Saturday, May 30, 2009

outfit redo (and a video!)

vintage top, silence and noise highwaisted shorts, thrifted belt, vintage oxfords + blazer

It's suddenly really chilly and, upon adding these knee high socks and shrunken blazer, I realized that I like this outfit much more than I like the first. Can you tell that I was stretching the last moments of daylight to take these? This is definitely a look I should save for the fall but screw that, I'll wear it during the summer if I want to. Speaking of summer... where is it? Why has it been only 60-70 degrees tops? Something tells me that when it hits 90+ degrees I'm going to regret having complained about this...

(Since people requested seeing me in video mode here is further proof that I am a spaz and can't even get the name of my blog right.)

hello blog from Annabel Ly on Vimeo.

suburban relapse

vintage top, silence and noise highwaisted shorts, thrifted belt + booties

I forgot to mention this but I'm pretty sure I suffered a minor concussion a few days ago while watching the Cavs play the Magic. I went to the fridge to get ice, dropped a few, bent over to pick them up, got up suddenly when BF called as the game went into overtime, and BAM! I ended up spending the rest of the night with a pack of frozen meatballs on my head and was pretty disoriented for a couple of days. I'm surprised you can't see more bruises on my totally accident prone body.

Erm, I don't know what that rant has to do with the outfit but in any case here's what I wore to take care of a few loose ends while watching what may be the last game of the Eastern Conference finals. I also just booked my flight for LA to surprise my momma for her birthday! I just hope they don't try to convince me to stay home for the summer. I mean, I love my family and all but living in the suburbs of LA just doesn't cut it at the moment. I may have lived there for 18 years but it just doesn't feel like "home" anymore.

(Although I do wish I could be in LA one week earlier to see my fellow blog buddies at the Blogger Shop Day!)

Friday, May 29, 2009

favorite jeans

acne hex jeans in sonic blue, thrifted striped top, anthropologie heels

You know a pair of jeans is amazing when it gives the illusion of a decent rear end where the owner usually has none. I really do have no butt most of the time. I love the wash on these jeans but I definitely need to pick up a few more pairs in bleached denim and black. I'm running out of things to say and I'm being kicked off the computer so I'll make this short. Buh-bye!

(I took a few pictures using my friend's SLR but accidentally deleted them. I forgot to put on lipstick here! It's MAC Russian Red btw.)

grumble grumble

acne poor canvas tote bag via oaknyc

Right when I finally found the perfect oversized no-fuss canvas tote bag, it was gone. POOF! I remember throwing a fit last week when I found out it was gone. I mean, where else would I be able to find a simple bag like this for summer that is bigger than two normal totes combined? It's still sold out but I'm crossing my fingers that they will restock eventually (preferably after I get a job and have enough money). At least BF got his Acne order in. Ugh, shopping woes.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

note to self: need pedicure asap

anthropologie top + shoes, thrifted skirt, F21 cardigan

I just bought these heels from Anthropologie this past weekend. I've been looking for more open toed shoes to prepare for summer and these immediately caught my eye as I wandered throughout the store. Didn't really do much today other than continue looking for a job and sitting in my boyfriend's apartment making (or rather, watching him make) french toast for brunch and meatloaf for breakfast. Summer is kind of nice.

(My feet are gross but I'll post a picture anyway. I tried painting my nails but I still need a real pedicure!)

Monday, May 25, 2009

food porn > shoe porn?

acne button up shirt, vintage sunglasses, "all meat" super omelet from stacks, crackberry

So I just saw Lulu today who complained that my tumblr has been boring lately since all I do is post about food. Well, to be quite honest, all I've done IS eat food. That and watch the playoffs. And other stuff, hah. My best friend is visiting until tomorrow from down south so I've been trying my best to show her around and what not. Not my fault 75% of that involves food!

Not a full outfit shot (totally slipped my mind) but at least you can see my favorite shirt. I really should take more detailed shots of it because every single thing about it is perfect. The sleeves are carefully sewn to make the ideal cuff.

Okay, back to the Laker game (and a Round Table Meatball Marvel, LOL)!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

questions answered

unwashed hair

I'M FREE! Thought I'd celebrate by going through my comments and answering a random assortment of questions before I take care of things like washing/untangling my hair and getting ready to meet BF's mom at dinner. Oh, exciting! I'm just glad this semester is over and I can finally take a break.

Q: Do you mind telling how tall you are?
A: Somewhere between 5'9"-10". I think I shrank this past year.

Q: Don't mind my asking, but what is your background?
A: My mother is Mexican and my father is Vietnamese.

Q: How do you keep your over-the-knee socks from falling down?
A: I think it depends on the brand. I have this one pair that never stay up because the elastic stretched out really fast. The Target ones are my favorites because they're the tight enough (but not too tight).

Q: What kind of camera do you use?
A: Sony Cybershot DSC-W55 for outfit posts. I have film cameras (Minolta SRT-201 & Polaroid SX-70) as well but they get less use. I want to buy an SLR within the following year!

Q: Just wondering, what lipstick are you wearing?
A: In most posts, the red lipstick is YSL Opium Red. I used to wear MAC Russian Red but ditched it after buying this YSL one.

Q: May I ask if you trim your bangs yourself or if you just pay regular visits to the hairdresser?
A: I usually trim them myself unless I'm down in LA where my hairdresser is. I've been going to the same person for eight years and have never let anyone else touch my hair.

Q: How do you have such magical bangs?
A: The cut!! When I'm bored with the blunt bangs it's easy to brush them aside (although it may require some hair spray for optimal cooperation).

Q: Are those good headphones?
A: The Panasonic RP HTX7 ones? To be completely honest, I bought them because I'm obsessed with white accessories! The sound quality is decent to me and gets the job done since I'm not too picky about how music sounds. I'm fine as long as they block out all the idiots I encounter on the bus and train LOL.

Q: How do you stay so thin? Do you work out a lot?
A: I think my fingers get more exercise than the rest of my body does! I signed up for a gym membership once but never went. Wait no, I stepped in for free ice cream once. So then, the answer is a big fat NO. I do walk a lot to get around but I'm sure that barely balances out my unhealthy diet of Jack in the Box and frozen yogurt four times a week. I wish I were joking but it's 100% true.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

this is not a dress

H&M lace corset top + chiffon skirt, vintage shoes

Nope, not a dress! I bought these two peachy keen pieces at different times and H&M locations but it seems like they were just meant for each other. I have this skirt in navy as well and am currently on the lookout for a cute white tube top to pair it with! Oh god, I am so ready for summer. I'm planning on living in floral rompers, light bleached jeans, and loose white tops. And a bunch of other things I can't picture at the moment because the only things I can think of are finishing this paper and frozen yogurt from the Yogurtland that just opened. And the shrimp burrito from cactus that I will be eating in approximately eight hours. And the sandwich from Ike's that I will be eating in two days. Not going to lie, I spend way more money on food than I do on clothes.

(Oops, food tangent. Two more outfit shots instead of my tired face because the first two don't do the skirt justice.)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

why I haven't updated

BDG cigarette jeans, H&M tank, BDG cardigan, Converse sneakers

And outfits like these are exactly why I have refrained from updating. A lethal combination of lethargy and stress has put me out of commission for over a week and although I'm done for the most part, I still haven't recovered. I've been away from the internet for most of the week focusing on things IRL and trying to survive what seems to be the toughest semester for me so far. Thanks for understanding, guys. At least now I'm done with tests and have just one more paper to go and then I have to start searching for a job. I'm staying positive, though!

(Wearing my gold cardigan to show my Laker pride. GO LAKERS GO!)

Monday, May 4, 2009

back to black

see by chloe dress, prada lace up booties, H&M thigh highs, F21 bow headband, bottega veneta clutch (not pictured)

Two posts in one day? I'm on a roll!! But no, really, how could I not take a pic of this outfit? I am actually wearing this right now because it's BF's birthday and since the shirt I ordered is taking its sweet time in getting to me (the damn thing was supposed to arrive on Friday!) I have to improvise. So, I dressed in his favorite color to see me in and put on this bow headband. HAHAHAH GET IT?! I'M HIS PRESENT?! Okay, that's a little pathetic. Although he was the one who said (somewhat half-asleep) that I am his favorite present. (CUE: *AWWWWWW*)

To be quite honest, though, it does feel quite nice to return to these all-black outfits every once in a while. My spring outfits are refreshing and all but I always end up falling back on black when all else fails.

(No video yet although I think I finally have this dance down but I need someone to record me doing it HAHAHAHAHAHAH.)

neutral territory

H&M bubble coat, H&M sweater, BDG cigarette jeans, vintage riding boots & bookbag

Can you tell I've been obsessed with neutrals lately? On Friday I somehow ended up stumbling into H&M after waiting for a friend to meet me for some mini sirloin burgers at Jack in the Box (shut up, yes I am obsessed) and bought this huge coat. Wait, did I really just buy a coat in May? It's actually raining right now and pretty damn cold so at the moment it seems like a good idea. The coat is actually surprisingly light since most of the volume comes from the shape of the fabric rather than the weight. I wore this out yesterday to meet BF and his friends to watch the new X-Men movie in SF. The coat was a good choice since by the time we got out at 11 a thick fog had rolled in and Sunday bus schedules call for long waits in the chilly weather.

(One of these days my outfit post will be a video of me perfecting this dance instead of posing for boring old pictures. I SWEAR.)