Monday, December 28, 2009

on vacation

totoro and sweet butter toast

tea station

While my posts were already sporadic to begin with, I'm afraid this little trip home is making me more lazy than usual. I'll try my best to get people to take my pictures for outfit shots but 75% of the time I'm going to be in my pajamas watching kdramas and anime. Or at tea shops drinking jasmine milk tea with my new Totoro keychain.

Blog friends, if you are in the LA area, let me know! The more things to do, the better.



Hahaha kdramas are my guilty pleasure. Have you seen You're Beautiful? I finished it a couple of weeks ago lol. Enjoy your stay at home



Hahaha kdramas are my guilty pleasure. Have you seen You're Beautiful? I finished it a couple of weeks ago lol. Enjoy your stay at home



Hahaha kdramas are my guilty pleasure. Have you seen You're Beautiful? I finished it a couple of weeks ago lol. Enjoy your stay at home


KittyCate said...

OMG I LOVE Totoro so much! Its like my fave Myazaki film, I want a life-size Totoro toy I can lie on :D
Enjoy the holidays! x

Emily said...

O: is that a mango toast from guppy?

anon said...

ah totoro. my sister used to be obsessed with it.

Tina said...

I'm actually in your area, but I still have yet to find stuff to do! Post LA ideas plz :D

Anonymous said...

hey, you deserve a break. but, i certainly look forward to your regular posts. cheers to anime!

yols said...

Which kdramas?

I live in LA and I feel like there is nothing to do except eat or shop. I have spent so much money on food lately.

M. said...

such a cute keychain!


Neekoh said...

Ooh, you're in LA? For how long? Enjoy the So Cal weather!


japanese american national museum! a giant robot magazine exhibit. amazing.


(oh and stop into opening ceremony. obviously amazing)

Christine Lane said...

Home for the holidays too, gotta love LA in the winter

Ashley said...

come baaack! yours is my favorite blog, and without you, i've been miserable everytime i open up bloglovin. looking forward to seeing you post again!!

SSilk said...

I think I have the same keychain! I got it at the totoro store in osaka.
I live in LA. I think you would like this cosplay tea house in Culver City.


I have no idea what that cakey looking thing is but it looks delish!

le blog de leen said...

huuuum makes me wanna taste jasmin tea milk!


Unknown said...

Aww! You always have the cutest photos on your blog :)
Love the little grey toy...

Panda x
*follows you*

Alice said...

Enjoy your vacation! Nothing wrong with a bit of pyjama time either. I look forward to your next outfit shots.

SK said...

what a cute cute totoro!!

if your kdrama sessions ever lead you to wanting to discover more of ktown i'm your gal! :)

J said...

that totoro keychain is so cute. i love that movie, along with any other films by Miyazaki (Howl's Moving Castle is my favorite.)

Anonymous said...

Nice blog :)

My blog :

the goorgeous said...

I really would love to be in LA!! Enjoy your vacation!

casey said...

TOTORO!! I love him!
I've lived in Los Angeles my whole life, yet I sadly don't have any suggestions. Or wait! If you're into museums head to the LACMA. Oh! And the Getty! Those are givens though and are probably also suggested by every corny guide books. Sorry I couldn't be more help!

Pinkarol said...

lovely totoro !

Emilie said...

Ah this looks so good. The key chain works ha. It sorts of looks like pound cake though. I am certainly going to have to try this tea now!

Anonymous said...

Hey Annabel :)
I love your blog! It's the first I write a comment and yet I read your blog very often.
Great job! I love it!

A French fan,

Laura @ effluvia said...

Andrew Jackson Jihad is playing at Juanitas (in Highland park) this saturday for any indie folk fans :)

Grace said...

Sounds like some serious relaxing is in order for you lady!

And I'm in LA too! Let me know if you need some adventures!

Love Grace.

Jessica said...

That keychain is so cute, it srsly makes me want to throw up.


K.Coco Leonnie said...

Enjoy your holiday lovely!! Keep up the blog magic.
Follow me on

ALYSSA C said...

I've been dying to see the Irving Penn exhibit at the Getty. Hopefully the rain clears up by the weekend, it's only there until 1/10!

By the way, adore your blog. Been following since you were featured on Refinery 29! Makes me miss the bay area. Keep it up. :)

kristina said...

have you had taro boba milk tea? mm, so good! xx

Anonymous said...

your no. of followers is a very nice number. 1111. just wanted so say that ahha.

Anonymous said...

go eat at Wurstküche in downtown la. soo good. don't forget to their fries too.

Shini said...

Ah Totoroooo, so cute, gotta get a huge keychainy thing :D Garg same with me when home, it's tv and the closest 'outside' I'm going is to the garden to pretend I'm scraping the snow....

donna said...

Happy New Year!


Anonymous said...

Go to the Getty in Malibu- many people don't know but it was built first. It is built to look like a Roman builing and it is filled with Roman and Greek antiquities. Amoeba is another must...Do I have to mention Sprinkles?!

Kat said...

I went to the Irving Penn exhibit at the Getty in the valley and it wasn't anything special, I enjoyed the architecture and designs of the Getty much more than the exhibits. I live in Malibu ^^ So if your out here I suggest you go to Cross Creek and go to the little boutiques (Madison Planet Blue, Chrome Hearts, Free City). And if you wanna grab somthing to eat I suggest you go to Johns Garden (healthy cuisine), Lilys (hole in the wall great mexican food up near Pt.Dume), Malibu Seafood on PCH, or the higher end restraunts like Nobu, Bui Sushi, The Sunset, or Terra. If you want any suggestions around LA just shoot me an email.

xxx kat

Joanne Oberman said...

OMG I have that same exact plush toy! It was given to me as an anonymous gift on my locker at school for Christmas a few years ago.

Joanne Oberman said...

I'm not quite sure what Totoro is since the only anime I've ever watched was Pokemon and Sailor Moon, but nonetheless it is very cute.

Rita Teo said...

Your totoro keychain is the cutest :)
happy new year!
love your blog (:

elle said...

omg that totoro keychain is adorablllleeeeeeeeee <3

sharon said...

I love the totoro!

Jess said...

Your pictures are really interesting. What kind of camera do you use?

Second Star to the Right said...

i'm not even kidding that i have that exact same totoro stuffed animal. loovvveee the blog!

Luxury Flat Lady said...

Your Totoro keychain really is the sweetest, and I imagine, great company!

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