Monday, September 7, 2009

first date (or something like that)

vintage romper

Technically Brent and I never did have a first date since what one would count as such started out as a shopping excursion which then turned into a mutual consensus of "hey, let's finally start dating after a year or so of crushes overshadowed by a mask of friendship." Luckily with a boyfriend like him, even the laziest of days sitting around and doing nothing can be special, but in any case, it's always fun to spice things up with cute little dinner dates like these. Today we met up at Corso in North Berkeley after he got off work early where I wore my favorite vintage floral romper.

pasta with braised beef and pork
duck leg risotto

We started off with a caprese salad and a lemonade for me and campari cocktail for him. Brent had been here before and chose the risotto with duck leg while I went for what he usually gets, a savory pasta with braised beef and pork. Not bad for a cute little date! It's funny to think that just a few months ago we were wrapping up our little shopping date while maintaining awkward small talk over lunch at some sandwich place on Fillmore. Now our conversations range from possible names for a puppy (preferably a miniature dachshund) to our hypothetical babies and how cute they would be (hah). Nope, not awkward at all... although it does feel like we've been dating much longer than we actually have. Probably because we were friends for so long before this and could have started dating much sooner if one of us had made a move.



Unknown said...

love your cute romper, and aww for 500 more first dates of u & brent :)

Sputnik Sweetheart

Gela said...

my boyfriend & i are the same. we were friends for like four years before we got together, so we can talk about our hypothetical children & getting married & all w/o it being awkward.

also, your babies would totally be cute!

Damsels said...

this is a good idea to keep up the romance. i go on dates every week . it makes things feel like the first few months when things are cute and sweet

denise - SUPERWOWOMG said...

your babies would be insanely cute!! me and my bf never really had a first date until like a year into dating haha he's always like "what're you talking about!?!? we always go on dates?!?!?!" but its just nottttttttttt the sameeeeeeeee

Taylor Sterling said...

darling romper. I love that food it looks so yummy.

the desert foxx said...

This post totally made me hungry-- hungry for a nice floral piece and hungry for love.

God I sound so pathetic.
Your bf is cute.

Nadia Kamballa said...

Cute floral romper. Yay for your first date, more to come I hope??

Chris said...

NOBODY IS GETTING A FUCKING MINI WIENER DOG. If a dog is in this house it will have a pushed in face! Pug, Bulldog, whatever... Weiner dogs are banned in particular as Mike and I hate them.

Denise said...

Hey Anabell you two are the cutest couple ever! me and my boyfriend
never talk about having kids(we dont want any) just about our dogs! Right now we have decided on a french bulldog!There so adorable! Anyways (:
hope you two are happy together forever and ever!

Anonymous said...

You guys are so terribly, terribly adorable. <3
That sounded like a nice and yummy first date!

Chelsea said...

What a great story. My husband and I were also friends for a long time prior to dating and it's the best foundation for a relationship, I think. Adorable romper.

Anonymous said...

ha ya same here. i and bf were friends of 9 years but never really hung out but it got more and more and boom. now its like having everything in him, best friend and bf and someone who cares for u and everything really. just being with him and doing nothing really is exciting in itself. i love every single second of it. we'll get over this half year well and then i come back from tokyo and we start a real big deal together involving puppies and stuff.

Carissa said...

aw... you and your boyfriend are always the cutest thing I've ever read :p lucky you. It's the best when you've a bf who is also your best friend :DD.

Food post so yummy, so is your romper ;D

Emmy said...

that is dead cuteee!!!

soph naylor said...

how are you so prettyyyyyy! i love the romper. :)

Anonymous said...

Love the romper! And such a cute story, I love reading such stories about other people's relations haha!

LD said...

the pasta looks so delicious! awwwww, and your romper's pretty!

alison said...

Love the romper, and adorable date!

It seems only a good thing that you were friends for so long before you started dated, and please get a puppy and post adorable pictures of that as well.

Anonymous said...

is that susan boyle in the background...... ROFL!

Jenny Cindy said...

That is such a cute thing to do. I love that you and your boy share a love for food <3

I love the floral romper, a perfect garment for a date - so playful and romantic. And yum to the food (and the guys) in this post!

Jenny Cindy said...

That is such a cute thing to do. I love that you and your boy share a love for food <3

I love the floral romper, a perfect garment for a date - so playful and romantic. And yum to the food (and the guys) in this post!

louise said...

love the romper and that food looks so lovely.

its the same with me and my bf, we never had any proper first date so dinner dates now are a good thing

Anonymous said...

adorable romper! I was wondering what type of camera you use? your pics are always so pretty!

noura. said...

This makes me seriously wish I wasn't in a long distance relationship.
So cute.

Tello said... you floral's really cute...
this commet kind of reminded me of my boyfriend and I as we have been a couple for almost a year and didn't have a real first date either....
btw - the food you post looks delicious everytime i see it.

Neekoh said...

Your blog always makes me drool!

You two are too cute. I think one of the reasons your blog is one of my favorites is because I love seeing pictures of the two of you.

Anonymous said...

awww you guys are so adorable. :)

Your child would have good fashion sense, fosho.

Anonymous said...

So, yesterday I was watching Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince and this girl in there looked like a mini of you! Her real name is Isabella Laughland, but in the movie she's Leanne :D

Nika said...

aww cute....and the food looks yummy!

Anonymous said...

Mmmm looks so tasty! Love a man that cooks!

clairey said...

Hello - I'm a pretty new reader, but I must say you are adorable :) And I hope you and your boyfriend are happy for ages & ages, the two of you seem to have a great time! :D

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Just curious... What is your nationality? You are uber pretty! ^_^

bre renne and franky said...

cute. love your style.

Bre Renne @

The Starving Stylist said...

All the amazing photographs taken of all the food is absolutely mouthwatering! i'm drooling right now!

Pieces of Me said...

you look adorable! love the outfit.
and all the food looks delish!!

check out

spanish fan said...

you guys are so sweet!

I always follow you from Spain :)

ZoryMory said...

great blog!:))) and u should make one more for the food!! Id love to have some of this recipes!!

Anonymous said...

mmmm I love food photos, but mines are not as good as yours!! love your blog (L)

follow you!

Claudette said...

Love the floral print!

Ringo, have a banana! said...

Too frickin' cute...and delicious!!

PinkBow said...

ahh, i love this story & it sounds like you have the grounds for a very successful relationship :)

invasionista said...

sweet "first date"!! the food looks amazing! Will have to check out that restaurant if we ever stop by.

Lali said...

..beautiful pictures!!:)

Miss Neira said...

such a cute dress! and that looks delicious!

hyc said...

you are too adorable annabel!!!
and that floral dress looks perfect :)

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