Tuesday, January 24, 2012

now and then

Madewell chambray shirt, American Apparel sweater, A.P.C. parka, A.P.C. shorts, Rachel Comey boots, vintage Coach bag

Finally got these photos from my friend's SD card. The first set was taken a week ago while the second one was taken two months ago, eeesh. Not having an SLR camera is tough, guys. I've been using my Instagram to take outfit photos every now and then but I still haven't been able to get into the swing of blogging again since it's even more of a hassle right now. I'm still going through a bit of a transition in my life right now so until things settle down I can't blog regularly but thank you to everyone who is still around!


Anyway, I'll try my best to post with what little I have. I've been living in this A.P.C. parka since I got it two months ago and figured I'd include these two outfits in one post since they're so similar and it's kind of neat to see the changes in my appearance. For starters I dyed my hair black since I wasn't feeling the light hair anymore. I've been wearing variations of these outfits on a daily basis: collared shirt, pullover sweater, jeans, boots/flats, and a parka or trench. Not very exciting but oh well, it works for me!


I'm trying to figure out a short term solution for getting content on the blog but I may just have to start posting my Instagram photos here regularly since I'm a lot more active there anyway. It's kind of funny how much my outlook on blogging has changed, I think I'm more of a fan of "blogging on the go" with apps like Instagram and Twitter. What do you guys think? I know most of you might not even have Instagram so it would work out but the quality of photos wouldn't be the same as what you're used to seeing on here. Until I figure out whether or not I'm getting a new camera (suggestions, anyone?) that's my only solution.

chambray shirt from Painted Bird, American Apparel sweater, A.P.C. parka, Hudson Nico jeans, Bass loafers, Fjallraven backpack, Casio watch, Bonlook glasses

Yeahhh, my November was a lot like this outfit... sloppy. I think we took these on my birthday? I almost didn't post these but eh, at least it's something. I was super stressed out at the time and mostly unhappy. Well, I'm past that now. Time to leave the old and look forward to the new!

by bart

"Wuthering Heights" - Kate Bush


Liz said...

Aw, your eyes really look sad in the last pic. So happy you're better now and great to see you blogging again (:

joyce said...

I love your lipstick shade! It looks great on you. I'm still not ballsy enough to do a red/orange lip.

The Fancy Teacup said...

Your fringe is the cutest, and your pout is total eye candy. I would live in that parka, too. x


tea42 said...

Hey, Annabel! I've been following you since Chictopia and you've inspired me over the years to simplify my style and dress better. I enjoy your posts in any form! And for a camera rec., I use a Canon T2i and I love it. I have a 50mm f/1.4 lens on it almost always, but it's magnified to 85mm, so I'd recommend a 35mm or so. The T3i recently came out but there aren't huge differences, so you can get the T2i for cheaper now.

Thanks for updating this blog despite difficulties. I wish you well!

Anonymous said...

i used in to be in a long-distance relationship with someone who lived in the east bay. i recognize where you are in both of these pictures, and it's kind of a weird feeling, as i used to associate that city/those experiences with my ex-boyfriend (which made me incredibly sad). i know that you said you've been going through a hard time, but thank you for blogging and for giving me a different perspective of the city; it actually helps a lot. hope you're doing well!

Stephanie said...

Oh this is such a great jacket. And your lips look great in the last set!

ytoc said...

im totally stuck between the instagram and real camera blogging..its so tough to choose. anyways, hope you get a new camera soon/able to borrow! :)

megara said...

so, I love your style, and as much as I love quality photos, I would hate to miss out on your style because you didn't feel you could post your outfits without a certain quality...

that being said, i do work at a camera shop in salt lake city and get to play with cameras all day! i would love to help you pick out your next slr! If you are a nikon shooter, I would suggest the d5100, it not only shoots quality stills, but full hd video too! If you're looking at Canon, I would suggest the T3i, or maybe even the 60D... it all depends on what you want from your camera.

love both of these looks!!!

amber wheeler said...

I love the last pictures of you with you and your red lipstick and hair tied back, oh so cute!
simply yours

kumiko mae said...

oh my your photos are amazing. they're all so fun and quirky in a way i cant really put my finger on. :)

Allison Young said...

i love your last outfit even though you thought it was sloppy! i especially like your loafers.


.Candy. said...

love the green jacket and black liner on your eyes! you look cute!


maggie said...

you look very cute! i love your parka :)

xx maggie

Rachel said...

omg both of these outfits are amazing! I love the sweater and denim look! Also that fishman sweater is too cute


xx said...

how cute!! xx

Joy said...

the jacket is incredible. i don't have instagram so i will still read your stuff here.

Unknown said...

I've been seeing a lot of the sweater over the shirt trend and I really like it. I want to try it for myself! :)

Content Director - Strong Female Leaders said...

You have such a cute and easygoing style. Nice jacket.


Kultur und Stil said...

great outfit! I love the casual look of the parka, wonderful.
Instead of not blogging, I'd definitely post your intagram photos - better than nothing. I'm quite new on your blog, so I don't know what happened to your old camera, but I can recommend you buying one "second hand" - there are a lot of buy used camera site in the internet.
xxx Anita

Unknown said...

I always love to read and watch your pictures in the blog...you have the best simple style :).

good luck for everything and I hope to see some new posts soon since I love your blog!!


Lacoquettedelamode said...

Love the layering effect- you look beautiful :)

XX Kathryn


Marijke said...

I love both of your outfits! And okay, it's true that you don't post that often but that makes it even more exciting when you do. Then I go like "Yeeeej, Blushing Ambition has a new post!" :). Ant Instagram photos are fun too, as long as you post them here to because I don't have an iPhone :).

Rachel said...

my vote is that you continue blogging, however it may be. I've always loved your style and blurbs, but I dont have instagram so i say hey! why not throw some of 'em on the ol' blog. Keep on keepin' on, lady :)

Raspberry & Rouge said...

It looks fantastic on you! XO Rebecca


Rosa said...

Wow 2 months! Must have been strange realising you had photos of that ages ago.

I think you look gorgeous with the bold red lipstick.

Lauren said...

Great outfits! Loving the parka!
Have a fab week xoxo

instagram: @lauren_kate_

Anonymous said...

wow thank you for this post i love the photos

margaret said...

maybe you can bring an SD card reader (if you have an iphone, it's $30 at the apple store) with you so you can immediately upload photos from your friends cameras. that might be troublesome for a bit but i'm sure it's understanding.

I would appreciate it if you kept the quality of your work :)

margaret said...

also, maybe you can bring your camera to a shop to repair? have you tried?

Habiba. J said...

That's sad to here that you won't be posting more outfit posts through a dslr, but instagram is fun and the pictures come out vintage like. I love how you grew so much in 2 months and your style is causal chic, I absolutely love it. If you get a chance do check out my blog, I have interesting fashion posts you might love to read.


Rachel said...

I love this style evolution post!

Jasmin said...

your blog is my absolute fave!! Keep on postin' girl ;)


Nomadic D. said...

Glad to hear your not feeling so blue anymore. I absolutely love the new hair color! I'm thinking about cutting mine soon, and I think I may go darker in the process too, something about this new year demands change! Check out my haircut inspiration if you want:


Love the recent outfit, so casual, so effortless, but still so cute!

sweet harvest moon said...

Both looks are lovely! That parka is amazing!

I follow you on Instagram but I really like your posts over here too..

Siena in Style said...

you look so pretty!!love your lipstick!

Rosalinda Tjioe said...

Love the layering <3 X


Olivia Noel said...

I love the jacket and the shorts are cute! <3

Antonie Rikardsson said...

you look gorgeous!


sian said...

i love blogging on the go and real blogging, both works i guess! i love instagram so i think those pics would definitely be fine until you get a new camera! slr's are so expensive, if mine broke i'd be screwed! x

Annie Chang said...

love the hair change!


The Dish + The Spoon said...

Good to have you back, sailor!

I especially like the 'in the rain' variation of this outfit that you posted on instagr.am. Would love it if you continued posting here though (in whichever form you're comfortable with).

p.s I have a Kanken too, but in Graphite.

Stay cool x


Hannah said...

Hey Annabel! So glad to see that you're posting again. I follow you on instagram too but I think it'd be nice to see one theme focused posts as well! But obviously, it's all up to you. I hope that you're doing okay through this transition time--I'm definitely experiencing some myself now and want to put everything on hold. Glad to see you back! Keep your spirits up!

xx Hannah

Unknown said...

You look great no matter what! Your too cute! I'm glad your in for the new and happier!

xoxo, Jjanga

Natalie Suarez said...

amazing!! i love you!!! xx


KimChicSisters said...

cute look!


Material Fixations said...

Very geek chic (in a good way)

Katie said...

that parka is just amazing, i love it! & the orangey red lippy looks gorgeous on you!

chin up, things will get better! in the more recent photos you look really happy too, it made me smile :)

Katie x

Cinja said...

wow, what a difference!
loving the lipstick in the last set

emily said...

You always look great to me! I think the chambray shirt/sweater/parka combo is such a great everyday look.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

awww you're so cute and have such a beautiful smile =)

Amy said...

Lovely to hear from you again! I love this combo, and especially that you close with 'Wuthering Heights.' I have had this in my head for literally months! xXx


Maria Nunes said...

Beautiful look.kiss


Raven said...

Your "now" pics are a total 180 from the 2 months ago pics - you look totally OVER IT & much happier in the now. Definitely cheers to that.

Instagram is an awesome app n makes for great blog content in my humble opinion. DSLR is like fine dining while instagram is the fast food alternative. But there ain't nothing wrong with a little bit of that fast, cheap &easy sometimes.

GRACE said...

girl, you're so cute. love your outfits here~


Ana Ilka (Ilka x Living) said...

The thing is... that I really like to read ur point of view of things, instagram and stuff isn't as personal. But I guess life changes and sometimes things start to look less appealing, don't blame u for not wanting to blog that often anymore, even if ur blog is so nice.

Sincerely Darcy said...

you look great I always love your outfit posts so i keep following. no worries!

Liina said...

the trench coat is really your thing, like it a lot. suits you well. cheers!

Liina said...

ah, sorry, PARKA

Lindsay K said...

Well you look lovely and it's good to have you back. I do hope you are OK and that things get better.

Big hug from NYC.

Bea said...

The sweater-shirt look works so well on you, am totally loving it!!! :)

Macy said...

good to see you're finally back! Love your cold weather layering, absolutely perfect.

Anonymous said...

I always get excited to see your posts! Please don't stop blogging. You're outfits are the only ones that are wearable for average, normal girls like me!

Marella Ricketts said...

I just love your outfits! you never fail to look amazing!
xx, Marella


Anonymous said...

You look very different in the last pictures just by the fact that you use lipstick, it looks good (:

& on the first pictures, I LOOOOVE how looks your hair, sooo black. LOVE IT.

Well. See ya(:

luz said...

yay! welcome back! love that parka and your simple but yet awesome style!!! <3

Bianca said...

do what makes u happy...but that last outfit...i wish I looked that good when I thought I looked sloppy..SHEESH!

Unknown said...

i vote keep blogging :) your style touches so many, myself included :)

<3 steffy
Steffys Pros and Cons

Aarti said...

awesome images.. and I adore both looks!

xx Aarti

:3 said...

i love those sweaters. so qt. the new hair color looks good too!

your blogs are always good for fashion ideas~

Anonymous said...

Missed your posts Annabel! Love both the outfits. You really suit both hair colours :)

silvia in venice said...

I love your style!

organic foundation said...

Casual and attractive and happening looks...love the styles displayed here,a layered and interesting dressing always makes much sense.

Lisa Klopp said...

Please stick with this hair color for always. The black looks so good.

Rita J. said...

you loook amazing...
visit me:

camille said...

awesome post ! I love your style ! http://life-in-pink-by-ce.blogspot.com/

Lo said...

I think you look adorable!

stephanie said...

You look awesome! That jacket looks great on you :)

Unknown said...

Both look so lovely! x

Gillian Uang said...

adorkable! <3


Anonymous said...

love both of these outfits!


the goorgeous said...

j'adore your parka

Genevieve said...

Sorry to hear about your camera! I hope that you'll continue to post because your blog is definitely one of my favorites. I've been following it for about a year now. I was also really excited to hear that you are originally from SGV as well! Have a great weekend :)


. said...

omg i've just found your blog and fell in love with your pretty face! what a perfect hair cut with that face style!

i'm your new follower please follow me back! :)


AnnieB said...

Hi! Glad you're back, missed your posts! I have a question about your vintage Coach bag-- is it the Willis or Station? Did you get it on eBay?

Thanks and have a good one x

TE said...

You look lovely! Love!

Follow me & my bags, shoes, and all things dainty at:

Unknown said...

super cute, great layering!

xo louie


Telma Fernandes said...

I love your look and your blog. You are adorable.
I created a blog recently and I liked that you were seeing it.


I hope you like,

Sweet Cherry.

Unknown said...

you are just too cute for words!


Evie Stothert said...

absolutely adore these outfits! i just post a sweater+shirt combination outfit myself. not as good as yours though!
peace and love


Jennifer said...

They may be similar but they are still both equally as cute. Hope you're doing well!

xo Jennifer


Liv said...

Love the layering you've done here, I've recently been really into pairing different sweaters with my chambray shirt too- it's chic, but it keeps you warm at the same time :)

Paige Rhianne said...

These photos are very beautiful i love the parka and how you've styled very inspiring.


Michaelkecil said...

manis sekali dirimu... soo priti

Unknown said...

I love both outfits! Looks effortless but so great!


Kate said...

Beautiful pictures. I love your hair here!


ESRA said...


S A R A H. said...

love the outfit.
following you, hope you'll do the same.


Valentina said...

I bet this will now be said for the 1000th time, but I love your outfit :)

Valentina de Pertis

Alexandra said...

Nice look!
xx Alexandra

michelle said...

you're such a doll! :)



finethenbelikethat said...

Beautiful outfits. Love the jacket! You look great!

LaMonda said...

you are so sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet


Ahka Vintage said...

love your style... where have you been all my blogging life?? x

Ahka Vintage SHOP
Ahka Vintage BLOG

Justine said...

Love the first outfit! Looks like something I'd wear very often too. :]

Dress and Dish: Lana said...

Love the dark hair!! You look amazing! xo

Unknown said...

You are soo pretty!! :)

Lamia Alaoui said...

Sooooo lovely ! xx

Iza said...

U have beautiful smile! and i really like your coat:)

If you want we can follow each other:)

Fashion Bubbles said...

Love your blog. Congrats! Like your style.

My blog is new and still in its introductory phase, but I would be more than happy to invite you to follow my blog at :


Unknown said...

Love this outfit! The layering is perfect. x

Francesca C said...

very nice look!

Jenny said...

Your loafers were the reason I first started following you online. Every time I ser you wearing a pair, I pledge to invest in a good pair too. Anyway, as somebody above said, I also like this evolution post a lot and wish you all the best! xx

YOURFLIRTYLOOK | by Karlijn said...

beautiful outfit. You have a new follower!

Kelly said...

DSLRs are always take lovely shots, but instagram can definitely get the job done. You look lovely through either lens :)


Non Sexual Escort said...

I loved your new hair cut it suits you more.

Hannah said...

LOVE your outfit.
Effortless style :)
Hannah x

Kelleynzgz said...

You are soo pretty!! :)

Anonymous said...

What color is your kanken? It's a lovely color.

Unknown said...

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