Monday, November 2, 2009

seeing red

clockwise from top left: one, two, three, four

A couple things I have my eye on at Anthropologie and all of them happen to be red. Did you know that it's my 21st birthday at the end of the month? Yes, I'm one of those late November babies and while all of my friends with earlier birthdays have already been going to bars for months, I've been stuck at home counting down the days. I've also been looking out for a special birthday dress since BF says I'll need something exceptionally nice for where he's taking me. I'm thinking strapless with a full skirt? Meh, I have a month to think about it. Wait, how did I go from Anthropologie to my birthday? Oh, yeah, I was about to mention the 15% off card that members get to use during their birthday months. I guess I just have to hold out until I get mine sometime this month.


Corinna said...

the red scarf is so cute :)
i hope you find a pretty dress for your special day:)

Neekoh said...

I'm a November baby too, except I was older than everyone. That's no fun either because no one can go out with you until 6 months later.
But happy early birthday! I'm gonna go try to get one of those cards now :)

Lainey said...

I love all 4 of them, but especially that ruffled cardigan. Perfect fall Cardi. You can never really go wrong with red.

Emma Lavelle said...

that red cardi (number 4) is AMAZING!! Oh my gosh i want it! xx

Phoebe Rose said...

Red scarfs are so cool!
I bet you're excited for your birhtday, it'll be worth the wait!

Lorena said...

I love the last three a lot! Red must look really great on you because of your dark hair.

Lauren said...

Oh, Anthropologie inspires so much lust in me sometimes. Nice picks.

hannah, heart city said...

well good thing your birthday is coming up! but there's so much to pick from :) i love the small red scarf.

Phyllis said...

the scarves are so beautiful! i can totally see you wearing them. i was a really late baby too -- didn't turn 21 until my very last semester at cal -it sucked!!

Christina said...

#1 is absolutely amazing. I love tops ruffled like that, I have several and they're so fun to wear!

jessie.mae said...

i'm waiting for my anthro discount too, i turn 21 on the 29th as well! i know what you mean about being the young one. i've been totally craving that ruffled sweater in the top left...

the desert foxx said...

I thinkt at red will look really nice on you! And how exciting that you are turning 21-- I wonder where your BF is taking you to!


Kisment said...

Im a late November baby too. I love it. It is always nice to stay a little immature for even for a little while.

Luxe. said...

Love the red scarf.x

jette said...

man, i love Anthropologie. one of my favorite places ever. :D

i'm a november baby too! my birthday was just yesterday.'s such a long wait. i can't imagine how december babies feel.

Wrecked Stellar said...

loving lots of anthropologie things right now- you've selected great pieces!

x ws x

Kallie, Happy Honey and Lark said...

number 2 just went on my list for santa!
ps-i got the sweater i bought from you, and posted a pic wearing it :)

Vera Liane Rea said...

The fact that you're also a late november baby & this post is full of my favorite color, red. I just love you n your blog even more! :D Hahaha.

Hope you find that special dress for your day. I havent even considered if I want to dress up in mine. :)) Hahaha

By the way, Ive added you up on my blog. :D Hope ya dont mind.


style-magnet said...

Dang, girl, I thought you were older than me! I'm a baby for my grade, too. Grade? Do we still call it that? Well, all my friends turned 21 during the year and my birthday was in August. So... word.

I adore that last cardigan!!

Anonymous said...


Kaela said...

feels like CHRISTMAS!

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