Monday, October 8, 2012

fancy pants + giveaway

09-23-2012 American Apparel unitard, Line & Dot 'Almond' pants c/o Koshka, HOPE blazer, Mint by Goorin Bros hat, Rebecca Minkoff satchel, Acne Pistol boots, vintage sunglasses

Wore this little ensemble to Folsom Street Fair (yes, I'm two weeks late, I know) and well, that was interesting. I'm sure most of you already saw my Instagram photos... what a crazy day. I was able to escape the insanity in my friend's apartment overlooking Folsom but even that party got carried away towards the end of the day. I actually left this hat behind at another friend's place and haven't picked it up. Whoops?

09-23-2012 09-23-2012 09-23-2012

Guess what? I'm teaming up with Koshka to give away a pair of these Line & Dot pants to one of my readers! To enter, just leave a comment on this post with a link to your favorite new arrival on the site and sign up for their mailing list.

Contest wil run for a week until 10/15. Good luck everyone!


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Cassandra said...

Loving these baroque pants!


Jessica Truong said...

I love this Line & Dot Zebra Top!

Bijou's Style said...

cute outfit!

Anonymous said... so cute!

Natali said...

Wonderful bag and pants! You look so stylish :)

Lauren Winter said...

ohhh man the baroque pants are my favorite new item! so beautiful. on the mailing list!

sherri said...

I love the reality studio 'laura' jacket!


KKATWALK said...

You look awsome! Love your pants.

nicolechan said...

Love this jacket

Helen said...

Nice outfit. I am also holding on a giveaway on sending Cherry Culture $20 Gift Card. ^_~

Emmi said...

Pretty as always!

Unknown said...

Nice outfit! Love pijama pants!

Ino L. said...

I love this shirt:

Anonymous said...

love your pants!!

Fashiable | Nanne said...

Perfect, I definitely would wear this!

parolesdhier said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
thestyleflux said...

Love the print of your pants!

Kaye Awatin

mireille said...

I love this Corey Lynn Calter top! Those pants are also fantastic. :)

Lolli Lewis said...

love the print on the pants...

x said...

amazing pants!!

Vulette said...

You wear those pistols so well, makes me wish I had the motivation to save up for them!

On the Kooshka website, I love this dress here, so good for summer.


Raspberry & Rouge said...

Fab pants! Xx Rebecca

parolesdhier said...

Loving the Reality Studio Inside Out Coat, depicted here:

And loving the 'fit, as per usual!


Unknown said...

loving those pants!

Unknown said...

This outfit is wonderful. I would so wear this! <3

Extraordinary People

Isabel said...

Such a wonderful Outfit! :)

I need these pants!
My favorite piece is this one :


Unknown said...

Awesome pants!
(\ /)
( . .)

C.Sarah said...

Ah! Love the pants. Also love the Pretty Penny Outline shirt--

Thanks for hosting this giveaway, you're a dear.

Sydney, Not Australia said...

this dress actually made me gasp - LOVE.

Thanks for the giveaway!

Leah said...

Love love this print!

xiang yun said...

You've been rocking awesome prints in your last 2 posts, I love it! :)

Annie Chang said...

wonderful printed pants!


m said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
genevieve said...

that minkpink wintergarden blazer is suh-weet

Ashley said...

cute pants and this is my fave:

Vanessa Marie said...

Oh my, thanks for introducing me to this site! I love all of this stuff!

Definitely my fave in New In is the Line & Dot Deco Blouse. So rad.

Would love those pants too tho!!

Dee said...

Love this site and signed up for the mailing list. I'm really digging the Lucca Couture 'The Native' Zigzag Cropped Blazer. Cool print and versatile piece.

deebelievesinyou [at] gmail [dot] com

Jennifer said...

You look great! I have similar pants that I was trying to remix, so I might take a cue from your book ;)

xo Jennifer

Ms.Magpie said...

Love the line and dot blazer xx

Melanie said...

love these: Reality Studio 'Laura' Jacket

L said...

Love the Love Zooey Baroque Pants

fashionisam said...

You look amazing!
My favorite from their new arrivals is this peplum top :

Anonymous said...

I love how you put this together! Every time I see someone like you rocking that amazing style of hat, I almost convince myself that I could pull it of as well. Unfortunately, it seems that one needs their hair to be more than two inches in length to make it happen... You wear it well!

Jill. said...

Lovely outfit,beautiful bag!!

Unknown said...

I love your outfit!

My favourite new arrival is the Upstate Dress.


Unknown said...

love the outfit, complements the pants really well :) is my favorite!

Laura UP IN THE CLOUDS said...

haha i love ur awkward hand movements in these pictures (in a good way!) super cute outfit and you are gorgeous :)

im a new follower!


follow me back? :)

Kei said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kei said...

love how you kept everything else very simple to counter the eccentric pants! your styling is always exquisite!

I found this on their website: which I might need to grab :)


Paige Rhianne said...

The trousers are gorgeous! Great outfit! xx

Betsy said...

doing a baroque project so I like these:

simonesays said...

damn, your pants ROCK. I'm also digging the Stela 9 Oversized Alexander Weekender over here:

seeing as I dress pretty lazy, easy minimalist, this would be a simple way to throw some pattern & colour on. I dig this website.

xo, simone

Megan said...

oooh! love this corduroy trench!


Unknown said...

hope i win xx


Whitney said...

i love the black snake pants!


communisteyes said... dying for these

Anonymous said...

i was just looking at some of line&dots dresses yesterday, but to be honest a pair of pants suits me more. i like the print on those. it's not too loud. on koshka's site i really like the 'deco blouse'.


Unknown said...

I am liking this shift top:

Unknown said...

loving the look!

Vanessa said...

This simple outfit with a printed pant is intense and simple at the same time! Come check out my clean collection on socialbliss!

much love, Vanessa

Closet Fashionista said...

Oooh those pants are so fun! I'm loving this look, it's so cool :)

My favorite new item is this jacket:
I also signed up for the email list

far and wild jewelry said...

love this look, i can't get enough of printed pants lately!


CASSIE | More Mascara Please said...

I love these pants! I had a hard choosing favorite from the store but the Tsumori Chisato Hooded Zip Through Spotted Coat is just about perfect in every way.

Kat said...

Great pants! My favorite new arrival on the site is the Love Zooey Baroque Trousers!!! They are so beautiful, I added them to my personal fashion collection on Socialbliss called "My Fall Essentials" You can view it here:

Halo Hasta said...

love the pattern of your pants :)))

Yin said...

Just signed up! Love the Otis & Maclain 'Sunday' Dress ( and the Reality Studio 'Laura' Jacket (!

Corinna said...

I love me some patterned trousers!

Signed up for the mailing list :)

Alyanna said...

Printed pants are ruining my life. Haha.
Signed up for the mailing thing. </3

Anisa Young said...


I am obsessed with the cactus dress:

signed up for the mailing list too!


Tracy Tieu said...

If I weren't a broke student...I would've already snatched this up in a hot minute.

Hanna said...

I love the Otis & Maclain 'Daria' Stripe Top and the Lifetime Stretch 'Twenty'.

Joy said...

So kooky!

Nicole said...

I am loving this tribal printed dress (At It is pretty.

My email is:

Thanks for putting this giveaway together, Annabel! I would love to win these pants because I have been trying to find flattering loose pants for forever! (These fit the bill perfectly.)

kristen said...

This top is perfect and reminds me of comic strips.

Michelle Moon said...

hoodie like west coast item of clothing.

oh and these patent loafers too.

Diana said...

Good to see you posting again. I'm really into the Pretty Penny Outline Shirt and Burbuy Black Ankle Wedge!

Sarah Alikhan said...

supppp giiiiirl

i love this kimono top.

Clara Cheng said...

This is my most favorite:


Carissa said...

Love this styling, Annabel :D

So, the item that I love from Koshka is this amazing Twinkle Carpet Ride Skirt!

Finger crossed!


Candy C. said...

Erm, definitely this incredible, amazing, wonderful skirt!!!


Kate - said...

just love how hat, pants and pistols look together. AMAZING.
It was really a hard decision which piece is my favourite. I was thinking about S.Y.L.K. 'Black Snake' Pants and Love Zooey Baroque Pants, but then I found Something Else "Extinction Sux" Tee ( and stole my heart away.

Carly said...

Gorgeous outfit here! Love the flappy hand post too :p My favourite new arrival is the Laura jacket It had me at those zippy-bits exposing the satin lining beneath #inlust!. Been following your blog since 09 I think, and wishing you all the best in your future work, as a reader it's exciting to see you going from strength to strength. XO

Anonymous said...

i like the pants

Norbyah said...

i'm all over those baroque pants...

Joan said...

oh those pants are beautiful!
great pattern!

this is one of my faves on the site:

Cindy said...

the something else cactus dress!!

Shirley said...

Dem loafers

Kira Ogilvie said...

I love these shorts, so adorable!!

You have great style, thanks for hostin a giveaway.
x (

Mary Mac said...

The S.Y.L.K 'Tracy' Tank Dress is the best! So simple and so bright.

But what I really want are those pants!


Christy said...

I absolutely love this jacket: It would look so cute with the Line & Dot pants!

Chichiloves... said...

love this outfit sooooo much!!<3


Francesca said...

sweaters and fancy pants are the way to go.

Eveline said...

Definitely the gorgeous Stela 9 Oversized Alexander Weekender bag!
( )

Signed up for the mailinglist as well! x

Monica said...
The Baroque pants fo sho!

Blanche de Boer said...

Slouch toe oxford flats would go well with those pants

Unknown said...

seriously lovin this outfit on you! those pants are beyond fab. the shoes I most def. need! And the hat just tops it off!


Unknown said...

Love this top!

Unknown said...

Love this top!

BlueberryHours said...

my favourite is
love your outfit.

Alexandria said...

These pants are awesome

mari said...




Love this!!!!



JoBros (very famous.) said...

Loooooove this:

Tiera said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tiera said...

This shirt is beautiful!

Such a great site.

Vanessa said...

This simple outfit with a printed pant is intense and simple at the same time! Come check out my clean collection on socialbliss!

much love, Vanessa

Anonymous said...

love these pants and how you styled them!

here's a favorite item in their shop:

i made sure to sign up for the mailing list too.

thanks for the chance to win!

Szappanbubi said...


and also love these

porcukorborso at gmail dot com

Kira said...

Don't care if it's past labor day.

binti said...

nice post.

marijana said...

Baroque pants


Maya Gooding said...

Extinction DOES suck!

Jennifer said...

I love the Pretty Penny Outline Shirt!!

Sammy said...

Thank you for running this contest-- because it's introduced me to koshka...

It was difficult to choose one but i am going with this skirt:

Nods to the tribal look with a bit of an edge

(signed up for mailing list w/

Leah said...

I could cozy up in this cape all year long in SF!

Ashley Wilkins said...

Lovin' this crazy cape!


Rachel said...

I adore this outfit - I really wish pants looks good on me...

Courtney Ann said...

These pants are amaazing!


have a great weekend!

Effie said...

i love this crazy printed blazer:

josephine said...

diggin this dress

josephine luu

Katt said...
Thanks for the giveaway!

silvanafv said...

this is lovely

Maude said...

Nice pants, I like it!

Unknown said...

Lovely baroque pants... I like this....

morocco tours said...

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ellie said...

Woo fancy pants! Love!

Unknown said...

i love your pants in this post!

Estelle said...

looking good:>
favourite new arrival!


Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

You look l o v e l y <3

Unknown said...

Love this Olive Cape! Perky and timeless!!

Unknown said...

i love your style!

while I was looking through the NEW IN items on the Koshkawebsite I immediately feel in love with this beautiful coat:


Unknown said...

miriam said...

I know it's too late but i give it a try anyway tho I really really want those pants, they look so comfy <3
I really this "Inverted Kitties" Tee


Vintage Dresses UK said...

I love this one the most - the style of the neckline and the long sleeves would really suit a lot of women

Anonymous said...

Great pants!

Unknown said...

I love all your outfits!!.....

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thank you!
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Unknown said...

cute trousers

Amanda said...

This Vanessa Mooney necklace is gorgeous!

miss punch said...

I like the Love Zooey fitted jacket!

Content Director - Strong Female Leaders said...

Totally fancy pants. Gorgeous outfit, hon!
Girlie Blog Seattle | Cheap Makeup Reviews

The Origin of Pride said...

you look wonderful! love this outfit!

Murat said...

Ohhh.. Great... Like it.



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Kristina said...

love that hat!

FESI-NOIR said...

Lovely outfit! Love the pants.

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Unknown said...

I love the Something Else 'Cactus' Dress
La Modelesque

Unknown said...

LOVE the pants and those boots!


casper+pearl said...

love these pants so so much!

lots of love from the c&p girls,
casper&pearl blog

AngelaandRoi said...

We just found this blog and love it! Great fashion styles!

Tracy said... looove this

Admin said...

Beautiful dress and location. Great detail with the hat.

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Samantha said...

Those pants are beyond fabulous, I love that print! We're always looking for print inspiration at, I'm adding those pants to my list!!

Heidi Hastings said...

Those are some fierce pants! Love them with that blazer!


Unknown said...

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MiKu said...


love, MiKu

Unknown said...

Line & Dot pant is cool.You Look really awesome.

bea said...

This is my favorite:

Beatriz Montoya

Unknown said...

wow...very nice dressings!

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tangyuanxd said...

Ah! I was wondering where I could buy the pants when you said that you're doing a giveaway! I would love to rock these pants this spring/summer!


tangyuanxd said...

Oops, this is my favorite!!

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