Friday, June 19, 2009

casual in khaki

acne shirt, h&m pants, and heels

After seeing my picture in this post via Refinery 29, I decided to attempt another comfortably simple outfit centering around this pair of khaki pants from H&M. I wore this exact outfit once with low top chucks and upon running into an ex-friend, he asked "what's up, soccer mom?" Umm, thanks. Despite some initial hesitation, I put the outfit together again but this time replaced the chucks with t-strap heels and left one side untucked. Success? I'd like to think so.

The best part about this outfit is how comfortable and breezy the pants and shirt are. I'm not sure if these exact pants are still available at H&M but they definitely have some sort of variation at their stores right now. Go buy a pair now! In my opinion, they work best when cuffed and paired with heels to avoid looking frumpy.

(Chipped nails and unbrushed hair are a-ok with me! Well no, I need to curb my habits. Reminder to self: practice proper grooming.)



love the entire outfit! so chic.
i agree with your lament about needing to practice proper grooming. but some days, we just dont caree


t.g.s said...

that shirt is just perfect.
i want it :(
but you look great :)

and hey, chipped nails and dishevelled hair is so 'in' right now hahaha

Sarah said...

love it! I've got similar pants, so I will defintely try this out, with a simple white shirt, really great.

kayang said...

I'm really into comfy pants like those. Recently bought a pair from H&M as well.

Molly Gertenbach said...

That outfit's adorable and I think it'd look fine with chucks. I hate when people make those 'witty' little comments, it's only because they know you look better than they do.

chelsea said...

i love those pants! you look lovely. i also really like your eyeliner, do you have a favorite/faithful?

Mangotatoes said...

I love how comfy it looks and I also just bough the same shoes except in brown!

Anonymous said...

haha i dont brush my hair a lot so it looks messy sometimes but nobody notices lol
and as for your ex-friend, shouldve clocked him in the face.
i love this outfit!

alice said...

i really love all the neutrals in your outfit.
There's something very summer-esque about it.

tonguekisses said...

so i went to h&m because i saw the heels in lucky & they had the same heels on their mannequins, but refused to sell them. i'm so bitter that your h&m has them!!

hanako said...

i used to hate khakis because i had to wear them for work. all i found were frumpy, grandpa-like pairs! :( but you totally rock yours and i wished i could find some like that!

Delmy said...

I love your look and I want your bangs!

Jayrin Eve said...

your khakis are divine! they fit you like a glove. im jealous.

THE CAT'S MIU said...

lolol, i love the way you write. so entertaining.

i really like this simple yet fresh outfit. i also have a pair of H&M trousers like that only i got mine on sale and i think i bought them a size too small (they fit JUST RIGHT) but i'd rather a size a bit big than just right. yeah, kind of weird, i guess, but i dunno, i feel like with my pants, they don't get a lot of wear because of that. sucks.

Unknown said...

am sure you still look adorable as a soccer mom ;) you look great; love the hair.

chicfaced said...

adorable, love those pants and those shoes. isn't it so funny that pleated tapered khakis can feel so fresh right now? the whole things looks great.

ps, just linked you!

Ilanka Verhoeven said...

Love the nude color of the pants.
Lovely outfit!

The Stylish Wanderer said...

khaki is the new black.

and WHOA Im in that post as well! weirdddddddd

NICOLE said...

you have absolutely fantastic style! i love the simplicity

Fashion Is Poison said...

simplicity at its best! i love your hair sooo much

Damsels said...

in that last pic ytou are so pretty it startled me

i love the shirt

Anonymous said...

Those pants are amazing!!!! I wish that khaki colour suited me!!

Marla Singer said...

very chic. i love the way the left side untucked! <3

Amelie's Plum Cake said...

i love love love this outfit!
Either the same or similar pants are still available at HM in the sale section!

La Dauphine said...

Really cute look!

Mila said...

Hey you,I know you from Chictopia :)
Such a perfect outfit,especially pants!

Pas Comme Des Enfants said...

i love this look. the pants are fantastic!

Luxe. said...

I need those pants!.x

Unknown said...

love those pants- not a soccer mom at all!

Kaahl said...

so perfect for summer.

Dress Launderette

pika said...

girl! you are soooooo pretty! and this outfit is amazing! are those h&m heels comfortable?

Anonymous said...

just found your blog and love it!!!

me said...

ah i love love the khaki's i think i'm going to try a pair now :)

Mariona said...

11 for me, safhari ultra chic !!!

Mélanie D said...

I like your blog, it's a pleasure to read it ( even if I don't understand everything, because i'm french ^^)
Your pictures are beautiful :)

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