Monday, April 26, 2010

finding a balance


I know many people are not very open about weight on personal fashion blogs but it's a topic that is relevant to my life at the moment and I'm sure many of you can relate as well. I get quite a few comments and emails asking how I am able to eat so much and still stay skinny; I've been to the gym a grand total of two times in my life and always hated the word "diet". Maybe I was flattering myself by claiming that I don't do anything, but in truth, there's a lot that many of you don't see. I do wear loose dresses and tops and may pose for photos in a way that hides what's really there but I'm starting to feel the effects of leading an unhealthy lifestyle inside my body.

I'm currently sitting in front of my computer eating a salad. A salad? This is coming from someone whose dad once bet her $50 that she couldn't finish a salad and made her way through one just for the money. Nevertheless, even in high school it was easy to be naturally healthy (without a need for the word "diet") when I was living at home four years ago with a mom who would cook five days a week. However, when I moved away for college, I gained a good 20 pounds over the course of six months while living in the dorms and never eating homecooked meals. My mom would also only let us drink soda on weekends but when I left, I fell into the trap of having sugary drinks all the time with my meals and reached a point where I'd have one or two cans of (regular, not diet) Coke everyday. And don't even get me started on my addictive obsession with fast food...

BF and I had a really intense conversation about how we need to change our terrible habits and have been making an effort to eat better and eat out less. I mean really, was it necessary to get brunch at Boogaloo's twice last week after going to Schmidt's right before? Of course, we're still going to treat ourselves to nice meals out once or twice a week but for now we're going to try exercising and eating at home for most of the week. We're not doing this just to lose weight, we're doing it to feel better and live healthier lifestyles. Fear not, food porn will not suffer. BF and I are already planning trips to more places that we want to try but we're spacing them out more. For now, I'm anticipating our reservation at Boulevard for BF's 25th birthday in a week and a tentative trip to Chapeau to celebrate with friends.

And you know what? This salad is actually quite delicious. Not bad at all.


Unknown said...

props to you and bf! my bf and i have been attempting to do the same, but with him being a chef and the both of us loving food its difficult. i try to exercise, but i pretty much hate it. i've cut out soda and almost all juice completely, and replaced it with water, sparkling water, and teas! um i noticed i fit clothes i hadn't for a while, but i think that's more from being busy and more active as opposed to laying in bed all day.


Francesca said...

I find it so difficult to touch a salad..I wish I liked them because they are healthy but I just don't like them.
I'm the same as you on this. I'm just hoping I don't join the Freshmen 15 in college. Yikes..

Love your blog, of course.

Oh Dear Charlotte said...

Wheres the avocado?!?! Eating vegetarian I think helps to keep me on track. Although I can still eat all the regular junk food, lots of my selected meals are surprisingly low in fat. Also I let go to the heavy feeling of full a long time ago, and I think a lot of people who are overweight feel the need to always have that slightly over full feeling rather than eating until they are just satisfied. I might drink a can of diet coke every day... or sometimes 3 or 4!!x


I love salads so I am glad to see you are eating one! x

Gela said...

i don't like the taste of salad. i'm too much of a carnivore. D: i don't believe in dieting as well. although, my boyfriend & i have been trying to go jogging or swimming regularly lately, & we feel really good about ourselves afterwards! exercise also makes us feel less guilty about eating out a lot. haha.

Esther said...

what an honest and candid post; i've never been one who watches out for my diet as well but i agree about how you can feel the unhealthy effects inside the body :(

it's good that you realise the importance of it now! i think i need to start (and actually continue) eating salads too

cloudships <3

THE CAT'S MIU said...

the grossest feeling on earth is the one where you feel internally disgusting. like where you feel like your stomach and arms and thighs and calves and butt and face are all full of fat, because of what you just ate. well, this is just what i've experienced personally, i don't know about you.

but it's always good to try and eat healthy (not necessarily eat healthy, but TRYING to)... whether it's by substituting water for sodas, or not your regular mayo or butter on sandwiches (though, when you feel like treating yourself, go ahead: an extra 100 calories isn't going to make you gain ONE pound).

i think that's the one thing i love about going to school from home... my mom's always there to make us delicious lunches and dinners (omg, i'm so spoiled... packed lunches in uni?!) and they're 98% made from scratch... except for the few times she decides to make frozen pizza or chicken fingers.

p.s. those steak fajitas looked SOOO good, i could taste and feel the chewiness of the steak, mmmm

diptea said...

I thought the very same thing and was planning to write a post about it. I didn't diet, just picked up some healthy habits, ate whatever I wanted (I love pizza!!) just stopped over eating and I lost 5 pounds in two weeks (and I go for walks twice a week, only!). I have turned into a vegetarian (not preaching, just stating), have been one for four months now and I can see subtle good changes that makes me feel great inside out!!
All the best dear, its never too late for healthy changes!!

Sophie said...

That's awesome! It's always important to be healthy and treat your body well :)

Lorena said...

I love all foods including baked treats, rich meats and salads of all different kinds. I don't really understand how people can say they don't like salad when it's not just one thing, there are so many different ways to make a salad, different dressings, herbs, spices...seems odd to me to make such sweeping statements like "I don't like salad". If people don't like salad in general that's basically the same as saying they just don't like vegetables which is crazy to me, because if they don't like vegetables then clearly they aren't preparing or cooking them properly. Salad is also not one of those things that is always healthy; many people think it is good for them but then load it up with creamy dressing, cheese, and croutons and if it's only iceberg lettuce then there isn't much nutrition but there is a lot of calories. I'm not really sure where I'm going with this rant, it's good to be healthy but there are so many ways to be healthy without feeling like you have to just eat "boring salad". Cooking at home is great, vegetables are delicious, and there an infinite number of dishes you can make that are incredibly satisfying, flavorful and good for you. Kudos to you for taking better care of yourself, I just had to say something about my constant surprise of people criticizing salad!

raven said...

good. hopefully that means another splendid cooking video with another rad song choice being posted in the future.... :)


Robyn said...

I actually love salads, but only if they're fresh and full of yummy extras like tomatoes, avocados, raisins, almonds, or strawberries. Spinach and strawberry salad is really great- you mix the two ingredients with a self-made dressing of olive-oil, white wine vinegar, and sugar.

I've been on a special diet for health reasons, and while it's hard to be good alll the time, I think it really helps me feel better to eat healthy! Plus there are actually a lot of delicious healthy foods out there; it just requires a little more research.

Good luck with your new, healthier lifestyle! :)


Jessica said...

Were you biking through Fisherman's Wharf on Sunday? I was taking my friends to get clam chowder and did a double take haha.

Unknown said...

This is a refreshingly honest post. I feel like the whole 'weight' issue is delicate for style bloggers, but it's good to have some one just come out and say it!

You've inspired me to maybe write about it on my blog :)

Good work.

Anonymous said...

Is it bad that I was craving salads yesterday and made my boyfriend drive me to the store to get salad items?

Unknown said...

Chapeau! is the best =D Enjoy

Caitlin said...

I love simple salads like that.
I went through that same thing (being HEALTHY cause you could start feeling that you weren't doing so well inside) a few years ago. I had to go to some classes, and really evaluate my lifestyle, but now I am very healthy.
You can really do it, but it may not be easy at first!

Lyss said...

that's awesome that you guys are conscience of what you put into your bodies. funny enough, i just posted a recipe to really easy and yummy raw "spaghetti." it's so i don't get bored of salads. tomorrow, i'm putting up a pesto recipe. i put it over a bed of spinach with red bell pepper to change up my salads too. have fun with being healthy!

Jillian said...
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Jillian said...

I'm literally reading this post right now drinking a regular ginger ale. Gah. If only I liked salads. Perhaps tomorrow I'll eat something green sans soda. Thanks for the inspiration!

Kate said...

hey, really genuine blog post . enjoyed reading it.:)

tasha said...


Have you guys ever been to House of Prime Rib? It's a feast in itself. Also, they have the best house salad ever. It's all in the dressing.

Other yummy places you should tack on your list is:

Delarosa (from the owners of Beretta)& Flour + Water.

Healthy places that are really awesome: Medicine (in the Galleria downtown...healthy japanese fusion),
The Plant Cafe, and Cafe Gratitude (raw place in the mission with the bestttt fresh coconut smoothies!)

Natalie (NJ in L.A.) said...

Home cooked meals are the best ones and it makes going out even more fun since you won't be doing it as often!

Monica said...

This post is awesomely optimistic and encouraging but please keep the food porn coming on a periodical basis :)

Mel said...

Haha I've been trying to do the same, abandon unhealthy foods and start exercising just because I feel unhealthy on the inside. True, I metabolize my food quite quickly, but I've been feeling super slow and sluggish and tired lately, and I think it's due to unhealthy eating habits. Good luck to you and your goals!

al said...

KUDOS to the both of you for wanting to make things better on the inside!!
You know what? I lurrve your writing skills! It's never boring and even though it looks like you've written an essay (must be your typeface n justified type) I always seem to finish reading your posts feeling like i've just read a sentence. Ok well I think I'll stop now because this comment in itself is turning into an essay.

Luv aL xx

Gabby / Gypsy*Diaries said...

:) I`m totally with you. I used to hate salads... they tasted like grass and I felt like a rabbit eating them :). Nevertheless after a few tries and small enhancements (like feta cheese and yummy dressings) I learned to love them and now I`m having a healthy salad almost every day. It just makes me feel good and I do love they way it tastes! Good luck commiting to a healthier YOU. It will be worth it!

Jane said...

getting healthier is not always easy, but do not forget the pleasure of eating good stuffs.
Anyway, fat or not, I think that you are pefect!

Violet said...

omg you are heading the nail on the head with myself right now. ill be nineteen next month and i can see my motabolism slowing down or maybe im paranoid lol but i feel i have to get into the habit of making the right choice while im on my own in college.... so round of appluase for you and your bf hope to see what comes of it and hopefully you will keep inspiring me like this post did thanks

Vi from Cali

Anonymous said...

you are so right - i hate the word 'diet' and the gym is a massive snore. I think the key is -everything in moderation - that is eating well and excersising little and often - - is all it takes.

By the way - your food porn posts always remind me of this blog you'd love it - it always makes me hungry! ck :) x

Anonymous said...

I love your food posts, me and my bf eat out far too much! I blame him!

Shen said...

I've started uni this year and me and my bf go out far too much so i've put over 10 lbs on this year. Currently I'm trying to eat a healthy breakfast and cut out the snacks inbetween. I've also started going the gym. To be honest I love it! It's the classes that are enjoyable.


Anonymous said...

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Kathryn Sutton said...

I LOVE salad, I really do. But I still know exactly what you mean, I have a tendency to over-indulge, but this post has inspired me to try and be more healthy... Thanks!


Ola said...

love ur blog

Briana said...

I agree entirely with your decision. I made a similar change after reading Alicia Silverstone's "The Kind Life." Kudos to you.

gih said...

.. and that's a perfect dish, rich in vitamins.

Anonymous said...

Let's eat!!! yummy!

Jill said...

I never commented on your blog before, but I have to say I read it religiously! I will admit to living vicariously through your beautiful pictures of food, fashion and adorable little adventures with your boyfriend.

I'm really glad you wrote this post - I read a fair number of fashion blogs and no one seems to address anything like this, and they all seem to be unbelievably skinny. It's really comforting to hear that you're dealing with a issue that "normal" people like me grapple with as well, haha.

Anyway, I wish you luck with your new healthy eating endeavors and regardless of any worries of yours, you are still beautiful/adorable/a favorite blogger of mine.

Anonymous said...

Good for you! I used to have a really hard time staying motivated to work out. I just started working out and have been really, really good for the last two weeks. That's pretty good, right?

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AC said...

Not to mention the money you'll save by eating in!
Check this site for some delicious recipes, a lot of them international and true to their home countries:

Unknown said...

holy--the only reason i ever started to cook was cos i wanted to eat healthier...
also anything you make at home versus eat out ( even if its the same burger) is still a healthier alternative cos you're makin it from scratch---trust me, once you get some crazy good cookbooks or recipes of the internet, it'll be like a new addiction--

binia said...

i'm trying to eat healthier because i know i'm feeling yucky on the inside.
i think being vegetarian means i miss out on alot of the fast-food readyily avaliable junk (Maccy D, Burger King etc.), but i can still eat chocolate, cakes, crisp...the list goes on!

FlashFash said...

I've been wanting to lead a healthy life, too, since I realize I've gained quite a few pounds. I wish doing a healthy diet was really as easy as it sounds. Well anyway, good luck and still looking forward to your food porn posts :D

Sa said...

Some people are just lucky with their metabolism, and perhaps, you are one of them! :) But I also believe we are what we eat. Being healthy is always the prime reason to eat healthier, and it's good hear you are working on it. If you eat right most of the week, then it is okay to eat whatever you want once or twice a week. After all, we can't be too healthy 24/7, there are too much temptation outside our own kitchens.

casey k said...

good for you. i think you'll find making food at home can be just as exciting, beautiful and delicious as it is to eat out.

Anonymous said...

i love how honest you are in your blog. i commend you for that.

as for your new goal, my boyfriend and i did the same thing too a few years back. it really helped all aspects of our lives (seriously!). only recently did i fall off the wagon (just for a few months b/c i started grad school).

anyway, i wanted to leave a note to you about soda. it's not the soda itself that's bad for you. (i'm learning all about this in school.) it's the excess amount of sugar, and worse, the high fructose corn syrup. however, diet sodas are no better - a lot of them are using chemicals we don't know about (or have been proven to cause cancer in animals). if you still want to drink soda, try more natural brands that they sell at trader joes and whole foods. one of my personal favorites is san pellegrino's aranciata.

good luck to you!!!

La Fille Atomique said...

I was the same way. I used to be naturally skinny for the longest time, to the point where I actually had to take supplements to GAIN weight. The puberty hit and I got ridiculous curves and my weight started yo-yoing.

About two months ago, I switched to vegetarianism. Yes, out of moral reasons, but mainly for health reasons. A few months prior, I had cut out red meat and when I ate it about a month after giving it up, it made me feel awful. I seriously just felt like a lump. Now that I cut out ALL meats, I'm finding I have to eat more vegetables and fruits just to fill my plate up. I've also been eating a lot of dairy and having protein shakes to make up for protein. My energy level is much better, I've shed 15 pounds since the winter, and I feel AWESOME. Consider giving it a try, you never know how it'll affect your body!

La Fille Atomique

JessS said...

Kudos for trying to lead a healthier lifestyle. I think it comes with age in part, because you feel the effects of unhealthy eating and not exercising more.

I have trouble eating raw salads, but I've managed to find a wide variety of noodle salads- a delicious one with soba- that I like and it's made it easier. I try to eat relatively throughout the week and my bf and I have implemented a VEGGIE DAY to max out on veggies. Then I eat whatever I want on weekends.

Let the food porn continue! And I wish you all the success.

schyler... said...

I am vegan and have a blog where i post a lot of easy vegan meals that still taste great! check them out if you dare to try something new (and much healthier without losing your love for food)

red | hongyi said...

what an honest post! i really appreciate it and relate to everything you say. it's not always about losing weight; it's about being healthy and feeling happy about it. i get really annoyed when i ave salad for lunch and friends peer at it and go,'what, are you dieting AGAIN?' pfffft!

i just read somewhere that you're 5'10" btw! oh my, that's admirable!

ps: you inspired me to start a fashion blog with foodie pics! :):) do check it out if u hv time!

Zoë said...

I'm glad that you're so upfront about it - I'm a vegetarian but I have gained a lot of weight in my final year and its made me feel uncomfortable in some of my favourite clothes - I guess when I was growing up I was always conscious of wasting food so even to this day I will clear the plate, even if I'm full. I never exercise but it gets me down when I see all these slim bloggers, and I'm wondering where the girls like me are. You must post some exercising tips because I am determined to slim down a bit this summer. It's living away from home and only cooking for one person, or lack of cooking that really has a negative impact. x

Meggstatus said...

I am the exact same way. My boyfriend and I always make promises to use more vegetables while cooking but that usually last about a week and we're back to our old tricks. I wish you luck.

Abra said...

I have conversations with my boy about this all the time, too. I have no desire to be stick skinny, but I DO have a desire to be healthy. Especially because my health reallyyy affects my mood - if I'm feeling sluggish, I don't want to do anything. A little bit of exercise can push me into a two week high, though, so yeah. Eating well and exercising. Not that hard to do with SO many benefits. And its easier to feel better about splurging on "unhealthy" food a few times a week since it really isn't THAT bad for you in moderation.

The only hard part about leading the healthy happy life is finding the time to cook at home and exercise. But I'm graduating in a week which means I'll have the time to do so soooon!

Glad you enjoyed your salad :)

DaMonique said...

I was just having a similar conversation with my hubby last night! Our bad habit isn't eating out though, we both smoke and need to quit again. He hasn't been getting enough protein either and since he's working so much overtime that's no good- I need to try to make it to the gym a few more times a week!

Great to see you making improvements- may wanna spice up the salad a bit more or it's going to get boring fast! lol

AND I think it's totally appropriate to talk about health in a fashion blog! People wanna be like all the fancy ladies they see! lmao Great post!

William Street Store said...

Well done for trying to be healthier! And thank you for sharing. I think more bloggers need to be honest about weight and food issues because it seems everyone is in the same boat! I love food, in fact I am obsessed with it and if I could i would eat all day everyday (luckily my boyfriend is a bit more health conscious than I am otherwise I would be turning into a heffa!) Looking forward to more food porn xxx
(ps. there is so many amazing salads you can make that will be interesting for your taste buds but still healthy!! go nuts!)

Ellstars said...

Hey this is perhaps my favorite post (fashion-unrelated). I am a freshman at college and I know exactly what you're talking about. I not only gained weight in my tummy but in my face as well and all along, I've been so self conscious about it and I feel like it's only getting worse. Your positive attitude toward getting healthy (I never exercise and am, indeed, going out to eat way too often just so I can avoid the nasty campus food) inspires me to stay fit as well.
This is such perfect timing! Thanks again! You made such a difference in my day :)

alison*elle said...

I'm totally going through the same phase right now! My bf and I have been eating out a lot over the past year and I gained 10 pounds without realizing it! Like you, I've always had a great metabolism but I guess since I'm no longer a teenager, food is starting to "stick." I'm trying to eat out less now and healthier too :)

Unknown said...

But surely you've been to Cafe Intremezzo (or whatever name they changed it to, on Telegraph & Haste), right?! how can anyone deny those salads!

Anonymous said...

I've recently been trying to do the same. I too was never one for salads until I realized that there's more to just romaine lettuce. Current favorites: Arugula with cut up avocado and ginger miso dressing, and mixed greens with crumbled gorgonzola, sliced pears, pistachios, and balsamic vinaigrette. Both are delicious, trust me.

Anonymous said...

weren't you bulimic?

Jocy said...

Bravo. My weight has been fluctuating. I was once vegetarian, then no more. Last fall's travels forced me to consume too many croissants and baguettes. I don't care if I have curves, just that they are attained in a healthy way. You don't have to do salads everyday. You could cut back on sugar, eat more brown rice, eat more fruit and veggies.

Catherine said...

I think we've had enough twitter conversations to know that our eating habits are quite similar (granted, I am In-N-Out deprived but I love it nonetheless), haha. And I think it's amazing that you guys are reforming your eating habits - it's something I plan to do this summer as well.

Last weekend, one of my high school friends made me green beans wrapped in bacon, and while I know that bacon isn't the choice meat for people trying to eat healthier, it still got me to eat green beans, which I haven't had in years. You should try it some time!

KittyCate said...

I think there is also a myth out there that being skinny automatically means being healthy - so not true! I can literally eat what I like and not gain weight, at aged 28 I weigh the same as I did when I was 18 (I actually have trouble keeping weight on). But I had my cholesterol tested about a year ago and it was a little high for someone my age - so I had to re-evaluate my diet. Just because I CAN eat junk and not get bigger, doesn't mean its not harming my insides! I have always been pretty healthy, but I made some changes, and I feel SO much better - healthy on the inside, as you so eloquently describe it.
I think you are gorgeous and always look fantastic - and I completely understand and respect your wish to improve the quality of the foods you eat, and thus your health. Good luck with it! xoxo

Gitte said...

Great blog, I like the concept! The food seems delicious !
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Gitte from France

Veronique said...

My situation is quite similar to yours - I could always eat a lot (and mainly sweets) and be quite thin, but since I went to university I am constantly eating junk food because I'm forced to eat out and healthy meals are way more expensive and take much more time to prepare - so there's no way I can manage to eat one during a 30 min. break. After those few years of studying I may still look quite good, but in reality not only did I gain about 5kg but also I feel much less fit that before.

And God, do I hate salad...

Anonymous said...

you need some cheese in there...Gruyere is my fave...and don't forget avodaco, corn and maybe some bacon bits!

Anonymous said...

Girl, I know how you feel! I'm always on the hunt for seeking delicious different things to eat, but I always have to watch my weight. I despise using the word diet because I don't think anyone should go through it. They should just eat healthy and be happy. That salad looks so fresh and delicious!
Great great post girl!

rinacatastrophe said...

I like that you took the time to post about something like this. My mouth always waters at the majority of your blog posts, even though I've been a vegetarian for about 7 months now. I gained about 10-15lbs my freshman year of college too, and now I'm realizing how different my body feels when I eat certain foods. For a while I wasn't comfortable in anything I wore, and did all of your tricks to conceal my extra weight. Now I feel alot better, have more energy (I'm anemic too), and feel better about my food choices. It also helps to have a boyfriend who is in it with you!


brunchatthebeach said...

I've been debating whether or not I should bring my personal weight/diet struggles into my blog but maybe I will now!

and I love salads..but mine always become unhealthy when they're drowning in cheese :)

-Jane @ Brunch at the Beach

lau-ra said...

eating healthy can also be very yummy! doesn't always have to be salads... although try some lettuce with salmon and apples it's heaven! glad you look after urself. not for ur weight just for how u treat ur body kuz whatever u say u r hiding it can't be that bad. maybe a few abs i guess? 50 sit-ups a day is enough to keep a nice stomach and it isn't so hard. u can also do different ones! i probably sound boring but it's true haha. btw i follow u on twitter and if that size 8 dress is too big for u i think u r def still fine no worries! ;)

anne panda said...

your blog is great!
I just post a little something about you on my blog, check!

IKS said...

i know what you mean, and healthy food is important. in my example, and i am a good one for how not to treat your body, and what not to eat. i have been skinny, and way too skinny whole my life, and eating really bad food has damaged my stomach, my bowels and now i am sick at least 2-3 times a week. the problem was not that i thought i was fat, no, it was never about that; i just liked to eat out, avoid vegetables, and to stuff myself with shit. and i was thinking all the way how nothing could happen to me, how i can`t get fat :D and yes, that did not happen, but it is worse than that. being skinny is not the most important thing in the world. being healthy is. because when you are healthy whole your being is just glowing making you look beautiful. so i welcome your decision. i wish i was that smart before. now, not only i can`t put normal food without probably throwing it up, i have cellulite and a bit of a jiggle around the middle...but that is the least of my problems.
that is a wonderful photo, salad looks so delicious. i love cherry tomatoes (now i do)...

icedogblog said...

you and brent just cant handle the cockroach lifestyle. i am going to ruin brent's "diet" every chance i get.

the goorgeous said...

You are so right, we have to eat healthy for everything, for our soul too! My mum is actually doing a kind od depuration diet to clean the body and I'm following her.. it's based on brown rice, steamed vegetables, fish and grilled meat, and kefir! It's so easy 'cause i looove this food!

Delilah said...

i really like the message you're sending out :)

thanks for the awesome post

Bubu said...

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Bubu said...


Nomad. said...

i have to admit to being the same. being british, 'gym-culture' is not a big thing. when i am 'good' that generally consists of starving myself....

Sophia said...

love the honesty of this post. i must say i'm guilty of the loose-dress-pose-in-flattering-angles, too. eating healthy, feeling good inside, resisting temptation, and then to pile on the scrutiny of all your blog's just a lot of pressure.

i'm glad you're making a healthy lifestyle change. high cholesterol, hypertension and myocardial infarcts are no fun!! my bf and i started a raw diet once again just 2 days ago. wishing you and your boy tons of luck :o)

Heini said...

I totally get that decision. I also like to enjoy delicious food and it doesn´t much show outside but I too can feel the effects myself. But you look great, though you must hear that all the time :)

Anonymous said...

nice to know you ~........................................

Anonymous said...

未來屬於那些相信他們美好夢想的人。 ..................................................

Macy said...

this is a great post, I totally agree with you on how it's not necessarily how you look that's important, but rather how you feel. Btw, also love your short hair!

Karen Morales said...

well said :)

margaret said...

i like ginger dressing on my salads.

that aside, i've also sat down with my boyfriend to talk about the serious weight gain and eating out less. lol

Anonymous said...

After eating a scary quantity of almond macaroons today, I have to agree with you!!! I must be more healthy!!!

Melissa said...

i always plan to eat healthier, or drink more water, etc and it always lasts about a day. i have no willpower lol

Cella Babee said...

I feel the same way sometimes and I recently realized that I need to eat healthier/exercise, not to lose weight, but to be a healthy person. I am glad I am not the only one who feels that way. YAY!

Inge said...

I like your attitude. And that salad looks yummy! I also agree with your decision: going out is nice...but overdoing it is not the best thing for one's body

Inge said...

...and to one's midn. it becomes habitual and not that much of a special moment anymore...

Anonymous said...

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