Saturday, June 19, 2010

still not a great blogger...

lanston top (thanks Carly at Marked PR!), citizens of humanity jeans, thrifted lace up booties (not pictured)

Too lazy to put on shoes, but hey! I'm blogging. At this point I should be called the Queen of Comfort since most of the week I'm stuck in this long sleeved top + skinny jeans + lace up boots uniform with very little variations. This may have been the only day in the past week that I haven't woken up at 7am to watch the World Cup. The earliest games for those of us on the West Coast are actually at 4:30am, but I end up catching those on my computer while I watch another game. I also end up missing some of the later 11:30am games due to work but again, I somehow always manage to catch the ESPN3 replays. My three favorite teams are Spain, Mexico, and the USA: while I was raised watching and rooting for Mexico, since I'm American, I'm inclined to support USA, even if they did upset my team Spain in the Confederations Cup last year. La Furia Roja has been my favorite team to watch these past few years (love you #14 Alonso!) and although they were unlucky and lost their first game against Switzerland, it's about time they finally won a World Cup.

I've been getting complaints about how obsessed I am on Twitter which don't really phase me of course, but I can't help but think that some people really aren't giving the World Cup a chance, especially here in the US. I was raised in a family that only played and watched football so it's natural for me to be this into it but I've talked to a couple people who never really understood it until they tuned in and began to comprehend how wonderful The Beautiful Game is on this global scale. Where else will you see people from all over the world so obsessively united behind one sport? Maybe the Olympics, but there are so many different events to watch that it's difficult to be into every single one of them. When you do find a team to root for, you end up so caught up in the game that you'll find yourself screaming at the TV after every play, call, and goal. If you're American and you still haven't seen any of USA's games, please watch their next one against Algeria. If they win, they have a chance to advance to the next round!

lanston tops

Sorry guys, I'll try my best to post. My current schedule consists of World Cup games, work, sleep, and spending some time with friends or BF. I've been receiving a couple exciting emails and packages in the mail and have been trying to figure out how to share it with everyone (hint hint: another giveaway maybe?)


Anonymous said...

FIRST TO COMMENT! Yay! Im following you on twitter and i have to say, you're an AMAZING blogger. :)

willi float said...

I cant seem to get over how cute this look is! its going in my inspirations folder on my desktop :)

ya, im afraid if the US wins the world cup, no one here will notice since soccer isnt the biggest thing here :( its weird I always decide who to root for in the middle of the game..usually the losing team just for support haha (such a girl)

come by for a visit!

Chloeee said...

haha sounds like my schedule. eat work world cup sleep outings..

you still look great though!


Shini said...

Your blog is about your lifestyle and what you ate and how you feel, so you're doing a great job not finding shoes to wear when you're actually not wearing shoes cuz it'd make you a liar and your pants will be on fire.

Harry High Panties said...

I love the Fifa time the entire country comes together. I live in Sydney and although our team isn'e that great this year there are still thousands who gather in Sydney Harbour all clad in green and gold in the freezing cold at 4am to watch the Socceroo games.

I totally understand foot ball has taken over my entire life! I've sacrificed sleep in favour of the games but it's ok because I catch up during Biology :P

Harry High Panties said...

I love the Fifa time the entire country comes together. I live in Sydney and although our team isn'e that great this year there are still thousands who gather in Sydney Harbour all clad in green and gold in the freezing cold at 4am to watch the Socceroo games.

I totally understand foot ball has taken over my entire life! I've sacrificed sleep in favour of the games but it's ok because I catch up during Biology :P

Unknown said...

same here about the soccer lol totally rooting for Ghana though :) when does the US play I have been neglecting them to be honest. I love your comfy-ness!!

xoxo love your blog!

Alicia Vera said...

I love your world cup updates!!! If I can't watch the games because of work, I always check your twitter instead of espn or anything else. hahaha. Thanks <3

eleanor said...

ah, you are so stylish. and i think you are a wonderful blogger!


Anonymous said...

You look soo cute! I am glad to hear you're following the world cup!

Marinka said...

you are so cute! I love the World Cup too, I am cheering for Germany I hope they could go far..but its uncertain for the moment! Anyway enjoy yourself watching the game!

Kaytee said...

My "comfy" outfit includes lounging out in my horribly unfashionable sweats and oversized tees! Haha!
Your outfit is much better, lol!

Fashion Tidbits said...

lol!!! me too!!! i'm literally screaming at my tv (in delight and horror!) when i'm watching the soccer. :D glad to see someone is following the world cup in the blogger world

Donna Vitan said...

Love the "uniform" as long as you're comfy. Enjoy the Word Cup! Cheers!

Tara said...

This is the first year I've been really into the World Cup. I catch at least one game a day, sometimes two. I definitely agree with you about how it unites the world, I think that's what I love most about it as well. Even if we're all cheering for different teams, it's a beautiful thing to be passionate about - it's more than just a sport.

Good to see you posting again!

raven said...

1. aww, your hair looks cute all whipped up. i freaking adore these shots on that rad chair in front of those huge windows.

2. I'm with you - go USA!! :)

3. *pffft* Come on gurl. I think we can all easily agree that you obviously rock as a blogger. fo real.


HAYLEY said...

A comfy (and still gorgeous) blogger is the best kind of blogger. Those shirts look incredible too.

Percy Owl said...

The whole of Australia was all excited about the soccer, then we lost, and if we lose again I think that the fever will die down :P

Rookie said...

It's sad that US doesn't care much about World Cup. They have a good team. Which I did not expect.

I was rooting for France, since I'm french. But their attitude is disappointing, on the game and outside. But the good point, is that, where I am, I can watch World cup AND sleep well.

Great outfit btw. Enjoy the World Cup.

Liss said...

it's so cool that you watch soccer! i am rather not interested in it and get annoyed by the vuvuzelas in my neighborhood - these things are so loud! but somehow very popular in germany.
have fun watching!

Michelle / Daisybutter said...

I love this casual look, your hair looks just perfect! And I've loved following your World Cup tweets haha, you're getting into them just the same as me aha :) x

Cindy Van Dyck said...

Hay dear blogger!
How are you? I'm glad that I've visited this blog! She's lovely.
Please, check mine too & maybe we can follow eachother!
Love, Cindy.

Georgia said...

The world cup games are conveniently at 7pm or 3pm in England. USA are in England's group, grrr, but they played SO badly against Algeria. I felt awful.
It would be mine

Anonymous said...

Those are my three teams too!!!!

Mthlde Grd said...

I love your blog, photos and comments! :)
It is fun. I read you every days when I can! But my English is not perfect. I don't understand all.

Nana MoonDancer said...

that's a realy cute photo<3

electricsbubbles said...

Beautiful photos ^^


kurnia rahmawati said...

Lol,we have the same schedule...

No,no,no,i think you are an amazing blogger..
All of your photo is such amazing,i love it...

can you please follow me back at thanks before..


Anonymous said...

U look so cute :) Hehehe worldcup, u believe that i didnt see any games yet? yes it's true.. the college works are too many right now!

And I need to say that u are an amazing blogger ;)

-xx, Have a wonderful Sunday!

If u want, visit my personal blog:
,and u can find my art(paintings,drawings..) and other stuffs about me!

Jennifer - Stylish Clin d'Oeil said...

so simple outfit, but so comfy and great: and a little bit sexy because of the slim shape of the pant, and the impression of 1 shouldered tee-shirt!
and no worries about the shoes, i also love not wearing shoes, but it's a shame that we can't walk outside without shoes (except on the beach!!)
and black always looks great^^ said...

Follow a Swede with love to training and sports:

Lynda said...

that shirt looks awesome. you're so pretty!! love your haircut. ;)

the desert foxx said...

the shirt does look very comfy and sleek!

as for the world cup, i totally agree. i'm constantly surprised when someone over here does bring up soccer, so you can imagine how surprised i was to find your post. especially since i moved from a soccer obsessed nation (holland) to this unappreciative bunch of people.. haha. i did actually wake up at 4.30 am about 3 times, but soccer isn't meant to be watched that early. some cafes in sf are decent enough to show the replays, but live is always more fun!
anyways, enough talking haha.


Anonymous said...

Amazing new vintage finds in the store!:


Amy Acorn said...

cute outfit!

Sailor Jamee said...

i live in the u.s. and i was born and raised here. i've played soccer since i was four. i now play in college! i've asked myself this same question over and and over and over again. why can't america ever fall in love with soccer, when virtually every other country in the world can? i've come to this conclusion: americans are jealous of soccer. america dominates almost every other country in basically every sport. but when it comes to a soccer field, americans are pretty average (speaking generally.) the macho american men who think soccer is a girl/kid sport are just jealous because they know they'd get their ass kicked by some african kid without shoes.

Sasha et moi said...

your current schedule looks great to me

jasmen said...

i grew up in a hockey family and never put much thought into soccer/football, but man, do i ever wish i did after this world cup!! so much amazing spirit and pride.

jasmen said...

i grew up in a hockey family and never put much thought into soccer/football, but man, do i ever wish i did after this world cup!! so much amazing spirit and pride.

Hana said...

I love soccer and think it's great that you are so into it. I wish more people here in the US are!

Safia said...

Reaaaally love your blog !

J.P. said...

i can't believe you wake up so early to watch the world cup.
i gave up watching any of the games due to my schedule... i only got to see the eng. vs. usa tie game.
i just can not imagine waking up before the sun.

also, you look so cozy in that outfit! cute!

Anonymous said...

Yay! I'm French and I'm glad to read that you are American and interested in football, indeed it's not very common!!
We are so mad at our team but hopefully I support other teams that deserve so much more to win like Brazil, the US or Japan (that would be so funny if they won, they were actually pretty good these days!)
Haha anyway I hope the usual "European teams" going to the semi-finals won't win this year, I'd love to give a chance to smaller teams!

Mae said...

One of the reasons why I love your blog is that you're always smiling so brilliantly in your photos. Stay happy! It's wonderful :D

Contact said...

i think youre a fine blogger!! those tees look so comfy!


Anonymous said...

there were some awesome comments on this post. So I'll just say, I dig your (in)frequency of posting. I always know when one shows up I'm going to read every word. And I loved your recent Refinery feature---so amazing. So they think you're pretty great.

There, that's all. Time to drink wine unnecessarily after a weekend of drinking wine. Just curious, you guys ever tried any Dancing Coyote?

l said...

Your comfort days still look much better than mine haha! The weather is so hot here, I don't even bother making sure my clothes match / go together. Just anything to help get some relief from the heat!

Cecilia said...

Simple chic, cute! This is the first time I have seen your blog, and I can recognize right away you are in SF from your windows! My hometown!!

I would love to look into Lanston, but I can't find info on them, can you please let me know how?

Thx much!

stephanie said...

You're so beautiful! I'm glad you're enjoying the World Cup games as well. I enjoy your blog so much. xo

Woods said...

nah your not a bad blogger your just busy! you look beautiful and comfort i love it!!!!

Anonymous said...

I am OBSESSED with the World Cup. Let's have hope for the US to win...even though it defintley won't come true. You are seriously adorable!

Bianca D. said...

Everyday since the World Cup started i have woken up to the sound of my dad screaming GOALLLLL!
haha I'm Brazilian (so obviously i'm into soccer), but I live in the US. I never understood why none of my friends cared about the world cup. Oh, and if Brazil doesnt win I want Spain to win because they are so passionate and so good, yet they havent won one yet. And i love your outfit :)

Ale. said...

Oh the World Cup, I wish I had the time to check out all the matches, but it's such an exciting time that only happens every 4 years!

Your outfit looks so comfortable!

Ula said...

I'm from Europe and I love soccer! Every time I meet an American that feels the same, i'm happy:)

Loren said...

You make simple look too good! haha

SALLY said...

From Singapore , and you get yourself a new reader. Loving the simple look!

catty said...

Skinnies and big comfy shirts are the way to go, don't let anyone tell you otherwise! I live in London and we have this brand here called All Saints. Not sure if you guys have it over there but I can totally see you in All Saints sloppy but so groovy gear :)

MELISSA Z. said...

You're so cute and I really love your style! Great!

William Street Store said...

Such cute photos!
My life is surrounded around the world cup games too, and 4:00 am matches!! x

k said...

Before I lived in Switzerland (when I lived in the US) I had no idea what the world cup was!! Now that I am here I am definitely wrapped up in it - it is so fun!

kate said...

I like your style of writing. It's really interesting. And by the way, great photos!!

i speak mojito said...

thank you!!!! someone else as obsessed with futbol and the world cup as i am! Ive even dedicated my entire blog to it since the games started
i will be incredibly sad when it is all over
but we got til july 11th to go baby!!

Daphne said...

But you look so sweet! I reallyreallyreally like your blog, I'm adding you on bloglovin' right away. I'm so glad to have finally found another female blogger who's into football. I pretty much spend all my days in front of the tv wearing my pyjama (I know, it's bad), watching World Cup games. Ohh, and when I'm feeling active I go outside and play football myself with some friend. Male friends of course, gosh why is it so hard to find a girl who likes football?

Valentina said...

Cute pic and great design chair too!I absolutely love your style, your blog and photography too!
Update the blog soon, please!Addiction...

Valentina from Fashion Trotter – 100% italian street style

FESI-NOIR said...

I just discovered your blog and I really love your style! AMAZING!

xx fesi-fashion

CHLOE and JESSICA said...


Unknown said...

more outfit posts! miss you annabel and the food porn posts too! and oo giveaway? i'm in!


nicolette said...

this is the first time i'm coming across your blog (thanks to bloglovin) and i seriously love it. i'm pretty blown away! you live a dreamy life.

xx nicolette

Birgitte said...

Your a great blogger! I love to read your blog every time you have a new post on your blog and the pictures and outfits are allways amazing! Never ending blog follower, that's who I am !
Xoxo Birgitte

Anonymous said...

I've never left a comment, this is the first one, jeje ;D

I love your blog, your style, your photos: e v e r y t h i n g ♥

Well, I'm mexican, you know, here in Mexico the people is so excited with the World Cup & our team is not even close to be in the best teams of this sport event. But I appreciate that you consider Mexico one of your favorites, YEIH! haha ;D

On the other hand, OBVIOUSLY I want that Mexico win(: Well... tomorrow it will decide if we continue on the World Cup.

xoxo ~

PD. Sorry for my English,I'm not very good, I'm learning it, jeje (:

Aimee said...

Love the Lanston tops. Is there any way that I can purchase them online? Sadly not located in the States ):

Annabel said... here!

Anonymous said...

I love your blog!! I follow it with my google reader and I follow your twitter as well. Your outfits are so cute and not to mention the fact that you model for nasty gal!!!! You look cute on all those photos!!!

Anonymous said...

Comfort is king (or queen, in your case) so go with it. It's working for you. Plus the chair you're sitting on is great.

Stéphane Von Brach said...

I love your blog and your style !

Anonymous said...

veldig interessant, takk

Anonymous said...

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