Monday, September 28, 2009

shades of gray

vintage top, ksubi jeans, thrifted flats

I haven't updated in over a week? Oops, my bad. Obviously my schedule has a lot to do with it but there's also a broken camera involved. Something is wrong with the lens and it seems like 30-40% of the time it works and the rest of the time it just gives me a giant headache. Is this a sign that I should get my slr? Blegh.

I'm not sure if I explained this yet but when I purchase an item of clothing that I'm 100% infatuated with, I end up wearing it at least three or four times within a week of buying it. I've worn this top in at least three different variations and here's one which I managed to photograph in this photo with my boyfriend. Today's version strays away from my usual black + white combo light gray jeans instead (I refuse to admit where I got them, though). Okay, they're Brent's but in my defense, they were always way too tight on him and they're still pretty loose on me.

new favorite shirt?

Wait, where was I going with this? Oh, the shirt. Here's a cute little story: the whole time I was holding on to it at the store wondering if I should buy it, I thought to myself "This would be ten times better if I could roll up the sleeves..." Lo and behold, upon further inspection a couple hours later at home I discovered buttons midway up the sleeves and, oh my, inside straps to attach to said buttons. As if the lightly printed leaf pattern wasn't already enough to sway me, here's something even better! I deserve a sugar donut for this.

sugar donut


kurarin said...

it's always a pleasure to see girls in crisp white shirts and you look really lovely and fresh. you carry off the monocolour look very well and i think i may like it better than the b&w version except that i'm the sort of person who doesn't check thoroughly before i sit...

Madeline Veenstra said...

I love this look. The ksubi's look really good on you :)

Bree said...

You look very nice!


Love the classic white shirt...not seen enough. & the doughnut, well that speaks for itself, yum.

Yard birds said...

You found the perfect white shirt!!!

THE CAT'S MIU said...

gorgeous! i want a shirt like that so badly. i have yet come across the perfect shirt

Urban Lullaby said...

i love the shirt!

Anonymous said...

check it out:

Damsels said...

congrats you are the only person i have see n pull off the allwhite look .. this is excellence

t.g.s said...

absolutely in love with this outfit
it's a nice example of less is more

Grace said...

I adore the leaf print.

Love Grace.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely shirt! It looks great on you, and so do Brent's jeans!

Carly said...

annabelle you are lovely!

i'm digging the monotone/all-white look!

Nadia Kamballa said...

This look is so effortlessly chic, and it's great that you can swap clothes with your bf. Ha, I wish I could do the same with my bf.. :p

klee said...

nice shirt!

Emma Lavelle said...

lovely shirt!
i love your style, you dont follow every single trend going, you just seem to wear what suits you and always look so effortlessly chic!

AM said...

That shirt! It looks so much like the one from Zara I keep seeing around the blogs (and want so badly but can't find):

3rd photo down:

kei said...

leaf prints! reminds me of animal crossing.

jette said...

here's another "love the shirt comment"!

i love soft floral/leaf prints :D

Elina said...

Why you are so beautiful? Btw, what kind of camera do you have? Pretty pictures!

Taylor Sterling said...

This picture makes me want one now...and it's been years!

Jessie said...

Hi annabel, first time to leave you a msg here.

seems u like to wear all white outfit. and this is definitely a good choice. becoz u look so great with white!!!

love ur style, ur word, and the blog.

Alicia - Sea Of Ghosts said...

This look is so inspiring I hope you don't mind that I MAY repost one of your images on my blog at some point in the future. Love it. xx

Alicia - Sea Of Ghosts said...

OK Hi you know what I just did it now because sometimes when you're feeling something you just can't wait to share it. Right? Thanks! I hope it's OK :) xx

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