Tuesday, August 11, 2009

kiss me thru the phone~

Tidbits of my life these past few days via my new Blackberry Curve 8900, newest to oldest.

Pika being Pika. We spent two or so weeks apart and then he left for a few days right when I came back. Talk about bad timing.

Skirt that I bought at a Forever 21 which used to be a Mervyns. We were killing time before sushi and ended up at my least favorite mall back home. The bigger the F21, the less I am able to find but this time I found this skirt by the cash registers.

I left the shoes at the BF's so I haven't been able to take any pictures but I promise I will soon. For those of you who haven't seen my Twitter, I scored a pair of killer black heels at the Marc Jacobs store for $20. I couldn't believe it either when the girl working there asked if I was a 9 1/2 because the shoes were super marked down when they were clearing out the store! Original price? $645, still on the box. What?!

Very bad outfit shot at Zara while waiting for Lulu. I hadn't worn my Prada booties out in a while so it was a bitch to get around and I had to buy flip flops at H&M. Could have easily taken real pictures but I've been terribly lazy. Wearing a thrifted blazer, H&M top, Alexander Wang skirt, and Bottega Veneta clutch.

Sneaked a picture of Camille at lunch. It was nice seeing her but she had to leave early for her flight so that left Lulu and me to wander around Union Square. Next time we'll have more time for sure! Talked about being bad bloggers among other things.

Delicious burger from Zuni Cafe in San Francisco. Need to go back there soon.

BF's new apartment from the outside. Its above a cute little French restaurant and has incredibly high ceilings. One of these days I'll take a photo which puts things into perspective because all the ones I've taken do it no justice.

Pika's sister created and framed this amazing drawing of Karl Lagerfeld based on this picture from the New Yorker for his birthday and it's currently hanging in the hallway. Love you, Karl.

The windows in the living room of the apartment. This is basically what you see when you look out from the couch. My latest project involves trying to clean those monstrous windows on the outside but they are seriously ten feet high and it's impossible to do it by hand.

Last night in LA, caught the ball from Loney's ground-rule double. Dodgers lost but made an amazing effort to come back in the 9th inning. Definitely one of the best games I've been to.

God, I love Dodger Stadium. I may love San Francisco but LA will always be my number one. When it comes to sports, at least. Well, there's a bunch of others but these should suffice for now. Real post coming tomorrow or this weekend, I hope. Just so you know, the more anon comments I get about my lack of posting, the less I want to update. Call me a bad blogger but the last thing I want is for this to become a chore.


hayley said...


ohmigod im such a green monster of jealousy right now, my dear.



NICOLE said...

i cant believe you got marcy-marcs for $20!

jealous... you betcha! lol
love your blog would you be interested in exchanging links?

Lainey said...

Your pictures and adventures make me miss San Francisco very very badly. I keep convincing my husband that it would be a wise decision to move there, but alas our professions both have to keep us in LA. I love your bf's new apartment btw...the windows and hardwood floors are absolutely stunning. And I adore that yellow skirt you're rocking in the first pic. Very summery!

P.S. Can't wait to see your new MJ shoes!

Jade said...

that apartment looks so adorable! right above a french resturaunt too.. so jealous! xxx


wow, what an amazing deal! i love your outfit and lulu's cardigan. :)

straightforward beauty said...

ya gotta upload a pic of those marc jacobs! plz. we're dying to see them.

Antonio Barros said...

Lovely pictures!!!
I want to try this burger!

The Teapot said...

Wow, MJ for $20?!?! That's amazing.

Domennie said...

mmm, this burger looks absolutely delicious!

Anonymous said...

i love the window! something about it is so perfect for people/car watching. your striped blazer is gorg.


Oh Dear Charlotte said...

i love your blog and congrats on the shoes :)

Jenny Cindy said...

Gorgeous pictures! Love your thrifted blazer and that whole oufit.

And congrats on the super $20 MJ shoe score - how amzing is that?!!

It's so cool that all you bloggers got to meet up, I'm sure it was super fun.

Wow, your boy's apparment looks absolutely stunning O.O I wish I lived in a place like that...love all the light and the white - PERFECT! haha.

Ilanka Verhoeven said...

Love this post! Those printed skirts are fab, the jacket that your friend is wearing too..
x, fashion-nerdic.

denise - SUPERWOWOMG said...

THAT APARTMENT LOOKS GLORIOUS. Those windows are insane!!!!!!!!! I also cannot believe you scored some mj shoes for $20....-.-

Sushi said...

Congrats on the shoes! Can't wait to see them on you ;) Wow I am so incredibly jealous of your boyfriend's apartment, it's gorgeous! Pikaaaa piiiiiiiiiiii x Sushi

Elizabeth said...

oh my god you are so lucky. and i think it's so funny how you and your boyfriend call each other pika. :D

Eli said...

Youve simultaneously made me miss SF and LA! Im really considering staying in SF for a week in september if I cant work out NYC.

Anonymous said...

Your blonde asian girlfriend needs a makeover. Not a good look.

The Stylish Wanderer said...

Woweeeeeeee sounds like a heck of a lot of fun.

Oh snap.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the shoes, who ever said shopping doesn't pay? Post a picture ASAP!


chicshock said...

LOVE the blazer


Eeeeee like this picture heavy post of yours...

I'm jealous of your Marc Jacobs win.

Christina said...

I can't believe you thrifted that blazer! It's great!

Anonymous said...

i'm absolutely in love with the "right next to the high window perfect reading spot"!!! and right on top of a little french resturant? so jealous :]

lily said...

I am so crazy envious of your bf's apartment, it's not even funny. I mean, Jesus Christ, it's PERFECT. Damn, I hate being a broke-ass college student right now.

And your blazer is sick. Really cool look.

josephine said...

Amazing MJ steal!

I <3 LA too!!!

Stacy said...

m for mj for only $20?! soo jealous!

and its insane, three of my fave bloggers all getting together! hope you had fun

J. said...

Wow, what an amazing deal! (referring to the MJ shoes of course)

Never heard of such a thing in my life!!

Lucky girl!

Ploy said...

Oooh I have the Blackberry curve as well! I love mine, can't live without it :)
Incredibly jealous of your MJ deal... I recently got a Marc by Marc Jacobs clutch which I adore! Love Marc Jacobs to bits...
Oh and I just wanted to say I LOVE your blog... Can't wait to see a picture of those shoes!


Ploy said...

Oooh I have the Blackberry curve as well! I love mine, can't live without it :)
Incredibly jealous of your MJ deal... I recently got a Marc by Marc Jacobs clutch which I adore! Love Marc Jacobs to bits...
Oh and I just wanted to say I LOVE your blog... Can't wait to see a picture of those shoes!


electric feel said...

lovely blog
erything looks super delicious

Sha said...

i looovee your blazer. marc jacobs for 20 bucks is definitely a super awesome steal. especially that it still says 645 on the box? that's gotta be even MORE satisfying hehe

Tello said...

You have the most beautiful wardrobe I have ever seen - I am being inspired by what you wear on all of you pictures.
The Marc Jacobs Shoes are absolutely amazing - they look really good on you.
May I ask how you come up with such such outfits every day? And do you go shopping for specific stuff and then end up buying something completely different.

Emmy said...

WOW you have had a lucky few weeks!! i don't blame you for not blogging!!
lol you caught a ball in a match, got MARC JACOB SHOESS!!!!! for $20 which is like £15 or lesss
woahhh ahhaa, i like your glasses btw :) x

Ruth said...

Yes. I'm green too about your amazing steal @ Marc. Who would have thought such a thing even possible??

Clare said...

those Marc Jacobs shoes are INSANE!!! I bet it made your week.

Karen Morales said...

sounds like an amazing time, all of it!!
shit, so jealous about ur awesome marc jacobs find!!! :)

orange dream said...

I saw a similar striped blazer today at the goodwill, but the shoulders were all wrong on me and that's the hardest part to alter. Seeing your blazer and how good it looks on you makes me want to go back and get it anyway. Argh Annabel! Why you be so fly


OMG, I was going to go to a Dodger's game with a friend, but when we arrived at the stadium, it was empty. We realized that it was an AWAY game! Sorry, this post totally reminded me of that...

Liz C said...

wow now i wish i was size 9.5 if i could score cheap shoes like that!

J'adore Vogue said...

GREAT outfit!

rose said...

would u happen to be from salinas? u mentioned u went to a forever 21 that used to be a mervyns and i know that's the case at northridge mall in salinas, which happens to be where i'm from. if u are, good to see i'm not the only one who got outta there.

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