Thursday, January 28, 2010

thank you everyone

mm6 cardigan, acne hex jeans in dark cash (xmas gift), h&m top, zara scarf


I don't think I'd realized how much my readers meant to me until today. On a day when everything that could go wrong happened I found comfort in the strangest of places: the blogosphere. I'm not going to lie, I'd always pictured myself as different from your average fashion blogger: I'd never planned on gaining such a significant number of readers nor did I go out of my way to attain it. It just kind of happened somehow and to be completely honest it really freaked me out for a while since it happened so fast (I forget I didn't actually start posting here until nine months ago.

I'm still in the process of growing up: I'm not as obsessive compulsive as I used to be and I've grown a lot as a person but old habits are really difficult to shake off when they're so ingrained in your every day being. I'm the type of person who will recopy notes when I make minor mistakes such as writing on the wrong line or incorrectly spacing things, I even write most of my notes on graph paper for optimal control. And don't even get me started on this blog... you have no idea how many unpublished posts I have sitting on my Blogger dashboard at the moment. Somehow, however, it's starting to wear off. Maybe I am ready to post "just anything" now no matter how mundane it may be. Wasn't I the one who called it a "lifestyle" blog? I can easily say I was totally full of shit (hah) since I obviously backed out but hey, I can get a second chance, right?

You see, I've come to realize that I really have been taking my readers for granted this entire time. As someone who is prone to the almost daily battles with self-doubt, I let my fears get the best of me and found it hard to believe that anyone could like me enough to take an interest in this little hobby of mine, whether it's my style or writing content. Taking a break from blogging really put things into perspective: it's not all about the number of readers you get but rather who's actually willing to stick with you no matter what choices you make concerning your blog. Why should I get freaked out about so many people looking at this when there's a select few who really geniunely care? Today, after a particularly difficult day where nothing seemed to work out, I received so many encouraging comments and emails that reading them actually caused me to tear up a little. I can't thank you guys enough for putting up with me, let's try this again, okay?

(ps. I didn't mean to look like such a downer in the photo, it was 7:30am and I couldn't help it, haha.)


Mari said...

I feel you, Annabel. I have issues of my own that I know I need to confront and it's really hard being brave enough to do that. However, your blog shows you are a really thoughtful, intelligent and fun person!

- Mari

Natalie / Fashion Intel said...

It is great that you have such positive support in the blogosphere. Hope those flowers cheered you up! Look forward to reading more ...

alison said...

Over the past few weeks I've had to deal with a lot of issues, involving myself. I'm sorry to hear you were having a rough day, but it's great to hear you look at things optimistically. I love your blog, it's always full of wonderful photos, great comments and your gorgeous self. Hope things get better, and that things will start to sort themselves out. <3

LittleMissNo said...

I'm much much smaller than you but I want to give you a hug so bad... How weird is that?!
(J., Paris, France)(you know that 1000th follower of yours!;)

Bru Marx said...

keep it up,love your blog.

Marlena said...

I personally love your blog for the writting (even tho your style is just amazing). Not many people post about their lives and I think it's interesting to take a peek into different types of lives- it lets you get out of your own little world for a while. I'm glad you came back :)

Chantelle said...

Chin up tiger! You're one of the 3 blogs I know by heart! Just in case I get bored and I'm near a computer, or wasting time on my iphone. Bonne chance!

Anonymous said...

I've never commented before on your blog, but it is one of my top sites and I read it religiously. I like that you choose to share yourself with the blogosphere. It is really brave. Your style is cool and I learn so much about your neck of the woods from your posts about great places to eat since food is a love of mine. Your blog mixes fashion and food and fun, and you should feel free to be yourself! It's why people like me visit your blog every chance we get.

Jade said...

It's not like you're running a 365 project here. I'd rather have you posting something you felt was significant rather than blog for the sake of blogging. :]

Thank you for being one of my inspirations. As always, I look forward to your posts. No matter the "intermission" between them. /Cheeseball.

Shannyn said...

I love your blog! You're "you" and that's so refreshing in a blog world that just recycles what is out there.

Plus, you live in one of my favorite cities in the world. I used to live in the bay and I love to live vicariously.

Keep on keeping on! =)

Kelly said...

I'm so sorry to hear you were having a bad day. But I 100& agree about your views toward blogging and feel your pain when it comes to self-doubt. And I don't want this to sound weird, but you really are an inspiration. Not just for your style or your amazing taste in food ;), but for how truly genuine you seem. And today (when I stayed home sick from school and all I really wanted to do was crawl into a hole), I started to feel better by just looking at your blog and reading your old posts.
So thank you :).
P.S. Sorry, that was probably way too long.

Corie said...

Things happen...nothing is truly permanent. ~Corie

Fate said...

You're so talented and funny annabel, i put a link to your blog on my blog, because you are so talented. Everyone doubts themselves, it's only natural (unless u have a very large ego, which isn't natural), just try to believe in your salf a little more, you're amazing.

Alex said...

IDK you personally but I admit to following your blog because you'd be the kind of person I would like to meet IRL. That's the great thing about blogs. It's a slight reflection of who you are and you're sharing yourself w/the world, allowing you to connect w/people you may never meet otherwise and those seemingly mundane posts might resonate with someone else. I'm glad you continue to share your thoughts here, it's always a pleasure reading your posts! You seem like a wonderfully beautiful person

Unknown said...

I adore your blog, and think you are just wonderful.
Anything you post is going to be great.

TheMinx said...

Your blog is so readable because I think the people who look at it can see that you're a real, relatable person (who just happens to have great style). Keep up the great blogging and try to stay cheerful!

Tabitha said...

I love the two pics...they go hand in hand. And I can relate relying on your blog friends, sometimes your friends in this community get you more than your friends in the real life and are more supportive.

Kathleen said...

I think your blog is adorable! I always love your posts and I appreciate your honesty in this particular post! Keep blogging and try to enjoy life's little imperfections to balance the perfection you seek in your own life :)You're fabulous!

Anonymous said...

That means you're not leaving. Hooray!!!

ramona west said...

i love you. you're the cutest.

Ashley said...

Annabel, I'm so excited that you're back!! I kept looking on my Bloglovin' for a new Blushing Ambition post, you should've seen how excited I was today! I absolutely love your style and aesthetic, and it's great to have you back!

Unknown said...

yay for new posts!

an aspiring everything said...

love the bright knit! and dont listen to what other people say you are an awesome blogger :)

carla said...

☺☺☺ glad annabel "pika" is back!

♥♥♥ your blogs....

megara said...

Possibly my favorite post so far? Sometimes I think we can look at everyone's blogs and want to believe their lives are so perfect, and there is no reason in the world for them to second guess themselves. But at the end of the day we're all human!

On a fashion note: I love this cardigan, and I love the scarf. I have a huge scarf like this and always have a hard time wearing it because i feel like it's trying to fight me. It looks fab on you!

M. said...

cute outfit, and you can always rely on the bloggers to make you feel better!

lovelove, M.

Release Karma said...

I know exactly what you mean. I have the same problem with my note taking. I used to buy two notebooks for every class. One for when I'm actually in class and the other so I can copy it and make it look just right.

I'm excited for the new post and I hope you continue to blog.

denise - SUPERWOWOMG said...

its like the blogworld is a secret place where you have all these random friends who know so much about you but dont really know you in real life and yet they're always so supportive, sometimes even moreso than your friends IRL.
anyhow, i missed your blogging and you always have me supporting you in whatever kind of blog you may have!

Catherine said...

BE MY WAIFU. ♥ You're the cutest.

Jean said...

Hi dear, you're awesome and very down-to-earth with your words and all. Not to mention your quirky fashion sense.. needless to say, i'm a fan! Keep it up k? =)

Brooke said...

Habits are the hardest thing to break....I adore your blog. And I have that Zara scarf as well, isn't it great? Lovely outfit.

Nadia Kamballa said...

I think I've said this before.. Reading your blog was what encouraged me to start my own. I think you have such a wonderful blog and no matter what you post, you always post it in a perfect way, I think.

So keep posting whatever you want to post because you never stop inspiring me.. ^_^

Madeline Veenstra said...

That's so lovely!! I know what you mean, yesterday I had to rush my boyfriend to the ER and sit with him for 8 hours. It was terrifying, but surprisingly it was readers on my blog and their comments that made me cheer up :)

Unknown said...

i read your blog religiously but for some reason never feel compelled to comment, until now. i promise to leave you words of encouragement, and you promise to be true to yourself! i've deleted my blog three times, and i am just now coming to a very similar realization.


Sara said...

thank god you're back!

Yahnay said...

I love your Blog! I think you take the most amazing beautiful pictures and your blog is one that I actually bother to read the text. Thanks for sharing.

k said...

aww i love your blog cause you and pika are cute and have great taste in food. we all have bad days, and we all get through it eventually. :)

Unknown said...

aww im happy you can find happiness in something you like to do :) I hope your day made a turn for the better! =]

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you're feeling better & I hope tomorrow will be infinitely better for you :) And as someone mentioned about, don't feel pressured to blog for the sake of blogging. I love your blog because of its quality, so however long it takes, I'll still look forward to it.

Also, I get what you mean about being a perfectionist. You just have to learn to let some things slide I guess. Either way, I hope you won't let those self-doubts & fears get to you! You're fine just as you are *hugs*


straightforward beauty said...

hey, my name is alysia, and i'm from boston, massachusetts. i'm a big fan. i love your posts, and i never find them mundane. i have had you added to my bloglovin' account. there are a lot of posts by rumi, etc etc., but i always love yours the most. no matter how infrequent they are, they're always something to look forward to.

love that red sweater, btw.

Valencia Lia said...

I really love what you wrote in this post. Really so honest and I'm so glad you're back to blogging again.

Things of course will sure be for the better in this new year!Your blog has always captured my heart and psst you're indeed my daily inspiration :)

You look stunning in the 1st photo,I want to steal that chunky scarf from you. Love everything<3

Thalia said...

I really like your blog and your approach on things!!! i am glad that you are back again in blogosphere! i found comfort there sometimes myself!

holly said...

This post was so touching... just to know what your really thinking, puts the world in prospective a little more..
I love all of your posts... and if you wrote about cheese every day for the rest of the year ahaha i'd still be there routing for you :)

write about the things you love, and as the famous quote says ' Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind dont matter and those who matter dont mind- Dr Seuss.
Have a great day :)

Anonymous said...

youre adorable. hope ur day tomorrow will be way better love. great blog and style <3

Visions through my retina said...

Im glad you're feeling much better...I am hoping whatever it is you are going through gets much better for you...your blog also makes such a person like me realize that there are real sweet HUMBLE bloggers out are my favorite and for that dont ever feel pressured to blog as much as you can...its all good...take your time at whatever it is ...because Im 100% sure us readers will still be clicking even after a month to see if you've posted anything new... stay positive and keep your chin up baby girl!!
xoxo aja

Charlene said...

I love your blog Annabel! I come here every week or so, since about September. You are so unique. I love your blog posts. You have great talent, you know... And I will always be supportive!

Alexandria said...

I don't know if I've ever commented, or just quietly admired, but I love every post you make and will continue to love every post you make! Hope that's not too creepy.

Anonymous said...

I am quite a new reader - i only came across your blog a couple of weeks ago. . but after id read the first couple of posts, , i oractically couldnt stop and went through reading most of the archive! Your blog is fantastic, your style is adorable and more than that you come across as such a genuine person. Don't beat yourself up too much.

Anonymous said...

i hope you feel better soon! i'm definitely a devoted reader and enjoy every post. i hope you keep it going regularly, but everyone needs to go at their own pace. dont be mad at the jerks who complain because its not like your a robot. this is a hobby and it shouldn't be so stressful.

p.s. love that scarf!

sugarxnspice said...

Annabel, I've always been a quiet reader but today I'm here to tell you bravo! You blog's so wonderful, inspiring & you're impossibly cute & lovely!! It always brightens my day when you post something new!

I hope things brighten up for you soon, tomorrow will be a better day! xoxo

The Book of Right-On said...

I love your blog for the simplicity and the fact that you aren't trying too hard. Keep your head up, it'll become easier sooner or later I promise :)

Margaux from BoRO Xx

Magali said...

Keep your blog up, I love it!
Btw this red cardi is gorgeous!

STEPH J said...

omg i do the whole recopy notes thing too! it annoys me so much, because sometimes i make mistakes in notebooks, but i can't throw entire notebooks away or tear the pages off, and it always makes me so |:

anyway, awesomely cozy outfit today! wearing red ought to brighten up one's day <3

KittyCate said...

Your blog is one of my all-time favourite blogs, I get so excited every time I see you've posted something new. Don't ever stop blogging! Or I'll cry :D
Love this outfit too btw, casually chic. x

Anonymous said...

That was a beautiful post, I LOVE your blog (and that mug!).

Don't stop making the world beautiful with your words and pictures.

le blog de leen said...

i'm glad you're posting again!


Iulia Romana said...

This post is so great ! Happy you are back in business !

Anonymous said...

YAYYYYY! Fuck the meanies, your blog is my favourite no matter often you update. ^_^

Super cute cardigan btw and your hair is looking great!

Anonymous said...

Hello Annabel :)
I think i understood most of what you meant to say even though my english is certainly not perfect... You seem to be thinking a lot about what you should/shouldn't do and whether it really shows what you are, I guess we never stop doubting but if i can give you an advice someone gave me not so long ago; Follow what your inner voice tells you to be the best decision, even if it is not, it is not that bad because at least you've listenned to yourself, and took a decision you instinctively thougt to be right.
And sometimes it's better to feel in harmony with your mind and your will than with the rest of the world...
Take care Annabel, just follow your heart.

Hanna said...

Your blog is my favorite blog (and therefore I feel almost too shy to comment). I like your photos, your musings (I often return in my thoughts to your post about being a baseball fan, it actually somewhat changed the way I view sports), and that you combine two wonderful things (food and style) so elegantly and seemlessly. Every entry of yours is worth waiting for. Hope you have a better day today!

Marita Bliss said...

Love that cardigan!

AXL said...

Your blog is great =)

Anonymous said...

Ohh Annabel! The "putting up with me" made me laugh because we love your blog! That's why we're here! I hope you feel better soon and keep posting!

Jenn said...

You have such a great blog and that speaks volumes that you didn't try to hunt down readers and acquire such a huge following. Your natural ability did that. All of us read this because it's so great :)

Bekah said...

Thank you for being human. It's refreshing to follow someone that doesn't have a facade of perfection; you have a good heart and a good mind.

Anonymous said...

WE love you. connie and jeanne, kisses from GERMANY muahhhh

LG said...

Love the blog, and hope you keep going with it! You've got great style, and whenever there's a new post it's a daily dose of inspiration. I'm glad your feelings toward all your readers' comments gives you that same inspiring and supportive feeling!

Aurore said...

At first I appologize, because my english is really bad...
I just want to say, that I follow you in your blog (almost) all days, and it always makes me happy.
Your blog is a really positif univers and I wish you're going to continue to make us smiling!
have a nice day!

Emilie said...

First of all, though this isn't really the purpose of this post at all, I love every single thing you're wearing in the photo you included. Secondly, I definitely check your blog all the time because I love it. Thirdly, I totally empathize with your inability to fall asleep I have the exact same problem especially when I am stressed out over stuff such as school or other personal things. Listening to music usually helps though not till like 3am ha.

Caitlin said...

I love that outfit.

And I started blogging just to waste time, and then it became into sort of a family. I can rely on people to give me good advice or tips or hints on anything. It really is wonderful to see how many people are genuinely good and want to cheer you up for no reason other than to make YOU feel happy.

Chelsea said...

I'm so glad you're back (?) ! I really care. Your blog has always been one of my favorites. I wish the best for you.

theflawlet said...

it's great that you had a sort of eye-opener and that you appreciate your readers. it's actually mutual.

Anonymous said...

The self-doubt monster gets even the best of us. You seem to be a sweet girl: you have nothing to worry about. Have the BEST day :D

Landice Anderson said...

Annabel, I'm a new reader but I think your blog is top quality. Really. Also I'm stealing your scarf and cardigan, watch out! ;)

Charlotte said...

I've just recently started following your blog and I truly love everything you post, carry on.
Charlotte x.

Becca said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Becca said...

i really enjoyed this post. Also, I think it would be really cool if you posted pictures of your apartment, it looks gorgeous! I hope that doesn't sound creepy I just love looking at interiors, ie. the selby, design sponge etc.

the style spotter said...

i totally agree with you about the blogosphere. sometimes its just knowing that people you've never even met are thinking of you that gives you the bit of encouragement you need to get through the day.

the style spotter

fashion nugget said...

beautiful photos.
ive been looking for a scarf like that everyyywhere.

Chiffon Dreams said...

It is interesting and strange to think that you can absolutely find comfort and solace in complete strangers, especially in a place like the internet, where people think it has made life so much more impersonal. In some cases, such as yours and in the blog environment, I think it has made people's lives MORE personal.

please check out my blogs!

coeur noir said...

i really hope you feel better, if it means anything, out of all the blogs i follow and like, your posts are the ones that i really do look forward to. goodluck (:

paulinabelle said...

i love your blog so much. and we will love whatever you choose to post :]

Melissa said...

Annabel, I wish you lived in NYC...I'd totes want to be gal pals with you!

Hearts for eyes always!

Chloë, Wardrobe Quarry said...

your blog is absolutely gorgeous, u look so cute in this outfit here, i love it

Luxe. said...

Aww this is a really sweet post!.x

Blicious said...

EEEEE i want that mug!!!! so cute!


Sammie said...

Annabel, i check your blog everyday in the hope of finding another post by you. you're such a sweet person. i wish the best for you:)

Lauren said...

I've been a follower of your blog for a while, and even though I don't know you, you seem like such a great person and I love your quirky style. Everyone doubts themselves and that's normal :] But just wanted you to know you're one of my favorite bloggers.

Unknown said...

That scarf looks extra warm!


Anonymous said...

I just discovered your blog and Im completely inspired, not just by your style but also your honesty can be hard for all of us, but theres always room for inspiration, hope, creation, belief..Im def gonna follow :)

consume her said...

:-) :-) :-)

Adele said...

no, thank you for being consistently wonderful with all your posts. your writing is always intelligent and articulate and feels very personal, and that's probably why you've attracted the readership you have, plus you have a lovely style when it comes to fashion and photography.
perfectionism can be very limiting, so bravo on beginning to overcome it. love your blog always, and when new posts do appear in my reader i always click on them before anything else.
don't be so self-critical, i think your work is fantastic!

clairey said...

Hi Annabel, I just wanted to say CHIN UP; I love reading your blog because it always cheers me up so I would hope that you are equally cheered by keeping one, too. :) it helps that you come across as being really adorable + fun + someone who is great to know IRL! :D

Jen Hsieh said...

i am so in love with your look in the first picture. you look so cozy in that warm, gray, scarf.
this post was a great read as well. and it takes time to grow up and there's no need to rush it :)

Melissa xx said...

I've been reading your blog for about 7 months and i adore it so much! Every post is so special! as are you! thanks for creating such an amazing blog!! xx

what dia like said...

welcome back!

Anonymous said...

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Clara said...

As strange as it seems, i have to admit it - i missed you. :) Your blog is a nice thing, just like, i don't know, having a nice cup of tea or something. It makes life a bit more pleasant, and that's great.

Jillian- said...

So cute, you so pretty and I love your style !

Margrethe FL said...

Love your blog sweety. Thank's for the inspo.

jessica said...

if you're interested, you should look into a japanese drama called "densha otoko". even though we don't interact with you physically, the friends you made through the net will somehow find it in their hearts to cheer for you or worry for you. indirect friends :)

Anonymous said...

thank goodness you're back. <3

Unknown said...

i have fallen in love with your cardigan!
what is mm6?
i've been trying to find a thick red one for ages but to no avail :(

i love your blog, you're gorgous!

Emily said...

i am just as OCD as you. i re-write notes when i make a mistake and i highlight the REALLY important things (but it has to be a perfectly straight highlighted line hahah) your blog is so incredible and you have absolutely nothing to be ashamed of


Dheyzhere said...

I love the look..Love the blog too..^___^

Anonymous said...

I love reading your blog, it's one of my favorites. I'm a pretty terrible commenter. I rarely, if ever, leave comments on the blogs I read, but reading your post just inspired me to tell you that I read it and I think it's great.

Take care,
Jessica Sue

Unknown said...

I love your blog to bits and pieces. I've been a fan since ye olde days of Livejournal! I'm here with you for as long as you're willing to post.

chichi said...

Annabel I'll love your blog till the end of time,I have been in love with your style, prescence, quirkyness, and blog since the beginning of old chictopia college version. Your one of my style icons, I love the way you bring life to clothing & always will. please always write and I'll be sure to listen.

afrobinxy said...

Nawww Annabel! You are such a sweetheart

Tia said...

I have really bad OCD as well so I know how hard it gets sometimes. Hang in there, we all love the blog.


love ur blog...and i honestly am pretty picky.. so hmphf!

Anonymous said...

Graph paper is perfect. There's more control, but fewer boundaries than with lined paper... go figure.

Looking at your blog always makes me want to bundle up in sweaters.

You also seem to have the "basics with a twist" look down pretty well.

One cool thing about your being a perfectionist & interested in fashion is that it seems to allow good design to permeate your life.

I'd love to see more "lifestyle"-type posts. I think you don't have as much to worry about as you may think.

Sammy-B said...

love your blog! your gorgeous and have fab style... very jealous!!!

im following :D

love sammy

sarah b said...

i just want you know how much this post inspired me to really get onboard with my own blogging! even though i don't have many readers yet! yay annabel!

My New Favourite Thing said...

It's odd how relative strangers can help you feel better when you're having a down day. I've had a bit of a disasterous week but for some reason the blogosphere is perking me up! I think that it's because there's so much positivity out there :) x

Aline said...

you look adorable and you are different from the average fashion blog and that is why we keep coming back:)

Anonymous said...

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Also уοur ωеb ѕіte ѕo muсh up fast!
What web host аre you the usе of? Can І am getting yοur associate hypеrlinκ on уour hoѕt?
I want my sіte loaded up as fаst as youгs lol