Monday, June 29, 2009

feels like summer

button up skirt from japan, lux crochet swimsuit, thrifted cut-out oxfords

First off, I want to thank everyone for the comments about my room! Strangely enough, it is usually that clean (with the exception of a stray sweater here or there) thanks to my momma's constant nagging concerning the importance of living in a clean space. The calendar is a Stendig calendar from La Garçonne which I got using my Chic points from Chictopia!

Now that it's finally starting to look like June in the Bay Area, I wanted to try exposing some skin so I donned this one piece crochet swimsuit from UO with a slightly more conservative skirt. Maybe one day I'll post what the rest of the swimsuit looks like if I'm up to it. Or rather, if I actually find an excuse to wear it by itself. The beaches up here aren't exactly swimsuit-friendly and the closest thing we have to a pool is a kiddy one at my friends' house.

(And now, presenting a very poorly focused picture of me without make up. I don't know what hurts eyes more, the focus or my face!)

out of focus


Dannie said...

i loooove that skirt!
im going to sf for the first time tommorow, any suggestions???

Terry said...

I don't know if I've said this before (I probably have, my memory sucks real bad), but every time I see a new post from you on bloglovin' and I read your username, I don't think 'blushing ambition', I always think of your video and mentally hear 'blashnah ambooshafksdng" LOL.

Unknown said...

hm i think i have that same swimsuit... i never thought of wearing as a top, but i think you may have just inspired me. :0)

Violet said...

i love the unfocused picture... its very artisic from a photography point of view

Vi from Cali

Damsels said...

the focus ;)

oh love that skirt
it looks great i can never pull off that length but you do .

Lauren said...

i like your use of proportions and the skirt is greattt.

i know it's been said before, but you're hair is divine! want.

Nadia Kamballa said...

the skirt's gorgeous.. u look amazing, as always...

Slanelle said...

love the outfit, and the last pic is fantastic

Hannah said...

Ooh nice oxfords! Liking the skirt length too.

Luxe. said...

The last picture is SO pretty!.x

alison said...

love the skirt!

Anonymous said...

I love that skirt!!! High-waisted skirts have just made me the happiest person alive!

Anonymous said...

Love your blog!

[LA] said...

CUTE SKIRT! very D&G last fall =)


Georgia said...

love the skirt. and the lighting in your picture!

It would be mine

The Stylish Wanderer said...

OH MY JESUS I have two things.

1. Our hair is basically the same now. And it was totally by accident. Same length. Color. Everything. Your bangs are just a little thicker. HAIR TWINS

2. I just watched your hair grow. I looked at your post from June 19th, and then at the one today. IN TEN DAYS IT GROWS LIKE TWO INCHES. You have magic hair lady. Im telling ya.

KAY. So now you know how weird I am! WHOOT

kkkeisya said...

cute style. i love it

kkkeisya said...

cute style. i love it

Maria said...

What a lovely skirt. Gorg. *

Unknown said...

you look delicious. love that long skirt with the white swimsuit. nothing hurt my eyes :)

lauren said...

hi! your blog rocks and i would like to add you to my blogroll!


MITCH said...

hello! I love your blog ;D

Mariona said...

I want your Oxfords now !!!!


I love love love this outfit, particularly the shoes :) Beautiful blog!

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

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