Friday, July 10, 2009

simplicity at its best

I really regret not having booked a flight to Japan this summer when I had the chance! I guess you can blame it on my inability to stomach long flights across the ocean. In any case, I'm really into Trip's aesthetic and their women's line Prit. I'd love to be able to reduce my wardrobe to a select few simple key pieces but I'm way too fickle to do it at this point of my life. Maybe when I hit a certain point in maturity? Who knows...

Prit Spring & Summer 09


The Stylish Wanderer said...

oh i love it. i can totally see how this is your style.

Anonymous said...

Wow. The simplicity is pretty amazing.

Mona said...

Oh how I miss summer. Its freeezing in Melbourne now :(

Laurenanne said...

I agree. I'm such a bag lady/packrat. I need to learn how to pack light

hanako said...

the japanese are really good at creating simple and feminine pieces that can be sooo versatile. i'd go crazy shopping there, but everything is so expensive compared to north america!!

Anonymous said...

am i just stupid or can you not shop on their website?

style-magnet said...

These photos are gorgeous.

margaret said...

tickets are so cheap lately too :O i went last summer and found myself spending more money on ufo machines than clothes though.

Molly Gertenbach said...

Those clothes are gorgeous, I love the third pic with the plaid shirt, the angle, and the way the light hits it... phenomenal!

alter_ego said...

oh, I know what you mean. I can "clean" my wardrobe, I always think that I would need some of that again! Those photos are just beautiful *

Unknown said...

Wow! I love your pictures! I also love the clothes! Amazing post!
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Annie said...

I just love this style, simple cuts and neutral colours.
I enjoy reading your blog!! keep it up :)

Jayrin Eve said...

so simple, its so you!

THE CAT'S MIU said...

it would've been so cool if we were in japan at the same time!

surprisingly, i wasn't that into the clothes during my trip.. it was either too much (like frilly bohemian tiered skirts, suspenders, neon colors and patterns + florals) or too minimal. normally i love the simple basic stuff, but oddly, nothing really appealed to me!

the only thing i was determined to see were toys, haha! their toy stores and toys are insane! those were the only things i brought back with me!

for me, i'm not afraid of flying across the ocean.. it's the 13 hours (from Toronto to East Asia) that really kills me. uncomfortable seats, no space, annoying neighbors.. ugh. that's the one thing i dread about flying all the way to the motherland. but my flight to Tokyo (from Seoul) was only about 2 hours so that was a relief!

Anonymous said...

wow these catalogue shots are extremely lovely. talk about mise en scene.

Lisa said...

i really love the concept of having a small wardrobe, too. i'm going abroad for at least a semester (probably the whole year) to venice and then hopefully auckland, nz. my goal is to minimize my wardrobe to one suitcase, but have enough so that i can swap out a few cold-weather pieces for some warm ones and not even really have to unpack!

Pret a Porter P said...

i can really appreciate the simplicity of this line.

AMIT said...

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