Wednesday, July 1, 2009

ripped jeans

H&M shirt dress + t-strap heels, BDG cigarette jeans, thrifted bag

I cut my bangs today shorter than I usually do to see if I would look any different. It's taking a while to used to them barely covering my eyebrows but I'm getting there. What do you guys think? This is also my attempt at ripping my jeans but I still feel compelled to do more to them. Destroying them is seriously addictive! The hole gets bigger every time I wear them because I pick at it like a scab when I'm bored. I'm considering making them more like Lucrecia's but I'm afraid of screwing them up...

(What is everyone in the blogsphere listening to? I need new music to listen to! Any suggestions?)



Sharissa said...

Looove the hair. ps. You should check out the Temper Trap and Deerhunter?

caitrín said...

atm i'm listening to a lot of ben harper. dunno your music tastes but i like it. also you would look adorable with short hair!

Damsels said...

thats some good lighting !

your bangs look good short .
your face shape is good to pull that off

the rip is nice . it adds the extra grunge to your look

Caro said...

pretty and light like paris.

the new grizzly bear!

tia said...

if you like the raconteurs jack white has another new band called dead weather. also the yeah yeah yeahs are always good for me. especially their new song heads will roll.

Hannah JV said...

Well hello, I am currently listening to:

Dirty Projectors - Bitte Orca
Grizzly Bear - everything!
Yo La Tengo - I Am Not Afraid Of You And I Will Beat Your Ass
The National - Boxer and Alligator
Jason Collett (Broken Social Scene) - Idols of Exile
and Ryan Adams is ever present :)

Hope you have a lovely day!

Shay said...

Silversun Pickups - 'SWOON'(Album) - 'Growing Old is Getting Old'(Song)

Holler, Wild Rose - Myspace

ps. luv ur blog!!!

Anonymous said...

I blog and post Playlists with my boyfriend. You can download them too @ .

Im making Playlists all the freaking time. There are days I listen to 5 new albums in one day. I hate having no new music..

Unknown said...
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nikky said...

great artists to add to your summer playlist:
-passion pit
-lykke li

love your blog...enjoy!

Becky Tjandera said...

love your look ! nice blog :D

Unknown said...

Florence and the Machine are a really good band that I've been listening to.

t.g.s said...

depends what your music taste is.
i like alotta rock, so

check out
taking back sunday
something corporate
jacks mannequin
death cab for cutie
forever the sickest kids
say anything
relient k

just to name a few
(and don't worry, they're not screamo, i hate that stuff)


Slanelle said...

your bangs look perfect like that !!

hey, i'm hosting a giveaway on my blog, check it out ;)

feny said...

you"re adorable anabel..
your blouse, jeans and bag so niceful..

Sarah: said...

So cute! I think I remember you from the 'what are you wearing today' livejournal group -- sooo long ago.

Cypriotchick said...

ur bangs look soo cute! i got mine trimmed again today coz for the last week if i wore them out i was literally blinded by all the hair :D
aside from all the michael jackson thats been playing, lately i've been listening to rob thomas (her diamonds) linkin park (new divide) coldplay etc.


Hannah said...

Your bag is lovely and your hair looks great. I'm currently listening to Regina Spektor's new album, can't get enough of it :)

Jacquie said...

the new fringe is much loveliness to behold :) and i get what you mean about ripping the jeans... my advice to is not to go TOO overboard if your lacking confidence as this means more mistakes happen :s

as for new music? great british band: Foals

Ilanka Verhoeven said...

Love the rip!

Unknown said...

O this is such a chic outfit. And those chunky t-bar sandals are fantastic. I'm unsure what type of music you listen to generally but I lean towards a bastard combo of hiphop and twee indie pop - so my recommendations would be Lupe Fiasco and/or Lykke Li.

Anonymous said...

Korean girl group Wondergirls! Especially they're song So Hot. THe video is cute too

Anonymous said...

Korean girl group Wondergirls! Especially they're song So Hot. THe video is cute too

Divya said...

i'm currently obsessed with Pocket Full of Stars by Nine Black Alps and Human by Civil Twilight. if you're into Indie...


Mads said...

I love this outfit!! the lighting and your white shit works very well..=) and your bangs are cute BTW


kayang said...

The jeans look perfect. Don't rip them anymore! let them go naturally.

I had this paur of jeans that started off with the smallest holes..
and now there's like rips that take up half my thighs LOL The holes will grow over time.

denise - SUPERWOWOMG said...

cuuuute outfit and your bangs are bangin'. lulz lame.
anyways i rmb you posted those headphones either on tumblr or chictopia and i wanted them soooo bad after seeing them but none for me ):

hmmm new music?? chester french is pretty awesome..especially the song Nerd Girl which I don't think is on their actual album :D

Jayrin Eve said...

i hope this doesn't come out as "hatin on annabel" but i was a fan of the over the eyes bangs you got goin on before but you still look good

^^^^ i agree, chester french is very niice :)

Anonymous said...

Your bangs still suit you and give you a kinda new look, but I've always been really jealous of that lovely shaggy look your hair has with the longer fringe!!

Sushi said...

If you haven't heard it already, Grizzly Bear's new album is excellent so I'd recommend that x Sushi

Sue Han said...

where did you get those awesome headphone?!

NICOLE said...

i have a shirt just like that! i love how you paired it with the light wash jeans! you look fabulous as usual! you should listen to some brigette bardot... i dont understand what shes saying but i love her songs

Anonymous said...

I like the new bangs. :)

As far as music, maybe you could try some of these (unless you already listen to them):
Architecture in Helsinki
Damien Rice
Eric Hutchinson
Glen Hansard and Markéta Irglová
The Hush Sound
Matt Nathanson
Straylight Run
The Zutons

chicfaced said...


Georgia said...

nice ripped jeans...
i definitly recommend the yeah yeah yeahs and also kasabian

It would be mine

Malena said...

i love ripped jeans, yours look really cool too.
erm.. i suggest the grateful dead?

cindy said...

your hair looks very cute, and i love your jeans! i need to customize a pair of jeans, myself, and this just reminded me...
when i need help listening to different music, i usually get in tune with classic rock from the 60s and i go from there. :P said...

lovely style!
you have an adorable blog ;)
I'll be back!

k said...

that outfit was totally perfect for yesterday's bay area weather. i love the ripped jeans, not overdone and really cute.

listen to: janelle monae, april smith, bedouin soundclash, band of horses, and sade.

k said...

and michael jackson's "remember the time"

holly said...

great blog!
nothing like you and i by the perishers

kate said...

steel train. i'm in love with the whole album "trampoline".
i've been trying to find that acne shirt you have ever since i first saw it, but i can't find it anywhere in melbourne! :(

Ruth said...

I like the outfit a lot. And I think your hair looks great.
As for music. right now I am obsessed with Greenday's 21 Century Breakdown, especially these songs: Last Night On Earth; Viva La Gloria! and Restless Heart Syndrome. I don't know if it's nearly your type of music but I love it. :)

Sieske said...

Zee Avi is nice!

margaret said...

reminds me of caroline from parakiss!

margaret said...

oh yeah, i also wanted to try bangs this short too but i was a little wary about it

Mariona said...

I like! now and pretty soon you have to feel comfortable. I've been quite busy and did not visit your blog and I am sorry, I have attached to my listing in ELLE because it would be a pity do not miss these posts, always simple and elegant, kisses

Charm said...

Your bangs look really pretty when it's short.

I'm currently addicted to Permanent by David Cook, Untouched by The Veronicas and Scars by Papa Roach. You should check them out! :D

Christina said...

you should go to
Raez has an amazing playlist,at least i love it....

Stacy said...

the hair and jeans look great!

for music, you should check out the grates, the yeah yeah yeahs, 3OH!3, and mika (just to name a few haha)

Anonymous said...

I love the jeans! You're soo adorable. And personally, i like your bangs long. =)

As for music, Ben Folds' a capella greatest hits album is really amazing.

Kathy said...

cute outfit! i like the shirt dress =D

do you listen to asian music? I really like korean music (i'm not korean). The beats are similar to a lot of American beats without a lot of the shadiness =D

rhiannon said...

the rip looks awesome. and your fringe always looks good!

you should listen to
dirty diana by michael jackson
yeah yeah yeahs - its blitz album
the rappers delight - the sugarhill gang (haha reminds me of scrubs)
skinny love by bon iver
and to match the rip in your jeans, come as you are by nirvana

Anonymous said...

love your blog
very sweet
(i'am portuguese and i dont write english very well... :))


Couture Carrie said...

Gorgeous look! Loving your blog!


cocorosa said...

love the bangs and love the outfit, I'm looking for some new tunes too but I haven't found anything new that blows me away, I'm recently listening to the old nirvana's again :)

Ashley said...

Great outfit..really loving the bag!

Chopstick said...

I think your hair is the coolest thing ever. And so is your red H&M blazer in your previous posts.

Nessie McInness said...

that bag is amazing! and i love your haircut^^

currently listening to deerhunter!^^

Christina said...

listen to some ATMOSPHERE :) they're always entertaining lol

laura said...

the jeans and the hair look fantastic, I do the exact same thing with holes in my jeans and tights, It's the worst in tights, I am literally incapable of keeping a pair of tights hole-free for any longer than an hour!

Anonymous said...

try Bon Iver... amazing.

Vintage Dress said...

i love this look! :)


styledigger said...

Pure perfection. I'm here for the first time and I love your blog! I'm adding you to my blogroll

zoë said...

i need new music too, so i'll definitely have to read these comments and get some !

but right now i've been listening to ;
last of the american girls by green day .
all my alphabeat songs on repeat .
midnight coward by stars .
the spring awakening soundtrack .

amongst many others ...

ps - you always manage to make the most classic pieces look trendy, just by the way you pull them off . love it !

Sara said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Madeleine said...

your hair looks so great. love bangs.

Amelie's Plum Cake said...

I'm obsessed with:
First Aid Kit
Manu Chau
Jose Gonzalez

Anonymous said...

K e i t h U r b a n ♥

Anonymous said...

This song by Rie Tomosaka and Shiina Ringo:

I forget what the title is read as, sorry, but it's been stuck in my head for ages.

Anonymous said...

Annabel! I just discovered this a few days ago, but give this song a listen--soo good:

You should probably also check out Sunset Rubdown, Grizzly Bear, Astronautalis, Battles.

Anonymous said...

You've got to show us your jeans without the big shirt. It's too modest; I'll bet those jeans are super sexy!!!!!

Kelly said...

Great band.

Anonymous said...

You absolutely have to listen phoenix , all songs are great but 1901 still the best

filipino singles said...

Skinny Jeans are perfect for tall women. I think the loose white blouse paired with the skinny jeans looks neat.

Visit Philippines said...

I love your white loose top!

Herman said...

FRIENDLY FIRES!! Great band.

Hollister said...

thats some good lighting ! your bangs look good short . your face shape is good to pull that off the rip is nice . it adds the extra grunge to your look

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