Friday, May 11, 2012

alamo square

J Crew sweater, Theory shorts, Coach bag, Bass Wayfarer loafers, Vintage sunglasses

Finally got around to convincing my lazy lovely boyfriend to snap photos of me with his fancy Canon 7D this weekend. I guess it goes both ways, lately I've been looking like a bit of a slob since I've been too stressed out to care about my appearance. I guess we both just need an extra push to keep this up? I should probably buy one of those new compact SLRs since one of those would be easier to have on me than lugging around his camera. And I should probably start caring more about what I wear, oops. We'll see.
05-06-2012 05-06-2012


cece said...

I love this. It looks better than those girls who are trying so hard. So simple & lovely!

Camilla said...

that jumper is so cute

xo Camilla

Into The Fold

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Cathy said...

effortlessly lovely! :D hehe


nice outfit!those colors look amazing!<3



nice outfit!those colors look amazing!<3


Monique said...

A knit sweater, loafers and Sierra Nevada make a great combo. His 7D takes great pics!

Cara said...

Such lovely photos! I love this jumper too!
Cara x

Kas and Blue said...

Love your outfit!! Your jumper is just gorgeous!!


Fashion R&D said...

Love this casual look and love stripes!

Closet Fashionista said...

I LOVE this outfit!! The jumper is so awesome, looks very comfy :D

The Fancy Teacup said...

Super cute and chic!

Rosalinda Tjioe said...

So adorable! Love your jumper! =) X

Unknown said...

love this casual look!

sweet harvest moon said...

Cute sweater!

Anonymous said...

I like everything: the sweater, shoes, bags. Very nice look

Lace And Tulle said...

love your sweater!!!

The Dragonfruit said...

Such a pretty outfit :)
Love the sweater!

Trendy Teal

Unknown said...

such a cute bag!! xx

Halo Hasta said...

very sweet outfit <3

jamie cassell said...

I love this more casual you. It reminds me of myself, this liking you even more!

Marlen said...

haha you'll get back into the groove. looks like you're having beers in the park, so there's one way to de-stress :)

Dominika,16 said...

jumper is amazing and your legs .. wow!

Fashion Inciter said...

Nice post, your lazy/lovely boyfriend did a good job XD

:( said...

Been waiting for your post for a long time and all we get to read is a short paragraph of (again) how you wish you've bought your own camera? Not pleased with your clothing as well - not that creative. It's just like you're putting it all together "just to comply" for another "monthly" post. But I'll give credit for the picture quality. All-in-all, a bit of disappointment. :(

Theresa said...

I love how your outfits are so effortlessly stylish! (: I love the red sweater.


Anonymous said...

Love the Loafers! you look great in them, more loafer pictures.

Anonymous said...

Understand that you've been SO busy. I have always, always loved your outfits in their simplicity. I've never been bored by them. :)

Rodelynn said...

I am new to blogspot, but not new to your style. As always, you knock it out of the park!

Esther said...

I've always loved your blog and how effortless your style is. I see so many bloggers out there who try so hard to look cool, but can't pull it off. Not you though!
So to the commenter above complaining: PLEASE STOP. Blogging takes up a lot of time and effort. And we are lucky that we can find inspiration from this young lady who has a natural knack for style. She doesn't owe you anything dumbass.

Jenn said...

Wow. Really hard to believe the above comment. She blogs for herself! Not to please you personally!

Unknown said...

I'm in love with your outfit! So lovely and simple!

Stephanie Scarpa said...

Very cute sweater. Cute style :)

/S / http://

Isabel said...

So cute :)
I really like the Outfit!

xx Isabel

(mymoonlog) said...


Lauren said...

Love the striped jumper :)

BEBE said...

awww..lovely photos! :D your boyfriend took nice shots! :D *thumbs up*! :D My boyfriend also takes my photos. tee-hee.. :D our boys are the sweetest! :D

xoxo, Rhea Bue

Louisa said...

Love the jumper, and the soft lighting in the photos.

Vanessa said...

Awesoome ! <3

Vanessa said...

Awesoome ! <3

Chichiloves... said...

Lovely photography!!:)

Jennifer said...

Simple but cute!
Great bag!

xo Jennifer

:( said...

We have our own ways of appreciating things. It just happened that I didn't and I want her to know that. Geez! At least I'm NO hypocrite. So Esther & Jen, I'd care less about yours either. Thank you! :/

Unknown said...

that sweater is seriously perfection!


Anonymous said...

You don't need to care about what to wear when you have legs like yours!!

Clara Turbay said...

i´m happy with your blog. Come to check out mine.

OMG said...

somehow i agree with :(. where is constructive criticism when a writer (in this case a blogger) cannot take stuffs like that? this is the real world. we cannot have everything sweet, ya know. just my two cents. anyway, i love your blog! keep it up!

Anonymous said...

This is for :( - Get a life!

:( said...

This is for Anonymous - I don't give a damn, you hypocrite!

Annabel said...

you obviously give a damn if you keep coming back, stupid.


simply chic.
I'm following you right away..
ps: you are featured on my favorite Indonesian local magazine named LOOKS. and I started to seek your blog. love your job!


Anonymous said...

i agree with one of the other commenters. this blogger is HORRIBLE about taking constructive criticisms. she takes them and then puts them on her tumblr so people can make fun of them. that is so not classy and 2nd grade. i'd like to think that anna wintour or jane birkin never did anything like that.

when annabelle does this, she makes herself look really, really immature and VERY un-stylish.

Penny said...

It's interesting to see how your style has changed. I've been a big fan of your blog since you started out a couple of years ago. You use to be more experimental with your style and try different trends. Now, I think you've finally settled down and found an effortless, practical style that is the epiotome of minimalism. I kind of also have to admit that I miss seeing you in the rachel comey boots! :)

blue roses said...

ah, those loafers are to die for!

:( said...

You know what, Annabel? I really don't give a damn on what you say or what others say on my previous comments because I share my truths. Maybe you should take time off blogging. You don't even know how to take constructive criticisms. Do you only expect kind words every time? And it's SO RUDE of you posting my comment in your Tumblr just to solicit sympathy from other people. This goes to show how immature and unappreciative you are. I feel sorry for you. Now, who's stupid? Thanks to those two who somehow understood my side. The remaining respect I have for you has already withered. Anyway, good luck on whatever it is you're gonna do. I just hope you learn something from this. God bless.

petit macaron said...

you're so cute in that outfit ;) i like your style - simple and chic! i'm new to blogspot, pop by my webbie if you have time ;P xx

Thrifted and Modern said...

these photos are great - your outfit looks so comfortable! love the stripes and those loafers.

Caitie @ Thrifted & Modern

Vanessa - said...

Very nice outfit - love your photos...


Van -
New Facebook-Page

Esther said...

:( -

What I wrote was my opinion on your comment. So does that mean you can write what you think but others cannot? I can't speak my "truths" to your comment? You can't take other people's feedback (you get negative and defensive towards commenters who don't agree with you). Who is the hypocrite now!

But honestly Annabel, you are awesome.

Julie Harrison-Leonard said...

annabel - good for you that you can keep blogging despite the mean comments. i really don't think criticism - even constructive criticism belongs in the comments section of a personal blog (unless it is asked for). but that's just my opinion. mean and unhappy people love to bring other people down. thanks for taking the negative comments in stride. haters gonna hate!

Kacrates said...

MAn you always make something so simple, look so effortless chic. nice :)

Dylana Suarez said...

So cute!


Jenny said...

Lovely loafers <3

Callia Armelle said...

love the wheres waldo-esque striped sweater and the loafers!

kemples said...

love that jumper


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Mayura said...

Cool outfit. Your lazy boyfriend has done a good job anyway lol. It is simple yet elegant. Simple choices are always the best. Loved the loose hair that goes well with the shoulder bag, sweater and the cooling glass. Looking forward for an outing once my music classes at a Music Institute Coimbatore is complete. It is great quality pic.

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