Thursday, October 22, 2009

autumn? what autumn?

vintage skirt worn as dress, thrifted loafers, bdg cardigan

Holy crap, I just put myself on the degree list for graduation in Spring 2010. It felt a little surreal to enter my home address as the destination to which my diploma will be mailed but hey, I made it. Consequently, I also came to the conclusion that four years was not enough to get used to this unpredictable Bay Area weather. I mean, really, what kind of place has a huge storm on one day and is cloudless and sunny the next? In the middle of October?! Are you serious?!

I found these unworn loafers in my closet post cleaning spree a couple weeks and have been wearing them consistently on weekdays since. I swear they weren't this loose on my feet when I first started wearing them, I guess I just overdid it and stretched them out. I must have a weird walk or something because most of my shoes are "loved" to the point where they're beyond any sort of repair and should go straight to the trash bin. Remember my lace-up cutout oxfords? Yeah, I shouldn't be wearing them anymore (but I still do anyway...)

PS: Did anyone notice that I moved my belt in the first picture? I had originally cinched it at my hips which gave it a bubble-like effect but it was too short to be decent so I moved it back to the waist. I love the floral print and wish I had found it a couple months ago for spring/summer but this weather is crazy enough to allow a chance to wear it.



Catherine said...

I JUST got done reading your baseball entry like, an hour ago, and then I saw this on your twitter.

Dallas has weather exactly like that. Sunny, 90° one day - then 60° and rainy the next. It's the worst!

V cute - I actually like the belt around your hips a lot.

Amie said...

The weather is one of the things I loved about the Bay Area! When I visited my cousins in San Fran in the July this year the weather reminded me so much of my hometown Melbourne in Australia. We usually get like a taste of four seasons in one day - it'll be pouring rain then suddenly be absolutely lovely and sunny and then breezy haha I think it makes you ready for anything!

and cute outfit as always ;)

x amie

l said...

Lovely print on that dress!

Teresa said...

cuuute! love the retro floral print!

。 。 。 said...
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。 。 。 said...

I love the yellow!

And btw, I'm following you on Twitter and the last couple of days I was almost as crazy as you were about the Dodgers.
WHYYYYYY COULDN'T THEY HAVE WON LAST NIGHT? WHYYYYYY!?? This east coast World Series is going to be gay as hell, that's all I'm gonna say.
But it's alright. I have hope for them next year! Don't stop believin'!

PS: and of course I misspell my name..hence why I deleted the previous comment.

What Was I Thinking? said...

You look so cute & I love the loafers, it's fun finding things in your own closet!!

<3 Christine

Sylvie said...

You look so cute. I love all the colors!

Mel said...

Yay congratulations on (almost) graduating! I love your outfit, and the print on your skirt is so cute!

Ria said...

The weather here in San Diego keeps changing from fall weather to summer weather! So I understand what you mean.

I love how the dress looks totally different when the belt is at the waist. Love both looks though <3

Ashley Dy said...

Gorgeous!!! Love the second look with the belt on the waist! :)

_ said...

oh, super fun print. try it with bloomers next spring if its indecent! i could definitely see you romping around a picnic in bloomers and a bun haha.

missnonhuman said...

eeeeee your hair is so cute <3 and CONGRATULATIONS ON GRADUATING!!!!!!! :D :D :D


I love the dress with the yellow cardigan, I've been looking for a good one for a no avail of course!

Christina said...

Floral prints are sooo pretty :) I really like the yellow cardigan.

And I know how you feel-I still need to sign up for graduation. AHHH so nervous about what I'm going to do in the "real world" and everything.

Gluck! And I'm still waiting on stupid PayPal to process my debit card! Thank you!


denise! [魏穎妍] said...

hi! i was wondering what font did you use for your blog header image? the one that says "blushing ambition," thanks!

leila wylie said...

Those cutout oxfords are basically the most perfect shoes in the world!

And the weather is the same here on the east coast. One day it's gloomy, 45, rainy, the next day sunny and 75. Sadly, winter will come to us eventually.

Meaghan said...

This may be a weird question to ask, but does anybody know the font used to write "blushing ambition" on the header?

Elizabeth said...

Well as crazy as Bay Area weather is, at least it's warm enough to wear cute floral dresses with bare SNOWED in Boston yesterday.

Phyllis said...

so cute! and im loving the flickr photostream on the sidebar!

Anonymous said...

the floral print is adorable.


u are absolutely adorable!! love it!

Vanessa said...

Haha, that sounds like the weather in Sydney last week. At least you're going into winter. I'll trade you my summer for your winter any day.

heleen said...

oh this is a wonderful outfit, you make me want to wear only layer instead of thousand. mm, stupid belgian climate.

WOX said...

i wish i could say sth like you do. here in germany we're like already in midst of winter. its really cold and i am really envious because of the sun in america :)

kurarin said...

have you ever lived in a tropical country? :P

the skirt is just gorgeous! i kill my shoes too but that's because i have this annoying bone jutting out the inside of each of my feet.

Michelle said...

Adorable! xox.

leen said...

i love your outfit it's definitely not autumn like but i love it :)


TMFA said...

Love the retro florals and so envy the weather!! flippin cold in london

KY said...

So beautiful, the outfit is perfect!

Wrecked Stellar said...

love those loafers!

x ws x

Jayrin Eve said...

this is perfect, i love it. jealous of your lighting btw ;>

Anonymous said...

I love the setting of all your photos, your home looks really light and airy.

I hadn't noticed you moved your belt until you said so! It looks good both ways :)


Unknown said...

you are seriously adorable in every photo, girl. i love your sweetly simple outfits. i like the idea of messing with the placement of belts....i love taking longer, more hip-slung belts and pulling them up to my waist, then wrapping the extra length around.

Marita Bliss said...

That skirt makes such a cute dress ! And the cardigan goes so well with it :)
I will definitely have to be on the lookout for pretty skirts that can be transformed next time I go thrift shopping!

ryan said...


Luxe. said...

Aww this is too cute.x

Bree said...

cute! the weather is like that here too in Louisiana!

Anonymous said...

Hi dear! Do u have a minolta srt camera ? I'd like to know more about the camera, since you're a user.. could u email me? it'll be of great help.. thank you so much!!

mice said...

adorable pattern! (:


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

i love all the colors.

Hien♥ said...

I actually very much admire your skills of taking photos. I stumble upon your page a while ago & just got inspired from all your entries. haha (: I was wondering what kind of camera do you use? & I love your dress! It is sooo cute!! (:

Marla Singer said...

oh my.. you look so cute! lovely dress <3

Nana MoonDancer said...

i really like your blog
such a lovely dress!
and the cardigan too!

Tayler Worrell said...

Love this!!

pink horrorshow said...

OMG I think I have a bedspread from when I was a child that has the exact same print...I just got very excited!

:) said...

Such a lovely idea that I had to try it with this pleated vintage skirt I had. However the waist is a too narrow to go around my back. How'd you secure the skirt in place? I'd love to wear it out in public.

AMIT said...

Hey this yellow color suits you.Thanks for this pictures.

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Anna said...

You are way too beautiful to be true!

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