Thursday, August 11, 2011

something borrowed

vintage sweatshirt from Painted Bird, Citizens of Humanity jeggings, Gap men's parka, Karen Walker sunglasses, Rachel Comey Miner boots

Someone asked me the other day why I stopped wearing this parka... THIS is why. I remember trying to convince him to add a parka to his wardrobe but he was skeptical about pulling it off and wouldn't listen to me. I found this in the men's section at Gap a few months ago, bought it for myself, and sold the parka I used to have thinking that I'd found a good replacement. Ahh well, it fits him better anyway! I'm still looking for an olive green parka though. I almost bought one from A.P.C. that I blogged about here but it sold out! Bummer. Has anyone seen any good ones out there?


Anyway, I have BIG news to share...

I'm going to New York next month!

Did I ever mention that I've never been to the East Coast? Weird travel phobia, I guess. I've never really cared about going but I figured I'd finally plan a trip out there since a few of my friends are going. I'm not sure how many Fashion Week related activities I'll be participating in but we'll see. I haven't really thought about that, I'm more excited about going on an actual vacation! Is anyone else going? I'll be there September 8th-13th!


"Comment te dire adieu?" - Françoise Hardy


Natalia P. said...


I'll be there September 6-11th!
I live in Los Angeles and have never been beyond the Airport in New York. Im totally stoked cause its in celebration of my bestfriends 21st birthday. Cant wait!!!

Best wishes,
-Natalia P.

Anonymous said...

lucky you travelling to the big apple during fashion week. even if you won't be participating in any of it, it'll still be neat to say you were there for that week. i really love that parka too, but i always love men's clothes more. i have a green cargo jacket from macy's that's roxy branded. it doesn't look like roxy on the outside but it has the symbol on the inner lining. it's a great parka, it has a massive hood. but no pockets. so, in short, check out roxy's jackets. :)

sam x

Unknown said...

love your hard rock tshirt and your parka coat! gorgeous look!

Aly said...

I love those shoes!

Tonya said...

This is so cute! I love the boyfriend vibe to this look...perfect! And I hope you have a great time in New York!

Unknown said...

love the outfit! very easy going and casual :)

Julie Khuu | Haute Khuuture said...

wow, NY how fun! Love your kicks..urban chic babe!

Peace. Love. LOL!

Haute Khuuture Blog

Temporary:Secretary said...

I love the lighting on these photos. Stunning photography! You look fabulous too! x

The Fancy Teacup said...

Hope you find an olive green parka soon, it looks so cute on you! Have a blast in NYC next month, love that city!

♥, Jamie

Jada said...

No way! New York is my favorite city :) I'm so jealous that you are going for fashion week. Make sure to take lots of pictures, and have fun! I'm loving that army green jacket!

Minestrone Soup For the Teenage Soul

Anonymous said...

i bought a pretty sweet lighter weight parka at gap a few months ago! it's in my recent post. i'm seriously envying yours right now though

SAMANTHA said...

I love this parka! I bought a great one at F21, but last fall... you are going to love new york, DON'T FORGET to visit brooklyn heights & williamsburg, brooklyn.

Annie Chang said...

cute outfit! laid-back chic!


Oreleona said...

love ur shoes!!

L.L. said...

I just came back from New York! It was fantastic. You must line up for ramen at Ippuro. It's about a 2 hour wait but their pork buns are MOUTHWATERING. Also the MET is a must! Admission is actually by donation so ignore the suggested price and pay what you want.

Emily said...

A got a great one from Maje a couple of weeks ago! Amazingly soft and hangs perfectly

nicolethen said...

oh! so cool :D congrats haha wish i could pack and go along too :P have oodles of fun!

Anny said...

I just moved from Brooklyn over to LA! Go to Pommes Frites in the East Village!! You will be in love with it, promise. One of my favorite New York memories is sitting in the train station eating fries out of a paper cone dipping in war sauce ahhh soooo good! :]

Anna Rachael Pang said...

cool, I'll be in NY during that time! well I'm actually moving there for school (I'm from Canada)! I find that new york can be a bit overwhelming and busy but I guess if you avoid Times Square, then you won't feel that way. Anyway, enjoy your trip! :)

Fat Aus said...

I love the parka, it's very Lindsey Weir from Freaks & Geeks

Unknown said...

Love the outfit!!! And I know you are going to LOVE nyc!


Leslie Christen | Fashion Stylist said...

I love your shoes and YOUR blog!


Caitlin said...

woooo nyc girl!

Clara Campelo said...

WOW! Just WOW.
I love your blog.
All your looks is great.


David Diaz said...

GORGEOUS shoes! & You're lucky that you're going to New York! I love New York it is totally amazing! :D

Have a Good Day!


Alexandria Ryahl said...

i'm starting school at nyu in the fall! maybe i'll see you around greenwich. what part of the city will you be in?

grace said...

love love love love the shoes


Anonymous said...

Love the outfit and your parka is great!

Sandra said...

i just looove your boots!

Visit my blog -

augustalolita said...

i love your sunglasses and jacket!! have fun in new york <3

Rachel said...

This is such a me outfit! I have a jacket like that, and i wear it with black skinnies and my Hard Rock San Fran tee all the time! Though, I want a sweatshirt now, and from LA too after seeing yours!

Emma Louise said...

Ill be in New York on them dates to! Ridiculously excited to go! (Also my first time!) If anyone has any suggestions of what to do/ where to go it would be grately appreciated! x

Laura said...

Absolutely adore your fashion! I want your top!

Have a great time in NY- I've never been, always wanted to go!


Unknown said...

You look great - I adore your t-shirt!


ChocolateFashionCoffee said...

your hair looks amazing :)

Sasha said...

Those shoes are the cutes thing ever!!!

Caroline Weiler said...

I think every time I'm coming here I love all you outfit. So you have such a great taste in clothes and a really nice style.

Stephanie said...

Love the outfit! So cute and adorable!


Carina said...

Love your parka! The shoes are great too <3

Sa' said...

Love your parka and the boyfriend style :) x

Bgo said...

I want to come back to NYC!
I was there two years ago...

Unknown said...

love the parka! and thats great about NYC. It was never big on my list of places to go until recently. now i'm dying to go! lucky!

Stanique said...

Awesome parka!! Have a blast in NYC!

Practically Coffee

Lindy Maddox said...

i LOVE this outfit! casual, while still being in style! and you're hair looks so cute, did you dye it red?? love it! great post.

Anonymous said...

I love the lighting in these photos... is it morning or evening? said...

You're so cute. I for one think that parka looks really great on you. I know that H&M were selling some ones similar to the one you're wearing. Though they came in multiple colors, I don't think it came in olive green.

Unknown said...

You are so lucky to go to NYC! Have fun :)

Lindsay said...

I live in NY! I'm going to a few events, IFB related. Let me know if you need suggestions or want to meet up! :)

denise - SUPERWOWOMG said...

This is my favourite kind of look! A comfy parka, skinny jeans and awesome boots. SO jealous of your NY trip! I miss NY so much ):

STEFANIE said...

looove your sunnies & shoes :) and have fun in NY!

Aliquot and Amble said...

Ahh, I'm on the lookout for a great olive green parka as well so if you find one, please do share!

Denise Pacurar said...

Love this look! Very cute!

xoxo Denise

Kacrates said...

Your coming here to NYC! Nice! :)

Love your Parka btw, I have tons of them and keep buying more. my closet aches for variety but oh well. :P

Sincerely Darcy said...

love those shoes and shades!

K said...

My boyfriend has a jacket like that, but with a topless woman stencilled on the back. Strange to say, I've never felt like borrowing it...

K xx

marblava said...

I've seen someone like this in Zara!

Lisa said...

I just returned from New York, now in LA at the moment and I'll be heading to SF in a few days! New York is so beautiful, you should definitely check out Brooklyn and (since you're as much a food-lover as I am) the foodmarket close to Pier 17, downtown Manhattan. No idea when that market is actually there, but it's GOOD! The food is so fresh, so delicious. The pork filled taco/wrap things are definitely worth trying, they are one of the best things I've ever eaten. You're gonna love NY!

Love, Lisa

Rachella - said...

Nice outfit. And you're so lucky you're going to NYC! :) x

ps I'm sorry for posting this here, but it's very important to me. would you please vote for me HERE by clicking "stem"? you're able to vote every day again, if you want:) thank you so much, can't describe how much it means to me. <3

Ivory said...

Love that parka!

Ivory x

Klára said...

Enjoy the NY! I love your simply outfits :)

AC said...

Brooklyn is where it's at :)

Rosa Maria said...

I totally agree with your description about yourself. Btw i was listening to Françoise Hardy song last night. I almost forgot how much i love her.

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valee_gm said...

Please Follow me!

flowercake said...

i love the casualness of your outfit i bought a parka from banana republic but that was a while ago

sara said...

i moved here from the west coast (seattle) last june 2010. :D

you MUST try FETTE SAU in brooklyn. best bbq in the states. trust me. you will definitely not regret it. from buying the meat by the lb., the buns, pickles, and bbq sauce, to the beer they serve in mason jars. and i just found out they deliver to my place. maybe we will cross paths!?

Caity Cwik said...

I'll be in NY that weekend. I go to school in Boston but one of my best friends lives in NY so I'll be visiting before my fall semester starts!
Have so much fun! You'll love NY!

Mikimidori said...

i just want to say:


Kristel Louisa said...

I totally love your style. This whole look is just perfect! Those boots are awesome.

en la moda

Anonymous said...

Loving the shoes!

Emma. said...

i have to say that really, i'm found of your style :)

Nomadic D. said...

Well I won't be around then, but I'm in nyc now and loving it! I'm spending the entire month of august here and it's wonderful. You're gonna love it, I'm sure. And by the way, those booties look awesome, I'm seriously considering them myself thanks to you.

Meena Dhuga said...

love it! it looks really good on you btw! i really want a parka too! when you get one i would love it if you blogged about it! :D

Meena ♥

Raspberry & Rouge said...

You look so great! Really like your look! So casual cool! Pretty! AND YOU WILL LOVE NEW YORK: my upmost favourite city evah! ENJOY! Have a great week!

XO Rebecca

PretaCoture said...


Best regards,
Girls from PretaCoture


whiterice said...

Those boots are killing me! I must get

nez said...

loving those boots of yours! xx

Sarah said...

I've never been to NY either, but my mom has and she said it was awesome. I definitely think you will love it. I would love to go there someday and see where John Lennon lived. Have fun on your trip. Oh...and I also love your boots. I use to have a pair similar in the 90's, I believe they were Timberlands though, lol.


Pneumonia said...

hard but soft<3

Chloe said...

Have fun on your trip! I'm SO excited to see pictures!

chloe **

sewa mobil said...

Very nice, thanks for sharing.

Iva said...

OMG ! I fell in love with your shoes ! Have a good time in NY (:

Amy said...

Love the look! And really love the hard rock shirt that you're wearing fun!

Magnet said...

Damn, have fun in NYC, it's freaking awesome!

xx said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

love this outfit, especially the coats :)

Anonymous said...

check out the j.crew men's store for green parkas - i bought one that's very similar to the gap one you're wearing. Not sure if they're still selling it, but they are still selling similar styles

Anonymous said...

So jealous that you get to go to NY. I hope you have a lot of fun. Take a lot of pictures!

xo Sherrie
Closet Hound

Unknown said...

You're going to immediately fall in love with New York and plans will be made thereafter. Trust me.

Natalie Suarez said...

YAY!! we are going to have to hang out and do completely illicit things!! talk soon!! EEEP!! xx

Unknown said...

loveeeeee this look and u'll love NYC!!! CHECK out my post as I studied over there for a month....

Anonymous said...

Love your outfit!
If you're going to NYC...i suggest going to a new Canadian store that just opened up in Soho called Aritzia! You might find a really nice olive green parka can visit the website and check it out!

Have a fun trip!!

Meg said...

Oooh, I hope I'll see you around in New York! You're a walking advertisement for Rachel Comey, those boots are too cute

zw212 said...

tuum habitum amo. Novō Eboracō (NY)fruere!

hanna cousins said...

Those boots are very cute! I also love the army jacket, great outfit!

Nancy Seline said...

hey there fellow san franciscan! sadly I've missed you by a couple of days. I'm going to be in NY on Aug 31-Sept 5 :(

Hannah said...

This is a little late, but as far as green parkas go I'm really digging the brand Penfield:

The selection is a little slim right now, but there will probably be more come fall...

Christine Ver Raitt said...

I'm an LA blogger in NY during Fashion Week too. Would love too meet up with other bloggers and attend some of the events.


Trine said...

you are really beautiful!
i loove you style..

love Trine, Denmark

Unknown said...

Still love this outfit!!!! <3 <3 <3

Samantha said...

loving those boots of yours! xx

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Hard Rock!
Nice sunglasses, by the way :)

Unknown said...

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