Thursday, November 12, 2009

you and me could write a bad romance

vintage dior sweater, thrifted uniform skirt, thrifted booties

Maybe I'm the only one who can tell since I know my own body well but can anyone tell that my thighs are swollen? I somehow ended up doing more physical activity than I'm used to this past weekend and my body is killing me. Somehow a couple friends and I ended up playing a few rounds of kickball late at night and I was fortunate enough to be the only one to step in dog crap and ruin my favorite oxfords. I also had a slight limp for two days because my knee popped when I was squatting down looking at books. When I tried to get up I heard a loud CRACK and suddenly I was on the floor unable to get up for ten or so minutes. I have the body and stamina of someone 30 years older than I am :/

My body may suck but my hair actually turned out the way I wanted it to today! I'm quite proud of this at the moment so I'm taking a moment to gloat... this doesn't happen very frequently. Oh and, I've decided not to cut my hair. To answer your questions, yes, I've had short hair before and I hated it a couple hours after. The last time I cut it that short was right before college since I was convinced I needed a fresh start but it pissed me off more than anything. It also didn't help that it looked terrible with the chubby face I was developing while gaining twenty pounds my Freshman year. I'll save the weight discussion for another post.

good hair day


Annie said...

that sweater is gorgeous... and your hair is perfect!

Teresa said...

nope, definitely can't see any swollen-ness and your hair looks gorgeous! did you put anything in it or did you just wake up looking that fabulous?

Lorena said...

Your hair looks really nice curled like that. Cute skirt too!

Annabel said...

love the sweater! haha tell me about freshman fifteen or twenty :P

Unknown said...

Simple outfit but stunning! I especially love the thrifted booties, and the hair is fab - what curling tongs do you use?!

Anonymous said...

your hair is soo lovely...I can't wait for my hair to get longer so I can curl it like that (well attempt to).Also completely understand about the going short, I did it a while ago and i'm still waiting for it to grow back to how long it was before and it is taking forever! Love the outfit too!

Mel said...

Oh dear, my friend had a similar situation with the knee and had to wear a knee brace for a couple years (or when she plays sports). If it continues to bug you, you should probably get it checked out (not to worry you or anything!). Omgosh I had a similar situation with the swollen thighs thing too; I walked to work (which is like a 30 minute walk) and my thighs were all stiff and red for the whole next day. Or maybe they weren't swollen...just worked out a bit. Hmm.

So lucky! I haven't played kickball in ages!

Bucca said...

Ouch! hope your leg is okay and your oxfords too!

Cute outfit and you look lovely :)

Unknown said...

Lovely sweater (and your thighs look fine, don't worry).

Lainey said...

I love your hair! Especially when it's all curled like that!

K8 said...

oxfords for kickball? Whatever, you look beautiful, your hair really is perfect!

LH said...

What weight gain!!!
You are amazingly thin, I find myself wishing to have your legs!!!

Caro said...

Thighs not swollen, hair is great, you are great.

I do hate the whole early twenties but waking up like a 70 year old women thing--I have to shuffle around for the first 10 minutes while my ankles and knees crack with every step when I first get up.

flora said...

ooh pls share your hair tricks!

Anonymous said...

You're beautiful.

Totes know what you mean but regretting getting your hair cut short after having it long. I cannot wait until mine grows back :/

FIT by Diane said...

gorgeous look! yeah, you definitely look better with long hair :) also show us how you did your hair!

Sweets and Hearts said...

too cute + i love your hair!

ugh yeah i've cut my hair short before and i always regret it afterwards. long hair's more fun (even if it's a lot of work!).


Christina said...

Your hair is awesome! :) And I know how you feel about freshman 20, ugh. Still working it off 3 years later haha.


Valencia Lia said...

Gorgeous gorgeous sweater and I really do love your hair :)

And I hate short hair tooo. Cut them short twice and I regretted both times . Love longer hair tooo

Move said...

love ur sweater, it's soo cuteee

Anonymous said...

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Urban Lullaby said...

The best thing about your blog is, you don't put up runway fashion. I don't like runway fashion :[
YOUR hair is sooo pretty i envy it. I got inspiration from you, to cut straight bangs. :]


u-ung said...

your hair are so goegeous!!!how can you make it curl like that?was it permanently curl?

the goorgeous said...

Love the skirt! And you look beautiful with this hair.

le blog de leen said...

this is such a lovely look

i really like the skirt, looks so soft and comfy:)


Guiltyhyena said...

looks a lovely comfy sweater :)


heleen said...

what a beautiful sweater! I'm glad you put the hair-picture up, otherwise we couldn't have seen its details... pretty pretty. and your hair looks fabulous as well!

jette said...

your hair looks really pretty! love it.

Lauren said...

your hair does look fabulous! you didn't use a curler did you? isn't your hair naturally amazing?

i feel the same way about my body! i have no energy and am always achey and stuff. it sucks!

Edona said...

Oh, beautiful curls! You should be proud, it looks amazing :-)

Anonymous said...

saw you in this outfit near the greyhound station and got all excited coz i saw a blogger that i follow!

Ruxandra said...

amazing sweater, great haircut:)love your photos..

YUKO said...

I think your hair looks great! I'm thinking of buying some rollers(can't use curling irons for shit) to do something fun with my hair.

Laura said...

LOOVE this look!

Unlikely You said...

Nice new hairdo, you look like the brunette version of Goldilocks. The bangs and curls make you look preppy and Jap, a little like Mochida Kaori of ELT.

Damsels said...

you are definitely having a good hair day ..... the wavy and straight bangs suits your soft features perfectly ... you look amazing and your big brown eyes are so pretty .. i knoe this is a style blog but it could be beauty blog for sure ... love the soft cozy creamy sweater

Marla Singer said...

you look so cute! i love your hair <33

Anonymous said...

I adore your hair! Makes me regret having mine cut short, doh! x

Luxe. said...

Dont worry your legs look great as usual! Ive been searching high and love for a jumper like that, you look great.x

Jenny Cindy said...

This is such a cute look - love everything about it!

Malu Keizer-Swartjes said...

You look amazing, and gorgeous as always:D


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Georgia said...

You look absoloutley beautiful here
Your hair especially
That colour sweater is wonderful on you, Dior Vintage?! How much??
It would be mine

Visions through my retina said...

GOOD FOR YOU ANNABELLE! I need to be a lil more active myself...sooo lazy..I forgot how it felt to discipline myself to work out..btw nice sweater!!

Frances Davison said...

your haiiir is gorgeous, and your legs look skinny as ever x

Anonymous said...

love love your hair :) and the sweater is really nice! where did u get it from?

Heather Grace said...

the skirt? precious! i absolutely love it! and i adore your bangs; you pull them off beautifully!

Nancy said...

i adore that outfit!

tdw said...

oh u r so cute:)
loveu r photos(l)

Becky said...

Great outfit, I love cream with black. And your hair looks beautiful!

Chloë, Wardrobe Quarry said...

that is the cutest jumper and your beautiful :)

Christina said...

i absolutely love this outfit! you wear it well!

S said...

Hey. I'm new to your blogs. I really envy you, like you're not skinny skinny, and not fat either, but just average & perfectly happy with your body image. I wish I can be like you too, having a healthy body image. I have a really chubby face.

You make me wanna get back to my healthy lifestyle. thanks :)

Ashley said...

How do you curl your hair? or did you perm.

Moomby said...

your hair looks great! glad you decided not to chop it off

Laurenanne said...

you're so gorgeous!

Crystal said...

Wait, your thighs are swollen?? And your hair looks amazing. LOVE the sweater!

Unknown said...

What a cute outfit! You have amazing eyes and I love your hair! Actually, you're just generally pretty! I'm quite jealous!

haute.teapot said...

such cute photos, i love the close-up and your pretty curls!

Cait said...

That's the cutest sweater and I have a huge crush on your hair.

krystle li said...

gorgeous hair. how do you do it? what kind of curling iron do you use?

Taylor Sterling said...

I love the sweater! Great color on you!

Anonymous said...

lovely sweater. white is your color.

Anonymous said...

that last photo is so cute- love the curls!

Emily Hill said...

I love your pictures and your style ... You're so beautiful ... :o


Vinda Sonata said...

the sweater looks perfect on you! i love the overall looks. all seems perfectly in place.


Anonymous said...

I love your style, it looks so cute and fabulous

Anonymous said...

I love your style, it looks so cute and fabulous

Oana Roxana said...

You're so beautiful!I just love your hair! :D

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