

things are looking up

vintage Pendleton shirt, old Donkey Kong tee, Gap jeggings, Rachel Comey boots, Fjallraven backpack

Hi guys, my closet purge is still kicking my ass and I'm super behind on answering emails and photographing things for my shop blog. I *should* be posting around 20+ skirts by tonight if Tumblr stops being stupid about letting me upload images. I've also been busy sorting out my living situation but it looks like I'll be moving to San Francisco at the end of the month after all! I'll be living with some friends in Lower Haight and I'm super excited since I'll be able to see my friend Michelle every day and cook really awesome meals together.

By the way, do you guys like my boots? Sometimes I think it's eerie how lucky I get with clothes that I'd been wanting but I found these Rachel Comey boots at Buffalo Exchange in pristine condition for a fraction of the price (before my shopping ban of course). The best part is that I just happened to end up there because a friend had a gift card and would never have gone in otherwise (although I've been living a few blocks away for the past few years, hmph). To whomever dropped them off: thank you. You saved me over $200 on something I would have eventually bought otherwise! I was having a rough day/week but this made everything so much better.

I mean, I don't want to sound like I'm putting too much of an emphasis on acquiring material possessions but I think I was more affected by how much of a coincidence it was and how ~magical~ it is that these random little things can happen in your life. I remember looking at the shoes thinking from afar, "ohh, those look like those Rachel Comey boots I'd been wanting" and then feeling this strange giddy feeling when I picked them up and saw who made them. I'm not going to get too into explaining myself but for the past month I've felt a little numb about my life and everything around me. Maybe it's just because I feel weird about not being in school anymore but that little "jolt" I felt when I found the shoes reminded me that there's more to life than what you're used to and always expect to happen. It's really hard to explain.


this is a post about mike


There you go, Mike. Happy? Earlier today we went to Tartine for some sandwiches and coffee. After a failed attempt to get soft serve ice cream at Bi-Rite, we took the J downtown so Mike could buy a pair of Oliver Peoples sunglasses at Barney's. I'm on a shopping ban until I finish cleaning out my closet so I forced myself to stay away from the 60% off shoe section... hardest thing ever. Around this time I usually save up enough money for a special shoe purchase (a couple months ago it was that pair of Miu Miu clogs) but I can't really do that at the moment since I'm in the process of starting a new part of my life after graduating. After Barney's we ended up at Bastille where I watched Brent buy a Flippa K shirt and oversized red sweater. If you're in the city and haven't been there yet you should check it out, they have a pretty good selection of Fjallraven backpacks. I almost bought a mini kanken in my favorite shade of bright green but ughhhhhhhhh. Maybe I'll go back later.

Well I guess this wasn't really about Mike but hey, isn't that picture enough? We like to go to Taco Bell together and when he's playing World of Warcraft he'll buy me a burrito from Papalote if I go pick it up for us. Sometimes we get into fights about who gets to spend time with Brent but in the end we always make up...

Thursday, January 13, 2011

closet challenge

acne printed t-shirt

So it looks like I may be moving to a much smaller place next month which means I have to get rid of most of my belongings. I'm trying really, really hard to condense my wardrobe especially since I know that I only wear about a 1/3 of it but it's so difficult to part with things when I'm so attached to them. I need to use these next two weeks to slowly purge my closet and figure out what works best in my closet. I didn't realize how draining this would be until I actually sat down and started sorting through everything. At one point I actually became really frustrated with myself for accumulating so much and had to step away for a couple minutes after realizing that I had a problem. Has anyone else ever experienced this? I'm expecting to feel cleansed (or some crap like that) at the end of this ordeal but right now I just feel overwhelmed.

I'm planning on donating most of it but since many people have been asking me about my shop I ended up making a Tumblr for these sales. I haven't put anything up yet but some cheap jeans (all below $20 shipped) and shirts should be up by tomorrow. My leftover silk shirts should be going up next week (it's going to take a lot more effort to let go of those since they're special to me) and I'll be parting with a couple sweaters as well.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

t-shirt and jeans

A.P.C. trench coat, Acne t-shirt, Gap jeggings, A.P.C. loafers

I wasn't going to post but right when I had just finished complaining on my Tumblr about not being able to update I remembered that there aren't any cars parked behind my apartment since everyone is still on vacation. I keep forgetting I have a remote! Other than my recent Tumblr binge nothing else has really changed, I'm just sitting around in my cold apartment working on job applications and spending a lot of time on the internet. Oh man, the internet. After years of being active everywhere from various message boards to Xanga to Livejournal etc., I still don't understand some of the things or situations that I encounter. Oh well.

Yes, I'm wearing clip-in extensions. I bought them at Sally's a long time ago and don't remember the brand name. I can finally wear jeans, too! I don't feel as limited anymore now that I can wear more than just tights. I need to remember to stop running down steps, especially in the rain.


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

still not wearing pants

no pants
Thrifted plaid flannel, Zara sweater, Drugstore tights

really digging this right now.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

happy new year

Gap mens parka, Gap gingham shirt, Theory shorts, vintage lace up boots

This post is actually almost a week old and has nothing to do with the title, but HAPPY NEW YEAR nevertheless! Wore this on my last day in LA to meet with high school friends for ramen and milk tea then met with my cousin and brother to watch Somewhere. I look silly wearing a parka and shorts but I STILL can't wear jeans because of my knees. I had a little mishap in the rain when I first got to LA and fell down some steps (completely sober, btw).

Expect more regular posting starting now. Vacation is over and it's time to find a full time job! I'm excited and scared at the same time but hopefully everything will work out. Fingers still crossed.