Saturday, August 29, 2009

marc jacobs and vena cava, oh my

what's inside?
marc jacobs shoes

Finally managed to snap a good picture of the $20 Marc Jacobs shoes. Still in shock and realized how perfectly professional they are for job interviews which should be coming up soon now that I am a senior. Don't get me wrong, I'm into recent trends just as much as any blogger is (maybe to a lesser degree, hmph) but it's comforting to have shoes like these which will never go out of style like say, gladiator platforms. Every girl out there needs a pair of timeless shoes! Did I mention that they're handcrafted? Mmmhmm.

vena cava
vena cava

My luck may be terrible in other respects but when it comes to clothes, there is no better word to describe it other than this: PWNAGE. While the circumstances were unfortunate given that the best boutique in the East Bay, August, is closing their store in Rockridge, I took advantage of it anyway and scored this Vena Cava dress for, wait for it... $50. $50?! Not $600?! I looked at the price tag in disbelief, tried it on anyway, asked the girls there if it was really true, and finally purchased it on the spot. I wore it out yesterday for lunch and ice cream with my boyfriend but never managed to take an outfit shot because I looked horrible due to the insane heat. You guys are just going to have to wait... I'll be nice this time and link you guys to the runway picture. Cheers!


katherine lou said...

JEALOUS of your vena cava dress !

THE CAT'S MIU said...

HOW do you find these deals? honestly?

and the heels are truly timeless.. very versatile. not too pointy, not too plain, not too high, not too short.. really great.

as for the dress.. is it also versatile? i can't really tell with that jacket, but i love that slit going up the leg.

jette said...

those shoes are timeless, indeed. i can only imagine what the dress really looks like...

amazing deals on super expensive items are quite miraculous. haha.

Emilie said...

Okay that's crazy, and I am in total agreement about having classic pieces. Those shoes definitely fall into that category. Can't wait to see what I have a feeling is a pretty sick dress.


Anonymous said...

i wish i had as much luck as you with clothes!

Anonymous said...

I am envious of your amazing finds! But I'm totally in love with the shoes too. Timeless things are good to have, I agree.

lulu said...

LOL because I made you come with me to Marc Jacobs.

Lea said...

Marc Jacobs is such an amazing designer, lucky you, you have some great pers of shoes! And your photos are amazing!

Anonymous said...

I love the way the dress is tied with string! Bit obscure to comment on I know but hey... :)

Carissa said...

omg! $50?

Rock & Revolution said...

Amazing finds!

Jayrin Eve said...

you are a lucky lucky girl! :D

MICHELLE said...

Vena Cava is a gem. And a deal makes it even that much more sweet! Finding good deals is a talent!

Molly Gertenbach said...

How???? how is that possible? Hand crafted marc jacobs for 20 and Vena Cava for 50??? i think you just scored the deals of the century!

Alex Dom said...

awwww!! cute shoes!

I V Y said...

the marc jacobs were $20? whaaaaaat?

Elizabeth said...

incredible steals. damn.

Anonymous said...

Vena Cava is the bomb. If you don't follow their blog, you should. Those two are incredible. You've inspired me to wear my VC Demon blouse tomorrow :D

Heather said...

Wow what great finds! And I can't wait to see pics of you wearing the dress!

Heather said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kwil said...

Great finds! You always need a pair of classic shoes. Nice to hear there are some deals left out there that are not "too good to be true".


Jenny Cindy said...

Such great bargains, you really are a lucky girl! The shoes are perfectly professional and really classic.

The dress looks lovely too - can't wait to see it on you.

Alaina said...

May I just ask what jobs you are looking into? I'm guessing you're a Classics major? I am as well, and though I love it, I feel at a loss for what kind of real job I can get with a degree!

Anonymous said...

what size are your feet?????

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