Monday, November 22, 2010

wizard cape

vintage cape, american apparel tights, vintage boots, lanvin x h&m sunglasses

I found this cape deep inside my closet when I was cleaning it out this weekend. I think I bought it at American Rag in SF right before it closed. I watched Harry Potter last night after a successful marg & guac fest at Chevys (SUNDAY FUNDAY!!). It was okay. The movie, I mean. I read the final book three times when it came out and I don't remember it being that boring. I guess nothing exciting really happened in the first half of the novel but the next one is going to be way better, obviously. Good thing I was drunk.




That cape is the cutest!

Monique said...

Lovely cape.

Thanh said...

Watching Harry Potter drunk is the only way I'll watch it! I guess I don't feel too bad about not watching it now.

Your boots are so perfect. I haven't found the perfect vintage pair yet.

No Alice No said...

Lovely cape.
You're very cute, but I prefer when your hair are shorter.



Amber said...

cute cape


my friends and i used to go to chevy's for lunch in high school and order just a side of rice and beans and eat it with the free tortillas and salsa - between the SIX of us. they did not like us much.

Closet Fashionista said...

Looove that coat!!!

Jasmine P said...

Love this! That cape is great :)

Jessica Szeto said...

that's a sexy cape!

Heather Cavanaugh said...

Love love love your cape and your bag!

Michelle of The Feather Den said...

Cute, cute cape! I really enjoyed the movie even if it was a little dull during some scenes. I think I was just crazy-excited.

mina said...

i never thought i'd get into the whole cape thing, but i love yours! you're adorable.

Booboo said...

You thought Harry potter was just "okay"? Aww man, I freaking LOVED it from beginning to end. I CANNOT wait for the next one! Hopefully you still had fun?

You look awesome, btw!

Shevah said...

You look great. :) Aha, I guess I'll have to get drunk before watching the movie also.

AP. said...

I love the boots/tights/socks combo. I agree, I thought the movie was just okay.

Cindy said...

you look adorable. love the cape. such a great shape. the socks really take the look up a notch and i the backpack as a tote, i realize is necessary due to the cap but is actually pretty cool.

i'm going to see harry this week. i just reread the whole series so i know the first half i alot of build up but i'm still excited to see all the characters again!

Behind the Lashes said...

Very lovely. You look so comfortable.
xoxo Heather

Tabitha said...

Fantastic cape. I love how capes are making a big comeback this season.

Anonymous said...

love your sunglasses

Bang BangTarann said...

great outfit and i love the cape [[=


virtualJOYblog said...

Great outfit and GREAT SOCKS. I'm loving the sock style recently, which is great for the winter. Finally, style that allows warmth.

Catherine Au Jong said...

unique cape!


thrifted drifter said...

cool cape!!

FashionableAsians said...

Fabulous cape!!! so perfect for autumn!

Unknown said...

love this cape

Carolyn said...

loooove that cape, what a good find! and the books are always infinitely better than the movies... btw did you get hair extensions or do you just have incredible hair growth abilities?? ;)

Meg said...

OMG!!! I love that cape so much. I'm so jealous, I want!!

george said...

What bag are you carrying? Super cute!

Anonymous said...

nicee cape!


Alison said...

That cape is gorgeous! I love it in combination with your woolly socks! It's a great mix of vintage and trendy.

krisandkel said...

Love the cape and sunglasses!

<3 kris&kel

Brittany said...

So in love with that cape, especially the armholes. Lovely sunglasses!

Brittany said...

So in love with that cape, especially the armholes. Lovely sunglasses!

Marinka said...

I love your capes and your boots they look nice on you!!

Jessica Esther said...

it's such a nice cape! so glad you found it!
above all i love your boots!
i saw harry potter last week and all i can say is just nothing to do with part 1. it was all pretty flat and i want to see part 2 as soon as possible ;)

Debora said...

Beautiful cape!!!
Great Blog!




cute cape! ands hey you are so beautiful! <3 gorgeous hair!

Taradiddles of Style on a Budget

Anonymous said...

That cape is adorable! I'm so anxious to see the new harry potter movie, I'm really looking forward to it!

MariaErmides said...

Lovely winter outfit. Btw I'm highly envious that you can pull off both short and long hair!


Anonymous said...

Lovely cape. And your boots are just gorgeous x

MELISSA Z. said...

this cape is wonderfful and suits you very well! You're so cute!

Chelle said...

Definitely one of the cutest capes I've seen! Love the style so much, and love how you've paired it with socks and little booties.

Xo Chelle

mariontchik said...

Your cape is so cool!
And love "your" hair like that!

Mei-li said...

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa you already have got the glasses it's the only one item i want and i can have !!!!!
you're so lucky

Zuzolińska said...

It looks magical ;) I haven't seen yet Harry Potter, but I'll cose when I was smaller I used to be crazy about Harry and all that stuff. No matter how much that film is crap

Anisa said...

LOVE your cape! I'm desperately searching for one as well!


Agnes Satorra said...

Soo cute!

Sher said...

Truly cape-tastic!!


Unknown said...

you're soooo cool! i love that cape!!

Colleen said...

that's way chicer than what i saw other people wearing to see harry potter

l'habitué said...

Loving the cape!

Anonymous said...

REally cute cape

A said...

I think your blog is so good, i'm always exited when i see in bloglovin, that you've made new post. Keep going"

franca maisha said...

perfect outfit, you look great! :)


Megan said...

Capes and backpacks are hard to do. Love them both though...


zahira said...

what a gorgeous cape!

Jennifer said...

I love that cape you're wearing but I cannot agree with your comment about the movie being boring. I was emotionally distraught after watching the movie, and I desperately want to see it again.
I didn't even pay attention to the 7th book when I read it, I guess I'm a reformed fanatic now.

Jessica said...

1. Love the cape and the way you styled it.
2. Harry Potter rocked, not sure what you're talking about!
3. I miss your short hair, it's more chic, in my opinion :)

Jessica said...

1. Love the cape and the way you styled it.
2. Harry Potter rocked, not sure what you're talking about!
3. I miss your short hair, it's more chic, in my opinion :)

Nana MoonDancer said...

amazing cape
and i love the boots and stockings

Damsels said...

i liked the film .. but yeah i remeber when the book came out how everyone was wondering how they would film it . since they spent about half of thebook in a tent.

Anonymous said...

Lovely cape!The extensions and those sunglasses are also great.

And...this is very off topic, but that guy Mike is gorgeous. I'd give him like a hundred babies. Just sayin'.

Eleanor said...

that cape is gorgeous!
you have such amazing style!
and you're gorgeous!

the goorgeous said...

it's soo great whn you find that thing unespected in your closet!
those sunnies are fabulous :)

Febriani Djunaedi said...

love tha cape :)

Sasha Fay said...

Abra Ka Dabra!

Chelsea said...

perfect outfit - love it!

Blog 312 said...

Love the boots!
We have mentioned your blog on ours under the 'Blogs you should follow' section :) Take a look!

Lisa said...

You look so classy, with the cape, glasses and extensions!


sib said...

you look awesome in this cape :)

xx claudia

Publish my Style said...

loving your cape! and the whole styling!

please check out my new blog on street fashion and people x

Rosa and Carlotta: Illustrated-Moodboard said...

lovely cape! we made a post about capes two days ago :D

Check out our fashion illustrations at ! = )


O said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
O said...

I really love how you've styled this, right down to the socks and stockings continuing the grey and black themes.

Casie Jean said...

that cape is probably my favorite cape I have ever seen x.x.x
Casie Jean

Dubai Shopping Festival 2011 said...

just beautiful, i love it and would love to own a cape like this for these harsh winters, great post

The Bambina said...

I love your Kanken backpack.
Your long hair looks very nice! A more winter thing, I'm thinking.

Hannah said...

Why was that cape in the back of your closet?! I love it!! I'm happy you brought it out to share with all of us :). Now... if I could find myself one of those!

Anonymous said...

uh oh... you've been snagged!! jk.

going to see movies drunk is the only way to go. Rob and I always smuggled a bottle in my purse with two little glasses; the only trouble is when I start getting teary-eyed in the freaking previews. Basically, don't ask me for movie reviews.

cheers! - C

Anonymous said...

Aw, I love Harry Potter! I actually can't wait to see it. That cape is so darling though :] said...

gorgeous cape! i love your outfits, always so inspirational!

love, M

Anthea said...

Gosh, I really like that cape and you look gorgeous in it.

NobodyKnowsMarc said...

nice cape!

shelbyisms said...

I just want your life.

ttv said...

She looks more gorgeous with that cape. And I love her smile. :-)

Anonymous said...

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Carissa said...

I definitely love you better with longer hair <3
anyway that cape is awesome!!

Carissa said...

I definitely love you better with longer hair <3
anyway that cape is awesome!!

Anonymous said...

I love absolutely everything! Coat, shoes and all the rest look geourges! U have very good style!!! I'm Your fan :*

allforfashion said...

Cute outfit!
Love everything about you and your blog! xx

Jane said...

Amazing cape, I love it!!!! Perfect to fight the cold winter^^

Anchor and Deer. said...

Loove the cap!

Jessie said...

This coat is very pretty :)

Anonymous said...

you should let your hair grow, you look sooo cute having tem long!

kimb said...

You look good with long hair! :) I am confused, why does you have long and short hair in different outfit posts? Haha, love your cape! Jealoussss

Danielle said...

I can't wait for the second part!!!

Dawn said...

in love with the cape!!!

denise - SUPERWOWOMG said...

ANNABEL you have MAGIC hair!!!!!!! lulz

Cora said...

I am in loveeee with your cape! I also adore your black handbag!

Melissa P said...

Absolutely adorable!

Marianna Papagiannopoulou said...

lovely cape
i adore your shoes though

Anonymous said...

Please where did you get your vintage boots ? They're so lovely!

v o j a c q u e said...

i love this outfit -- so chic!

Anonymous said...

hello, what did you put underneath this lovely coat? :)

Lela Murillo said...

really into this coat.

Unknown said...

I'm actually obsessed with this cape of yours! I need it in my life!!

zansot said...

the LANVIN glasses <3 I wanted to buy a pair of those so badly but i couldnt get out of bed at 7 o clock in the morning to get at hnm on time so... bb glasses, trying to find them online though :)

i am in love with the last picture of yours. this may probably sound really weird but i love your hands, they are so delicate :)

Unknown said...

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