Thursday, May 28, 2009

note to self: need pedicure asap

anthropologie top + shoes, thrifted skirt, F21 cardigan

I just bought these heels from Anthropologie this past weekend. I've been looking for more open toed shoes to prepare for summer and these immediately caught my eye as I wandered throughout the store. Didn't really do much today other than continue looking for a job and sitting in my boyfriend's apartment making (or rather, watching him make) french toast for brunch and meatloaf for breakfast. Summer is kind of nice.

(My feet are gross but I'll post a picture anyway. I tried painting my nails but I still need a real pedicure!)


Anonymous said...

haha your feet are sooo not gross. i've seen worse.
great outfit and great shoes!
mmmm meatloaf :)


is that a blister i see on your toe? :(
what us women will do to our feet to wear pretty shoes...

Fruchtzwerg said...

I love your outfit!

Jessica said...

I love this outfit, it is really chic!
This top is very beautiful, and your feet are not gross at all!!

Rissa said...

Love the red polish and your top is so cute!

Girl I never realised how tall you were; height envy.

nikky said...

shoes look perf for summer.

Georgia said...

very nice and summery shoes && top. and your skirt is a lovely colour

It would be mine

Anonymous said...

Oooo I really like that outfit! Especially the top! Very preppy!

Claudia said...

i love this!

Valerie said...

love the shoes and cute look
comment/follow my blog

NICOLE said...

i love the color of that skirt! this outfit is too cute.
great blog

Luxe. said...

I love this outfit and your hair is gorgeous!

B r i said...

girrlll you've got some leggggs

Anonymous said...

i like ur outfit.. looks good on u, and even the red color. too good. i think you should take good care of your feet, they are really good. evn i love my feet a lot n i tk regular care of it. ever since i read this article on how to do pedicure at home, i hv started it myself. its a good one, it talks generally about diff types of pedicure n the benefits of it.. good one.


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