Thursday, February 3, 2011

cool beans

Gap gingham shirt, A.P.C. trench coat, Citizens of Humanity jeggings, Rachel Comey boots, Fjallraven backpack, Ray Ban wayfarers

Sorry I've been MIA... I finally moved to San Francisco! I live two blocks away from Alamo Square and can walk to Popeyes and Taco Bell. I posted two pictures on Tumblr but will be posting more once I'm settled in. For now enjoy these photos that Megan took before we went to In-N-Out today.



Nina said...

Awesome outfit and OMG thats so awesome. Very jealous. I love San Fran

nicolette said...

yesssss. love it.

Elina said...

You look gorgeous and the outfit is great! :-)

Monique said...

Hope your enjoying every bit of San Fran. I'm from NYC but Berlin and San Fran on certainly in my top 5 favorite cities. Happy Weekend

dejoiss said...

You look so gorgeous! :)

Meg said...

you're adorable adn I love how you make basics so stylish

Anne said...

Your hair is SO shiny! What do you use or do to it? Wow! :)

Can't wait to see pictures of the apartment!

brunchatthebeach said...

I love the rachel comey boots...and your whole outfit! How's the weather in sf?

-Jane @ Brunch at the Beach

Jenni ... said...

Gingam!!! I'm loving the outift! :D

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

I hope you have an amazing time living in San Francisco! I've been playing with the idea to move there for a while now... maybe your future posts out and about in the city will inspire me to take action (:
major shoe love for those babies, if I had them I'd never take them off never EVER!

Friend in Fashion said...

Love San Fran, & love this look!

The trench and check shirt were made for each other :)

♥ Friend in Fashion

Leya said...

you look amazing!! =)
i love the way you did your hair..
it's cute....
gorgeous coat and shirt...
love this!!

S said...

Loving your trench and shoes! Ah, I'd love to go to San Fran.

Ria said...

Love a good trench. Hope you get cozy and settled, San Francisco is my favorite city in the US.

LAVEL said...

love boots, shoes, EVERYTHING♥

Anonymous said...

It's a fucking crime that someone can eat at In-N-Out, Popeye's and Taco Bell and be as thin as you are.

naomi said...

your hairstyle is so cute! i love the super high bun look. very japanese!

Phoebe said...

Oh my goodness, lovely outfit!

Style and coffee said...

lovely pics!

Dylana Suarez said...

You have AMAZING style! I don't think I have been on here in a while, and I don't know why! But now I am stuck on your blog and I love it!


Camilla said...

that trench is so perfect x

Ivi said...

reminds me of michelle williams! boots are sooo good :))

this free bird said...

Love your outfit head to toe...espesh the boots. They're fab! And the trench and sunnies, too.

Katie said...

great look! love your bangs!

arttu said...

haha cool beans, one of my friends used to say it all the time :D gorgeous outfit ! x

Jasmin said...

great look! very simple but still amazingly chic!

Style-Pursuit said...

LOVE LOVE LOOOVE IT! :o) You always look great!!!

Check out my first giveaway!


Neus said...

Love this outfit! the shirt is fantastic!!

ellio100 said...

You look great, congratulations on the move!

anni said...

You look gorgeous as always :)

Lucy said...

I love the coat!!

Cindy said...

LOVE the simplicity of this outfit!

Anonymous said...

This coat is awsome! U look perfect !!!

Sascha said...

Cool look, love the trench coat!

Unknown said...

love your shirt <3

No Alice No said...

Love it!
Hope everything is fine in your new place.

jEm said...

WOW! your bangs are fantastic!!


visionsofmemories said...

Love the trench! Hope everything with the move is going well for you :)

Lisa said...

Love the trenchcoat! Hope everything is going well with the move :) And your hair looks so perfect, adore it!


Rachel said...

Cute outfit, and congrats on the move! :D

Aquí said...

I love your trench! Your hair looks lovely!

Halie said...

Very beautiful outfit.

Closet Fashionista said...

Yay so exciting!!!
And I love the outfit :D

Carmia said...

Love your coat!

Suzin S said...

Love this, its super chic! and your hair is really pretty as well!x

Niki said...

you look great, i love your outfit! :)

Laura said...

san fran is so awesome. jealous!

ackebea said...

Just love that coat.............

Ambyr said...

Love the shirt, looks great with the trench coat color!

Shevah said...

Well aren't you cute. I love this look on you.

Bronwyn said...

I love your boots! Congratulations on your move!

Jessica said...

beautiful and effortless as always. super jealous of your rachel comey boots, btw. <3

Katie said...

I love your priorities: Popeye's and Taco Bell. Awesome!

Anonymous said...

Casual and stylish, always. LOve the trend, love the shirt's patter and, above all, your sunglasses!

Nicole Craven said...

i love your outfit!! especially the bun with bangs! thanks

Shilpi Tomar said...

sweet jeggings!



ilona said...

love the outfit :)

Mariangela said...

What a lovely style Annabel! :)
I can't wait to buy black wayfarer!!! I've just sold a old pair (military) and in 2 weeks they'll be mine!
Here in Italy these days the weather is hot (it's winter??) and i'd love to wear my zara trenc!!! :P

Hope to see other posts in your new house!!


Anonymous said...

really amazing!

Pauli Rocker said...

I love your shirt, but your blog more! xo ♥

vio said...

beautiful outfit!

Unknown said...

I love you shoes

kaymie said...

your bangs are really awesome :D


you have the best facial expressions. your face rules!

Amy said...

I love your boots! They look so comfy. Which is perfect for San Francisco.

Welcome to the city!

Kelli Murray said...

Your blog....your style....sooo good!!! xo -Kelli

itsNikki said...

Love thy blog, love thy style. Hope you can visit mine. xo

The Bambina said...

Ur posts make me happy.

Unknown said...

tres j'adore (if that even makes any sense lol)

Shaina said...

loveeeeeee love love this! your outfit is amazing from head to toe <3


Natalie (NJ in L.A.) said...

Congrats on your move and cheers to your Popeyes proximity.

wheelchairs said...

Superb blog post, I have book marked this internet site so ideally I’ll see much more on this subject in the foreseeable future!

Unknown said...

WOW, just love it!
And just love your hair - SOOOO cute!

Not Specified said...

Love your outfit, you look great :)

k said...

dude i love your style here :)

nesha said...

loving your hair! the fringe is great, i've been debating a fringe for some time now... I also love the coat.

Kacrates said...

Hmm trench coats. Hmm plaids shirts.. Hmm cool beans indeed!

We got the same similar style. Yuummy!

Catherine Au Jong said...

really love combination of the trench jacket and the shades!


Kristy said...

You're a vision. x

Shelby said...

your hair looks so good like that

Alexandra said...

lovely outfit,honey ! How's San Francisco ? Hope it's nice <3

alexandra @

whitney said...

Love your outfit! You look gorgeous!
Followed. :)

Unknown said...

You look awesome! I love the sunglasses on you! :)

Terezsia said...

I wish to have your legs!!

Renee Nabam said... san fransisco..ultra cool!!!!

Chloe Scheffe said...

Love love love the boots. I need something effortless like those...


She Wears, She Shares said...

You live by an amazing park! Today is a great day in Sf to just be sitting around, sipping chilled drinks in the sun!

Have fun!



Irene Villora Esteve. said...

I looooove the outfit! Can I copy it? :)

BlackPearl said...

That trench is amazing! I've been dying to get a hold of one! Love your site!

Unknown said...

I love this look. It's a mixture of classic pieces and casual-chic. I love the sunglasses.

marlow*35 said...

so british and cute with your trench coat :)

follow the marlow crew

Carolyn said...

love jeggings! so comfortable. stretchy jeans = genius

Miy said...

Awsome outfit.. and your cuteness.. you're soooo cute!

The Picnic Girl

Contact said...

what a versatile trench!

Alice said...

Love this. and I still can't believe you scored those Rachel Comeys for dirt cheap! so awesome.
Clouds and Candy

Anonymous said...

Would love to move to SF!! I love that city
You look so cute with a really laid back outfit

COCO said...

The trench! And the boots! Ah, loving it.

Studded Rose said...

love this, love that trench its timeless!

classiq said...

Love the outfit! Simplicity is style.

Whitney said...

Love the outfit. Simple, yet so pulled together. Definitely need me a trench for spring! :)

Izzy said...

Wow. I love your coat and boots! Lovely blog. Hope you visit back :)

ParisandDawn said...

I am in love with your boots!!!!
I've been wearing skinny jeans with booties a lot lately, inspired by your outfits lol and it's simple as well.
love! the outfit is just so hmm chic and

Michaela said...

I love this outfit so much! It is so simple but amazing! I'm definitely following you now!

Some Notes on Napkins said...

That trench is AHmazing! The boots complete the outfit!

Anonymous said...

I just discover your blog... I love it!! come discover my site ;)

Danielle said...

Your trench looks so sharp!

Motherhood bites said...

Love this outfit! U have a lovely blog!
I follow you :-)

Grande Jewelry said...

Love that creme colored jacket. Lovely.

Grande Jewelry
Grande Jewelry
Grande Jewelry

Jules said...

my love!

I always check your blog out but never leave a comment...but im a BIG fan!

love love love your steeeez. so chic and effortless.
Absolutely love this outfit, its something i would wear. You're an inspiration!

come to L.A so we can play!

KAY. said...

Great great outfit, love your style!

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Anonymous said...

I totally love your trench coat!! Lovely outfit,Hun!

Judy said...

great outfit, and I love the way you wear your hair up!


Lizette said...

Love this look!


TheVivianGirl said...

LOVE this outfit, timelessly chic!

check out my blog:

you fellow bay area fashion blogger
The Vivian Girl

Courtney J. said...


Currently wearing one of their sweaters.

Julie said...

Amazing outfit!

Amber said...

First of all, you're absolutely adorable, and I've just spent around an hour going through your archive and loving all your outfits!

Secondly, I'm putting together a post on trench coats for my blog, and would love to feature this look (with full credit and linkback, obviously!), assuming you don't mind? If you'd rather not be included, please just let me know - my email as amber @!

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