Wednesday, November 3, 2010

stop me if you think that you've heard this one before

thrifted sweater, citizens of humanity jeggings, miu miu clogs, la dama crystal bullet necklace, fjallraven backpack

Looks like fall but sure didn't feel like it today since it was pretty warm. Stumbled around in heels today when I went to buy graduation tickets on campus. Almost tripped TWICE. I guess that's what happens when you don't wear platforms for two whole months. I don't know if I should start conditioning myself again or just resign myself to the fact that I am not a heel person. Right now the only shoes I really want are the Acne booties in the latest post but I'm tempted to look for a killer pair of platforms that I can wear at graduation. Ugh, my birthday is coming up too. I was definitely far more excited about it last year, this time around it's just... my 22nd birthday. Big whoop.

About my latest posts: they're just quick posts for every other day that I scheduled for the week to cheer myself up. Little reminders of what makes me happy. I'm trying to be positive here.



Edwina said...

Really like this look, especially the shoes! They're gorgeous :D

Lorena said...

I can relate, I almost never wear heels and then when I do it's a struggle. Honestly I don't really think I'm a heel person either - I love how they look but I don't enjoy wearing them, it's no fun when walking around feels like a chore. Sometimes they just look too good to give up though...

Jessica said...

Staying positive is good! I just turned 22 in August and I was like big whoop I'm just turning one year older. Anyway love the thrifted sweater and those heels are gorgeous (I'd be stumbling in them too)!

Jess ♡ said...

Those platforms are killer, I'd barely be able to stumble around in them, so kudos to you for managing to go through an entire day! Seems like your life is super hectic for this next little bit, keep on going head first :) Hope everything's been treating you okay too <3

Anonymous said...

You make me want a Fjallraven backpack more with each post you do; it seems so versatile. I think the price is sooo much more inflated in Canada though :(

Samantha Hutchinson said...

Love this looks... the clogs and the sweater are amazing...

michelle said...

chin up, bubba. wha'd you end up doing for halloween anyway?

tarantulatrash said...

Gorgeous classic outfit. I love those heels! Smile :) Ash x

Myy said...

you look stunning!

Anonymous said...

Aw, you should be excited for your birthday! I love those heels...don't think I could handle them though! haha

Anonymous said...

Those clogs are just fabulous! Just recondition yourself, you look good in heels.


whitney said...

i'm pretty sure i would die in heels this tall. i'm impressed that you survived the day! i love this outfit. it pretty much sums up the look i've been trying to capture for fall.
one question: how do you keep your black pants from looking faded?

LUU H. said...

you look simply perfect !

Adrianna Traxler said...

Love your sweater. I totally understand about turning an uneventful age...i just turned 20 and it just doesn't have any value

anni said...

Oh wow, you look so pretty! Yeah I like it!!

Cintia said...

love you Annabel, you're beautiful! Those clogs are amazing!

Anonymous said...

love your necklace! ANOUK also does an awesome crystal bullet range you can get here:

Febriani Djunaedi said...

love your style :) like that clogs too

Anonymous said...

I hope you feel better soon, and I really hope it has nothing to do with BF! Get better, you are so adorable!

Anonymous said...

Love your Miu Miu heels. I'm the same. I really wish I could get away with wearing heels all the time, but always end up in my loafers and brogues instead x

Just a little girl. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Just a little girl. said...

you're the most real person in this blogger world.You don't like too much wearing high heels and you're wearing the same shoes or same sunglasses.(It's a good thing) Because we don't have a million high heel shoes or a million accessory too.And this is why I love your blog.I've been reading your blog since you start this blog.But this is my first comment.(Actually sometimes I comment anonymous.)I love reading your successful life.You inspered me.Thank you for keep blogging.

Natalie (NJ in L.A.) said...

Hooray for Graduation! Stay posi!

Carolyn said...

oh have always loved those clogs on you :) wow graduation.. that was an exciting time, congrats!

behindblueeyes said...

You look awesome!
chic and simple! love ur platform

Anonymous said...

Lovely photos and shoes - they do look painful to walk in though!

In your previous posts, how did you manage to post the youtube videos, minus the video? I've tried and failed to google this. Please tell

Anonymous said...

it's my birthday in 11 days from now !!!!
and I am far less excited they my last years birthday. So many things, not very good ones happend. Who knows, maybe we scorpions have some problems. hihihhi.
I belive in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong. Audrey Hepburn

hugs from Marijana

MELISSA Z. said...

OMG! Your platforms are so cool, wow! <3

Jamie-Lee Burns said...

I hate those same miu mius and everytime I wear them I have to be careful as if I put too much weight on the front of my foot I almost fall - perhaps that was what was happening?

Either way, you look gorgeous! x

Vanessa said...

My heel-walking-abilities have improved a ton since I bought two pairs of wedge booties to wear to work. They're both quite comfortable and make the transition to non-wedge heels much easier to bear. Anyway, even if you weren't comfortable in those heels, you look great!

A said...

the shoes are worth the tripping i think!

Unknown said...

love this outfit! great shoes!


franca maisha said...

Love it!! you look so sweet :) and I love your Miu Miu's!!


Unknown said...

no one pulls of such casually styled outfits like you! love this look :)


Bee. said...

I struggle to wear heels too! Hey, these ones are worth it as they're so beautiful. I love your outfit here - effortlessly cool!

Sara Downton said...

you look wonderful!
i am definitely not a heel person so the fact that you can even walk in these at all, ever, is amazing to me haha

Nyemale said...

I need that sweater in my life :)

FauxFur, not Friendships

Kasia said...

You look fabulous!


julie @ rosy + tart said...

Ha! I remember the tremendous letdown of my 22nd birthday... definitely not as fun as the 21st. However, I can say this: enjoy your 20s! The closer you get to 30, you'll wonder if you had enough fun & learned a few things along the way...

Shevah said...

I love this. Its been warm lately where I'm at too. So much for November weather haha.

Christy said...

Your effortless style of dress is so inspiring, and that necklace is the perfect accessory to top it off with a bit of edge. :)

Unknown said...

Why are you so down?

Jess Mac said...

such a beautiful and classic outfit, love your style!

Bronwyn said...

Your jumper and shoes are lovely!

rich girls. said...

suuuch a cute outfit!
i love the little white sweater and the adorable miu miu heels.
those jeans fit you so perfectly. x.


Love the shoes!

Tabitha said...

LOVE your clogs!

Rosie said...

I love this outfit, it's so cute! The shoes are incredible. I have a similar pair and am always a bit afraid to wear them, but you've inspired me! I'm now following you, would love it if you'd check out my blog too and consider following back :)

collagevintage said...

Woooow you look awesome wearing this outfit. Your shoes are to die for... and the jumper is so pretty.

Big kiss

Flashes of Style said...

Oh dear, you are the epitome of minimalism at it's best! Oh and congrats on almost graduating and turning 22! I am right there with you on those two accounts. ^_^

Ripped Jeans said...

serious perfection.

Ringo, have a banana! said...

Those Acne Pistol boots are seriously the shoes of my dreams. I would sleep in the fucking things too if I could ever afford them. I say go for it if you can (or more importantly if you can convince someone to buy 'em for you for your birthday heh heh!)

Hannah said...

really love this outfit!xxx

rouli said...

how cool heels!!!!!!


kiss dear

Amber said...

those platforms are killer,I might have tripped at least three times if I attempted to walk around in them

Bronzed Humanity said...

You look are rockin those platforms just fine! Stay vertical though haha!

Thrifted said...

oh your outfit is really cute. you're totally channeling ashley olsen.

becka said...

I need to use high heels :s I'm a disaster walking with them and I adore them!!! your are so gorgeous, xoxo

Renee Nabam said...

clean chic...i adore your shoes...and pls don't think about giving heels up...cause you look great in them...and you can...probably...strut around in it..with practice....:)

Lisa said...

I love heels on you!


Anonymous said...

Cute outfit! Be happy love! You're amazing :)

Anonymous said...

your hair looks adorable! really nice.

Nikki said...

i LOVE your clogs!


callie said...

You look awesome like always. I love those shoes but I can definitely understand them being hard to walk in. Hopefully things will get better soon, for now trying to stay positive is good. (: Happy birthday almost!


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Pull Down The Moon said...

i love this look!

Unknown said...

Yesss be positive! i love reading your blog when you have an optimistic attitude :)

gucci uk said...

i do love your boots

Anonymous said...

Your hair are amazing honey!!! *_*
and these outfit super cool!!!



Sarah said...



Sophie said...

I absolutely LOVE that outfit! Suits you very well, it's classic and aah, it's perfect!

the style spotter said...

omg have your COH jeggings started doing this weird pulling things in places? like its this lumpy pattern in places as if the elastic has disappeared? i'm so mad!! i used to wear mine every day.

costra y ampolla said...

This outfit is pretty simple yet amazing!! love the hair


Naomi Dixon said...

I love this outfit on you! Hope you feel better soon hun X

xx said...

so simple yet says so much!

Anonymous said...

I love love love your shoes! <3


denise - SUPERWOWOMG said...

lol i love your face! so cute annabel!! great shoes too! cloggy but not toooo cloggy

Marinka said...

Your sweater looks awesome

Fleurette said...

Haha, why is it UGH to write a paper on Vivre sa Vie? When I wrote 20000 pages about la nouvelle vague, truffaut and godard and one of their movies... that's the best paper I've ever written and I enjoyed it soo much! haha!

Great outfit as usual, love the shape of the sweater.. too bad it's thrifted, I thought it's from Acne!

Anonymous said...

"Nothing's changed, I still love you, oh I still love you. Only slightly, only slightly less than I used to my love!"
My favorite one, reminds of 500 days of summer :)
Bonne après midi jeune fille (yes, cause I'm a french reader btw ^^)

EevvaStyle said...

great sweater!

Serena P. said...

Fantastic look.

Elle. Paris Texas. French Mode. said...

There is Fashion. But there is Style. And you're one of the most elegant ans stylish person i had ever seen on the Web.
Love your fresh blog.

Be happy.


Anonymous said...

In love with your shoes!

Enitan said...

love your shoes!

Grace said...

Those clogs are BEAUTIFUL!

Love Grace.

Jazzy E (Hivenn) said...

x hivennn. enter my giveaway? six whole miss patina dresses to giveaway.

Fredrika said...

LOVE your blog and your style :)

Jessica said...

Oh!I love, love this look! The platform are gorgeous! It is great style !

brittin said...

I love the chunky heels with the chunky sweater..great!


Ashlyn said...

words cannot express how much I love those shoes...

Katie Bee said...

must say, I adore being twenty-two. And I think I'll be happy about twenty-three. But perhaps that's because I'm about twenty years younger than anyone else in the office I work in and twenty-two is just old enough to not be patted on the head and exclaimed about for being so darling and young!
Graduation is exciting. so close! mine is in exactly a month. I didn't know I was the same age as you!
I adore your blog, really.

Tessa G. said...

Reminds me of that perfect "Just-stepped-on-a-huge-crunchy-leaf-with-my-platforms-while-being-whisked-away-by-the-wind-into-my-classes-at-the-Ivy-League-university" look. Heh. It is an essential look for fall. You pull it off oh so well!

Allegra said...

I love your blog - I follow you

Ange said...

Great outfit. Those shoes are incredible.


Katie Kav Photography said...

love the clogs, i know they're last season but i can't find them anywhere! suggestions?

Lena said...

These shoes are amazing. Lovely style, I dig!!!

Manon B said...

I'm fan :D

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