Tuesday, January 12, 2010

as close as i'll ever get to a makeup post

mac morange

mac fluidline

I get a good amount of emails and comments requesting that I divulge my makeup routine but sadly, it's really nothing special. For some reason I've only ever been comfortable with buying mostly MAC makeup since I first started putting anything on my face in high school. I've gone through various phases that may or may not involve unnecessary amounts of eyeliner but at the moment I'm most comfortable with the fastest routine I can come up with.

I typically start with the Clinique 3-step system (although I do cut corners by washing my face in the shower, hehe) and make sure to moisturize before anything since I tend to have flaky skin. I then apply concealer to any spots that need coverage before I finish it off with MAC's studio fix which is both a foundation and powder in one. Sometimes I also put on a little blush which sadly is no longer available since it is from the Fafi x MAC collaboration a few years back.

My eye make-up routine varies: when I want big lashes I go with Maybelline's Great Lash mascara (which in my opinion beats out all of the more expensive brands I've tried, even Diorshow) or if I'm really pressed for time, I skip the mascara and just put black eyeliner on the crease of my lower eyelids. I also like to experiment with the cat eye liner look on my upper eyelids every so often, except I haven't been able to recently up until today since I ran out of my fluidline eyeliner in blacktrak. If you like the cat eye look you should definitely try this. I prefer it to liquid liner since it is not as messy and applying it with an angled brush produces more precise lines than a pencil.

As for lipstick, I have a couple MAC shades that I like such as matte ones like Please Me (the pink one I usually wear) but today I also acquired Morange after catching on to the orange lip fever. A lot of you have asked about my red lipsticks: usually I alternate between YSL's Opium Red which is more neutral with hint of lustre and MAC's Russian Red which is a cooler shade with a matte finish. Oh, and finally, I have a really bad problem with dry lips (which BF likes to point out all the time) and I opt for the classic Rosebud Salve for routine conditioning. Okay, maybe not that routine, since the problem continues to persist...


Myy said...

Your routine is so simple, yet you always manage to look stunning! Thanks for this post. I'll have to start trying out eyeliner with a brush!

THE CAT'S MIU said...

i love the pictures :3
the colors are great.

lily of bleedforfashion also uses the fluidline.. i'm thinking of picking up a jar! man oh man

Eli said...

wow, love that shade of lipstick.

I just saw a picture of you in this months Lucky mag!

augustalolita said...

i love that you wear so little make up!! i think you look stunning!!

Unknown said...

thanks for sharing your make-up routine! can't wait to try out some of those lip shades :)

lau-ra said...

thanks for the tips! ;)

Madeline Veenstra said...

Thanks for sharing your make up routine, I've been thinking about getting that Mac lipstick for a while- now I'm sold! I've added your blog to my blogroll :)

M. said...

I just started wearing lipstick thanks for your suggestions!

lovelove, M.

Annabel said...

oh i love MAC cosmetics :) never dared to wear orange. might look a bit weird on asian skin.

twila said...

lovely update. mac makeup is the only way to go!

Anonymous said...

Lol, I've been waiting for this post! Thanks for sharing. :)

Steph said...

Ohh... when you wash your face in the shower, do you use your hands to splash the water to rinse or do you use the shower head? If the latter, it might explain why you have flaky skin :)

The Owl Diary said...

i love, love the simplicity of these photographs.

faye said...

thanks for the tip on the mascara. i use lancome atm and it just aint workinggggg!

S said...

*high five for face-washing in the shower!*


Guilty as charged.

Marika said...

Simple but effective!
I'm using only tonal cream and sometimes lipstick cause with shades I look like I've been drunk and had a fight!xD


Emily said...

you're on whowhatwear!!!! i saw it and basically freaked out -- amazing picture. they definitely made a great choice :)


Tina said...

I mostly buy MAC makeup as well, I think they're the best.

Unknown said...

you're lucky you can get away with wearing such little make up. i can't wear mac foundations and things because it irritates my skin, though i have a great lipstick i got in order to see dita von teese at a signing.

Kayla said...

Amen to Blacktrack Fluidline! It's the only eyeliner I use, if I'm not using dark eyeshadow as my liner.

That stuff is wonderful and lasts so long, and stays put! I love it on my waterline especially.

thevamoose said...

my lips tend to reject anything that isn't a MAC lipstick! I may have to give the Maybelline mascara a go...

The Frocker said...

I wouldn't suggest using Rosebud Salve as your routine conditioning... If I recall, it's petroleum-based (just like Vasoline), and those aren't really hydrating. Try Burt's Bees!

Nana MoonDancer said...

makeuo posts are like...omg
love it!

Anonymous said...

can you post a photo wearing the pink lipstick? purdy please? i might buy!

The Bambina said...

I will try your MAC studio fix, since your skin always looks so even, glowing, and soft!

Love Russian Red.

Donna Vitan said...

Thanks for sharing! If you call your routine simple, mine is basically non-existent!

After a shower, moisturize, a little eye shadow/liner, a touch of blush, lip balm and out I go. Mascara if I have another minute.


Christine Lane said...

i use the same lipstick, and rosebud salve is a SAVIOR.


Unknown said...

Love the lipstick!


Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...



triangle eyes said...

MAC & Maybelline = great combo.

Emz said...

ooo i adore Mac and Maybelline mascara haha =)

Kelly Lauren said...

I love the cat eye look, so I'll have to try the fluidline! I've found a couple liquid eyeliners that I've liked but even the best one is still hard to get precise lines if it's not my best day...

Thanks! love your blog.

Anonymous said...

I've heard that the Rosebud Salve is just pink Vaseline. (Pretty much just paying for the cute packaging!) You should try a medicated lip balm like ChapStick or Carmex. Even SoftLips!

Anonymous said...

Upright testing to recognize if your clarification fuctinon works, abundance doesnt!

Adele said...

Simple is often best, and in the same vein, I love these photos! Beautiful light and focus.
Your makeup routine definitely works for you, and lets your natural beauty shine through. Cat eyes are my favourite look, I wear it every day! So I'll definitely try out fluidline, it's something I've been meaning get for a while but kept forgetting.
As always, I love your blog and hang out for your posts. Keep up the fantastic work! You're an inspiration.

freddy cat said...

just saw you on whowhatwear! congrats :D

Anonymous said...

did you get the body wave perm? will you show us pics :)

amber said...

I saw you on whowhatwear.com! congrats girl!

StuddedLilly said...

nice picks! i think lipsticks and eyeliner are most important makeups if a girl could only choose 2 things to carry around! love that shade of orange
cute blog :)


SM said...

i LOVE your blog!!! <3

Anonymous said...

that lipstick color is the bizzzzz!!

cocorosa said...

love this post!! I always have that the products I like are ending up not being available within no time :/




michelle_ said...

i prefere simple routines as opposed to fuzzy ones.. i dont even put makeup at all on a daily basis !
i love the makeup macro shots very much too !

nice to see your blog :D
you have a VERY nice one to readd

Michelle @
glisters and blisters

Anonymous said...

such a refined routine. mac is lovely isn't it? thanks for the tips

Ruxandra said...

I love simplicity:)And it is so kind of you to write this post as a response to those emails:)Have a happy weekend!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful post -- why don't you have a "print this" button?

Ilse said...

simple yet stunning effect.

Valencia Lia said...

I love love how your makeup routine is so simple and yet you still look so beautiful:)

And yesss!! the MAC fluidline is the best gel liner to do cateyes liner. I've been doing those winged eyeliner with that and it always works beautifully.

Thanks for sharing with us all.

BeckyDazzler said...

Love the photos! Definitely want to try the fluidline

Anonymous said...

Annabel, you're dissaponting me.
want to see your amazing looks again !
New year, new Trends :)

A Rockridge Life said...

Just discovered you! Gorgeous photos, fun content. I'm always tempted to do make-up posts! Some products I'm obsessed with are maybelline full and soft mascara (I always liked it more than great lash) and urban decay's mineral make-up with puff applicator. I found Laura Mercier an easy "mature" graduation from MAC too...Love your work!

Emilie said...

Ha I can empathize with the chapped-lips issue I use chapstick obsessively but it doesn't seem to make a difference in the long run. Ugh. I might try rosebud salve though perhaps it will work better than Burts Bees? I don't know how the chapstick hierarchy works.

wishful nals said...

delightful lipstick!

Luna : said...

really simple beautiful photos!

Urban Lullaby said...

my makeup routine is just like yourss! simple. i use the MAC powerpoint eyeliner for the crease of the lower eyes. and just use lipbalm for my lips.xx

Fashion is a Playground said...

Hope it's not the last make-up post !


catty said...

totally handy!! Was just about to go out and buy another Clinique mascara (which I think is ok but also a bit bored now) but I'll try the Mabelline :) and MAC, I {heart} MAC too. x


Love the lipstick!!
check out my blog about London life and internship at escada!

Birgit said...

You have such an amazing blog, all your pictures look so beautifully bright. What camera do you use?

love birgit

Fashion Tidbits said...

new to the blog! i've been going through old posts and i'm trying to decide what i like more, your food pics or your outfit posts...:P

will be coming back!

C. said...

love that lipstick!


Clara Santos said...

very nice blog!
just discovering you from chictopia and autour de toi.

Anonymous said...

hi! i was just wondering which brush you use to apply the liner.

Anonymous said...

Please, pleasssse, PLEASE update!
You're blog is so sweet and great, but i never see enough of you.
More posts!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful post -- why don't you have a "print this" button?

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Ninya Tippett said...

It's nice to know that you can still achieve a real casually glam look without spending hours doing your make up. I think it helps to know what your key make up items to give you the look you need and sticking to that.

I love Maybelline's Lash Blast too & yes, it works better than the Dior mascaras which are highly recommended by high-profile stylists.

I compared some of my favorite mascaras in this blog entry: http://ninyalogy.blogspot.com/2009/11/lash-factor.html

Jaeveberry said...

LOVE that lip color! I use a similar eye liner, but from Stila. Their Smudgepots are amazing, you can cry your eyes out and you'll still look fabulous! Been using it for years.

the clothing project said...

NICE. good info.

- www.theclothingproject.com

Alyson Blaire said...

love the lipstick! your blog is great.



American Phil said...

love the blog! a lot of really cool stuff! check mine out and follow it if you get time

Eva said...

definitely a make-up post! very thorough

ElodieVeryPetit said...

These colours are so nice !

Natalia Hartanto said...

i <3 mac's black eye liner....

Chantelle said...

1. Come bacccckkkk
2. quick HTML question: How did you get your twitter posts into that format? My twitter widget shows my tweets in a manner that doesn't complement my blog *sad face*.

Luxe. said...

Yeay I love morange and blacktrack, I cant imagine going back to liquid liner after using that stuff!.x

Mash said...

I love M.A.C make up

alexis b.™ said...

i will never understand why readers are so intrigued by bloggers hair regimes and daily make-up routines. it's mundance and boring. and it's lowkey a weird request. yikes.


I love the colors and make up MAC.Belle photos!!


Unknown said...

that lipstick is so pretty. i, too, have simple routine. =)


Gio Goi Jackets said...

great post! love this blog!

The Depressed Yogi said...

I've been meaning to jump on the orange lip bandwagon myself! That color is gorge, and I do love a MAC lipstick...

Anonymous said...

you rarely blog. no one's going to follow you anymore. either blog more often (at least once a week for god's sake) or call it quits. this half-assing (with lame return posts) are getting old!!!

Shelby said...

Check out my blog, I gave you an award for being an awesome blogger! Keep up the good work!

Chloe said...

That Anonymous commentor is such a loser. How sad is your life that you feel that YOU have a right to dictate to Annabel how often she blogs? FYI, I'm sure Annabel blogs for herself and not YOUR benefit. Do everyone a favour and get a life. Seriously.

Next-Trend said...

you got such a nice blog <3

Erin Baskin said...

I love that mac pot eyeliner, it's the best and looks like liquid but easier to manage. Love your blog, check mine out sometime I'm brand new!



Bexs said...

love your blog!
im following.
Please check out my blog, im brand new.


thx! ciao

Anonymous said...

why do you torture ussssss?
Its been weeks.

margaret said...

bobbi brown gel liner. A+

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

I alternate between YSL's Opium Red which is more neutral with hint of lustre and MAC's Russian Red which is a cooler shade with a matte finish. Oh, and finally, I have a really bad problem with dry lips (which BF likes to point out all the time) and I opt for the classic Rosebud Salve for routine conditioning. Okay, maybe not that routine, since the problem continues to persist... moving to london

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