Monday, November 2, 2009

ahoy there

ahoy there!

For some reason I'm always really bad at taking photos of myself on Halloween. This time around I was so busy during the day that I didn't dress up until I had to before going out at night. I copped out again and wore this vintage child's sailor top with a navy skirt and went as a Japanese school girl just like I did last year (and to various other themed parties this past year). I'm really lazy, guys. Compared to me, BF went all out for his outfit (which I shall not disclose due to my feeling a little embarrassed to admit it). Halloween just isn't a big deal to me, hmph.


Eva said...

great!!sailor moon :D

Carli said...

Wish i had a halloween party too, but here its not so common to celebrate it,. nice costume

i heart city pop said...

don't's not a big deal to me either...i was on my couch watching a weird 80's movie called "Cat People" with my BF. Lame? Nope!

Lorena said...

That's a really cute top, I'd be tempted to wear it on regular days too hahah. Two years in a row as the same thing isn't so bad...growing up my brother was dracula every single year until he was too old to trick or treat!

I'm curious about what the BF's costume was!

Sara said...

Adorable dress!
Halloween isn't a big deal here in the UK. Perhaps you're partly British? :) x

Amanda said...

We don't celebrate Halloween here but sometimes I wish we did.

Emilie said...

Don't feel too're ahead of me seeing as I did not dress up at all.

Olivia Liem said...

I'm so curious about what ur BF dressed up as??

Btw, that's a cute sailor outfit..You must have looked lovely in it :)

Christina said...

Oh, that's super cute! I'd wear it every day, not just on Halloween.

emily said...

Ok, now I'm dying to know what your BF dressed up as for Halloween. Dish!!!

Valencia Lia said...

I didn't really go celebrate Halloween too.

But did dress up though,as a greek goddess. And I really love your Sailor top,gorgeous !

Can't wait to know what your boyfriend went as. Ohhh,do tell :)

denise - SUPERWOWOMG said...

yesss sailormooooon!!!!!!!!!!!
oh come on tell us what your bf went as hahahaha so curious now :D

michelle said...

that's a cute top. :)
same, halloween isn't a big deal to me either... could be the fact that we don't normally celebrate it in australia, haha.

Urban Lullaby said...

Sailor moon!! I didn't celebrate halloween this year.. i never really do it, because in Thai we don't really care about it. Just scary thai movies are enough. lol :) xx

dee said...

i'm not a huge fan of halloween, either. cute sailor costume though!

(・ω・)/ said...

I am a university student in Japan.

Your fashion becomes reference very much.

Hereafter, it will look forward to the update of your blog.

megan said...

omg brent dressed up as a tranny again didn't he

i knew it when you tweeted a pic of his tranny heels lolol

le blog de leen said...

i'm pretty sure you looked really cute in that sailor outfit :)


Anonymous said...

i love the top so much!

Sha said...

thas like sailor moon!! sooo cute :D

Janet said...

Yea! I'm so glad I finally stumbled upon your blog! I've been a fan via lucky style spotter for a while now but you didn't leave a blog name there so I'm glad to see you were on Chictopia. Love, love, love it...

-Janet from

Anonymous said...

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