Monday, November 30, 2009

21st birthday at the slanted door

the slanted door


For my birthday BF took me to Charles Phan's restaurant, The Slanted Door, in the Ferry Building. I'd always wanted to go there since I first moved to the Bay but never had anyone to go with until now. I love cheap Vietnamese street food as much as any other person who grew up eating it but our meal last night satisfied me just as much in a different way.

slanted door spring rolls

grilled ribeye steak

Obviously I'm still very new to this DSLR thing and I cared more about gorging myself with delicious food than getting the perfect photos of the food. So here are the two most semi decent ones I could find of the Slanted Door spring rolls and grilled ribeye steak with garlic soy sauce and fingerling potatoes. In addition to the spring rolls (which were spectacular, I must say) we started with their chilled wild louisiana gulf shrimp which I was too excited about to get a picture of. Have I ever told you guys about my obsession with shrimp? Probably. These were on a whole other level, however. BF doesn't even like shrimp and he enjoyed the dish! Also not pictured is the chicken claypot with caramel sauce. Out of the two entrees my favorite was the grilled ribeye steak. It reminded me so much of the grilled beef in the Vietnamese rice dishes that I grew up eating... except a million times better. I think that's what I liked best about last night's dinner: the forerunning of familiar smells and tastes coupled with an extraordinary attention to enhancing them without overpowering their original essence.


haggard looking

And well, here we are with our cocktails. It's my 21st birthday, remember? I can't remember what my drink was called (our waiter reccommended it to us) but BF got a whiskey smash. I definitely preferred that to ordering a bottle of wine and letting him be the one to invariably drink most of it since I'm so much of a lightweight.


view of the bay

And finally, this is what we got to look at all night, other than each other of course. What a perfect way to end a perfect night. I'm glad BF has already realized that the way into my heart is through my stomach. This also marks eight whole months of us dating... has it really only been that long? Ahh well, cheers! As an added bonus, here's what I ended up wearing:

birthday outfit
vena cava dress, h&m wedges, bottega veneta clutch


Anonymous said...

if you don't mind me asking, is it expensive to eat there?

ana said...

don't you look gorgeous! happy birthday babe

Lorena said...

WOW that food looks amazing, I haven't eaten yet today and I can actually hear my stomach growling. Happy Birthday!

WOX said...

vietnamese food is LOVE!!!
and you looked gorgeous!

theflawlet said...

neat, simply neat.
happy birthday! :)

_ said...

happy birthday!
it looks like it was a lovely evening. i love celebrations, i can't wait for all the holiday parties to start up!

Shirley said...

I'm really craving some spring rolls now...
You look super cute!

Lainey said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You look fantastic! I love your shoes, and that restaurant you guys went to looks delicious.

Safia said...

Happy birthday from a fashion blogger from morocco ! i love you're style ! sooo amazing !


Sophie said...

Happy birthday! You look beautiful and the food looks delicious! Congrats on 8 months too. :)

le neko said...

you look great ! *o*

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday! :)

Oana Roxana said...

Happy birthday! :)

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday!

You look beautiful, btw.

Phyllis said...

the slanted door is sooo delicious. love your outfit.. happy birthday!

Amber said...

That view was amazing!! I love your outfit cute! It looks like a wonderful night out!

Mimisatin said...

the view of the bridge is beautiful ! and your's chic !

Urban Lullaby said...

happy birthday!
hope you had fun =)

Lauren said...

happy birthday annabel!

my mom and i went to the slanted door a couple of years back. and though the view and atmosphere were both lovely, we sort of preferred the authentic non-fussy, non-fushioned versions. maybe it's just us but there something that can't quite match up to the simple and inexpensive vietnamese restaurants so conveniently located near home. but i have to say either way i'm so jealous of your dinner. having major withdrawals. santa cruz may have pretty amazing burritos but pho and spring rolls, no where to be seen in miles.

alison said...

You look gorgeous, happy birthday!

p.s. the food looks delicious.

Anonymous said...

It is absurd how amazing you look in that dress. the food looks yum aswell.

chloe said...

oooh, looks like you had a pretty special birthday!
and wow, everything looks gorgeous: you, the food, the view.. not bad on the bf either, happy 8 months! x

faye said...

hope you had a wicked birthday
you look oh so gorgeous!

S said...

Lovely dress!! You look gorgeous and woohoo for Vietnamese food!! :)

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday! You look amazing and that place looks fabulous.

Visions through my retina said...


Hien♥ said...

so lucky! Love the restaurant and your outfit! (: happy belated birthday(:

Annie said...

You look so gorgeous - that dress is perfect! The restaurant is beautiful too. Happy twenty-first!

parkavenueprincess said...

youre so stunning! happy birthday!

Kathryn Sutton said...

Happy Birthday! My 21st is coming up and I must admit I'm rather daunted by it... Looks like you celebrated in the perfect way though, the restaurant and food both look delightful!


Blonde Caviar said...

this looks so romantic! and yes food is the way to a girls heart:) cute dress

Anonymous said...

ohh i love slanted door! love your outfit, too!

kayang said...

I just had vietnamese an hour ago. :)
That place looks really nice though.

denise - SUPERWOWOMG said...

purdyyyyyyyyy. happy birthday annabel :D

kurarin said...

gorgeous dress and the food looks delicious. if you don't mind me asking, what camera do you use?

maryse said...

glad you had a great birthday! congrats being 21!

Mel said...

Happy 21st birthday! Yum that restaurant looks good! I'll have to try it someday if I stop by the Ferry Building!

Fatema AlFalasi said...

Happy 21st Birthdaay :D The view looked great and I gotta say that I loved your outfit ;)

Unknown said...

the food is making me drool..... love your birthday dress, you look fab! Happy Birthday dear :)

le blog de leen said...

oh you were so pretty!
it looks like a really nice place for a birthday dinner


The Starving Stylist said...

Happy belated birthday, you look extremely gorgeous.

and p.s. that vietnamese restaurant looks like NOTHING i've ever been to in this city of Vancouver. It looks really nice and modern chic, i'd definitely eat more Vietnamese food if we had places like that to dine at down here. Whats weird is I'm vietnamese myself. haha

Maritess said...

How cute! Happy Belated Birthday! I think I definitely need to visit the restaurant soon!

Patty said...

This post made me crave for Vietnamese food! Now I really want some pho and spring rolls.

Happy 21st! :) I love your outfit, especially the shoes.

Georgie said...

Really cute outfit and the food looks yummy! Happy 21st!!

Laura said...

Super pretty!

Happy Birthday!

Georgia said...

Basic black dress and heels and yet you look stunning. Happy birthday!
It would be mine

the style spotter said...

i just recently turned 21 too! happy birthday!


you look amazing!



Love, Carrie said...

Happy Birthday!!! 21 is GREAT!!!

lau-ra said...

happy Bday! and you looked gorgeous. hope you got all you wished for. it was my Bday on the 29th ;)

Anonymous said...

someone used your picture as an icon

Valencia Lia said...

Happy belated birthday girl !!

Looks like a yummy gorgeous dinner and I love you dress :)

Van said...

Love this look!

XTine E. P. said...

Love your pictures and your blog!! So gorgeous!! :)

greetings from germany xoxo

William Street Store said...

LOVE your dress!!!
You guys are adorable xx

Karen Morales said...

sooo cute :)
it looks like a great time/birthday!

nintendo dsi r4 said...

Nice birthday photos. Great photography.
Belated happy birthday !!!

Unknown said...

this is such a cute outfit!

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