Monday, January 6, 2014


Oh hey, Happy New Year! I've been sitting on this NY Resolutions post for the past week without any real intent to post but hey why not?

#1 - Be More Positive.

Zara linen tee, Illesteva sunglasses

50% the way my resting face usually looks (i.e. eternal bitch face), 50% how I actually feel inside. I tend to be a bit of a negative Nancy and it's a bit draining after all these years. I'm trying to have a more positive outlook on life instead of focusing on the bad. Sad Twitter is so 2013, anyway.

#2 - Be More Active.

Nike Air Max Thea sneakers

Getting there, somehow. 2014 will be the year I finally have a butt, for sure. Last year I was pretty good about running almost every morning but as soon as winter rolled around I started slacking. Not sure if I can commit to the gym membership just yet because of my schedule but we'll see. What works best for your guys?

#3 - Eat Good Food.

Brunch at Foreign Cinema

Anyone who follows me on social media knows about my fascination with fast food. I promise you, I'm not really that bad, I just talk about fast food a lot. Living in San Francisco for me means I only really end up getting fast food once every two or three weeks. For a while, however, I stopped going to good restaurants since I never seemed to have time to go out on the weekends. Now that I have more free time on weekends I hope I can get back into exploring new restaurants, and who knows, maybe I'll even blog about them.

#4 - Watch More Anime.

Mutant Minds THUGLIFE tee (aka BEST TEE EVER)

I've been getting back into anime recently and it's drastically improved my mood. Anime was a fundamental part of growing up for me and it's refreshing to step back and revisit old favorites like Bleach and Naruto while also exploring new shows like Attack On Titan. I've also been getting back into video games and beat Pokemon Y recently, moving onto the new Zelda game next.

#5 - Be Simple.

Everlane Petra Market Tote bag

In 2014 I resolve to cut my closet in half. I only wear a fraction things that are in there anyway. I'm sitting on years worth of clothes that I keep telling myself I'll wear but never do. This also applies to any purchases I make this year, they HAVE to be very carefully selected and worth it. If I don't wear it multiple times, it's not worth it. This Everlane bag has already been my main daily bag since I got it before Christmas and was worth every penny.

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alivegurl said...

YES! You definitely should watch Attack on Titan! Aren't your mind just completely blown by all the mysteries and surprises? Man, that show is the best!

Anonymous said...

YES! Definitely watch Attack on Titan! And when you do, tell us which character you loved the most! Personally I'm in love with Levi <3

Passionnante & Passionnée said...

Hey good résolution!

Q said...

lovely post!

Unknown said...

Lovely resolutions! I find with exercise in the winter, I slack with outdoor exercise too so instead turn to workout DVD's which really work for me as it's only half hour out of your day and it's all in your own home :) xx

The Girl who Loved to Write said...

Positivity changes EVERYTHING!

Carolin said...

great goals! except the anime thing i should have them too. doing more sports and removing make up before sleep should be most important for me but I'm lazy as hell, too.

Krissy ~ style san san said...

These resolutions are ones I definitely need to work on too! Hehe! said...

These are reasonable goals that you've set for yourself that I think will be reached successfully by the end of the year! Good luck to you!

PS: Love your photos. There is a simplicity in them as well.

SG said...

Great resolutions... Just stumbled across your blog and really love what i've seen so far! Great stuff! x

Jennifer said...

Eat good food is definitely a resolution I can get on!

xo Jennifer

Rosalinda Tjioe said...

Great resolutions! xx

Jessica M said...

Word -- totally with you on these, especially #5 and #6 =)
Good luck!

Jessica M said...

Word -- totally with you on these, especially #5 and #6 =)
Good luck!

Unknown said...

Sounds pretty doable :) I love the "be simple" goal. Definitely something more people should aim for :)

Maggie A

Anonymous said...

I definitely hear you on your last point :)

Kacie Cone said...

Great goals! I definitely need to start getting rid of things in my closet, I have so much and I hardly wear any of it!

Amanda said...

"I don't really give a shit about this blog, but when companies gave me free stuff to advertise for them I decided to go for it."


Unknown said...

These are all great, and the photos are wonderful! Cheers to 2014!

Phoebe Limanta said...

You have such great resolutions and I see at least half of my own resolutions inn yours too!

I've always wanted to go to San Fran as well! So, hello from Australia! :D


Kacrates said...

Im with you on some of those resolutions. by March we will tell how consistent we are with resolutions lol

Unknown said...

Good luck with your New Years resolutions!

I like #6, think its one many of us are guilty of :) Just so hard deciding which items I really will never wear.

I've just started a new blog:
Let me know if you like it, and would like to follow each other on Bloglovin

Michelle Loreto said...

"Be Simple" is a big one for me! My wardrobe needs a clear-out like nothing else.

x Michelle |

MizzJ said...

While I know this is a resolutions post, I was mentally creating an outfit out of your sneakers and purse :p

Little.Pretty.Finds said...

I love your blog, love your style! Take a look at mine, you may get some bargain hunting tips :) xx

hobovogue . said...

nooo don't cut out half your closet!! :((

haha but seriously, love these resolutions :)

xoxo hobovogue ღ

Unknown said...

This is what works for me. Zumba classes because it really gets my cardio up and the motivation to run right after the class. Try to pick a place not super close to where you live, not super far, basically running distance. Worse case if the class really drained you, walk. That's good too.
PS your bitch face is not so bitchy -:) but we all look prettier when fully smiling, don't we?

Unknown said...

I really like this list. I can exchange the watching more anime for blogging more. :)

Maggie A

Anonymous said...

I love this post! Although it might be a bit late for me to start taking up your New Year's resolutions...but I guess it's better late than never.

Loving your blog. x

Justine said...

It's almost March but whatever...This list is similar to mine. Especially the last one. Trying to consume more thoughtfully is easier said than done, but in recent months, it's really changed my outlook on life. And it makes me realize how I really am the one who controls my thoughts, feelings, and well, my life in general. Hope 2014 has been treating you well so far.

P.S. "Attack On Titan" is a great popular anime. Levi is my favorite. ;) Looking forward to Season 2.

clarice said...

first tw- positive and active - yes are great ideas perfect for everybody!

ayaz said...

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Fernanda said...

I absolutely love this post 'cause these were my top resolutions for this year too.
I'm glad we're in May and I've managed to do everything. Except for the part of watching anime, which I replaced for "popular-tv-series-everybody-watches-and-I-don't".
I hope you have achieved your goals :)

doppel : punkt said...

oh, i really love your sunglasses!
they suit you very well.

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