Wednesday, September 30, 2009

the pros and cons of being a blogger


QUICK DISCLAIMER: This is going to be long so if you have the time to get through it all, thanks for reading, if not, well, I don't expect you to get through a mountain of text sans photos. I'm trying really hard to not go into aesthetic theory so if there's something you don't understand, ask and I shall try my best to explain myself.

As a few of you may know, I've been floating around the online fashion community for a while starting with places like Livejournal and The Fashion Spot then switching almost exclusively to Chictopia once it was created. I'd always been wary about balancing life with an "actual" blog so instead of heading that way like my fellow peers, I opted out and continued to observe from the sidelines. Sometimes I wonder where I'd be now if I had started a blog like this back then. Would I have the same type of exposure and opportunities that many of my blogger friends have now? Would I really desire those things to begin with?

I'd love to pride myself on being a simple person living a simple life but things are much too complicated to call it just that. I am, after all, human just like everyone else, therefore I fall prey to the same human vices and temptations. Everyone wants to be successful. Everyone wants to stand out. You observe blogger X's success and you try to convince yourself that it's just as easy to replicate it. If X can do it why can't I? So you try and hope for success, but really, how do you measure this? By page views or the number of comments? By recommendations or write ups? By the amount of free products you receive?

I dislike reducing something as entertaining as blogging to a set of stuffy values that should only be found in a math or science course but the truth is, as long as we're serious about it and setting goals, that's the direction we're heading towards. Here we find ourselves facing yet another dilemma: how do you reach this desired value when dealing with something as subjective as fashion? Or rather, to make it even more centralized, how do you gauge the subjectivity of personal fashion? If we're talking page views, well, obviously this involves a desire to appeal to as much of the masses as possible.

And there, there's the rub. The ever complicated relationship between subjectivity and the masses. Yes, yes, you will always hear the endless echo of “FASHION IS SUBJECTIVE” wherever you go or whenever someone does not agree with you. Of course sensory perception varies based on the experience of the individual but with the expansion of the internet and close interactions with similar peers throughout the world, how personal is your opinion? Without a doubt, you will find your judgment influenced by others as long as you interact with people on the internet and you will choose to either agree or disagree. Yes, there is that choice, but what about the subtle influences which affect the molding of your thoughts without your realizing it?

Fashion will never be objective because there will never be a set mathematical or scientific formula which governs it. Two plus two will always equal four but not everyone will agree about a certain trend no matter how many people are into it. What if I argue, however, that the internet allows us to get as close as we can to a type of subjectivity which inevitably mimics a sort of objectivity? Now back to the question of measuring a blogger’s success: can we now say that there is a loose formula or standard that one may follow to attain the same success as X or Y? Will following this guarantee the same result?

And here, here we reach yet another obstacle. The same type of aspiration which governs the need for success also controls another facet of human behavior: the desire to be different, or as a reader of blogs, the desire to see something diverse. Obviously this disproves my previous statement that a certain formula is present but what if I claim that these two things coexist in a way that compel people to simultaneously try to find a way to stand out? Isn’t that a formula of sorts?


Therefore, how personal is personal style in this environment? Of course I believe in the positive aspects of interconnectivity via the internet: the simple access to inspiration and ideas for your own taste of choice is extremely helpful when you can’t come up with something on your own and need a little push. Nevertheless, at the same time, this aspect is a double-edged sword: it’s so easy to find and mimic these ideas that there is an inevitable trend towards turning against these same things once they are considered overdone or too mainstream. Unless you are some saintly entity free of material attachments (which I doubt you will ever be if you are a part of this blogging community) you are very likely to fall into this tendency of fickle behavior in some way or another and in varying degrees. We are, after all, human.

So then, how do my blog and personal manners come into play given these topics of discussion? I am not going to pretend to be some higher being who, in understanding and observing aesthetic theory and its ramifications, can transcend these tendencies and loftily distance myself from those who do fall into this. No, I wouldn’t be able to lie to you. I buy into trends as much as the person next to me does while avoiding others. I cannot act condescending towards anyone who seems to be mimicking everything X does nor will I put down someone who is going too far (by my own personal standards) to be different from everyone else. Regardless of the influences or mimesis involved, personal style remains personal thanks to a little something known as individual choice. You choose to follow or go against trends. You choose the clothing you buy and wear. Your neighbor may be doing the same but he or she is choosing so with his or her own right. A choice may or may not seem original to the masses but the conscious (or even subconscious) act of choosing is singular in its own right.

This is exactly why I cannot stomach anyone who would dare to put someone down for individual choices. I cannot stop people from passing and displaying judgment since that is a choice in itself but I can express my own personal distaste for unnecessary negativity. A facet of maturity involves a (somewhat fatalistic, I know) recognition that life is governed by these principles and that you are no better than the person next to you just because you believe yourself to be beyond these things. Chances are, the person next to you thinks the same thing and there’s nothing you can do but accept it. Again, I hate being fatalistic but delusion is a much worse path, in my honest opinion.

Now, back to the issue of measuring personal success and how I deal with it. I’ve come to the conclusion that, for my own sanity and well being, this blog will be, as it has been in recent weeks, more of a lifestyle blog which gives you a glimpse into my world and thoughts rather than just a blog focused on fashion (although outfit shots will still be an equal part, don't worry). Will this make me impervious to the tendencies I illustrated above? No, of course not. I shall still continue to read and comment on other people’s blogs and thereby be somewhat influenced in my personal choices. However, in my own case, I’ve realized that writing about more than my style helps me become more in tune with myself and my own private aspirations. By treating my individual sense of fashion as a certain, but still crucial, part of my life, I’ve been able to be more introspective about my needs emotionally and physically. I know this sounds quite cheesy but lately I feel I’ve been able to be more myself not only in my actions but also appearance.

I don’t want to ever feel like I need to impress anyone on the internet or in real life; it’s too much pressure. I want, like everyone else, to leave a record of myself while still standing out in my own right. I don’t want to feel forced to update out of a fear of losing readers because, once I’m coerced into doing something, it’s not longer fun and I feel I can no longer be true to myself. I just want to show everyone who I am, who I choose to be, and who I may be in the future. I am extremely grateful for anyone who continues to come back even with my terrible blogging habits and it’s reassuring to know that someone out there finds my quaint little life interesting :)


///// said...

Thanks for writing this.
Certain bits of this post made me aware of things I should consider more about myself, like the part about measurement of success, and the part about the conveyance of personal style.
It's a definite and inevitable con that blogging which starts as a habit can so easily slip into something that is more like entertainment, which might sound bad, but I mean it in a TV channel X competing against TV channels Y and Z kind of way - coerced into being extremely particular about the shows that are put on as to gain the most viewers.
I guess I'm glad that you are aware of your blogging 'attitude', if you like, and strive to blog to share what YOU want to share with your readers.
I'll end this comment with my favourite quote by Jane Austen:
"Pushing myself to appear to be perfect is unnecessary. I don’t have to have all the answers to solve other’s problems, and I don’t have to be constantly available for others. I just have to be real."

Have a nice day :)

Ru said...

this is such a fantastic post. i love how considerate you have been and think it's great that you've expressed your views on a matter that has been floating around my head recently in such a concise and direct manner. your blog has long been one of my favourites and will continue to be so, especially due to the type of self awareness evident in your posts and that you talk about here.



Madeline Veenstra said...

That was very eloquently put! I think the main thing that bloggers should do, is write/photograph things that they love and enjoy. As you say fitting into a mould and changing your blog to fit into current trends wouldn't be true to your character. Keep doing what you have been doing, it's obvious that you enjoy it and that's what people keep coming back for :)

f. said...

Just wanted to say this was very well-written. Thanks for sharing:)

t.g.s said...

that was a challenge for me to read haha
but i think i get it :)
i don't mind what you do with your blog and what its about or the reason behind it
i just love it
i love your blog and how you express yourself :D

LD said...

really well written :)

Jayrin Eve said...

well said. blogging is a hobby, not a task :)

Ashley Dy said...

I love what you said! You're really inspiring! :)

lory said...

A lot of bloggers these days seem to be 'ranting' about topics such as these. I am yet to see someone express themselves so intelligently and eloquently. This comes across in all of your posts and is, among other reasons, why I am an avid reader. To be honest, whilst I love your outfit pics, my favourite posts are the snippets of your life and school :)

leen said...

i can relate

Nadia Kamballa said...

I feel like I just experience an enlightenment. Thanks so much for posting this.

Just want you to know, after seeing your blog for the first time a few months ago, I decided to started mine. You're such an inspiration, no matter what you write in your blog ^_^

Becca Jo said...

wow, i had to go over a few lines a couple of times before i got my head round them, but i love how well you put yourself across.

Ive recently started a blog and i think its natural to wonder if it will be as popular as X or will get loads of comments like Y, but then i just gently remind myself that it shouldnt be about that and i should do it because i enjoy it or whats the point!

so,thank you for that and keep doing what you enjoy

Gela said...

THIS is exactly why i keep coming back to your blog. i think you're a very captivating writer, & i love not only your great outfits, but how you actually tell a story & share part of your life. i hope you continue to remain as real as you are & to always stay true to yourself!

Marie said...

VERY good post you've written here. I've also been thinking this for a while, that bloggins is something i need to do, and it just didn't feel right at the end. That's why I made a new blog, a new start, but I still don't feel as much into it as before.
Just stay yourself and blog about whatever you want to, it is YOUR blog!

Jacquie said...

i read this, came back and decided to leave a comment. it goes without saying that this is very well-written, as are most of your posts, showing that really, you have so much more to say than:

"acne heels, vintage dress"

which is why on my blog, i like to write about things i like (shameless plug? you decide...)

i really like the idea that you're still going to keep the fashion element too, as we all need that bit of inspiration now and again e.g. that post you did with the all white outfit: very cool - i'd never seen an all white outfit that didn't look tacky, until i saw the way you did it!

i look forward to the food posts, "Pika" posts and outfit posts!

Jacquie said...

i read this, came back and decided to leave a comment. it goes without saying that this is very well-written, as are most of your posts, showing that really, you have so much more to say than:

"acne heels, vintage dress"

which is why on my blog, i like to write about things i like (shameless plug? you decide...)

i really like the idea that you're still going to keep the fashion element too, as we all need that bit of inspiration now and again e.g. that post you did with the all white outfit: very cool - i'd never seen an all white outfit that didn't look tacky, until i saw the way you did it!

i look forward to the food posts, "Pika" posts and outfit posts!

Anonymous said...

I adore that you write about personal events in your life on your blog, and of course your outfit tidbits. It makes your blog more wholesome than most. Keep being awesome! <3

Jennifer said...

Beautifully written + thought-provoking.

I have always preferred your lifestyle + food posts (especially food!) to your outfit shots; though I read a lot of "fashion" blogs I have come to the realisation that I'm not particularly interested in fashion per se (I find my eyes glazing over as I skim past discussions of lookbooks and shows etc) and that I stay purely for the person. The lifestyle quality of your blog, its broad scope, is exactly why I love it. I read "food" blogs, "fashion" blogs, "relationship" blogs and so on but I feel as though I only ever see a single facet of the writer and it isn't quite as engrossing somehow.

Catlin said...

Uhm, I just really like the food and clothes pics. :-D

And also the ranting about school work, since I really miss those days myself!

Anonymous said...

You're putting that Berkeley education to good use! As a fellow Bear(alumni) you've made me proud and I'm highly impressed. You're intellect shines through in all of your posts. I enjoy reading your blog because you don't come off as contrived and pretentious like a lot of the other "popular" bloggers. School and your personal life have always been the priority instead of gloating about the free things you get or attending Fashion week(though I'm sure opportunities to attend may pop up in the future).

I'm sure you're super busy with school as I know first hand the demands of being a student at Cal, but I'm sure some readers might appreciate a response here and there to your entries. But then again, I think that sorta goes against what you just posted about not feeling pressured, so really, do what you can or want.

*high five*

PS I should enlist you to help me edit my grad school app essays. ;-)


k said...

well said hun!
more power to you!

katy said...

fantastic! so many similar reasons why i decided my blog needed to focus on things other than fashion. it's a slippery slope.


Sarah said...

I will read this blog regardless of what topic you are writing about. I started reading it initially from a fashion perspective but have come to love all the added extras. Keep being honest and true to who you are, It's fabulous.

sugarxnspice said...

BRAVO, Annabel! I love how you're always true to yourself and always reminding us to not forget about loveliness, simplicity and the beauty of things. And you come across as a truly nice, cute and pleasant person.

I adore you so much!! xx

Anonymous said...

well said :)

i follow a fair few blogs & the ones i find most interesting & comment on most are the ones which don't just focus on fashion...i actually find them quite boring sometimes.

i try & keep my own blog as varied as possible...yes, i'll post my outfits & maybe write a bit about fashion week but its not my main focus. i just tend to write about whatever is on my mind that that time.

i haven't been following you for long but i particularly love your blog for the gorgeous food posts!


corrie said...

Measuring the "success" of fashion blogs is such a daunting and uncomfortable subject. I actually worry about the so-called success given to a choice few very young bloggers, and how this will influence them as they become adults. The fashion world really is exploitative to such a degree that I find disheartening. Then I think of their peers who maybe did not gain as much recognition, collect as much swag, etc. and wonder if they feel inferior.

The bottom line, in my opinion, is that you should love and stand behind every single thing you put out there. Blogging to please yourself rather than editors/advertisers/peers leads to more genuine and interesting content. I love everything you post, personally, and it's lovely to read such an eloquent and thoughtful voice in the fashion blogging community.

The Kindly One said...

Just to quote something I haven't actually read - I feel like this post points to that tipping point we're all feeling in fashion/blogging, where we need something more than just clothes. Trends have gotten to the point where they've overtaken design itself, and as I'm seeing people echo repeatedly on blogs and in response to the current collections, we're all tired of it. Not just bored, either - I think the cost of so much newness and keeping up with the race is a real, tangible drain on physical and inner resources.

I appreciate the fact that you're moving toward a lifestyle blog. There comes a point in blogging when you either have to open up your life to your audience or just go with the anonymity, and I always like when bloggers open up more. That personal experience is inimitable and really enriches a blog. It's frankly like that threshold you reach in a relationship where you can keep things casual forever or go deeper. Going deeper may be harder, but how many years of casual relationship can most people keep up and still seem interesting?

I'm happy to see you're taking the blog in this direction and I really enjoyed this expository post. I hope more bloggers feel free in the future to delve into philosophical posts. It really stands out among the nth iterations of leather and studs, and it adds the dimension of thoughtfulness and emotion that are secretly what draw so many of us to fashion in the first place.

Keep writing like this, Annabel, and I think you will continue to see that success we all long for. :)

MICHELLE said...

Wow. This is exactly why you should be a blogger/writer. That was so well put, and your words flowed effortlessly. I can definitely relate to your's almost inevitable when coming into the blogworld without having experienced it before. We all have that initial doubt, but I agree, blogging for YOU, not to gain readership and fame, is a great route.

Props, my dear!

Anonymous said...

i am truly glad to have another blogger share the same standpoints on blogging. i absolutely loved this post and i hope it helps others to open up their minds.

Anonymous said...

I love everything you put out for the universe to see. Since I'm a student too (from Dom. Rep., Caribbean) reading your blog is different and refreshing, as to seeing your perspective of what collage life is. So do what YOU have to do to keep it up but please, don’t stop blogging

Coconuts and Coppertone said...

an important point indeed... impeccably worded.
blogs that exude a feeling, an idea, a perspective are what draw me in- hence why i'm here, at your blog, now :)
post what you love, and the right people/public will return again and again

Anonymous said...

well said. i love your blog for the fact that it is centered around your lifestyle and that it truly echoes your personal style and not what other blogs or the outside world dictates. even if your "quaint little life" was totally boring, i'd still visit your blog just to see your great outfits and your lovely photos. xx

MusaBenedetta said...

Personally, I find blogs that only focus on fashion to be a bit of a bore. I've only been following your blog for a short while, but I very much like how you weave the occasional bit about fashion in with the rest of your posts. It makes the fashion posts seem like a small part of a larger, richer life, which is what I think fashion really should be.

You are very well spoken/written and I enjoy everything you write about. This article itself, gave me much to think about, as I am just starting out on the blogging journey myself.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and life with us.

Rachelle said...

Your eloquent and concise style of writing is super impressive and your argument is something I think about often. I'm starting a blog for the first time and my biggest question to myself is do I want to have a super recognized blog or do I want something that reflects me and that I can stand by? I really like that you're being honest with your readers about what your intentions are. Lastly, I really enjoy your blog in all aspects, fashion or lifestyle related. Keep doing what you're doing!

lulu said...

"Delusion is a much worse path, in my honest opinion."


Anonymous said...

This helps alot. I think im one of those bloggers who wants sooo badly for my blog to be recognized and have so many readers. I don't think that i necessarily 'try to be someone else' but i do hope and dream that people out there will find me interesting and will read and comment my blog.

Also i really love the whole lifestyle posts that you have been displaying on here. It's really inspirational and it's real. Thanks so much for posting this, bravo!

stephswan said...

i have been blogging now for...9 years. Next year, when i'm 24, it'll be the 10 year anniversary since i've been blogging about my life. I think it's so wonderful that you're going to post more about your life. <333

Ajua said...

This post deserves nothing but positive feedback. You display yourself eloquently and in a poised manner. Good job with this one!

gennie said...

style > fashion

i'm glad you took the time to write this!!

Neekoh said...

Exactly why I continue to read your blog! I don't want to go into analyzing your post or what-have-you. I just wanted to say that you've quickly become one of my favorites because you are yourself and I'm voyeuristic like that :P

Anonymous said...

i had to slow clap after reading this post. you're great!

haute.teapot said...

I love that you put it all out there and 'lifestyle' blogs are a little more fun to read. ;) I just started mine and have mostly done outfit posts but my favorites are when I can re-cap my day, mostly just for myself because I don't think anyone's reading out there! ;p i really dig your blog though, very well-written and eloquent.

jules said...

it's with posts like this that i am so drawn to you and your blog.
great and honest writing; I'm sure many, including I, will be back for more.

Anonymous said...

What I love most about this blog (besides your adorable personality and great outfits) is your ability to write well. You have a knack for expressing yourself through blogging without sounding bland or boring. I must admit I often skip over most bloggers' text. Anyway, yeah. I'm jealous. hah Love this post. MUST read for most bloggers and anybody interested.

Erica said...

Ok, long time reader first time commenter here. (haha)

Wow, You are GOOD. I read the whole thing and have to agree. I like your blog cause you keep it real. When you started blogging about food it made me laugh! YOU ARE ENJOYING LIFE! Amen! ENJOY! I like your blog becuase you take good pictures of clothes and food. I see something you are wearing, it makes me look at my wardrobe in a different way, I get inspired. You eat something REALLY GOOD and I think oh that reminds me of a receipe i have been wanting to make.

Being real is what takes you places, as corny as this sounds being yourself will always the best route to take. God Bless you!

Hello My Name is Katie said...

i could go on and write a million words in response to this, but i'll spare you my babble.

thank you for posting this. i really do hope people read this and realize putting people down particularly in anonymity is bastardry in its purist form.

you are one of my favorite bloggers and you have just become my favorite person of the day.

Bernice said...

Your writing is eloquent, articulate and beautiful. Your points are well-argued and persuasive.

I've never quite understood why I visit your blog every two days or so, but now I think I know why. Some people think that the best fashion blogs are written by the people who live and breathe fashion. Among the posts are fashion week shows, trends, etc. However, you have always been able to maintain a balance between fashion and your life, and I really admire that about you. You have an innate fashion sense that is implicit within your posts and outfit shots. The fashion world has not (and will not) subsume you.

No matter what you wear, whether the outfit is a reflection of personal style or personal choice, I believe that it will represent your individualism.

And finally, I congratulate you for writing about this (what I would imagine as highly sensitive) issue.

This post has really enlightened and inspired me. Thank you Annabel!

J said...

WOW. I've been following your blog for quite some time and this is one of the reasons why I love this particular blog so much.

The variance in post topics, amazing food posts, and great style you have are why I think I, as well many other readers, find your blog so inspiring. You bring up some excellent points and are able to write and express yourself beautifully. Thank you for sharing with us.

x J

Anonymous said...

annabel, i've been an avid reader of yours for about a year now. i like your blog because you are not a name dropper, you don't brag about any success you've received from your blogging exploits, and you also don't whine/gripe about how many perks blogger X is getting from their blog. in many ways you feel real-- smarter than your peers, and above all the blogger bullshit hyped acclaim. at the same time i gather this from you NOT addressing such in a blog... just know that those reading your blog sense this without you posting a 'disclaimer". such makes you no better than lulu complaining about the "pangs" of blogging or mouthing off at someone for shit-talking her in her comment feed (she's getting better at not doing it but it still leaves a bad taste in my mouth. girls are catty enough in real life and on tv, to be such on the internets is lame.) i don't know what compelled you to post this but it's unnecessary. as humans we all need a thick skin, as bloggers we need armor-plating. look, i like what you post and i find it meaningful and i know i'm not the only one so don't spend too much time contemplating the "direction" of your blog. plus you're still in college there is so much more success for someone with your sensibilities to be had outside the blogoshere.

Annabel said...

anon - Erm, really? Did you really understand any of the things I just said? You do realize that you are not obligated to read every single word I say, so if you already sensed it, "bravo" to you. I doubt you got anything out of this whole discourse if you're complaining about it being "unnecessary". It's unnecessary by whose standards? Yours, of course. Is this your blog? No. Will everyone agree with you? Some people may but everyone else won't. What did I just say about personal choices and individual decisions? I wrote this because it's something that I've been thinking about, just like many others in this community, but was unable to completely grasp it while it was still floating around in my head. Writing it down helped me simultaneously understand what I want and where I want to go and I don't care how much of a taboo topic it is and I'll continue to discuss it. If I have something to say to a single person or the masses, I will always attach my name to it and will say exactly what I am thinking because I'm forward and honest like that.

If you're still crying over what I choose to write on my blog, you really don't have to come back here. That's why, my friend, there's a little something called the X button in the top right hands corner and a real life and real situations outside the internet waiting for you. Unless, of course, you have nothing better to do but observe Lulu and my every move via a computer screen and critique us every step of the way.

Mel said...

Great and meaningful post! I'm sure everyone has different reasons for writing and keeping a blog, and many share similar perspectives on blogging like yours. Keep on blogging!

Meg said...

this has inspired me very much

consume her said...

You're absolutely amazing in every possible way!

lulu said...

Anon - You should also try and distance yourself from what you think you know about bloggers. Everyone goes through their own personal battles. Sharing and what you consider "complaining" are not necessarily two different things.

Christina of Profresh Style said...

and yet, you've still inspired me...

Annabel, you've truly captured the essence of blogging. It's not about having a one-track mind, it's about writing the ideas and thoughts in your mind, collectively creating an inter-you...however much you'd like to disclose. You've brought me back to my original blogging; why I started to begin with. It's about us, despite the fashion. Thank you for taking the time to write this as I've always enjoyed not only your style, but your words.

+christina dee.

Nicola said...

Annabel, that was fantastic. What bothers me so much about most of those negative anonymous commentors (like the one above) is that they derive so much meaning from a couple of words. A blogger will make a five-word harmless comment about her life, and suddenly she's being contrived or pretentious. People think that what the bloggers write must be some all-encompassing definition of them as a person, and it frustrates me so much. But I take enjoyment from knowing that an individual must be pretty unhappy/envious/delusional to leave mean-spirited and judgmental comments on a persons blog. Keep up the great work Annabel! xox.

Emma Lavelle said...

i loved reading this and i love your blog in general. like others who have commented above, i like that you dont name drop and that you arent featured in every magazinr under the sun in an article which is identical each time. i like thinking that this blog is my little find and is an honest, lovely blog about your life, with really great photos to look at. Sometimes (not always), blogs are ruined when they receive tons of publicity, loads of free stuff and a million hits a day. I see your blog as very successful (58 comments on this post already!) but you havent let success go to your head and you havent sold out. Keep up the good work, I love reading your page. Emma xx

Sindy said...

I LOVE YOU. I wish I could write as smoothly as you do. Everything you say makes so much sense. Even your reply to the anonymous commenter. After I read your response... I was like... ZING!

Anonymous said...

You're so cute - keep at it girllll ;)

Anonymous Coward said...

I read this entire post...and all I have to say is...nice nails.

みな said...

I like your language. It's always so easy to read your entries---everything flows so naturally. You're very genuine. :]

jette said...

much appreciation for writing this out (and so eloquently!). this is just as inspiring as your awesome pictures of clothes and food!

keep doing what you do. :]

Anonymous said...

I think the anon commenter you addressed was actually paying you more of a compliment than anything. I have to re-read everyhing as I read your post at like 4 am the other nite and it's about 5 am now.Honestly, I really don't think she was putting you down when she said this post was "unecessary", obviously, those aren't the best words and if the post is necessary to you, obviously that's what matters. BUT I think she might have been pointing out that people don't find you annoying like some bloggers and that you shouldn't worry/ or care if people feel the need to pressure you to update every day or keep it fashion focused-etc. I dunno. I could be wrong. the only person I really thought they were trying to insult is Lulo. But, again, I could totally be wrong.

BTW-im not defending the ANON in anyway, it's just that as an outsider, I don't think she was trying to insult or offend you.


Leslee said...

This is a beautiful piece of writing. I couldn't stop. YOu know i have to agree with you on somethings. It's good that you are trying to use this blog as a way of getting to know yourself better, and i can assure you that you are showing us all who you are through the essence of your photos.

I find it kind of sad if someone is trying to be famous as blogger "x", ofcours we all want to be known and taken account for, but if someone is doing for the sole purpose of fame they'll never get it.
I think you become succesful when you don't have to prove to anyone that anything. You're succesful when you exude knowledge, goals, and interest in everything . That's when people find others interesting. And to me someon that is interesting in their own way is worth getting to know.

I really admire how you see things in this perspective. There's always more than what meets the eye.

Maddie said...

I personally can't stand it when most bloggers rant, but I must say, that is the classiest and most eloquent "rant" I have ever read. You managed to state your beliefs without having to put anyone down, which is something other bloggers have failed to do.
You rock!

Anonymous said...

I honestly look up to you fashion wise, food wise, etc. Keep it up! (=

Shercules said...

This post was well written and very inspirational. It made me reflect on myself and my insecurities with blogging. I really enjoy your blog but just wanted to say thanks for that post..amazing.

Goose Creek Village said...

Superbly written! You are SO my girl crush!

Fashion On My Lips said...

I love this post and you know what, this is the very reason I put off starting a blog for so long. For a few years now I have been a bloggerholic, always reading and learning but never wanting to participate because heck, I don't care if someone I don't know via internetZ doesn't like my outfit or what I say and so on... and I didn't want it to be a chore either, but so far, I have found that there are people like you out there that are real and doing it for themselves. I like that. Props!

Project NineteenEightyTwo said...

One word, Amen!

Frances Davison said...

this uplifted me, thank you.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I know you wrote about this awhile ago and I can't believe I just found your blog, but THANK YOU! I've actually been thinking about re-focusing the direction of my blog. Your last paragraph esp. sums up my ultimate goal for the blog-- to leave behind a record of myself.

Love your style too!

xo, Becs

jazziefizzle said...

This post is actually what made me decide to subscribe to your blog... and after reading more I have really enjoyed it so will continue to follow :)

Be Exscusively said...

I agree with a lot of the points you brought up.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Very nice and intrestingss story.

Anonymous said...

I just stumbled onto your blog through a link on someone else's and I am SO glad I did. I am HOOKED, you are my fave, thank you for being you!

Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

woah i just went through all your blog, and since what you said was pretty amazing i'll just comment here. since i just started blogging and recently came across your blog this post has given me the realisation of how i should approach my own. i just want to do this for fun, share a bit about my self, get inspired and not feel pressured. rah rah rah your blog, i'll definitely be back for more.

VL said...

I'm so glad that I came across this post! I'm just starting my own blog, well actually, I've signed up on blogger and reserved my blog name. I haven't actually started blogging because many of these thoughts were scrambling in my brain. Thank you!

Iconoclaste said...

Will definitely come back ! :)

Ashley Liquori said...

Beautifully beautifully beautifully written. I just started my own blog and everything you said about measuring success and how blogging, a means of self-expression, shouldn't feel like a chore really resonated with me.

Thank you for writing this.

Peonie said...

I've just started reading your blog and instantly clicked to this post! I LOVE that there is brains behind the beauty. Often I read fashion blogs to get inspiration myself, or to look at the pretty pictures people post but i like that you have some insight as well. Sometimes I want to learn more about the blogger and not just the outfits they put together day to day. Thank you for putting yourself out there and speaking your mind!

GRACE said...

wow, thank you for writing this. you have such a great way to express yourself, not only in clothing style, but also in words (as it's obvious in this post you've written). you are such a great blogger and i'm always happy to keep coming back to see what new things you've put up~


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