Monday, September 6, 2010

groups of three


bag and wallet


1. Addicted to Pinterest and letting my obsessive compulsive bookmarking run wild. I also listened to Toto on repeat all day today. Oh, and I ran out of invites so I can't help anyone get an account, sorry. Try applying? In any case, it's doing a helluva job distracting me from the loads of schoolwork I already have...

2. Doing one of those "what's in your bag" posts soon, I think. I just got a new wallet in a color that makes me smile every time I pull it out. Can't decide if I want to try a fun little video, I feel like I don't use that function enough.

3. Went out grocery shopping today to get ingredients for this chicken stew. Bad picture of Brent's new YMC woven oxfords which I wish were made in a size small enough for me. It's kind of nice that he lives so close to all of these little Mexican markets since they're so easy to get to and different from the usual trip to the supermarket.