Friday, October 9, 2009


Since I'm feeling a little silly after being so pissy, here's a video of my Bulbasaur impression.


Anonymous said...

OMG!!! You're sooo cute!!!

Anonymous said...

ahahaha that was adorable.

Kayla said...

Definitely sound just like him! :D

TINE said...

Haha, you're my favorite blogger! I love Pokemon.

Christina said...

You're too funny! I don't think I could ever post a video of myself doing a Clefairy imitation. I'd die of laughter before I could even get it on tape.

And I'd like to say that I actually read your super long post about fashion being subjective. It was incredibly insightful and I'm glad that I read it. You sound very down to Earth and that's something that super famous person X might not be. Not everyone goes to comment on others' blogs or bothers to check. :)

Have a nice day!


Chantelle said...

lollerz you're bloody adorable chicka!!

Mel said...

Haha that was so cute! My friends and I used to do Pokemon noises...back in 3rd grade. I think Squirtle and Charmander are fun to imitate too.

Maritess said...

LOL omg sooo random but you're probably the only person I know who could pull that off and still look cool...

pinia said...

:D ouuuu, you're so cute !!!

Lory said...

hahaha! Not a pokemon fan but that's adorable. You're totally gorgeous by the way.

Ania said...

I'm now looking forward to more videos from you!


Cotton Socks said...

pokemon is the best.
love your bag in the previous post too!

Jade said...

awww you're so adorable!!

the sad thing is, my best friend and i have started calling each other pikaaa since we started reading your blog ^.^ hehe

Jenny Cindy said...

Haha, this is so funny. You're absolutely adorable and that is a really good and totally random imitation - loved it.

Marie said...

Ahahah, cute :D

Anonymous said...

HA, your funny :) that was awesome.

Anonymous said...

Haha you're to cute!

. said...

that just MADE MY DAY :)

sugarxnspice said...

hahahaaha annabel you're too funny!!
my 11 year old brother thinks you did a perfect imitation :D

Anonymous said...

You need to give some other bloggers lessons on how to be this likable.

You're adorable.

Anonymous said...

You need to give some other bloggers lessons on how to be this likable.

You're adorable.

Daphné said...

I love pokémon! This really made my day :D

Rocky said...

that was ridiculously adorable.

Anonymous said...

haha, that really cheered me up, you're so adorable xo

Anonymous said...

If you ever get married, you two seem like you would get a creative cake from Charms city cake in the shape of pikachu or some Pokemon figure. And then they would feature you on the episode chronicling how you met and the meaning behind the pokemon cake.

Anonymous said...

that was win! haha

Joanne Lyn said...

omgosh you are so cute!
great imitation of the bulbasaur in the cartoon(:

Anonymous said...

LMAO You're awesome.

faye said...

Hahaaa, so cute!

Ria said...

So adorable. Totally brings back my love for Pokemon.

Urban Lullaby said...

aahahaha sooo cute!!!

Unknown said...

you're a fucking retard

Anonymous said...

god that last comment is really do a mean bulbasaur impression!

Zoe said...

Omg, that's so cute : your "Bulbasaur" + THE WAY YOU'RE SAYING IT (shoulders up..and down ! as if it was a scream from your heart (bulbasaur scream aha))
Love your blog though ;)

Wina said...

Hahahah that's brilliant, I love it ! You're amazing.

chicshock said...

i love this


Anonymous said...

haha brilliant, i love pokemon :)

Closet Full of Nothing said...

You're too cute for words!! love your hair :)

Anna Blume said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anna Blume said...

omg you just made my day!!
you remind me of my bf and me when we used to do relaxo and pummeluff impersonations^^

Sophia said...

haha, absolutely fantastic. i swear, this alone, has propelled your blog into my favourite. call me a nerd, i don't mind. looking forward to many more beautiful photgraphs, visual inspiration and oh..pokemon impressions :o)

Michelle Park said...



Dude, I have never read your blog, but this is fucking funny that this is the first post of yours that I have ever read.

So Beautiful and so funny!!

Anonymous said...

oh your life is so beautiful. glad you're enjoying it and sharing it with the rest of us.

mm said...

Cute, but not the point of my comment...
I will be annoying and ask about your bangs again.. you said the magic trick is the cut,and that you cut them yourself... can you please please please share the secret on how you cut them?
I assume hat having relatively straight hair really helps, but i am still curious :)
Love your style + your blog :)

Anonymous said...

I love you for dumping this on the net _O_ it just made you my idol.


Anonymous said...

Haha, love it. You're so cute!

Anonymous said...

kind of embarrassing to watch.

Anonymous said...

This is so awesome.

I'm going to be a pikachu for Halloween.
Girl pikachus have a heart shaped tail.
Did you know that, Annabel?
They do.

Moomby said...

that is too funny! very cute!

Vintage Dress said...

so you know this means you'll have to post MORE videos now?? :)


S said...

Ohhhhh babe!! Pokemon rox my sox! YAH!!

Her said...


Taylor Sterling said...

you are too cute! So funny.

Gavin Fury said...

That's kind of funny as hell.


I love Pokemon too.

Q said...

I love this blog to bits! You're the most stylish, gorgeous, clever, hilarious and (best of all) unpretentious blogger I've ever encountered!

CUTIE-KUN said...

I love your blog! Pokemon ftmfw!!!!

And thanks for following me on my tumblr :]

Valentine said...

I did'nt understand who you're
Maybe someone we don't know here in France?

You're gorgeous, what are your hair secrets? (products & habits..?)
I know it sounds weird, but I'm really interested!


Sha said...

hahahahha my sister showed me this and we both laughed at how cute you are!

Anonymous said...

Aw, really cute.

Also... requesting a tutorial on how to cut one's own bangs. Yours are awesome!

lulu said...

Are you coming on Friday babes?

Joan said...

so cute! Update please so I can stop obsessively checking! :)

Freddie said...

haha that's great!

I was totally pokemon obsessed as a kid. Sometimes one or two of my friends and I will break out into singing a pokemon song in a public place. Some of my other friends do not appreciate it very much ;) lol

Also love the booties, red tights and sailor jacket below!

Anonymous said...

haha that was so cute. and i love your outfit in your last post! such a great dress and i love the shoes.

Liya said...

omigosh that is beyond hilarious
love this blog

Catherine said...

SO CUTE! moar impressions please!! ^_^

Volunteering abroad said...

I’ve never really like watching Pokémon, because it has a very long episode and I wonder will it ever end? But 1 thing I like about Pokémon is that they’re so cute.

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You look funny and at the same time, cute, mimicking Bulbasaur impression.

Sushi said...

Haha cute! Oh my gosh please do a pikachu impression next! x Sushi

Anonymous said...

You're gorgeous

chess said...

My son loves to watch Pokemon and that is why I know who Bulbasaur is. Anyway, you did a great impression of imitating the voice of Bulbasaur.

Whoopi said...

This is amazing!!!!

Armagnac wine said...

I love it, do more of this please.

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