Saturday, April 3, 2010

oxfords and stripes

saint james striped shirt

handmade oxfords

Two exciting purchases that were waiting for me when I got back from spring break. I finally got the Saint James Minquiers top in ecru/marine that I'd been wanting and it fits like a dream! I'm looking at a couple other color combinations but need to take it easy with spending money for a while. I also received these handmade oxfords that I'd ordered from Goldenponies on Etsy. When I'd first seen Erandi's store I thought it was too good to be true but I went ahead and ordered a pair anyway. I've been wearing them all day and so far so good. Maybe I'll try them out without laces like Anabela with her pair of gold ones. Thanks Teresa for finding that link!


connie and I said...

connie and i look up to you, we are high schoolers


Love the top and the shoes look comfy! xo

The Bambina said...

Great pictures! I LOVE the marine and ecru. Beautiful!

The Bambina said...
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Anonymous said...

Lovely shirt and oxfords. Very classic.

Maria Johns said...

Love your oxfords, must find me some!! and bonus they look comfy too!

M. said...

oh my god those oxfords are so amazing, I really love them!

lovelove, M.

Unknown said...

Wow I must order a pair too, they are such a bargain. Think I'll go for grey...

anabela / fieldguided said...

Yeah! It's worth trying. They're really lovely in white.

I'm trying to get my shopowner friend to carry Saint James -- wish me luck, ha!

shirin said...

can't wait to see photos of that striped top!

brunchatthebeach said...

handmade?? must go look!

-Jane @ Brunch at the Beach

RaceforProsperity said...

i just got that shirt from calypso celle, nice pick :)

Jennifer said...

I love classics like oxfords and stripes. Nice choices!

Robyn said...

Whoah, I love those shoes! I'm going over to Etsy to check them out now.... please keep us posted on how they fit and hold together and everything. They look gorgeous!


Anonymous said...

the leather of the shoes seems so nice and flexible. I am also interesting in how they fit

Anonymous said...

those shoes are so cool! i might have to get some...

Unknown said...

Did you end up purchasing online? I realized that J. Crew and Madewell were carrying different styles of St. James shirts but neither one fit me properly.

Can't wait to see you wear these new pieces! They look so perfect.

Unknown said...

Love both of those purchases, stripes always look so fresh and those shoes, well I wouldn't trust myself to be able to keep them clean and tidy but I can't wait to see how beautifully you style them.


Jessica said...

Lovely purchases. I need to check out that Etsy!

brooke said...

classic and lovely

an aspiring everything said...

Love love love both of these! Especially the oxfords. I have been looking for a pair for ages it seems like and haven't been able to find any that are less than $70. Can't wait to see all of the cute outfits I know will come out of both of these pieces :)

t.g.s said...

oooh love the whole nautical feel to this
wow custom made, i want a pair! haha

Ruth said...

God, that top is exactly what I've been looking for! I tried finding striped top yesterday and failed. :(

Amie said...

so cute! i love breton stripe tops

x amie

LUU H. said...

cant wait to see these on you!

Anonymous said...

I love the stripes!

Elisabeth said...

i'm in love with your stripes top =)
and this shoes .. amazing !!
Great post !

Anonymous said...

great purchases :)

V said...

Those oxfords look so soft. I'm going to have to buy my first pair.

heleen said...

Waw... those oxfords look divine.

Anonymous said...

Love the striped shirt!

Anonymous said...

both will look so great in an outfit... can't wait to see it!



Unknown said...

LOVE the shirt!:)
xxx darlinggg!

Xin @ Invincible Summer said...

Mmm I'm totally coveting a St. James striped shirt too, as well as oxfords.

Veronique said...

Those stripes look so tasty!

Marika said...

Ooooh, I really want to have one of these boots!
but I think I'll hardly find anything in my wardrobe to wear with them
but I love it! nice pics!


Marika said...

Ooooh, I really want to have one of these boots!
but I think I'll hardly find anything in my wardrobe to wear with them
but I love it! nice pics!


Marika said...
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Marika said...
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Marika said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Hannah Elise said...

Oh man! I've been lusting after that very same Saint James shirt for soooo...long. The design is pretty simple and I know I could make a good knock off. But I really want the actual thing...Le sigh.

By the way, cute oxfords.

Jade Andersen said...

that saint james top is awesome. love your style :)

love sid xxx

Anonymous said...

I love the colours on the top, and gorgeous oxfords. Handmade is so the best.

Andi said...

I can't believe they're handmade...these oxfords are lovely.

Danielle said...

Great shoes! I'm jealous.

Anonymous said...

ah such good finds!
Oxfords are the best. I got my pair of oxfords at a local thriftstore across from my house. Love love yours though!!

IKS said...

it is all about stripes this season. an i love it :) this marine look is wonderful and the shoes look so comfortable. i saw a similar pair in some store the other day, and i have been seriously thinking of buying them. just need to wait for my paychek :) yay! have a great week :)

Jessica said...

those oxfords are adorable!

iliketweet said...

Very cute pieces, perfect for spring!

tweet tweet tweet


Visions through my retina said...

i love my saint james!!

Anonymous said...

i just brought some shoes exactly like that - i think they are the same ones !?!

Abra said...

So I glanced at that etsy shop to see the specs about these shoes... and ohmygosh I can't believe the price.

How's the quality? Do you still like them?? I would love to add a pair (maybe the beige? I'm not sure yet) to my own collection... :)

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