Thursday, February 17, 2011

slightly irrelevant

vintage sweater, duffel coat, and boots, Acne jeans, Coach purse

This is what I wore during and after this crazy storm that just hit San Francisco out of nowhere. Today I realized that after five years in the Bay Area I still don't own rain-appropriate shoes and probably never will since I haven't found a pair of rainboots that I actually like (and those Loeffler Randall ones still refuse to go on sale) so I just wore these trusty old vintage ones. Last night I somehow ended up walking in the rain and hail with two medium Domino's pizzas and while the pizzas remained relatively unscathed I ended up a soaking wet mess. Totally worth it, though.

post rain

So umm, what else? I walked around downtown SF with Lulu while she told me about her trip to New York. Call me boring but I'm not really into that NYFW scene and I don't think I ever will be (although this iPhone app does come in handy). Did I ever mention that I haven't traveled anywhere past Texas or Mexico? I have this weird anxiety about being in a plane longer than two hours. I do want to go to New York soon and Megan and I were talking about going to New York to visit her cousin Sophie. Maybe in May? I'm more excited about going to various restaurants than anything (looking at Frances and Gennie's blogs for recommendations of course) and maybe some sightseeing but man, it'll be nice to go somewhere that isn't the west coast for once. Time to try something new in 2011, I suppose.



Carissa said...

I understand a girl like you :) when all the fashion blogger are so "loud" about NYFW, it's good that you stay true to yourself :)

Sweet Pea (formerly Alice) said...

I just love your steeze... Don't ever change! Too cute!

Anonymous said...

i swear by ilse jacobsen rain boots.. theyre amazing.. a touch expensive but i love mine. so very warm inside even through snow

brunchatthebeach said...

Whaaa those boots are vintage?? Its so hard to find light leather boots that are in good conditions and not all nastified. And I'm with you on the NYFW. -__- just not THAT into it.

-Jane @ Brunch at the Beach

Diana said...

In March I'm going to travel and all I can think about right now is how a huge piece of metal will be in the sky for 16 hours -_-

Mani said...

I'm in love with your jacket!

Anne said...

I can relate on the traveling thing, though I can travel forever on a passenger train like Amtrak. Those are so cozy and fun!

I love your coat!

Unknown said...

I'm not into all that fashion week stuff either! Glad to hear I'm not alone in that ;)

Love the coat!

bravegrrl said...

classic comfy look... love it :) can't wait for your ny restaurant escapades!

Monique said...

Cute Boots!

this free bird said...

i'm not into all the fashion week hoo ha either. if someone called or emailed me with a free ticket to something i love like oh, say, isabel marant in paris we might have another story, but for now - it seems like a whole lotta screaming.

Now may I just add that bloggers in the Bay Area have the best vintage finds I have ever seen. I live in SoCal and be damned if I'd ever see ANY of that good stuff down here.


Gabby / Gypsy*Diaries said...

Lve your coat! And what do you mean you don like to sit on a plane for more than 2 hours??? That's where funland begins! :D

christie @ said...

love this - and also your bio description. i am also content with spending more money on clothes than food. :)

LAVEL said...

Look nice! :)

Anonymous said...

You have wonderfully adorable style!!

Jill said...

Lovely coat!!
You look great

Woods said...

first time ever commenting your blog ( i know who cares) but aww girl you look great! i just love your duffel coat ALOT!

Laurita P said...

your coat is so great! i know it's pretty cheesy but i awarded you with an award that was shared with me. check it:

leah said...

aw your so adorable! i looooove your coat

Crystal said...

I have the same issue trying to find cute, yet functional rainboots. Those Loeffler Randall ones are totally cute, but totally super pricey! Let's hope they go on sale soon!

Looks like you had fun downtown! This post makes want to go shopping!


really nice coat and boots!

Caroline Weiler said...

Nice boots ;)


blog photos:

Anonymous said...


Chloe Marie said...

I really love your coat! I love new york but I don't know if I could handle it for NYFW, it seems so crazy already without any added drama.

Bronwyn said...

I love your coat and sweater!

Tamera said...

Love those boots! Great outfit!
Tamera xo

Tamera said...

Love those boots! Great outfit!
Tamera xo

Anonymous said...

Check out newly posted items!


Unknown said...

love your coat :)

margaret said...

I just realized that you've been sticking your tongue out in some of your photos.

Percy Owl said...

I think those boots used to be on sale at, but it appears as though this information is useless since they aren't there anymore - handy right?

Sophie said...

Awesome Dufflecoat, I love your Outfits.

What's up with your hair, I don't understand the changes between long and short (which I like much better).

Sophie said...

Awesome Dufflecoat, I love your Outfits.

What's up with your hair, I don't understand the changes between long and short (which I like much better).

A said...

i want your coat!!
ps your absolutely stunning!!

Felicia said...

cute coat! I am in love with the toggle buttons.

I agree. Long flights are awful. I wish I could just tell Scotty to beam me up or that I could just apparate to my destination.

Anonymous said...

THE LR RAINBOOTS ARE ON SALE!! I can't remember the name of the store (there are three of them now) 1 on fillmore and then the two on hayes in hayes valley (by ver unica)... but they were 50% off! woo

Lúcia said...

you look really nice in these pictures. I love your coat. xx

Rachel said...

Your coat is so cute! The little toggle closures are really cute. :D

theappletea said...

looooove this outfit so so much! So classy and fantastic

pink horrorshow said...

Omg dude you have to get your little tushie over here! Your head will just blow up by all the amazing food we have!

I've been wanting to head out to Cali, I've only been there once in my whole life and I was about 4 years old.

Alexandra said...

really love your coat!!! :)

please visit my blog

Kacrates said...

You believe in what you believe, others believe in what they believe. done. Your awesome and they are. Thats all that matters. We all love fashion of some sorts.

And I have to comment on that jacket, its mine! :) Haha, i mean i really love it.

Anonymous said...

you look so cute. makes me happy!

TheMinx said...

your sweater looks so cozy and lovely :) and you should definitely try to come to nyc, it's such an amazing city (and yes, the restaurants are SO AMAZING)

Raquel said...

Your pictures are adorable! And you should definitely go to New York, there is nothing like it. x

Closet Fashionista said...

You look so cute! I love the coat!! :D

Michaela said...

Your jacket is lovely!

pushups with polish said...

soo cute! love the coat. this sf weather is driving me crazyyy!!!!

Claire said...

what about the ilsa jacobson lace up rainboots? i think they're super cute

lena said...

I love your coat, the hair, and the sweater peeking out! so cute. also, I'd love to see what mischief you get up to in NYC. go go go!

jandcocoa said...

new york is great to try out different foods. even as a new yorker, i can't get enough and the thought of trying out new restaurants makes me happy. i hope you do come and enjoy the scene we have here. the flight isn't so bad.. just make sure you fly jetblue for lots of leg room!

Becky said...

Love those boots!

Carolyn said...

sf was so gorgeous for a week and then the weather got crazy! i left it the last day when it started to drizzle, but everyone was freaking out already with umbrellas haha

Valentina said...

I love your coat! I'm also not into the whole NYFW scene.

Anonymous said...

The Loeffler Randall rainboots are totally on sale! Try this website:

I'm obsessed with A Mano (the best boutique in Seattle) and they have great selection. It looks like they may not have your size, but she has other things that might work too.

SAMANTHA said...

you're adorable I absolutely love your coat!!


Ambyr said...

I'm in your shoes, literally! I can't do the rain shoes, so unfortuntaly I have soaked feet on rainy days when I forget boots of some sort! Look your outfit, cute buttons!

Natasha said...

I love your outfits, they're always so pretty and original yet simple and understated. It's just one of the many things I adore about your blog. xxx

Katherine said...

Such a cute coat on you!
La Petite Marmoset

KimChicSisters said...

Love the coat!

check out our blog!!

Anonymous said...

Do you not like Hunter Wellies? To me they are cuter than the LF boots.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Nice outfit! especially that coat, im loving it!

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Christine said...

i'm with you with the NYFW business! i mean i'm all about fashion and design, but i can never get into the hype whenever there's a fashion week. all that to say, you're so down to earth and i think that's why people enjoy reading and following you. you're a girl with great style that is still human. love it! :)

cute toggle coat, btw!

Anonymous said...

thank god you weren't wearing your nappy ass hair extensions in the rain, that would have been a fucking mess, kind of like your outfit

Anonymous said...

Your poses and expressions are so cute bahahahah you seem so awkward yet comfortable on camera

xo Sherrie

Heini said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Thanh said...

I'm gonna bang my head against the wall if I see another NYFW post. Thank you for not posting one!

Lulu's Dance said...

Ummm, you need to check out Jeffrey Campbell's 'Marsha' rain boots. Those babies are simple, cute and inexpensive.


Alexandra said...

Wow,great boots, they're really nice.Youknow what I like about you and your blog ? You adore eating and you'll never say no to something delicious!

alexandra @

Laura said...

Lovely jacket, I love it!!!!!

Hélène said...

so cute,
nice coat !

Unknown said...

Lovely dufflecoat and bag!
I can totally relate to not feeling this NYFW vibe, it's the same with me too. I'd love to visit NY someday but then I want to spend my time on eating, shopping, sightseeing rather then watching fashion shows all day ;)

Shilpi Tomar said...

super cute!



christen. said...

such a cute coat! I love toggles - they remind me of paddington bear :)


A + N said...

Love the sweater peeking through!

Sale Shoes said...

Sounds like an exciting year for you!! I'm such a huge fan of yours and wish you the best in 2011! I love all these shoes too -

Unknown said...

You are so pretty! Love the outfit!

Anne said...

I just discovered your blog, and I think your style is just perfect. Well, for me anyway, as I spend my days in kaki parka or navy duffle coat, dark skinny jeans, striped or checked top and Fjallraven Kanken!
And the food pics are mouthwatering!

Yaima said...

I totally love the buttons on your coat, wonderful detail

hannah and landon said...

I have your coat's twin :).

Dylana Suarez said...

Soooooooooo, your toggle coat is just puuuurfect! Love it!


kitten roar said...

ha, i feel the same way but in chicago. it is always snowing here yet i never feel prepared because i hate winter clothes and never feel like shopping for them.

Elizabeth said...

I love this look! So perfect for the weather but also cute and flattering. The camel accents are perfect.


Crescent Louise said...

I really want a pair of Hunters, except I live in LA and don't really think I need them! O well.

xxx C

BlackPearl said...

Love the coat~

moe said...

Cute coat: )

Kristin W said...

I love such a simple outfit! That jacket and those boots are too cute!

Célia said...

You're so so cute!

Lena said...

Stunning boots. Totally love em!

Miranda said...

Very cute quirky outfit post!

Check out my blog :)

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June Avenue said...


Mzo Ntuli said...

I love those boots! So awesome'

Kumar said...

love your coat :)

Unknown said...

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