Thursday, December 31, 2009

out with 2009...


...and in with 2010!

I always forget that I just started my blog in April, feels like much longer. I just checked my site tracker (which I totally forgot I had installed) and found that I have already surpassed half a million visits! A big thanks to everyone who made this possible. I may be a terribly bad blogger but you guys have stuck with me all this time despite my shortcomings. I promise that from here things will only get better since I can genuinely say that I'm really into blogging. It took a while but I found my niche and will continue to explore it and hope that you guys stick around for another year!

2009 started out horribly but became much better almost instantly two months in. BF and I finally started dating (after what, a year and a half of mutual crushes?) and I developed a solid group of friends. I gained ten pounds but found someone who will take me out on food adventures, so I guess it's a good thing? I'm sitting here trying to figure out what else there is to note about 2009 but most of the things I can think of are weird and Pika-related. I try to keep it to a minimum on the blog but I really am a strange person and I'm glad I don't really have to hide it IRL since BF is equally weird and odd. Oh yeah, did I ever mention that BF = his initials? I guess it works both ways.

Things to look forward to in 2010: more consistent blog posts, graduation, and, erm... joining the workforce. I'm excited about that last one only because I'll finally be done with school but it still scares the shit out of me to think that I'll be there in just a couple months. Well, in any case, 2010 sounds like it will be an interesting year and we'll see where I'll be by the end of it :)

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Karen Morales said...

hahaha, the bit where you mentioned your wierdness made me laugh.
happy new year!

Jade Andersen said...

Happy New Year! :)

Laura Gerencser said...

Beautiful picture! Happy new Year!!
p.s. check out the giveaway on my blog!:)

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love your blog! Happy new year!

Anonymous said...

I started reading your blog about two months ago and it is my favorit blog. I am glad your life is so solid right now, I hope that one day my own life will take on that form. Happy New Year and thanks for blogging!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year!
Looking forward to your posts next year.

"coy" colleen said...

have a great new year! you're graduating too? yay seniors! real world! woooo!

M said...

good luck joining the worforce. welcome unemployment!

anon said...

well to a certain extent, all bloggers are strange to the rest of the world! happy new year!

Anonymous said...

you must feel ecstatic about your upcoming graduation.

i'm happy i found your blog and i look forward to visiting often.

a very merry new year to you!

Emilie said...

Happy New Year! I am glad to hear you 'have found your niche'. Your blog, ever since I first found it, has been one of my favorites and I check it daily. I love the combination (plus sick pictures) of awesome food and clothes. Additionally, your musings are always eloquently put and interesting to read. Anyways, wanted to let you know (though half-a-million hits kind of sums it up) that your blog is definitely a good one!

Anonymous said...

Hi Annabel!
I started reading your blog and checking it daily since october, donc't have a blog myself, but yours totally fits me, clothes, food, everyday life considerations...
I'll be looking forward to reading your next posts... Hope you had a great NYE!
Cheers from Paris.

Sharon said...

i think i saw you in urban outfitters today!

Anonymous said...

Интересно написано....но многое остается непонятнымb

Estelleblogmode said...

Happy new year !

what dia like said...

happy new year.

Jenny Cindy said...

I wish you a wonderful 2010! I really enjoy reading your blog and the beautiful pictures you always post. Keep doing what you're doing!
Wish you and your boy all the best for the new year!

denise - SUPERWOWOMG said...

oh yay happy new year :D
i still rmb when you first started your blog i got overly excited lol
okay hope you have a good 2010 and goodluck on graduating!!

Clara said...

Happy New Year Annabel, i started reading your blog this summer i guess, and well i just wanted to mention that i'm one of those who come there quite often and who really like it (your blog). Keep on bloggin (and if you don't, please have a good excuse)

cheers :)

Becky said...

Happy New Year! BF are my initials too!

Emma Lavelle said...

Happy new year!

I love that cherry blossom picture

I have recently followed suit from your vintage blog-shop and have started up my own online store. Please check it out if you get chance!

Here's to 2010!


Lauren said...

your blog is so cute! one of my favorites. xoxo, LA

Marika said...

Never forget that everything ends well and if you feel bad than it's not the end yet! keep chin higher))

Happy New Year

Kenza said...

yayy! im graduating this year too.. eeep!
have a great new years:)

Emily said...

happy 2010! it sounds like you have a very exciting year ahead of you! i'm graduating high school and going to college... i guess that's pretty exciting, too!! haha

Julia said...

That is a beautiful picture (:

Anonymous said...

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raita 2 said...

wow, i LOVE your blog! just checked out some of your older posts too, you have amazing outfits and i love your style. :D


le blog de leen said...

can't wait to see what you'll be up to in 2010 :)

and happy new year!


putri soe said...

i love your style! are you american?

Kallie, Happy Honey and Lark said...

happy new year! i can't wait to keep reading about your food adventures in 2010 :)

Jurgita Dileviciute said...

Happy New Year!

Kathryn Sutton said...

Happy New Year! I love your blog and look forward to finding out where 2010 takes you :)


Anonymous said...

love your blog
happy new year!

Kate said...

oh my gosh annabelle! my friend and i had mutual crushes for 2 years(i think) and we just started talking/admitting slightly yesterday! (in fact, we're chatting online right now :O) it feels surreal and exciting and i cant keep the smile off my face.

did you guys know each other well before you started dating? im so scared haha! reply to my comment please :D

Anonymous said...

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Bridget Jeanne said...

happy new year to you!
and that's such a pretty picture :D

Sylvia dite "la sooze" said...

bonne année!!

Natasha Arul said...

Happy New Year! I've enjoyed following your blog and look forward to your posts this year. Your 2010 sounds a lot like mine..finishing uni and joining the work force...good luck!

Hannah said...

I joined the workforce last year and had the same feelings as you do! pretty afraid and not knowing what to expect but it's been working out fine. I hope you do find a job which you love!Happy new year! Oh, and what about replying to your readers' comments consistently in 2010 too? ;) Would be great to hear from you.

afrobinxy said...

Hi Annabel :) I hope you had a really good new year. I was just wondering what are you studying at the moment? And have you found work yet?

lara said...

If his middle initial is also "F" it would be perfect. Best Friend Forever/Boy Friend Forever. Although hahaha actually that might be weird ("Babee, your initials stand for Boy Friend...FOREVERRRRRR, isn't that SWEET?") hahaha. xxxx

Serg Riva said...

I like that BF is also his initials, it could also stand for the super hero, Blue Falcon...

Anonymous said...

I've really enjoyed reading your blog & this is my first comment. Happy new year & I hope 2010 is a good year for you. :)

Anonymous said...

wow i really love the picture! And your blog of course!!
Happy 2010!

Anonymous said...

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Silk ties said...

Hope you had a great New Year!

Latoya said...

Congrats on the success of your blog! I was recently introduced to the blogging world... and I've had my blog for a little over month. It's a great feeling to have to get your thoughts on paper (computer).

Happy New Year! Lots of luck in 2010!

Erica said...

You've really got some great pictures on here! i really enjoy looking at your blog, and its nice to know that someone else feels the same way about being new to the whole blogging thing! haha i just started and i think im really getting into it too!
Happy new year!

catty said...

Have loved your blog since April - don't change it, it's quite unique, perky and perfect the way it is! Happy new year x

Betsy said...

WOW. They really blew her face out for those.
I didn't know she was still doing campaigns! I thought the disaster train hit her a while back? BLOG!!!

Unknown said...

happy 2010!

Thuhien said...

I like your blog! Your outfits are amazing and the quality is very good

xoxo, thn

Grace said...

Congrats on the success of your blog my dear! And all your other life endeavors.

Love Grace.

Christine Lane said...

Happy New Year :)

Becky said...

what a lovely blog! :)

Dithyramb said...

You have a lovely blog, and deserve all your visits!

Anonymous said...


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happy new year
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quelle sérénité..j'adore

Marylyn said...

hey i love your site! i just started a fashion/other site. check it out! if you like it, i would be so happy if u linked it in your profile.

thank you!

Bucca said...

Happy new year!

Francheska L said...

gosh your blog is just so beautiful!x

Anonymous said...

Just linked your blog in my first ever blog post on a new blog that my twin sister and I share.. we also started a vintage store on etsy.. here's to kindred spirits! Love your blog, keep it coming! :)

Anonymous said...

your blog is an inspiration.

trans globe lighting said...

Its amazing how fast time flies

IKS said...

2009... at some moment it seemed to be horrible and awful (not getting a job is the main reason) but some of them were great (my relationship). But I am glad it is over. I think that a lot in life is ahead of us, and I look forward to every new day/year because some things that are thrilling, awesome and exciting are yet to come, and were not in order to happen earlier. We only have to stay positive and think pink. After the rain the sun comes. always :)

have a great week :) and the rest of the year

mina said...

what a pretty picture. happy 2010!

Maggie said...

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Ruxandra said...

I hope that 2010 brings lots of love, happiness and that your dreams will come through:)

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We love your style, I hope you like our little tribute ;)

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