Friday, May 21, 2010

dinner at garibaldi's

battered fried squash blossom

Had a great time at Garibaldi's in Oakland with my friend Mikey's family after his graduation. Did it ever cross my mind that having both steak tartare and a grilled new york steak would be too excessive? Maybe for a split second. I definitely recommend this place if you're in the area. The restaurant has recently been split in half to add a less expensive sister restaurant Marzano which I hear is equally as delicious.

hand-cut french fries
steak tartare
steak tartare on crostini
fried asparagus
new york steak
dulce de leche pot de creme

So umm, someone has been partying/enjoying life a little bit too hard post finals and forgot she had planned to start blogging a lot more. Oh well! Imagine my surprise when I logged on to my Google Reader and found my makeup-less mug on Joanna's blog. It was definitely a great way to start my day since I've been following her blog for years so THANK YOU!! For anyone who is new to this blog: hello, and I hope you guys will stick around longer because I have tons of food trips and outfits planned for this summer. (Scratch the planned outfits part, I usually just grab what I can find...)


Unknown said...

I'm excited for all the food adventures you'll be posting!! I was get hungry looking at your food porn photos.


Sasha et moi said...

Definitely Porn photos ! look tasty

LUU H. said...

my eyes like !

Anonymous said...

Looks so fancy! Nice :)
Melanie@Unravelled Threads

ilovefashion said...

Looks sooo tasty yum yum..i need to go out :D

Avalonne Hall said...

I LOVE STEAK TARTARE. You eat so well :) I'm going to eat some good food when I go home to Hong Kong. Going to document it all :) Thanks for the recommendation. I've never been or dined in Oakland, I guess if I ever decide to go, I'll check out this place!!!

ChrisRobinson said...

holy steak tartare photo with the egg on top, my face is melting off!

I just caught myself doodling it in my dayplanner. this is sad.

C @ Corks + Caftans

courtney. said...

I hear good things about steak tartare, but i am also too scared to try it. someone steer me towards it!

Nishe said...

It all looks delicious :)

LD said...

the steak looks ultra yummy.

Susannah said...

mmmm just went to marzano last night- it was deeeeelicious!i was impressed...

JessS said...

That tartare looks amazing. Can't wait for my next SF trip so I can try some places.

Ula said...

Annabel, it may sound stupid, but if ever happens that you don't have anyone to eat with, I'd love to meet you and explore some great food around SF:).

Lainey said...

I always do enjoy your food pics and your recommendations. I can't wait to see more.

Rach said...

Everything looks delicious! And those french fries look super-sized.

swiftreverie said...

Oh I have got to get myself over to your neck of the woods Stateside to try out some of this awesome looking food!


Looks so good!

Bella said...

Love Garibaldi's! You need to try their toffee chocolate hazelnut dessert thing - it's TDF!

idreamincalories said...
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idreamincalories said...

YUM. looks amazing. food envy.

Bru Marx said...

Looks so good!

bravegrrl said...

your food pictures are always so amazing :)

Anonymous said...

Oh yayayayaya!! I love food posts, this place looks amazing.

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Doremy Diatta said...
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Doremy Diatta said...

you always take THE best food pictures. i have to limit myself, it makes me hungry :)

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Marika said...

Good bye my diet!!

and check out my new project - Story of my Clothes

Julia said...

i'm new to this blog and i will definitely stick around longer!

Anonymous said...

Such a delicious post!!

lydiajoy said...



Anonymous said...

Everything looks amazing! ^^

like a fox said...

most. amazing. chips. i. have. ever. seen. sigh....

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like a fox said...

most. amazing. chips. i. have. ever. seen. sigh....

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Erica said...

This looks so delicious!
Love your blog.

BikeWorkPlay said...

I love steak tartare too! Major girl crush happening here..

Linda Lu said...

oh food porn... you make me hungry.

Iva Messy said...

omg that looks so delicious!

pink horrorshow said...

MMMMMM, tartare <3

Elisse said...

mhhhh that toast looks delicious!

Jeanne said...


Estefania said...

The food in this entry looks absolute amazing!! Specially the steak tartare!!!

Sekhmet said...

Food makes me hooooooot... :)


This is making me hungry.. i want those brown shoes!

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DashionMouse said...

look very delicious
look pic and is make me hungr....well TNX :)

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