Monday, December 12, 2011

forsan et haec olim meminisse iuvabit

vintage sweater from Painted Bird, skirt c/o Fancy Fine Vintage (thanks Ashley!), Fjallraven backpack, Rachel Comey boots, Karen Walker sunglasses

Can't believe it's been almost a month since I've posted. This may be my worst offense yet. These past few weeks have been a bit taxing to be completely honest. The biggest hurdle has been the unfortunate demise of my trusty camera: a blogger's worst nightmare. I made the stupid mistake of leaving a cola bottle with a lopsided cap in my waterproof backpack where my dear baby swam in sticky liquid for God knows how long until I opened my bag at the end of the night to discover an empty bottle. It was heartbreaking, to say the least. Throw in a couple more bothersome life changes (like say, my 23rd birthday) and that's me in a nutshell right now. But really, it's no use dwelling on things, I think I've dealt with enough these past few weeks. For deeply personal reasons that I don't wish to discuss at the moment, please don't ask questions or inquire further, it's really upsetting when strangers try to pry into your personal life when you choose to share only bits and pieces for a reason. Thanks everyone.

ice cream

In more positive news, I did a video interview for Azalea last week which I've posted on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. so you may have already seen it. They're hosting a giveaway for the Kiel Mead ring that I'm wearing in the video so go like their page by the 16th! I also modeled for Ashley's vintage shop Fancy Fine and got this awesome skirt as a thank you. I had a cold at the time so please excuse my sickly face, I had to blow my nose after every outfit! I still had fun nevertheless and I'd totally do it again. Let's see, what else have I been up to? I've been attending more blog related events in San Francisco like the Steven Alan opening with Refinery 29 and DailyBuzz Style's blogger event at Madewell. I'm still trying to figure out the camera situation but luckily I have awesome friends who have been helping me out. I managed to shoot some photos for Gap last week that I'm super excited to share but that will have to wait until the end of the week. Until then, cheers everyone!

Blogger Spotlight: Annabel Ly from AzaleaTV on Vimeo.


The Fancy Teacup said...

Such a cozy look, adore the rucksack as an accent. x

Natalie Suarez said...

i love you even more after watching that video! glad you're back!! xoxooxoxox


tea42 said...

I'm sorry about your camera and I hope feel better! A trip to Disneyland can cure the blues!

Unknown said...

love you sweater!! :)

Anonymous said...

I did exactly the same thing with a camera once. But replace the coke with water & my camera with my bosses camera ... yep! I was really kicking myself for that one!
Kelly @
Elegantly Academic

Chaucee said...

welp, things will get better : )
also, love your hair, and the contrast of material between the sweater and the skirt!

Amy said...

I've been checking your blog every day waiting for a new post! So glad you're back! xoxoxo

Friend in Fashion said...

This outfit is soooo sweet!

Love the knit :)

Friend in Fashion

Annie Chang said...

cute pleats!


Shannon said...

I love your sweater and wavy hair. I hope everything in your life improves and you start to feel happier. Ice cream makes things better :) Lovely outfit.

Hannah Elise said...

Ack sorry! Camera loss is really tough...I've been there! Sending lots of good vibes your way :). I'm glad to see you're back to posting!

Unknown said...

love the skirt and boots :) glad to see u back!

<3 steffy
Steffys Pros and Cons

Unknown said...

Love the color of your maxii skirt.. cute glasss!!

Gela said...

whatever it is you're going through, i really hope everything starts to look up for you!

you're so adorable in the video, btw!!! you've always been one of my girl crushes. <3

boat ride through the sky

ming said...

Virgil! The Classics department at my college was easily the best dressed, mostly because I think the discerning eye for syntax goes hand in hand in with good taste :)

Kallie, Happy Honey and Lark said...

I'm so sorry about your camera. The good things seem to be REALLY good though!

Unknown said...

My boyfriend bought me a canon s95 for my birthday and I had it in my brand new MJ Stam with one of those evian water bottles with red flip top. The bag was fine after some drying but I had to replace the camera >_< Mind you, this all happened on my birthday trip to NY. Hope all is well. That skirt is so cute on you!

erin said...

if you ever feel like making your way to soma, i will help you with photos! i have a 5d...

anabela / fieldguided said...

1,000,000 cool points for quoting Virgil!

pink horrorshow said...

That vid was so cute, now you have me craving eggs!!

Unknown said...

Love the over-sized sweatshirt!

Roxanne Rosensteel said...

You look so adorable! The perfect outfit to look cute and chic but still cozy.

Jada said...

You look so lovely in your video! Haha, I like your "lazy outfit" :) don't think it's lazy at all because you look too gorgeous.

Minestrone Soup For the Teenage Soul

Color Me Blue said...

Super cute! Love how long your hair is these days!

Nice meeting you at our Madewell party :)


Ballerina'sBun said...

Pretty outfit ! Love your pleated skirt ! Xx nadine

Aychpea said...

I didn't expect your voice to sound like that. :)

In any case, hope you feel better soon. Life happens to the best of us and sometimes you just need to lay low and take it easy on yourself.

flowercake said...

so awesome! lucky to be on a video based on the stuff you love... blogs!

Chloe Innvaer said...

Glad you are back! Your outfit is great!

Natali said...

Welcome back! Love your skirt!

Lies said...

Glad to see you're posting again, and indeed, I like the fact that you're not a blogger who shares every little detail of her life with her readers! I have such a crush on your simple style, really, I'd dress like you any day if I could! And that video was pretty rad! You make me want to come to SF one day!

Lies said...

By the way, I love that you used a Latin phrase! I just finished high school and I did Latin for 6 years but my knowledge is already become subpar so thanks for the refresher in the 'cliché phrases! - xo , Lies

Koko.C said...

cool video! love your outfits as always :)

Raspberry & Rouge said...

Cool skirt, love it with that knit! XO Rebecca

Anonymous said...

cute !!
love the skirt!

Antonie Rikardsson said...

i love your sunglasses ;-)

Sasha said...

Such a cute a bit of hippie look!

Unknown said...

I love this outfit, especialy the sweater!

Allison Young said...

It's ok. My laptop drank Mexican Coca-cola thanks to my klutzy self!

Petite Side Of Style said...

I love this video.
I think bloggers should include videos more.

Prisilia Felicia Liando said...

LOVE the whole outfit!! the skirt is too hard to resist.
glad you've back :D

YinGSaran said...

love your skirt!

Sincerely Darcy said...

wonderful!! love the boots and skirt!

clara spencer-phillips said...

Man I love your blog - I wish you blogged more! Happy birthday

Lo said...

Adorable! I love this outfit.

Melissa said...

cute video

Cinja said...

awww what a sweet outfit! adorable skirt

Bianca said...

broken camera....uuuuurgggghh...growing pains! i think strange stuff always happens around bdays! hope it was the happiest of them!

Unknown said...

love the skirt, I've been skirts obsessed among other things. Have a happy and safe holiday.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you're back. I've been reading your blog for sometime. Sorry to hear about the loss of your camera. Love the skirt.

sweet harvest moon said...

Love the video!

megara said...

i love you were back ... love your outfit and everything... :)

hve a nice holiday..

Colleen said...

Aw, that sucks about your camera. That happened to me one time, except with yogurt. It was disgusting and tragic. I'm glad you're back now!

Corina said...

Thanks for starring in our video Annabel!! You look awesome and I am super inspired to get a stripe long sleeve tee...

Clara Turbay said...

Great and modern ideas!

Nicole said...

Woah! That outfit is great! I love your blog. I've already read your last 5 posts! Love them ALL!!! Can't wait for more and I'll definitely be following!

Check out my blog please?


Nicole said...

Woah! That outfit is great! I love your blog. I've already read your last 5 posts! Love them ALL!!! Can't wait for more and I'll definitely be following!

Check out my blog please?


Nicole said...

Woah! That outfit is great! I love your blog. I've already read your last 5 posts! Love them ALL!!! Can't wait for more and I'll definitely be following!

Check out my blog please?


Jenni ... said...

loving your outfit like always! and glad to see you back again, nasty coke bottles. xx

Anonymous said...

You look great as per usual. Whatever it is you may be dealing with, I hope it all ends up ok :(

Lace and Tulle said...

Love your hair in that video!!! lovely!!!

Rachella - said...

AWESOME look you look beautiful! X

Amy said...

So sad to hear about your camera! Hope things cheer up, but you look absolutely gorgeous here as usual <3 xXx

Justine said...

Sweet skirt! Also liked the interview video. This is probably going to sound weird, but it was very interesting to hear your voice! Been reading your posts over the past few years and I've always wondered what your voice would sound like as I read haha. Anyways, hope life starts treating you better soon! Happy Holidays! :]

Unknown said...

Perfect from head to toe!

Fashion Inciter said...

Nice, I love that huge sweater over that long pleated skirt. It looks nice! Nice pictures.

Kelly said...

i want | need | love | adore that skirt.

anni said...

adorable look !

Berta said...

Greattt sunnies! I loooveee =)

Julia Topaz said...

That video was adorable. You are. the. cutest.

Q's Daydream said...


Mimisatin said...

you are beautiful ;)

Alexandra said...

I suppose the Annabel Ly/Annabel Lee comment is a constant in your life, but I'm going to mention it anyway. That poem was my first exposure to the word 'sepulcher' - a great word!

It's a bit heartbreaking that you get such a poetic name, while my initials make me sound like the sixth original backstreet boy that didn't make the cut

Modepistol said...

cute sweater, you look very nice in that outfit!! so cute!!:-)

and lovely blog you have - i liiiike it;-)


Anonymous said...

Great sweater, we love your blog

M said...

wow! loved the video and the brunch looked so yummy!!!

Anonymous said...

usually love your outfits, but this is rather frumpy

Liz said...

hope things get better, you're even more endearing when you talk than in photos!

nonnapuffo said...

I love this outfit
from your follower! ♡

Anonymous said...

love it. :)
Irene Wibowo

Chloe said...

Awww, you are so right, that cola-swimming camera IS a bloggers nightmare! So sorry, Annabel! But loving this look. Can't wait to watch the video!


chloe **

adelle rosan said...

Cute outfit, but I think a dab of jewelry or accessories could bring some color. I'm so glad I have in situations where I need to come up with accessories to fit my outfit. It's simply mixing and matching magnetic studs, and voila! a unique and stunning creation unfolds! :-)

Natalia | Look-A-Porter said...

You look so adorable and I really like your outfit. First time on your blog, but will definitely be back to read new posts! x


Loved your blog, your pictures are awesome, as well as your look... :)

jenlen said...

so lovely style you have, long skirt is very nice indeed you are dressed very well in it! The first time I visited your blog and will probably not be the last:) Greetings from Sweden!

Ruslana said...

Elizaveta said...

you look great! Love you!


Unknown said...

Such a great outfit, love the sweater combined with the skirt!

Nikki Rae said...

This is so cute! Amazing outfit, have a great week:)

J. Double U said...

Ahh, this is so cozy looking and precious! ;__; I really love that skirt!

leavesofgrass said...

loved the video!

Statement of Fashion said...

wow that skirt.... is amazing

Unknown said...

What a pretty blog. Give me your skirt :P

Kisses from Portugal

With love,

Annebeth said...

I've been a fan of your blog for yearssssssss right back to chictopia and I don't think I've ever left a comment, but I'm doing so now because I'M FEELING LUCKY

lol no but I just want to tell you I hope things will turn around soon. Unhappiness never lasts. I've been dealing with some tough shit the past few months too but at the moment I'm focusing on the good things, however mentally tiring that might be. Stay strong! And happy 23rd! I cried when I turned 21 haha

Hélène said...

Love it, nice knit <3

Alejandra said...

That is a lovely polka dot skirt, love the way you wore it with the fedora dear.

Adrianna Traxler said...

The moment i saw that knotted ring i though of nothing else..and your cute quirkiness of course.

cute video!

anni said...

So cute!!! :-)

Anonymous said...

You look lovely as always :)
I love the knotted ring you have in the video. Hope things pick up for you :)


The chunky sweater and polka dot skirt are so perfect! I really love the font on your little video too. What font is it?

xoxo | rodellee
vintage shop

Femke. said...

Wow i just love your style/blog!!

xoxo Femke

Gandhi meets Chanel said...

You are the sweetest and your outfits are always Hype
I get so much inspiration from your blog

Julia Janku said...

Nice post ! Love the video !


the goorgeous said...

loove the look, those boots are superb! so simple and gorgeous ♥

Eva said...

I've just come across your blog, and, I must admit, I'm in love with it! Love your style. x

elspeth angharad said...

I love your jumper :) xx

Dress and Dish: Lana said...

WOW, your hair has gotten so long! It looks beautiful! xo

Shermineh said...

Such a cozy look! I just turned 23 too, (Nov 29th) and it really is a rough age. My friend refers to it as " ugh the twenties". I hope all is well, and things have worked out since you posted this!

myangly said...

LOVE YOU PICS:)))))))))

Unknown said...

cute outfit! i like your style. the rucsack is lush with the outfit.

xo katrina

Hazardous Area said...

Cute skirt!

bedroom ideas said...

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Unknown said...

I'm seriously to say that you are the super model. You look beautiful with your Smart Dresses

cin said...

I love your skirt!!

loveseat sleeper said...

I wish to say that this article is awesome! I would like to see more posts like this, Well done!

Laura said...

How have you done your hair in this video? A video tutorial on how you style your hair would be amazing!!

Unknown said...

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