Saturday, February 27, 2010

cookies solve all of life's problems



After telling myself that I wouldn't let my cabin fever get the best of me this weekend, I ventured out for the first time in two weeks to hang out with Pika and Mike. Needless to say, I was exhausted, cranky, and in pain less than an hour in, but it was still a vast improvement from festering all weekend in my bedroom. I'm surprised Pika was actually willing to curb his fast pace and walk slowly beside me (although not without the occasional jest about my gimp walk). Thankfully I'm now back in my cozy apartment and do not plan on leaving until I absolutely must for class on Monday. At least I retained my sanity.

Muni was a pain in the ass and for some reason it took us three buses to get to Haight Street. Somehow we ended up in the Castro after a bus stopped running halfway through and stumbled into Hot Cookie for some, well, cookies obviously. The three of us were quite satisfied with our choices (the white chocolate macadamia cookie was mine if anyone was wondering) and a lot less grumpy thanks to the sugar in our systems.

white chocolate macadamia


fudge cookie

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

making chicken enchiladas with chile verde

making enchiladas from Annabel Ly on Vimeo.

Put together a bunch of random clips to make this video of BF making enchiladas for us. The song is “sweet time replay (feat. dahlia)” by capsule. Thanks for all of the encouraging comments, I'm trying my best to deal and get over this as soon as possible! It's kind of strange to get used to "taking it easy" and I can't wait until things are normal again but it's interesting to take a step back and take a look at what I was doing wrong by stressing myself out so much. It's unnatural for everything to go exactly as planned and I really need to learn how to stop beating myself up for it. I'm trying, I'm trying.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

out of commission


I don't know how else to put this but at the moment I'm recovering from a minor surgical procedure and it'll be very difficult to blog regularly for a while. It's nothing too serious, just really unbelievably painful and I won't be fully recovered for another month. I also can't keep up with my difficult 8am to 5:30pm schedule in this condition, so I have to drop two of my classes and take them next semester instead. So yup, I can't graduate this Spring like I'd intended to and I have to live with this for the next few weeks. I'm confused, worried, and disappointed but I just have to remember that it could be much worse. Thankfully I have my amazing boyfriend who has been taking care of me on his days off and has made the pain a lot more bearable even when the vicodin doesn't seem like enough. Even with all of these sudden changes to my life, I'm trying my best to keep my head up and not end up depressed but it's going to be difficult. Thanks for hanging in there, guys.

Friday, February 12, 2010

seeing stripes

striped boatneck, T by Alexander Wang via Revolve Clothing; trousers, Acne; blazer, vintage; peep-toe clogs, Swedish Hasbeens

I know I said I would try to get rid of all my extra striped shirts and stick to just one but when this opportunity to collaborate with Revolve came up I knew it was time to finally pick up the T by Alexander Wang boatneck I'd been eying for a while. Even so, I had a difficult time choosing between my original pick and the rest of their selection of Alexander Wang's diffusion line, they have so many styles to choose from! When I got it in the mail I knew I'll be living in it when the weather gets warmer since it's so thin and breezy. Oh, forget waiting for warmer weather, I'll wear it now! In my opinion, the best way to wear loose boxy tops is tucked into some sort of high waisted bottom so my new trousers were the obvious choice. I even dug up my favorite navy blazer (complete with gold buttons) to add to the nautical look and wore my new peep-toe clogs with a matching vintage belt to add some cognac color.


see my interview at the revolve blog!!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

short but sweet

roasted tomato soup


all done

la boulange

blue bottle coffee


after american rag

A day with Pikachu: roasted tomato soup at La Boulange, failed shopping for black jeans in Hayes Valley, latte and cappuccino from Blue Bottle, super sale at American Rag (scored vintage cape, two pairs of April 77s and Swedish Hasbeens, ahh!), and the purchase of a very special bear plush in Japantown. And at night: Korean food and karaoke with Philip, Lulu and Aimee and her boyfriend (which consequently led to my losing my voice...). I had a blast anyway.

I was a little shaken up earlier after finding out about something that happened back home but I feel much better now. I'm told it wasn't too serious but of course I'm the type of person to freak out and expect the worse. This is probably the first time in the past four years that it actually hit me how far away from home I am. Ahh, well.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

condense and conserve

acne top + trousers, h&m wedges

So guess who finally bought that Acne top she was whining about a couple months back? I guess patience pays off since I ended up buying it 50% off at La Garconne. I also scored the perfect black trousers in the form of these Acne ones which are actually wool and not cotton! I'm really starting to get the hang of buying things I can wear over and over again rather than just a handful of times. I can easily see myself wearing both of these items in various ways without growing tired of them (which is something I've always had a problem with since I'm so fickle about clothes). Restraining myself takes a good deal of work especially when I go shopping with others but at least I'm getting somewhere. I'm still cleaning out my closet and just did a mass post of things I REALLY want to get rid of so uhh, go check that out? The latest post will only be up for a week and after that I'm donating everything in the post.

What else, what else? I'm getting really restless with my hair and have been trying new things with it. Today's look is making me really wish I'd taken the plunge and cut my hair short this past break. I even tried pinning my bangs back but didn't have the courage to wear it out... some habits I just can't let go of. I've had fringe for most of my life and it's hard to imagine exposing my forehead to anyone outside my apartment. Oh well.

side view

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

suzu noodle house in japantown

tea and beer


suzu ramen

sophie's crepes

An assortment of shots from dinner on Sunday. Is it sad that I am not ashamed to admit that my life revolves around food? I think the most heartbreaking thing about my little meltdown last week was my inability to keep down my food since everything I consumed would be puked out involuntarily. I even lost my appetite for two days, which has thankfully come back full force, as one can guess from the empty bags of chips and Mountain Dew cans littering my workspace. Anyway, after a week or so of delays and canceled trips we finally made it out to Japantown for some ramen in the evening at Suzu. We waited for quite a while since the place is small but we were both impressed and are seriously considering going back at the end of this week. The thing I love best about being with BF is that what we do on a certain day is greatly affected by what we want or where we want to eat.