Saturday, January 30, 2010

day off



Yogurtland and BF's new hair. Have you guys been to Yogurtland? In my opinion it's a million times better than ripoffs like Pinkberry. It's way better to be able to choose everything that goes in your cup! I'm not too into mixing flavors so I always stick to my classic plain tart, yogurt chips, mango, and mochi combination. Oh, and my new lens came in! Merry Christmas, haha. Thanks for all of the comment in my last post, I'm glad to be back!


Lauren said...

I've never had Pinkberry or Yogurtland, but your combo sounds soooo yummy, I love mango!

Madeline Veenstra said...

That looks so yummy! I wish we had something like that in Australia :)

Anonymous said...

BF looks a lot like Jude Law in this picture...
Very sexy.

So happy to have you posting again!

Emily said...

yum yum yum that mochi looks so good! is yogurtland self-serve? there's a self-serve place near me. the yogurt isn't as good as pinkberry or red mango or bloomingdales, but there are toppings aplenty so it all balances out :) hahaha


Mari said...

The new hair cut is nice! An new lens, how exciting! Which one did you get?

augustalolita said...

never tried yogurtland!! i would love to though cuz i loveee yogurt!! and your boy's hair is cute :)

kelly ann said...

i couldn't agree more. yogurtland is where it's at! ;) i'm so addicted. it's delicious. and so reasonably priced!

josephine said...


the desert foxx said...

yummie, both the yoghurt and the haircut!

Emilie said...

1) I have never been to either but that looks unbelievably good.
2) Your boyfriend's haircut looks good! Ha. Strange to comment on that? Probs.
3) I also have an issue with flavor mixing I always get plain or some really basic flavor when it comes to ice cream/frozen yogurt.

Anonymous said...

He looks cute. It suits him.

Anonymous said...

I'm having cinnamon yogurt now! nom nom nom. the haircut looks dapper.

k said...

nooo! making your own concoction is fun! :D

i recommend blueberries & choco chips (and cheesecake bites, if yogurtland offers some) ;)

k said...

nooo! making your own concoction is fun! :D

i recommend blueberries & choco chips (and cheesecake bites, if yogurtland offers some) ;)

Maria said...

in that case I have yet to try yogurtland! The only one I've seen is on santa monica I think... Cute blog :)

X Maria

Melissa xx said...

i am totally digging mustard too at the moment!! gorgous dress and outfit! and that yogurtland sounds amazing! xx

Alice said...

Frozen yoghurt with mango and honey is the path for me. I agree it is so much better when you get to chose your toppings.

Jillian said...

i agree about your yogurtland comment being so much better than pinkberry! pinkberry is way too overpriced, especially for the amount you get.

also, i love your blog. very nice to see your back to posting again :) here's mine, mostly about books. hehe.

Anonymous said...

Reading your blog is one of the highlights of my day! I'm glad you're back.


Visions through my retina said...

yum yum...

Anonymous said...

Yay! You're back!

If you (or anyone!) are ever in DC you should visit sweetgreen and get some sweetflow (tart fro yo) I used to live up the street from the one in Georgetown. Its amaaaze


naahh man, i totally respect your style but pinkberry destroys yogurtland. the tang is just so much tangier

the style crusader said...

we don't have any of these yoghurt places in the UK so i haven't tried any of them. bummer. looks god though!! xx

loony lacunae said...

Yogurtland > Pinkberry

Admittedly Pinkberry is pretty good but there's just not enough flavors or toppings. Plus it's way expensive for what you get.

The Taro and Peanut Butter flavors at Yogurtland are really good! You should try them. I'd eat there more if I weren't lactose intolerant -_-

Melissa said...

Your boyfriend's hair cut is nice.

About your sudden increase in posting:

I hope you are doing it for yourself, and not because some asshole anon's made you feel otherwise.

Do this for yourself and no one else.


blkwhtbelize said...

yogurtland is the best place ever ever!

patty said...

We don't have Yogurtland where I live, but we do have Red Mango, which is originally from Korea and sooo delicious! I love mine plain too, with mango and mochi. :)

Welcome back! Looking forward to more posts from you.

Adele said...

what new lens did you get? it looks really good!

catty said...

Oooo dammit yogurtland! I was in LA recently and tried Pinkberry (not great) and Red Mango (VERY NICE) and then on my last day someone mentioned yogurtland but I didnt have enough time to go :( And now YOU TALK ABOUT IT! I have to go back.

AMIT said...

Good day off pictures.

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Mary said...

If you like yogurt, you should definitely check out Fraiche in Pac Heights. Awesome. Small batch (local bay area!), homemade, and organic. The chocolate yogurt is addicting.

homegirl said...

love your blog

NDYparty said...

tomorrow i'll try to do one !!! looks so good

Gabby / Gypsy*Diaries said...

OMG, that looks deliiiicious!!! yammm

onlypretending said...

Sigh. I love Yogurtland! Mochi and mango pleeeeease.

Elisabeth said...

Your hair are wonderful =)

Unknown said...

i love, that you LOVE food =)

keep posting them treats, i'm about to move to the bay area and i need new food finds!

so glad i stumbled upon your blog

Posten said...

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Quijanodtkl said...

nooo! making your own concoction is fun! :D i recommend blueberries & choco chips (and cheesecake bites, if yogurtland offers some) ;)

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