Wednesday, December 9, 2009

drowning in sweaters

vintage cardigan, zara scarf, anthropologie boots, target socks

Still trying to figure out where the best place is to take outfit shots. These were actually taken with me standing on top of our entertainment center after lugging an HDTV off of it. It's a tedious process but it's my favorite so far. Next I'm trying the parking lot behind my apartment, once I get used to the cold of course. This paper calls for a significant amount of indoor time and I've only really left my place to buy food and candy. I actually managed to go out in this yesterday without freezing too badly. The sheer tights may seem impracticable but my legs never get as cold as my upper body so I was fine. I may be letting go (and regretting the loss of) so many of my oversized sweaters but this one is definitely a keeper. I love sweaters that are as warm as coats without the bulky stiffness.

Thanks for the emails inquiring about the items in my shop. Most of them are already purchased but I'm thinking of squeezing in a bigger update by next week. Twitter followers usually get first dibs since I update that first! I also just uploaded two more items which I'm selling for a friend: a sample Vena Cava top and vintage striped dress!

big hair


The Bambina said...

You look so comfy, all bundled. I hope the cold relents!

Hazel said...

ah! this is so nice!

Anonymous said...

this is pretty adorable, you've inspired me for tomorrow- thanks!
- j

Amy said...

That cardigan looks so lush for chilly days, and your boots are gorgeous. I always love your outfit posts, they're so inspiring.

pink horrorshow said...

I need to get me some new long sweaters, all of mine shrunk! lol

Urban Lullaby said...

looks sooo cozy!!

Leslee said...

I have to agree, this weather is freezing but i love it. THe tights seem like a bad idea but i'm pulling it off with my thickest ribbed tights. Love your blog.x)

Anonymous said...

I was in Zara yesterday, picked up that scarf and completely forgot to buy it. Now I have to find one online. UGH!!!

Amanda said...

I love the look, especially the sweater. I wish it was colder here.

Emilie said...

I couldn't be more addicted to these boots. They are perfect. Actually. Do you think Anthropologie would still have them in stock? Also, love the sweater/scarf combo. Ever since I saw one of your outfit posts of you wearing your vintage lighter brown boots with those grey socks I am been looking out for a pair (of the socks..not that the boots aren't great too..for myself.) Are they a regular thing at Target?

kate cait sith said...

i really like the knit on knit thing. i am actually really feeling knits in general right now.
may i add that i think your hair is really shiny and pretty? i wanted to say that.

hanako said...

i love love oversized sweaters (like most girls nowadays, eh?) and i am going to look at your previous post in a second. :D just wanted to say i love your hair, it's so cute!

Genevieve said...

Prob my fav outfit on you.

alison said...

This outfit looks so comfortable! Perfect for days when I don't feel like getting out of bed. Really cute!

Teresa said...

Love this sweater! The marled pattern is lovely. It's pretty cold in Texas too!

Unknown said...

oooh looks super comfortable! and cute :)

Anonymous said...

Copying your outfit for tomorrow's long day of classes! <333 That first picture is so adorable!!!!

Urban Lullaby said...



Anonymous said...

love your glasses!! where are they from? :)

Unlikely You said...

So cute and jappy. A girl with looks and can whip up fine meals is priceless.

Alice Vivian said...

i have that scarf, but i'm scared to wear it because everytime i do, it sheds everywhere.

Maya Alysse said...

I love this! I'm going to try out a variation of it tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

This is absolutly adorable. Cant quite place why, but it's just the most perfect outift, and defiantly the most inspiring. Simple, unique, slouchy and sweet.

roar! said...


Kennedy said...

i think you wear oversized cardigans better than anyone else.

Vivien said...

agree with Kennedy!
the colours are wonderful and i love your hair - it looks adorable! with your glasses <3


denise - SUPERWOWOMG said...

oh yes perfect outfit for not-so-cold-winters like we have in Hong Kong. Those boots are sooo great!! OH lesux about that person ruining TC for you ): sorry

Grace said...

I'm so happy winter is here. Time for layers and layers of knits.

Love Grace.

Georgia said...

Haha wonder how your boyfriend felt about you dragging the HDTV around to take photos :) But I agree it is a nice place, but I think I prefer the place by the window?
That cardigan looks so warm and cosy.. I want it.
It would be mine

Jane said...

You look amazing with this cardigan!! So comfy... Love the pictures! Magnifique.

le blog de leen said...

i really loooooove your sweater it looks so great on you*
and i wanna know how you do your hair, looks always amazing!


Marita Bliss said...

Cuuuuute ♥

Anonymous said...

love your house!
can we see more pics of it?

Luna : said...

the pic of you in your cardi is so cute; it looks soooooo warm!!

Anonymous said...

I love the sweater! Looks so warm and cosy.

Malu Keizer-Swartjes said...

Great sweater!
Looks really cozy:D


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Anonymous said...

You look fabulous!

* said...

The cardigan is great! Beautiful look!

lau-ra said...

love it. it looks so comfy! i recently purchased a cardi from AEO with the same colors but yours looks much better :)

Martha said...

ahhh you look so warm
i'm starting to 'wrap up' (i think i'm in capable of doing this) seeing as it's really very cold over here in england

Betsy said...

Gorgeous! She really is!
Nice Blog..hey check out mines ..and if you like it follow me...thanks

Kallie, Happy Honey and Lark said...

i wish i were as warm as you look. that sweater is amazing!

This comment has been removed by the author.

Maybe outside is way to cold... buuut I would try it:) love the outfit, and the hair, your bangs are soo cuteee^_^

Viou said...

this cardigan is so so so beautiful ! It looks perfect !!!

have a nice day

Margot said...

You look so cute :)
Love the cardigan <3

Nana MoonDancer said...

oh my god
i ADORe this outfit
looks so comfortable and chic
i really like the glasses too^^

cocorosa said...

gorgeous and comfi :)

Fashion Illusion said...

I absolutely love the cardigan

Anonymous said...

love that hairdo! how is it done? You should make a video.
great sweater, btw.

l said...

It looks so cozy, i'm going to thrift soon and try to find cheap sweaters. The cold is so awful, I could never get used to it :O

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nintendo dsi r4 said...

Looking nice in sweater. My favourite color is red. I think this sweater is best suits on you.

Cotton Socks said...

i really love this outfit.
its really cute.
im going to try over the knee socks with boots again.

i find it hard to take outfit pics indoors too. so hard to get the lighting right and you cant use a flash.

fadetoblack said...

you look so cozy and your apt looks great too!!!


what dia like said...

crazy pullover!!

Frances Davison said...

you look greaaat! love it x

Fashion Intel said...

You look so cozy and warm! Do you know how to knit?

Wrecked Stellar said...

love the sweater and love your updo! xo, mel

K8 said...

This has been my fave look lately. With the business of finals time and the dropping temps...I find myself constantly wearing over sized sweaters, usually my boyfriend's. You look so adorably nerdy :)

Fashion X

Visions through my retina said...

omg youre soooo freakin cute!

Trina said...

Your scarf looks really warm ;]

Anonymous said...

what do you want for christmas? ;p

Anonymous said...

I absolutely adore this outfit!

A La Mode said...

I wish I was drowning in sweaters right now, BRRRRRR!

A La Mode said...

I wish I was drowning in sweaters right now, BRRRRRR!

A La Mode said...

I wish I was drowning in sweaters right now, BRRRRRR!

A La Mode said...

I wish I was drowning in sweaters right now, BRRRRRR!

A La Mode said...

I wish I was drowning in sweaters right now, BRRRRRR!

the style spotter said...

you look amazing!! great oufit--looks so comfy haha

Nickie Frye said...

Didn't I see this on Cool photo. You are hardcore w/ the HDTV business. Be careful! :)

Kitschic said...

Your outfits are... Divinos!!!
I love your blog.
Sorry, but ... My English is...BAD! Muy malo :S

Bridget Jeanne said...

tis the season to be woolly (and all cosy and warm)!

cashmere jumpers said...

I love the knit!!!i really like the colour and the fact that its looks so chunky and warm

cashmere jumpers said...

I love the knit!!!i really like the colour and the fact that its looks so chunky and warm

smalltownchic said...

i completely adore this!

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Dominique Ernest said...

i love the cardigan!!!
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b a r t a b a c said...

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Taylor Barrett said...

love it all.

happy holidays.

- the clothing project

freyja said...

Amazing ! :) love it

Anonymous said...


Serg Riva said...

your blog is wonderful. really glad I found it...

Anonymous said...

love, love, LOVE this outfit!!

Saana said...

what a lovely cardigan ! ♥

Lauren Woodward said...

omg i want and NEED your cardigan!
its amazing, wheres it from ahaha xx

Enterrement de vie de jeune fille said...

Le cardigan est très mignon vraiment et tes photos sont très belles


Inkywrists said...

Great oufit!!!!

Anonymous said...

This outfit is gorgeous! I love it.

Tina said...

I really love your sweater!

ladytacones said...

lovely look! Happy to discover your fresh and nice blog! Best wishes from Spain!

Fate said...

I love your outifts when you're all bundled up, they're so cute

milenakeovongsack said...

i love your hair in the post, how did you do it?

Unknown said...

I love the look of multiple sweaters! You look very warm. Thank goodness it's spring time.

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