Friday, September 24, 2010

updating from portland...

vintage levis gingham shirt, acne needle high waisted jeans via shopbop, h&m cardigan, vintage lace up boots

I've been delaying this post far too long, forgive me, I've been busy. Last week I booked a last minute flight to the Pacific Northwest (!!!) and I am currently sitting in PDX waiting for my luggage. Which is late. Umm. Whatever, at least I'm here! These outfit photos are from last Sunday when Brent and I went out for ramen while the food ones are from the following day.

boyfriend's outfitboyfriend's outfit
shades of greige henley via ssense, b.son cardigan, april 77 jeans, mezlan shoes

Had to include these photos, even if they're just shots where I'm testing out the lighting on BF. Those jeans are so old lol. I guess things do get better with age? Hah. I also wanted to thank everyone for your comments on that last post, it's nice to see that so many of you don't think of me that way and understand where I'm coming from. The internet is a tricky place but I'm dealing with it. Thanks for your support, guys.


Lunch at El Metate in the Mission. I'd been going for their tortas for about a year now but could never get BF to come with me. The thing with Mexican food in the Mission is that you're so used to having at least five or six restaurants in the same block serving so much of the same stuff that you never really bother to wander anywhere else. El Metate is a couple blocks east of BF's place so it's quite a walk but was totally worth it in the end. He had chicken enchiladas with green salsa and I had a torta with breaded chicken milanesa on dutch crunch (!!!!) and torilla soup. Soooooo good. And it's pretty close to Humphrey Slocombe too if you're in the area...

chicken enchiladas
torta del rancho

Anyway, since I didn't really get to vacation this summer I'm really glad I'm taking this last minute trip. I haven't been up here yet and I'll be in Portland until Sunday when we take Amtrak to Seattle to help my friend's sister move in. Plus Camille's going to show us around tomorrow which means awesome food and doooooooooooooonuts. Oh my gosh, DONUTS!


Anonymous said...

You look great and major improvement on the hair department with your BF.

Monique said...
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Sarah said...

That food looks amazing! Yum!

You look darling!

Monique said...

Love the long cardi. Those black beans look deeelish.
**Did you do an ad or some stock photo for Citibank?
Every time I log on to my account I see a gal drinking coffee and she sure does look like you.

Not a Paper Cup said...

Cute as usual!! :)

Anonymous said...

Gosh, you're adorable!!!!!


Love your cardi!

Heini said...

You both look so cute :)

Nomnomnom, food looks niicee.

Style-Pursuit said...

I love this boyish outfit, it suits you really nicely! :o)


Allie said...

Yay, you're coming to Seattle! That's where I live! Go to Ballard: it's a really fun neighborhood with lots of good bars, restaurants, and boutiques.

Natalie (NJ in L.A.) said...

Ohhhh, I hope you also have some photos of the ramen place. Which one did you go to? Everything looks delicious as usual. Please let me take you to an amazing torta place (in Monterey Park) next time you're in the area.

sagalina said...

hey i was woundering when your next post would be!
your outfit is soo cute, and spanish food is soo yummy:)
check out my drawings on my blog and let me know what you think:)

Daisy said...

Pretty outfit !

Anonymous Coward said...

you look nice :)

and your boyfriend's new(?) hair is so much better. But he still wears his jeans far too tight (tighter than you!) unfortunately :/

Naomi said...

Beautiful pictures, you're a great blogger. X

Unknown said...

I'm completely in love with your hair. Help me find the guts to do it to mine.. I'm scared!

Jennifer - Stylish Clin d'Oeil said...

Pretty as usual^^

callie said...

You look adorable as always! I really wanna get my hair cut like yours. I love it!


Anonymous said...

I really have to say, now you've both got great hair;)

Anonymous said...

seattle is the best! you should check out cafe presse in capitol hill if you have time... the best little french cafe with great coffee and a wonderful atmosphere. have fun!

Anonymous said...

Brent's pants look good with that rip and omfg i wish we had that donut store in canada.

Tiffany's Small World said...

great blog!you look cute!

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Macy said...

you really, really suit your short hair. It looks great on you!

anja louise said...

Yeah Portland! Have fun while you're here, if you want I can email you a big list of awesome places to eat. I'm working on a Portland guide, but it's a big process! Especially cause the food list just wants to get longer & longer. Email me if you'd like it! anja.verdugo at gmail!
I'm out of town all weekend, otherwise I'd say we should grab a coffee or something. Next time! Have a great visit. :)

eleanor said...

This outfit is so simple, yet so wonderful! And the foood... yum.

Have a fun trip!


sammi burley (chase.dakota) said...

cute outfit... that sandwich looks yummy!

check out my giveaway


Amber said...

you look so cute! Have a good time in Portland

Closet Fashionista said...

I love your outfit!! So cute!! :D

Anonymous said...

I love how you wear your jeans. Seriously. Not many can pull off something so casual in such a stylish and effortless manner.

- Sherrie

Erika Peterson said...

What up Seattle! Enjoy my hometown - you can even stop by the Fremont Oktoberfest which is this weekend!

denise - SUPERWOWOMG said...

funnnnnn!!! Looking super cute! Have fun in portland and seattle!!!!!!!!!

Luna D said...

You look really cute!

And ugh, salivating. -_-;;

alice said...

portland is definitely on my list! enjoy :)

alice / HOT WINTER

the writer. said...

love the outfit!
something about shades of blue which makes everything fit so well and like everyone else here, the hair (on both of you) is looking good :D

Emilie said...

I love this outfit. It's exactly what I want to be wearing right now (well not RIGHT now but you get my point). And the food looks quite amazing. Have fun in Portland!

Jasmin said...

those jeans are so tight, I want a pair too! Love your style, so student-ish but very chic!

Laurita P said...

omg, those enchiladas look bomb! also, your sweater is adorable. i'm really diggin it


Unknown said...

goddamnit I'm hungry again :( Love your outfit btw~

Kaytee said...

Love the outfit. :) The jeans fit amazing and I love that they're high-waisted. And I like how everything is so blue, haha.

pancakeSTACKER said...

I just left Seattle + Portland! If you need any suggestions don't be afraid to ask :) You can also take a look at my latest blog posts to see what I did/where I went if you need any tips!!

Have a great trip!

Bay Sandoval said...

Cool! Looking good!

LUU H. said...

girl, you should seriously ask brent to make afashion blog or something !

Carolyn said...

yummmm dutch crunch! and can't believe you'll be in seattle, my home! hope you enjoy the city :)

Jane said...

You guys look great, you are such a happy couple ^^ Ho, and great shirt by the way!!Love your blog,

Giules said...

I love love love the boots. What a thrift.


SARAH said...

zahira said...

those jeans fit peerfectly!
i must get some,

June said...

great look and your lunch looks amazing

goliath said...

i love the way you're waering your jeans! need to try out myself very soon!

Anonymous said...

Portland is a magical place. Have fun at Voodoo Doughnuts. I suggest the Voodoo Doll or the Ol Dirty Bastard. Delicious.

FBJ said...

yummmmmy ummyummmmm

cute lace up booties!!

Anne said...

REALLY awesome outfit!

sam said...

As a northwester: Welcome! And I wish you good weather luck.

sam said...

As a northwester: Welcome! And I wish you good weather luck.

Quiet Eyes said...

I love those jeans!

xiang yun said...

Gaaaah! you and your BF are equally stylish! :) loves!! yummy-looking food too! MMM..

A. said...

Food looks tasty! I just ate at a place that was pretty fantastic in the mission.

Random, but where do you get your haircut? In the bay area and desperately need recs.

Chantelle said...

Chicka, your post made me go 'nom nom nom'. I must avoid your blog at 3:30 am, when hungry pangs strike.

clara spencer-phillips said...

I love your blog! So delicious!

Catherine said...


Unknown said...

you look really good in high-waisted jeans, I've noticed a lot of people can't pull them off. Your hair is super cute too

The Fashion Cloud said...

what a perfect outfit, you always sem to have the most simple yet perfect day outfits!



Annabel, you're so adorable! Lovelovelove the menswear inspired outfit. You make it seem so feminine. And the food, gosh. I'm salivating right now. Mexican food here doesn't look as good as it does on the west coast!

MELISSA Z. said...

love your blue cardi! You're perfect!

Anonymous said...

tell your boyfriend his jeans are too tight. yikes!

Ashton H said...

It looked so good!! xx

Bridget said...

hey, i'm a fan of yours from the Philippines.. are you half japanese?

your bf looks like tobey Mgguire

Shen said...

Love the boots!

Anonymous said...

That outfit is great! That gingham shirt is beautiful. I really love your style.

I'm super jealous that you're off to Portland... It sounds like a great city! My sister keeps telling me it’s the coffee capital of the U.S.

Anonymous said...

That outfit is great! That gingham shirt is beautiful. I really love your style.

I'm super jealous that you're off to Portland... It sounds like a great city! My sister keeps telling me it’s the coffee capital of the U.S.

Geelong Real Estate said...

you guys should stand together get another photo for me this is a perfect couple outfits

Family Lawyers Sydney said...

my bf will like your bf's outfit a real gentleman

Lisa said...

Beautiful pics! And I'm starving right now so the food looks sooooooo good...


Kat said...

Oh yum, the food looks amazing! You look so cute in the photos, great levi's shirt. Haha, I like the way you spell doughnuts -"donuts", very American :D.

costra y ampolla said...

love your blog! nice boots ;)

Federico Panarello said...

Just arrived on your blog! Really amazing!
would you like to come and see my blog ?
Have a wonderful day!
A kiss from ITALY!!

No Alice No said...

You look gorgeous.

I know it's been a long time since you cut your hair, but I want to say I absolutely love it.



Monique said...

Have an amazing trip! I love you and your guys looks!! Casual cool!
xo M

Anonymous said...

I've always wanted to go to Portland...seems like there is so much to do over there! You look so cute in those boots/outfit. :] Hope you are enjoying your time there!!

Anonymous said...

I love your outfit. Nice and simple and that food looks delicious. xxx

Hannah Elise said...

Ohhhh GAWD! Those are the pants of my dreams. Seriously. Of course by the time I managed to save the money for them; they were sold out typical.

Montse Gabrielle said...

te sigo me encanta el blog!!!!
aun tengo pokitos seguidores....pero poco a poco la familia va creciendo jeje

Kristin said...

you look cute! i wish I had that outfit.

Danielle said...

Love your boots! Glad you got to have a little break

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