Thursday, June 18, 2009

maximum joy

h&m maxi dress, anthropologie heels (not pictured)

Today was a surprisingly nice day. The weather in the Bay Area hasn't really reflected the fact that it's mid-June so it was nice to see some sun for a change. It gave me a chance to wear this cute floral maxi dress from H&M that is actually long enough to pass my ankles. The watercolor print goes amazingly well with the fabric and length although the amount of boobies that were exposed could be a bit too much at times. I did get three or so compliments from random strangers in the city though!

BF took me out for the best dim sum ever at Yank Sing in SF which was then followed by some shopping (mostly him) and people watching at Coffee Bean. Pika (I'm just going to call him what I usually do IRL, haha) bought a striped hooded Sabatino top from Barney's that I picked out and a loose orange tee from H&M. I wish I could go shopping but for now I'll live it up through him. Although he did offer to buy me something if I'm nice to him...

(On another note, why am I always happiest when my day centers around good food? True fatty status?)

I'm going to go ahead and post food porn anyway. So delish!
dim sum at Yank Sing
And here's the cute little Pika who made this all possible.
steamed pork bun
Pika eating potstickers
Oops! Bra slip and something weird in my hair? Mmm, egg custard tart.


Jessica said...

I think that is the loveliest and prettiest maxi dress I have ever seen!!! That watercolor floral print looks amazing! And mmmmm...all the food looks delicious! :)

THE CAT'S MIU said...

mmm, looks delish!

i was always drawn to that dress but for me, i knew i would not get much wear out of it. it IS a gorgeous print and material. you pull it off amazingly (ps you have the cutest smile)

Virginia de la Reynares said...

What a completely gorgeous maxi! The colors are so lovely.

hanako said...

like the others said, this is a gorgeous dress!! i wished i could pull off maxi dresses. :(

~ Faith said...

Ooooh pretty dress, and DELICIOUS looking food! I wish we had a good place for dim sum here... hmmm...

amy said...

i was just thinking about dim sum this morning at lunch and now i know: i need to go out asap

Damsels said...

lovethat dress and you look radiant in it ..
is that your bf? very cute:)

We Were Damsels

denise - SUPERWOWOMG said...

oh mannnnn har gao and dan tat are my faaaaave (shrimp dumpling and egg tart)

haha sweet dress!! and sweet bf to take you out to feaaast

Julia said...

I love your maxi dress, it's so pretty! The food looks sooo good to. This is the first time I've visited your blog and I love it!


Anonymous said...

haha, I call my boyfriend Pika, too. Because he used to be a huge Pokemon fan, and he still yells out 'pika pika' at times. loll

The dim sum looks delicious!

Georgia said...

Those colours look amazing on you! So lovely and summery

It would be mine

Macy said...

the colours of that dress are so pretty and you always look so unbelievably cute (:

Ilanka Verhoeven said...

Love the dress, great colors.
The food looks tasty, love dimsum!

Anonymous said...

great dress :D I have the same one!

ana said...

Great dress and YUM the food pictures are making me so hungry!!

Anonymous said...

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Ruth said...

The dress is amazing! And you two are just too cute and gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

I loooove that dress on you! I like how the watercolor flowy pattern is girly enough but not so overpowering where it could potentially look like flower throw up on other dresses I've seen.... ahh, bravo, you're adorable.

Unknown said...

I love the dress, I have him too! And the food looks delicious!

Miss FS said...

i absolutely love how you love food as much as you love fashion!

the dress looks amazing on you!

Martina Ngozi said...

love the dress and the food is so drool worthy!

morena said...

wowww !! amazing :)
love it

Eyeliah said...

Oh, I remember eyeing that dress out at h&m gorgeous! and that food, I have to get some dim sum now!!

Anonymous said...

you look so lovely in the dress! I had the same one and though I don't 'fill it out' as well as you do (teehee) the good thing about this maxi is that it fits just about anyone. your food porn is making me sad because it's too late to run out and get some of my own :(

Anonymous said...

Aw, I saw this at H&M today and thought of you! x)

Anonymous said...

I thought he was really blonde?

margaret said...

holy crap girl. yank sing is expensive! the only thing i don't like about yank sing is that they don't make rice rolls in house ~ but they do make a trip outside just to make them for you <3 mmm omg want some nao. @_@

The Stylish Wanderer said...

you look gorgeous in that dress and freakin I WANT that food

Fashion Is Poison said...

yuuum i love dim sum!!!

the dress looks really good on you!


Anonymous said...

That food looks so good!!!

And congrats on the maxi ....I usually don't like them, but the cut and pattern of that one is just plain fab!!!

Maria said...

The dress is gorgeous and it looks great on you. Love it. *

nikky said...

the print on the dress is so nice & great for summertime!


Marla Singer said...

the dress is perfect! you are so stunning! and the food porn makes me starving. haha =P

Luxe. said...

Oh my gosh you look so beautiful! and that food looks yummm!!.x

Mlle-Prekopova said...

Your dress is really cute !
You're natural & elegant in it

m said...

Love the maxi on you, gorgeous!
though, I dont think you need to wear as much make up as you do(that's a good thing!!!)

Orangel said...

i'm desperately looking to buy this online/store. can anyone help me? PLEASE HELP! btw it looks absolutely fabulous on you! :D

Mélanie D said...

this food seems really delicious ^^
Your dress is such a beauty, it makes me want to be in summer :(

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.

Mette said...

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