Tuesday, September 1, 2009

school life and more


Second week of school: still stressing about getting into classes while balancing the work that I'm required to put into them. From my Virgil professor who loves putting the class on the spot with surprise "quizlets" and bare Latin passages sans notes to my Ulysses professor who warned that his class should be first priority above all our others, I can tell this is going to be a fun year. Honestly, it sounds tough but all I can to do is stay on task and be two steps ahead of everyone. I'm a huge fan of leading a structured life with organized notebooks and meticulously planned days (with the occasional surprise here and there, of course). It's a little boring but it works, in my case at least.

So of course it's only fitting that my go-to school bag happens to be a bag with multiple pockets for the organized placement of specific articles, right? The leather on my vintage Frye backpack is faded and completely beat up, but I wouldn't have it any other way. I plan on using it until something legitimately breaks and by legitimately I mean anything that cannot be saved by duct tape, sewing, etc...

school supplies

On another note, I have a huge soft spot for school supplies and stationary. Last weekend I took a trip to Kinokuniya in Japantown and bought these little notebooks and .28mm pens. Yes, I'm also very meticulous about my writing, both in terms of content and what I use to write and also what I write on. Hmm, I should just label this post "a glimpse into my OCD lifestyle" and end it here. Thankfully I have soft serve ice cream to mellow me out and make me feel less crazy! Okay, that was a terrible transition, I'm sorry. It's almost 1am here and I can't sleep before my 9:30am class. For relevance's sake, these two last photos were taken around the same time and I wanted to squeeze in just this last photo in because, damn, I love soft serve ice cream.

ice cream


Carissa said...

I love going to kinokuniya :D there's a lot of great school supplies. Love your bag anyway.


Clare said...

I want your backpack so badly. I have a bad back so can't wear shoulder bags, but it's so hard to find a nice looking backpack.
Good luck with back to schoolness. I still have a week, really not looking forward to it. May have to buy some nice stationary to make the experience more bareable.

Sweets and Hearts said...

just discovered your blog and i love it!

yeah, it's my 2nd week of school too and it's hard getting used to it all over again. ugh.

at least you have ice cream (and it looks delicious!).


Oh Dear Charlotte said...

i love how you make a backpack ~chic~

t.g.s said...

i like your outfit for school
really cute :)

Anonymous said...

I really love your blog!

Nadia Kamballa said...

kinokuniya's a great place to find stationeries, love going there. the ice cream is so tempting, btw...


denise - SUPERWOWOMG said...

great post and awesome photos. how asian of you to put so much thought into your pen and notepad. i think only in asia do you encounter a "pen craze." Back in highschool, "ballsign" pens were all the rage. I know they have them in america but i dont think anyone cared about them like we did. seriously we would COLLECT all the colours..especially the rare hard to find colours haha and you could buy sth like a 50 pack with a rainbowwwwwwwwwwww of colours.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with getting into classes! It seems like you're quite organised, so I'm sure you'll manage to get in!
Oh and I love picking out school supplies, it makes me feel like I'm a great student haha.

alison said...

Love the bag! And I'd like to think organization is key in most situations, I barely made it through my first week without my handy-dandy planner.

Caitlin said...

i think i used to have that bag! haha. it looks really cute. i wish i was still in school...going into muji and getting cute pens and notebooks was definitely one of the best things ever. x

margianna said...

So impressed with your photos!
What camera are you shooting with?

the_eye_collector said...

All my friends think I have OCD because I colour co-ordinate my stationery by class, and have a diary that's the thickness of a Dickens novel. How can I possibly explain the worrying high I get from being hyper-organised?

THE CAT'S MIU said...

gahhh best pictures, as usual.

i'm really OCD about my pens too. notebooks.. umm well i really like certain styles like the lines on the paper have to be good and there always has to be a margin. and as for pens, omg, i could probably spend days testing out every pen just to choose which ones i can actually write with.

i love stationary.

p.s. your last photo is just WAITING to be posted on tumblrs.

Myy said...

I love your bag!! It looks so cute and convenient!!!!

LD said...

love kinokuniya too, though im nt really a fan of organization, oh well.


Taylor Sterling said...

I just found your blog on Refinery! I love it. Plus, I am always looking for bay area bloggers!xoxo

Christina said...

Oh I'm incredibly OCD about my school supplies :) I totally get what you mean.

Love your post! School doesn't start for me until the end of September. Crazy, right!?


Anonymous said...

You shouldn't throw terms like "OCD" around to describe your obvious keenness for owning nice things. I'm not trying to attack you, but it's a serious illness.

Eli said...

gosh, I know exactly how you feel. if school is going to be nuts I might as well control a few things like my supplies! I looked high and low for a specific pen and couldnt find it anywhere, and then finally did at the 99 cent store!

What Was I Thinking? said...

I like this post alot, the photos are so great!

Take care,

TMFA said...

Love the pics and the blackberry!

Jenny Cindy said...

What a lovely schoolbag. I was thinking of buying a regular backpack for my studies but this is so much cooler. Must find a similar one that's big enough to carry all my books!

Anonymous said...

hi Annabel!
can you show us your handwriting? also, what are your favorite pens?

Tina said...

totally agree with anonymous up there! very interested in how you keep organized-- what planner do you use, favorite pens, etc? I have a soft spot for supplies and stationary, too. This is definitely post-worthy!

Also, i'm heading off to my first year of college soon-- any advice? I'm curious to see what you think

Unknown said...

Your backpack = love. I've always looked for a backpack like that, but never seem to come across one.

I am completely the same way about paper and pens. I need them to be a particular way. Sigh. OCD-ness... whatever will we do with it.

Karafina said...

beat up leather backpacks are the way to go...
wow, everyone is starting school, i feel old. but god i love me some soft serve too.....


I am in love with your backpack. Where did you get it?

WJ said...

Kickass backpack! I just found your blog and you have such a lovely quirky style. Beautiful photography as well, keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

I like your backpack.

And I like that you are blogging much more often.


Anonymous said...

that soft serve looks yummers.
reading your post just made me miss school!

Lily said...

love the satchel!!


Karen Morales said...

LOVE the backpack. its perfect.
been wanting one of those.
I also love shopping for school supplies, its a bit nerdy but fuun.

Vera said...

I know exactly how you feel, started school last week too and it got pretty fast-paced in no time.. and I still haven't found a nice town bag that would fit my laptop and notebooks.. On a brighter note, I love soft serve ice cream too :o)

Spardha Malik said...

lovely blog. U've got nice taste girl~


The Frocker said...

We have a lot in common! I am incredibly picky about the type of pens I use, and my school supplies are always pristine at the end of the year.

I pulled out this pack of felt-tip pens I have, and after I let someone use them, the caps were all cracked, the tips were pushed in, etc. I'm still mad about that! :(

Good luck with school though... I HATE when teachers say that their class takes precedence over all others. Do they not realize that all teachers say the same thing?

Are you studying Latin/Classical Studies?

Flashes of Style said...

Eeep! I love that backpack, and those florals hiding behind it look perfect. Also, I honestly eat cones like this from my dining hall almost everyday. Couldn't live without em!

amie said...

oooh i've been looking for a backpack like this for ages! nice find :)

xx amie

Jessie said...

Oh that is sooo the best bag ever! Mmm that softserve looks delish! I'm so eagerly anticipating summer now!! xx Jessie

Georgie said...

Your tea dress/rucksack combo is cute! Have fun with Odysseus, I'm just gearing up for another two years of him.


kim said...

wow you're already in your second week of school, i start next week. good luck with your classes.

p.s. i really like your bag


MICHELLE said...

Oh I'm totally OCD about writing too. Most of the time, I'll just scribble my notes onto loose paper in the beginning of the year, then transfer it into a nice notebook once I get my note-taking style down. Oh gosh I'm lame.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad I found your blog through refinery29! I'm from the East Bay also and reading your blog has made me aware that there are so many cool local stores that I haven't even heard of before.

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