Thursday, October 28, 2010

i'm lazy

acne v-neck tee, zara cardigan, citizens of humanity jeggings, vintage booties, la dama crystal bullet necklace, fjallraven backpack

Umm hi internet, it's been a while. Too many personal issues are sucking the energy out of me and blogging has been the last thing on my mind. I think being in bleh mode these past few weeks made me really want to change up my look so I've been putting in my clip on extensions to look somewhat different. since I don't really feel like myself. I've been drinking tons of tea and wearing this necklace which is supposed to have some sort of energy crystal. Uhh sure, I'll take that if it makes me feel less crappy. These were taken when I met with a friend for lunch and happened to have my camera with me, nothing special, just a normal outfit for classes.

Goofy face and thumbs up are still intact in that second picture, so I'm somewhat alright. Could be better though.

la dama crystal necklace


Jess ♡ said...

Feel better Annabel :( I miss your cheery spontaneity! On a plus note, that necklace is fantastic, and you look beautiful <3


Ana said...

I've missed you writing on your blog! I hope you feel better soon. Love the hair by the way!

Ana said...

I've missed you writing on your blog! I hope you feel better soon. Love the hair by the way!

Jennifer S. said...

cute outfit


Jennifer said...

Aww feel better chica :) missed seeing your posts lately we all go through things but I hope you feel better :) and you look great as always :) love the extensions!

Anonymous said...


Jessica said...

I hear you... about being in that really really weird funky mood. But, just wanted to drop a comment and say I always love everything you post and all your readers are here to show support!! :)

Also, I think I'm going to copy you and buy that necklace.

Nyemale said...

I am OBSESSED with your blog, your style is amazing!

FauxFur, not Friendships

Nyemale said...
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June said...

nice hair

callie said...

): I'm very sorry you haven't been doing well lately. Hopefully things will improve for you soon! <3

Patricia Ann said...

One thing that helps me is taking the feeling of having an obligation to blog because there are people waiting for you. So, instead of completely throwing away the idea, make an adjustment?

Say, turning the comment section off? :) It works for me. If I feel like I don't have anyone reading, the pressure to blog seems to slip away.

Great sweater.

Anonymous said...

ah shit i know how u feel. i thought i was the only one. but i'm sure we'll get through it. luckily i have a job interview tmrw. i hope everything goes well..i'm rambling. but whatever it is that ur going through hope everything gets better. love ur style

xo Daisy

gin_yuchen said...

wow~ are those extensions?? your hair looks longerrr~
btw nice outfit :D

Catherine Au Jong said...

nice look :)

Anonymous said...

don't be too down.
I also totally thought that was a bullet necklace.


Love your cardi!

Bella said...

Hope you feel better soon! I always feel blah or get sick around late October. Have you thought about trying those Japanese titanium necklaces that all the baseball players are wearing? It's supposed to give you more energy and they cost less than $20.

Gela said...

aww, i hope everything gets sorted out soon. feel better, Annabelle!

boat ride through the sky

Roya said...

Really like this look, I'm in love with the oversized grey sweater and I have been wanting one of those bullet crystal necklaces for ages.

Leya said...

awww hope you'll be fine annabelle..
i think you still look amazing even when your so down..
take care dear...

Febriani Djunaedi said...

lovely cardigan :) like your style

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you are back and posting! I was wondering where you have been haha. That cardigan is adorable! So sorry you aren't feeling so well. Get well soon!

Unknown said...

You look great girl!

Mani said...

It's good to see you updating, hope your 'bleh mode' goes away soon!

Megan said...

love the outfit!
keep your chin up :)

Simone said...

love ur sweatshirt!

Anonymous said...


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m. said...

love your new hair,
hope you´ll feel better soon

Susanne said...

great sweater!

Percy Owl said...

This basically looks like half my polyvore sets, so I love it natually.
Especially the jumper, and the whole general longline-skinnyleg shape.

Renee Nabam said...

oh you look naturally great..i too drink tea when i'm not okkay..!!!
take care..

sib said...

you look so adorable in this outfit!!!

xoxo claudia

MELISSA Z. said...

this maxi cardi is wonderful! wow! you look ffab! <3

collagevintage said...

Love the necklace, is so original. Love your cardigan too, you look so natural and pretty.

Big Kiss

Anonymous said...

i'm glad you're back!
amazing look!

Kim said...

Too bad you're feeling like that. Hope you feel better soon..

mon-A-mie ♥ said...

such a lovely outfit.

xx mona*

Mei-li said...

I love the necklace, but why your hair is longer than the last post ???
what is your secret miracle for grown up the hair ????

Unknown said...

love this necklace!!!


Annebeth said...

Yeah I've missed you too, I always love your writing and your outfits. I also missed your long hair, somehow the shorter hair doesn't feel as "annabel" to me so I'm glad to see the longer hair is back (even though it's only temporary)!

if you have some spare time, drop me some love at my blog,

Elle. Paris Texas. French Mode. said...

So happy to see your new post :) :) :)
Love your fresh blog. Go away from bad moods and bad feelings and bad people. We have just one life.
Be yourself.

take care ! <3

A said...

well i hope things pick up...i just came upon your blog and was convinced that your hair was real btw, and may be a casual outfit but i like it!

Lucy Browning said...

Hope everything is alright for you your blog! xo from Espana


great pictures ;)

Anonymous said...


lovely style...but about the hair, i've to say that I prefer yours without any extensions! ;D



Bronwyn said...

Feel better! I hope that the tea and the energizing crystal work!
(As a good daughter of expats, I always believe that tea cures anything...)

Bronwyn said...

Feel better! I hope that the tea and the energizing crystal work!
(As a good daughter of expats, I always believe that tea cures anything...)

Lisa said...

Hope everything will be allright soon! Love the outfit, really casual but still classy!


Shevah said...

Although you don't feel good, You look great! And honestly I dress like this most of the time anyway Haha. I hope you feel better soon.


Jessica Esther said...

i really love your new hair.
i think putting on an extension isn't that bad.
you look gorgeous!
i really love your simple style here. The cardigan is pretty as well as you!

Anonymous said...

I love your sweater!

Ripped Jeans said...

wow! you look gorgeous!

Zuzolińska said...

Umm, hi Annabel, I've been missing you ;) Like always, I really like your otfit!

Marianna Papagiannopoulou said...

cool photos
i love the necklace
check my blog
i hope you like it

Pull Down The Moon said...

i hope things start to look up!
you're look gorgeous as usual!

Unknown said...

hope every things ok :/ feel better!

love you with the clip in extensions! i loved mine when i chopped off all my hair for a nicole richie inspired bob. i now wanna try getting some clip in blunt fobster bangs hehe


The Fashion Cloud said...

I absolutely adore this look!!


The Fashion Cloud said...

I absolutely adore this look!!


Xena said...

i hope you feel better! missed your posts and happy face so much, take care

dearleila said...

a magic crystal necklace would be great around these parts right now. hope you feel better.

Jennifer - Stylish Clin d'Oeil said...

Love your long cardigan: it seems so comfy!
Enjoy the weekend and rest ^^

Michal Kurtis said...

I looove gray black and white together. My fave combo.
Nice blog!!! Not sure about that bacon doughnut though haha;)

No Alice No said...

You look great.
Can't wait for your next post.



No Alice No said...

You look great.
Can't wait for your next post.



Marinka said...

Your necklace is really nice, it reminds me of the one in charmed! ^^ I like your cardigan too

Laurita P said...

cute look, hope those crystals do some magic!


xhullabaloo said...

Feel better Annabel! You look cute :]

Kim said...

This outfit... wow.
Bit grungy, bit lazy, bit comfy.

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blog mode said...

love your outfit, it's totally amazing :)

FBJ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
FBJ said...

i need me one of those energy crystals especially with midterms approaching!

Kristin said...

looking good. nice long hair. I love your sweater

Barbara said...

You made me laugh so much with the dream in a dream story i read on the right side. Hmm, maybe a little less inception would do the trick? Glad you're back tough with the internet connection. :)

EevvaStyle said...

wow, you look great! You have amazing style!

leah said...

you and your outfits are too cute!

Krista Grace said...

aww...hope you feel better soon! always enjoyed reading your blog entries and the pictures :D

The Velvet Bow said...

I think you look wonderful, and the extensions are great.

Hope you start to feel better soon.

The Velvet Bow

Ali S. said...

I love the Necklace!

simmer until tender said...

hi, just remember that nothing lasts foreve,r and that includes bad times

the goorgeous said...

welcome back :)
I'm lazy too.. there's been soo much things to do lately and blog has been in a second or third place.. but i'm trying to be back for stay :)
looove that cardigan btw!

Fashion Baggage said...

Love the crystal it reminds me of when we rock hunted in Ark as a child. ck out my fashion blog super cheeky at

Fashion is for idiots [like us] said...

Cool blog! That necklace is stunning! and pretty you :)

love&rockets, Lie

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rouli said...

amazin outfit!

love ur skirt!

cool blog!

pls come visit and join!


Charcoal Chic said...

You have been stitched! COME CHECK OUR BLOG TO FIND OUT!

Anonymous said...

love ur blog^^

i will follow u know
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MissAlyssaDawn said...

that necklace is awesome

Crescent Louise said...

Love your blog, but love that necklace too! Kudos.

Anonymous said...

hope you feel better ! & I adore this outfit a lot, especially your necklace ! I'm still in pursuit of one just like that. + following.


Dubai Shopping Festival 2011 said...

its a beautiful outfit and you look really pretty wearing it too.. i am a shopping buff too and love to shop wherever i go for my travels

tommy said...

Cool your style, so perfect for the urban Jungle ..:)

xx follow me xx

Stanley said...

Love your cardigan & outfit<3

allergic to vanilla said...

uum I love those clip in- where did you get them? I want long hair too- but alas no one makes good curly hair!!

hope you get out of that funk soon..
xo Carlina

Anonymous said...

you must be one of the prettiest and cutest girls ever... i mean, your hair, your face, your legs ... whoa! feel better <3

Anonymous said...

You are so stylish!

zeluju said...

love the outfit! clean and easy but not boring. perfect.

Anonymous said...

hai annabel, may i know the color of your bag here? is it black?

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