Monday, April 5, 2010

lounging around

lounging aroundlounging around
american apparel striped sweater, theory shorts, hansel from basel tuxedo socks

I'm sitting on my bed procrastinating a research paper while wearing Hansel From Basel socks I forgot I had (from their first collection) and a sweater originally purchased for BF which he admitted he couldn't see himself wearing. Did I mention it was our one year anniversary last week? We intended to go on a picnic but it rained on the day that we chose so we held it indoors. I still haven't received my present (Lulu says it's good, so I'm trusting her judgment) because of FedEx but there's no rush.

In other news, I'm used to my short hair now but can't figure out what to do on days when the frizz won't go away (like today). I'm trying to stay away from heat and styling tools but am really tempted to dye my hair a lighter brown. bad idea? Also, any solutions for cracked lips? Nothing I use seems to be working.

And finally, because I love torturing you guys with photos of food (just kidding) here's some Tartine for the road. I always take for granted that BF lives within walking distance from there.

bread pudding



Anonymous said...

I love your dark hair color! Stick with it! I like the volume. It's not frizzy at all.

As for cracked lips, Aquaphor and A & D ointment work wonders. A little goes a long way!

Marie said...

I use Burts Bees, the original stuff. It's got a little hint of peppermint oil, so everytime you breathe in your breath smells minty fresh!

And I absolutely adoreee those socks!

Jessica said...

for cracked lips- rosebud salve, everyone swears by it! cute sweater!

rosebud salve link:

calivintage said...

aw, hansel from basel. i just barely discovered them and bought a pair of ankle socks from them last week. they are so cute! and i like your shorter hairs. :)

Anonymous said...

Too cute for words! Seriously!! Those socks are so cute! I need the trick for chapped lips too :x

Catherine said...

I loooove your hair. So so much. And your socks are so killer.


Diana said...

My sis had extreme chapped lips and nothing worked except the Nivea Kiss of Moisture (the daker blue one)

1080801080 said...

I love your socks.

diptea said...

Your hair is gorgeous. You are giving me ideas to cut my own real short. I hate how my hair gets because of the humidity! And please don't color your hair. Black is always gorgeous. People pay money to get their hair colored darker or blonder. Your pictures are so adorable. Very cute! As for cracked lips, try butter. Its yummy and it works! ;)

Linh said...

Try Argon Oil for frizziness. You're too cute ^-^

Anonymous said...

I use Carmex for chapped lips. Works so well sometimes I think its crack in a tub!

Laura Gerencser said...

Love the hair and outfit!!

Anonymous said...

vasaline for chapped lips! works wonders


Love the stripes!

Katie said...

Rosebud Salve my go to for chapped lips. I give every woman in my family/friends it for Christmas, Birthday's etc. and I've got them ALL hooked (even my 94 year old Great-Grandmother). Yes, it's that good. Go buy it, you won't regret it!

Annabel said...

I actually have Rosebud Salve but it's not working!!

M. said...

those socks are adorable, and I wear my boyfriends shirts all the time, they are so much more comfortable

lovelove, M.

tiffany said...

you are the cutest person ever, hands down!

xo tiffany

Nik said...

I like the hair cut! I also celebrated my one year last week! Love the blog!!!


krystle li said...

<3 the hair.

and try aquaphor for the lips. does wonders.

Unknown said...

You are just too freakin adorable.

Try to stay away from the heating tools, tempting as it may be! Loving your hair that short by the way, it suits you so much.

I can't go anywhere without a tube of Lucas's PawPaw. Everyone seems to use it but it's just so handy it's not hard to see why!


Analisa said...

I love your socks and the food looks so cute, haha

kelly ann said...

YUM. i love when you post food pictures. ;) your socks are rad!

lau-ra said...

i have a really good lip cream from elizabeth arden. it's a bit expensive but it lasts forever and works wonders! i can't find it right now but i'll post the full name later :)

Solution? said...

Dont go with Carmex. Its addictive, ick.
I lllllove Burts Bee's original lipbalm. Not the honey flavored, just the medicated. Its got a hint of minty freshness thats so amzing.
But you might want to start with basic vaseline or bag balm to heal the cracks first.

Dont dye your hair! It's so beautiful, and i think the cut's fresh enough. It looks great, by the way!

JessS said...

Omigosh, I looooove tartine. Each time I'm in SF, I go there like 5 times. Anyhow, love your hair.

As for cracked lips, have you tried exfoliating gently with a wet toothbrush? Then rosebud salve.

buri said...

my lips get cracked all the time too, i think it's the norcal dryness. usually when mine get really bad I drink lots of water and use classic burt's bees lip balm, it helps a ton! =)

Ula said...

I had this b&b fruit pudding not long time ago and it's one my favorite things at Tartine...

AXL said...

use the c.o. bigelow mint balm. works like a charm. i used to have seriously chapped lips, but that c.o. bigelow junk is so awesome.

Justine ( said...


AXL said...

oh, also, your hair is really nice! but for days when it gets hard to manage, dove is the best for asian hair! fekkai is better, but so much more expensive.

lau-ra said...

it's the elizabeth arden eight hour cream (skin protectant). it cured my split lip in two days! i use my flatmate's but i'll definitely buy my own... tell me if it worked if u decided to use this one ;)

FlashFash said...

Love the sweater + socks combo, so cute!

Catherine said...

Those socks are adorable.

Anonymous said...

I just tried using the new Neosporin lip treatment. The commercials really sold me and it really does work. Pretty amazing.

Anonymous said...

I just tried using the new Neosporin lip treatment. The commercials really sold me and it really does work. Pretty amazing.

Tia said...

UGH I have perpetually chapped lips and I have tried so many products! If you find one that works will you post it? And your hair looks adorable but it is always fun to try something new.

Anonymous said...

Please...I love the pictures of the food! Soo yummy. :] By the way, I can't take how adorable you look with your new hair!

Take care.

amber said...

simple solution to cracked lips: vaseline and plenty of water. i put vas on my lips before i go to bed and whenever i head out the door. the water keeps you hydrated.

hope that helps!

Anonymous said...

i agree with the aquaphor. i love it. you can also use it for dry spots on your skin, cuticle cream and an eye cream at night. so many uses! definitely worth the money. and my dermatologist recommended to it me many moons ago. and she hasn't failed me yet. aquaphor is aaaaaaaaamaaazing. i like the dark hair on you. it bring our your eyes.

The Fashion Cloud said...

Cute and thank you for sharing all your recipes they are great!!


denise - SUPERWOWOMG said...

aww i love the hfb socks! I wanted to get the otk ones with the knee pads but they sold out so fast ):
your short curly hair has made me want to perm mine too!!! ugh but my hair is so dead and fried from bleaching/dying that I should wait to grow it all out first ):
lastly, dry rough lips? I normally exfoliate by scrubbing my lips with my toothbrush lol sounds weird but honestly it works haha

Mani said...

i love your socks! :D and your new hair really suits you

Anonymous said...

beautiful photos!
and i love your sweater!

Gela said...

i remember those socks from long ago! do you always look this adorable even when you're just lounging around at home? <3 also, i use petroleum jelly for cracked lips.

happy anniversary to you & Pika! more cuteness abound~ :3

Zuzolińska said...


V said...

Great sweater! I wish we could have a better peek at the shorts.

S. Ellen said...

I don't know if it's available in the US, but blistex relief cream (this one specifically) is THE most amazing lip balm (it used to be called blisteze) it's a cream and minty scented and honestly the best thing i've ever found. Anyone i lend it to loves it. My friend was on medication which made their skin peel terribly and this stuff was magic for them :)

S. Ellen said...

I don't know if it's available in the US, but blistex relief cream (this one specifically) is THE most amazing lip balm (it used to be called blisteze) it's a cream and minty scented and honestly the best thing i've ever found. Anyone i lend it to loves it. My friend was on medication which made their skin peel terribly and this stuff was magic for them :)

Shiny Lunchbox said...

For cracked lips I would say try Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream or if you're in the mood to splurge Estee Lauder lip conditioner, if you can find it.

Secondhand Stella said...

Love those socks!!!!

Bird said...

ahhhh this is such a cute post i love it. those socks are mega and cute jumper too. just found your blog and im following now! wohooo!

rachel red lips said...

happy anniversary! yummy food pics! mmmm

i'm having a giveaway for a reconstructed spring mini skirt on my blog, doll. check it out!

rachel red lips said...

happy anniversary! yummy food pics! mmmm

i'm having a giveaway for a reconstructed spring mini skirt on my blog, doll. check it out!

J said...

Personally, I've found the Strawberry Rosebud Salve to work wonders on my chapped lips (and taste yummy), but I also use some Vaseline before I go to bed and occasionally switch it out with C.O. Bigelow mint gloss.

I LOVE your socks.


Sewon said...

You're adorable and I love all your scrumptious food photos. YUMMMM :)

Unknown said...

I'm really into Perfumeria Gal lip balms. Urban carries them now, but they're big in Spain.

Amber said...

really cool look!
x amber

Rissa said...

Haven't been by in ages, lovin the new hair, so cute!

Try Blistex, it's what I use when I'm skiing. Anything that heals lips that have been chapped from -20 degree, 40km winds has gotta be good.

Alicia Lund said...

you look adorable in this outfit and those socks! definitely try aquaphor or vaseline... a staple in my purse for chapped lips.

catty said...

i love your short hair but i hear you re the fuzz days. Sadly, I still revert to my GHD in hard times because you just cant get past that polished finish! Plus, i mean, cos your hair is so short you're only using it for like 10 seconds. That's my argument :)

as for cracked/dry lips - every tried Kiehl's lip balm? Mango rocks.

Anonymous said...

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uri said...

I swear by Benefit's Dr. Feelgood's lipscription. It scrubs away all my chapped stuff and the lip balm hydrates throughout the day. I like to leave it on while I'm sleeping and wake up to soft lips. :)


Anonymous said...

I love your hair, don't you feel so much lighter after cutting off so much? And those socks are amazing. As for your cracked lips, I find Blistex (the one in the blue pot)and Aveeno ointments work best, and their drugstore so pretty cheap too.

iliketweet said...

I love your hair! It suits you perfectly.

tweet tweet tweet


Erin said...

I don't think I've ever commented here, but I've been following you for a while and your blog is def one of my favorites!

lips: smear on some vaseline, leave it on for a few minutes, then scrub it (along with the dry skin) off with a warm & damp face cloth and apply your favorite lip moisturizer. (sometimes I skip the vaseline step when I'm lazy, but the wash cloth is a sure fix!)

from the pictures you've shown, i think your bf would look great in that sweater! my own guy & I share that sweater too haha.

Gillian Hannah Berry said...

Nice socks!

natasja said...

wow, i love your blog

Adrian said...

Put some eye cream on your lips before you go to bed. The luxe moisturizer helps to prevent chapped lips.

Beauty Standard Blog said...

For cracked lips one thing that really got mine in a better condition was the Neosporine Lip Treatment. I put it on before going to bed and wake up with soft non-cracked lips, and that's huge for me. And for frizz, you can try the John Frieda's Frizz-Ease products, i use the serum and it works really well.

Visions through my retina said...


Mia said...

I also stand by Aquaphor for dry skin. And drinking a grip of water, seriously! Gotta hydrate from the inside. My mom also just got me started on Badger Balm, their all-natural lip butters have a great consistency, moisturize with natural oils, and even leave your lips a little shiny. Pretty good stuff.

Anonymous said...

Burts bees with peppermint during the day. Slather on the Aquaphor at night.

Anonymous said...

Burts bees with peppermint during the day. Slather on the Aquaphor at night.

Tasnim said...

Give Burt's Bees lip balm a try. My lips used to be permanently cracked and I'd tried everything from Vaseline to Rosebud Salve. But Burt's Bees is absolute genius. I just need to apply it every now and then and my lips don't crack anymore. Also it has this tingly feeling which most people find odd, but I love. I hope this helped :)

Anonymous said...

i think your hair is nice the colour it is, but maybe a bit of a red tinge would be cool too :)
LUCAS PAWPAW OITMENT is the BEST for cracked lips!

caitlinmarie said...

Heyyy I've been discovering all these other Bay Area fashion bloggers it's super exciting. I live in No. Oak, do you go to Cal? I'm going to grad this may. Obsessed with those socks.
xo, Caitlin

Milly. said...

Ooo that food does look good.
I absolutely love your tuxedo socks.

Congratulations on your year anniversary, cute! :)


IKS said...

yummy. i always get hungry when i visit your blog. but i dont mind it, because photos of food you post look so nice every time... if nothing it is nice to look at them. socks are supšer cute, and stripes - of course wonderful, we are all into stripes this year, but honestly, i really like them. your hair looks great, even if you say it doesnt.

congrats on your happy lovely anniversary. i wish you whole bunch more of them :) it is so great to be in love :)

letterstobetsy said...

black and white stripes with those fun knee highs! love it! great look fabulous post!

Miss Tweety said...

dying your hair will dry it out and make it frizzier!! you should just give it a quick rough blowdry when its wet, so it doesn't dry so frizzy.

also, pawpaw ointment is the best for cracked lips!

Lili said...

I loved Tartine when I visited SF but I wish it wasn't so busy. I've been following your blog for a bit and I've gotta say your new haircut is cute. Maybe you can just use some kind of cuticle sealant. I'm currently using something from the brand "Organix" which has minimal chemicals and smells great. I rub it in when I wash my hair before bed and in the morning it's messy-ish but not frizzy. :)

Anonymous said...

I use Kiehl's serum, it's pretty pricey, about $35 I'd say (rough conversion in my head), but it works wonders, it's light (doesn't feel oily), made of good stuff, and you can use it on wet hair or dry hair to de-frizz. I swear by it!! And I have pretty wavy hair!

Ripped Jeans said...

the food looks amazing and you look ADORABLLEE!!!

Anonymous said...

Very cute outfit!

Visit my blog? Leave a comment? Follow? :)

freddy cat said...

omg neosporin lip treatment FTW srsly! then when it's healed try the new EOS lip balm (the cute egg-shaped ones). i'm not a big fan of how it feels but it really does keep my lips hydrated--they NEVER peel anymore.

HEXandSLAY said...

I love sharing my favorite lip balm its called Nanak's Lip Smoothie (I love it in Coconut) it is perfect. Not too oily or greasy, not too thick, not to dry. Perfection. I love coconut so I usually buy that flavor but they have different kinds. They are about $3 and last forever. I am obsessed with this product.

Serafin said...

I love the pops of color constrasting the neutrals! Anni, u have an excellent eye!

Falcon said...

I second exfoliating with a wet toothbrush (electric), as well as paw paw ointment although I only found it in Australia.

I've been using Korres lip balm for the past 6 months and absolutely love it! I wear it every day all day :)

donna said...

Gaaa! Loving your new hair. Looks good on you even though I'll be missing your long locks. Your socks are lovely as well.

For really bad cracked lips, I use petroleum jelly before going to bed and use Bloom's lip balm during the day. =)

Kate said...

LUCAS PAPAW OINTMENT!I've actually recently written a post on my blog about papaw stuff

k said...

yes to dying your hair a lighter brown! :)

Megan said...

Stick to the dark hair color! It really works well with your skin tone.

Also, a tip for cracked lips.
Try blistex medicated lip balm. It will sting a bit at first, but that generally means that it's working.
Other than that, Aquaphor works well.

Both can be found at Walgreens or any other pharmacy.

Anonymous said...

cracked lips....good old fashioned vaseline (petroleum jelly) and once they heal go to rosebud because you can carry that in your purse :) you are gorgeous.

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